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Monday, July 31, 2017


Oh, wow, this took a long time to post, didn't it?  Sometimes it seems like things get busier in the real world with every passing week...  Well, finally, here's part 12, which I had thought was going to be the end, but the more I wrote about Noelle's final expansion, the more there was to write, it seemed.  There is also a plot twist, of sorts, which some of you will applaud and some of you may not care for.  I added it from a request even though I hadn't originally planned to go in that direction.  In the end, I made some changes to my original plan for Noelle because I wanted it to be different than what Tory has in store for her in "Revenge".  The Christmas stories, are, for the most part, my foray into genetic fantasy.  Noelle's tits can blow up so fast, and Gary's cock swells so huge, because of a genetic drug that Mei's sister Tianli created (from the "Possessions" stories).  In "Revenge", there are no genetic fantasy drugs.  I may pump Tory a bit larger or faster than might be possible in the real world, but I think when one considers what sort of money is at her lover's command, it's a plausible plot device to add to the story.  Ken does tend to cum a lot in "Revenge", but while that's implausable, I simply put it in the category of good genes that he was born with and his ultra-excitement for Tory.  Beyond that, I try to stay pretty much in this world of ours and see how Tory reacts as she swells.  So, when the opportunity came to have some fun with Noelle, I took it.  Everything should wrap up in the next installment, and then I will turn my focus back to "Revenge".  I will then post older material from my old blog, here--at least, until next Christmastime.  As always, let me know what you all think with this installment...

Please be aware that this is a first draft and will probably contain type-Os. .

Part 12


Shadowmuse Blown

[Sunday, 12/24]
Gary had finished cumming, Mei and Xiu had made their measurements, and then Mei left, letting Xiu to clean up and attend to Gary. 

"So, how big did I get?" Gary asked, stuffing his now soft member into his boxer briefs.  It was crazy how big it was just in its soft state, he mused. Before he'd taken those first pills his cock had been, perhaps, and inch or two when totally relaxed—tiny. Now he had about seven inches of soft cock to stuff into his underwear!

"Just over fifteen inches," she replied, after making sure all of his ejaculate was collected in a plastic container attached to the drain of the large basin he had pumped into. 

"Holy shit..." he said, in exasperation. Then, looked hopefully up at Xiu. "Is that it, then?  Am I finished growing?"

Xiu had removed the half-filled two-liter container of semen and placed it into a small fridge. 

"I don't know," she replied. "But I think the drugs that Dr. Concupy gave you will continue to be active for around twenty-four hours."

"Twenty-four hours!" Gary exclaimed. "Noelle's getting her final pump tonight, it's going to drive me crazy to see that!"

"Then, unless you don't watch," Xiu pointed out, "I think you will be getting much much bigger."

Gary finished getting dressed as he thought about his cock inflating larger than fifteen inches—how could he manage with a cock bigger than that?. When he was done, Xiu went to a different refrigerator and withdrew what looked like an old-fashioned milk bottle. Inside was a liter of clear liquid. 

"Drink this please," she instructed. 

"Only if you tell me what it does," Gary replied, suspiciously, and feeling very much like Alice in "Through the Looking Glass".

Xiu laughed. 
"Dont worry," she told him, "it won't make your cock even bigger or your balls swell or anything like that—though I can sympathize why you would be leary."

"You think?" Gary asked. 

"It's to help replenish the fluid and nutrients you just lost in that last enaculation," she said. 

Gary took the bottle and took a sip. 

"Tastes like Gatorade," he reported. 

"That's what it's based on," she said. "The doctor just added some additional nutrients."

Gary took another drink. 

"You should finish that within the next fifteen minutes," she told him. "Afterward, you'll rest for an hour."

"Then what?" Gary asked as he took a few gulps of the nutrient drink. 

"Then, Noelle gets pumped," Xiu said. 

"Can that be put off till tomorrow?" Gary wanted to know. 

"Tomorrow is Christmas Day, Mr. McFadden," Xiu replied. "The Doctor will be flying back to New York tomorrow to spend part of it, at least, with her husband, who still has his practice out East, assuming that the airport has opened."

"What married couple lives a thousand miles apart?" Gary asked. 

"It's only temporary," Xiu said. "Her husband will soon move out here with her, he just couldn't close his practice right away back in New York."

"Then, Noelle has to get pumped tonight," he said, dejectedly. 
Xiu nodded. 

"I'm afraid so," she said. "That only leaves you with the decision to be there, or not, when she does."

It looks like I'm going to have the world's first two-foot long cock! he thought to himself, knowing that he couldn't resist Noelle. 

Gary went back to his room, swigging the nutrient drink as he walked through the opulent corridors of the mansion.

He found the room empty, but he really didn't think Noelle would be waiting for him. He finished the drink and collapsed on the super-king-size bed. 

He was asleep within a second. 

Gary awoke to Xiu shaking his shoulder.
"I have another liter of nutrients that Dr. Concupy would like you to consume in the next ten minutes. Then, you can go back to sleep for another hour."

"What?" Gary asked, confused, as he took the plastic bottle and drank deeply. "I'm going to have to pee something seriously when I wake up," he added. 

No, you won't, Xiu thought to herself, and left the room. 

Gary awoke a second time to Xiu shaking his shoulder. 

"Mr. McFadden!" she was calling. "It's past 10 o'clock."

Groggily, Gary opened his eyes and rolled off his stomach to consider Xiu.   He was dimly aware that his lower abdomen felt odd.
"I'm sorry, I tried knocking, but you apparently wouldn't wake up," she said. 

"I'm not surprised," Gary replied. 

"Dr. Concupy has scheduled Noelle's pump session for 10pm.  It's taken me awhile just to wake you."

Gary looked at the antique brass analog clock on the bedside table. 

It was eleven minutes past ten. 

"Has she started?" Gary asked, suddenly agitated. 

"I don't know," Xiu replied. "I suggest we go down right away."

"Lead the way," Gary said, but as he stood up, he realized that his lower abdomen was somewhat swollen between his cock and bladder.  

As he put his hand to the two-inch-high paunch, Xiu saw what made him hesitate.

“That’s from the two liters of nutrient compound that you drank,” she told him.  “Your prostate gland and seminal vesicles are engorged to create massive amounts of seminal fluid.”

Gary looked at her as if she had three heads.

“Dr. Concupy has special-ordered a genetically engineered serum that produces massive amounts of seminal fluid,” Xiu explained.  “That’s what the nutrient drink really was.”

“She’s crazy,” Gary replied.

“No, just curious,” Xiu replied.

“Has she ever heard of the term ‘malpractice’?” Gary asked, becoming upset at becoming an unwilling science experiment.  “I could sue her into oblivion.”

“She knows that you won’t,” Xiu said.  “It would make Noelle very unhappy, and you wouldn’t want to do that.”

“Is this something Noelle wanted?” Gary asked.

“She wanted to have your virility restored and enhanced to the extreme,” Xiu replied.  “This could be seen as fulfilling that, I supppose.”

Gary shook his head in resignation, and followed Xiu out of the room.

She led him to the door of the room where Mei had set up for Noelle's expansion. 

"Before we go in," Xiu said, "I think I should remove your clothes. It'll be easier to take off your pants now before you get really big."

"I suppose your right," Gary replied, "but I think I can take off my own clothes."

"Yeah," Xiu said, unbuckling his belt, "but its more fun of I do it."

So, Xiu stripped him naked before letting him into the large clinical room. 

He certainly felt strange, initially, but his tension soon eased once he saw Noelle sans clothing, as well—sitting in a chrome and vinyl reclining examination chair with stirrups. 

Between Noelle sitting there naked, and Mei sitting on a rolling chair at a small computer work station, Gary's cock inflated instantly and rapidly. 

"It's about time you got here," Noelle said. "Mei's getting impatient to start."

Noelle's back reclined at a forth-five degree angle. Her legs were splayed wide—her feet in stirrups, as if she awaited a gynecological examination. Her giant balloon breasts sat on small, round, slightly curved platforms, which were, in turn, attached to the superstructure of the chair. Each platform supported approximately half of the underside of each of her megalithic bombs, then curved upward a few inches up the outsides of her breasts to hold each titan tit in place, up against its neighbor. 

Her breasts had multiple clear lines leading directly to them. Four ran along each massive gland near her shoulders. A fifth, much larger, line submerged itself in her arm pit. All ten lines ran to a computerized pumping station. Above the pump station, two enormous bottles of saline hung from oversized racks. Clear lines, each two-inches wide ran from those bottles to the pumping station, below. Each bottle read 20,000ccs. 

"Twenty thousand ccs!" Gary exclaimed. 

Mei looked up from her iPad, where she was pouring over some data. 

"If we were to empty the entire contents of those bottles into Noelle," Mei reported, "I can assure you that she would never be able to stand on her own. They are that size merely for my convenience."

"I may be crazy," Noelle said to him, "but even I don't want to deal with that much weight..."

"I couldn't even imagine," Gary replied, his cock flushing darker. 

"You're so much bigger!" she cooed. "Come to mama!"

"Yes," he said, "it seems your doctor wants to see how big I'll get before her last dose of "Eat Me" looses its punch."

"She told me," Noelle said with a satisfied smile as she lovingly reached down and lightly caressed his bloated head, which stiffened further at her touch. "The more you're excited, the more you'll grow."

"Uhhhhh..." Gary moaned, as she gently teased his reddening dome. 

"It's okay," she said, after a moment, looking up into his face with those luscious deep brown eyes of hers, "I've been treated to take you: my vagina, abdominal muscles, and skin—that whole area will stretch to accommodate your length."
Gary shook his head—how could she be so casual about submitting herself to untested medical procedures?—then gasped at her ministrations. 

As Noelle made him shiver with delight, Gary noticed some of the read-outs on the equipment which obviously did more than just regulate the influx of saline into Noelle's bosoms. 

The little shelves that held up those monstrous appendages were also scales as there were displays for their weight in both metric and imperial units. The chair itself had to be a large scale, in itself, as there was a readout for her total weight and one for her calculated body weight, sans her breasts. Finally there were displays for the total volume in her breasts and in the smaller, separate implants in her areolae. 

Gary scanned the read-outs.

Noelle's swollen tits each weighed 28.7 pounds. 

Her weight without her breasts was 121 pounds, making her total weight 149.7 pounds. She had 12,000ccs in each and another thousand in her areolae. 

"Shall we begin?" Mei asked, and pushed a button on the console of the pumping station. 

"Mmmmm..." Noelle murmured, as she felt the warmed saline enter into her huge bosoms from ten different ports. She stopped teasing her lover.  

"Kiss me," she told Gary. 

Gary stepped forward, his iron cock disappearing from Noelle's view as it went under the examination chair. He didn't have to lean down far, her face was just below his standing height. 

He looked at her gorgeous face, with those deep brown eyes, her very full, round cheeks, and her plush lips framed by that luxurious soft mane of brown hair. She could get him so hard just by looking at those beautiful features. Her face reminded him of a brown-eyed, brown-haired version of Whitney Carson from Dancing With The Stars. She had the same cheeks and jaw and even the nose was similar, although Noelle's lips were much much fuller. 

He kissed those lips now and felt himself grow further rigid. 

As she slipped her tongue within his mouth, she reached for his right arm to guide his hand toward her swelling flesh balloon. 

"Feel me grow, baby," she cooed, before thrusting her oral organ back into his maw 

Gary was now iron-hard at the thought of her swelling even as he kissed her. He glanced up at the pump's display to see that nearly a liter had already been pumped into her giant spheres of lust. 

"I want you to fuck me as I blow up, baby," she said softly, after retreating her luscious organ. 

"What?" he asked. "Can I?"

She looked at him innocently. 

"Please?" she asked. 

Gary was now so hard that he hurt. 

He looked over at Mei, who nodded. 

As he came around to Noelle's spread legs—his fifteen inch boner raging—he looked at Mei. 

"This is exactly what you want," he said to her. "To get me so excited while fucking her that you'll get me to grow crazy huge."

"It's very simple," Mei said. "If you stay in this room and watch her expand, your excitement will force your phallus to grow.  But, having intercourse while she expands will certainly boost your excitement all that much more, and your penis will definitely enlarge a tremendous amount. The last option is for you to just walk out that door.  That option is always open to you if you don't want your phallus to grow any further."

"How big is a tremendous amount?" Gary asked. 

Mei smiled and shrugged her shoulders—her massive balloons jumping slightly in response. 

Gary looked at Noelle: Desire, herself, with bosoms swelling, waiting with legs spread for him to plunge his aching cannon deep into her luscious tunnel. Her areolae: huge bloated domes bulging at him with stiff nipples poking out at him. 

Even as his cock flushed a deep scarlet and rose in diamond hardness, he wondered how big he would get. Did he really want to be two-feet long or more? 

Who knew how big he would get while so highly excited?

But to leave this obscene vision of sexual wantoness seemed impossible. 

He had to fuck her!

He looked at Noelle's sexy face through the valley of her expanding bosoms. 

"Do it," she told him. "I want you crazy big, baby, stretching my belly to extremes with your monster cock."

He stepped forward, trembling slightly, and put his teeming purple cockhead up against her spread inner lips that were already dripping. 

Oh shit!  She feels so good! he thought, the tip of his bloated cock nestled within the entrance to her canal. 

"Mmmmm...". Noelle moaned upon his touch. 

He could just see her face in the "V" between her two swollen balloons. She closed her eyes slowly and then reopened them. 

Gary reached out and put a hand on the outside of each of her giant globes and—eyes locked on hers—began to slowly push his fat dome into her. 

"Unghhhh..." she groaned, almost immediately. "Oh, baby, your cock is thicker already.  So much bigger, already!"

"Should I stop?" he asked, his dome halfway embedded inside her.  It pulsed with excitement.

"No!" she exclaimed.  "I love it!  Fuck me with that big bludgeon!  Fuck me!"

He wanted to slam it into her, but knew that could be disastrous, so continued his slow penetration. 

"Oh, yeah!" she cried out, as his huge apple passed into her. But then, almost immediately, Noelle's eyes rolled up into her head as she let out a deep gutteral, "Unggghhhh..."

"13,500ccs," Xiu announced. 

Gary bit his lip at how deliciously erotic it felt to penetrate her—as his whole head was engulfed in her lusciousness, then as his sensitive collar felt her liquid velvet walls.  He let himself sink into her slowly, yet consistently, inch after vaginal stretching inch.  She was so tight, yet hyper-lubricated and so soft.

"Oh shit..." Noelle groaned, trying to focus on her lover's face as he continued to impale her with his enormous prong.  Four inches of his bludgeon had been inserted so far.  "You're so... fucking... big!"

Gary was thinking the same thing, but about Noelle's swelling tits, not his cock. He noticed that the outsides of her teeming whoppers were further apart, but that the cleavage appeared the same—not getting squeezed tighter as she expanded—and assumed that as she ballooned, the small platforms that her breasts sat on were automatically sliding outward to compensate for her breasts' greater girth. 

"14,000ccs," Xiu announced as Gary slid in another inch. "Fourteen kilos, or nearly thirty-one pounds, each."

"Uhhh..." Noelle continued to moan. "You're... definitely... wider...". She looked at Gary and sexily bit her lower lip. "Feels... uhh... so... good..."

Slowly and steadily, Gary pushed his big wand up her super-tight canal as he held onto her swelling belugas. 

He was in over eight inches when Xiu announced 14,500 ccs 

"I'm getting so... uhh... big for you... baby," Noelle told him, trying to lock her eyes on him as he continued to slowly fill her up with his bloated meat.

Soon enough, Gary was embedded a full ten inches within her and began to feel more resistance, just as he had last time. He looked down to see that over half a foot of his monster cock still lay outside of her. 

He was bigger, and he was still growing. 

And so was Noelle. 

It felt so good to be inside her, pushing more and more of himself into that tight tunnel. But he was at the end of her "natural" capacity to take him. From here on out he would have to stretch her until he bulged out of her abdomen. 

He felt the resistance and pushed harder, watching her eyes pop open wide as her mouth fell open. 

"Oooooh... yeaaaahhhh..." she groaned as his dome pushed against her cervix, pushing it and stretching her. 

Suddenly, like last time, it gave way, a little, and he could continue entering her. 

But, this time, something was different. 

He was entering her, but his cockhead felt like he was slowly entering another door, like a sphincter. Little by little he felt his bloated dome force it's way into—what?

Her womb. 

Noelle's eyes rolled up into her head as her groans grew deeper and louder. 

"What the hell?" Gary asked out loud as he looked to Mei. "Am I entering her cervix?"

Mei nodded. 

"A new twist, yes," she replied. "The membrane has been designed to soften when under a certain type of pressure. As you can see, it's also been designed to be immensely pleasurable to Noelle. How does it feel for you?"

"Intense," he replied. "Very tight, but an incredibly erotic sensation."

"Excellent!"  Mei replied. "Lets see if you can keep from releasing before you've impaled our lovely Noelle, completely."

"Uhhhhh..." Gary moaned, as his cockhead slowly forced its way into her womb even as his monster ram rod stretched and stretched her vagina. 

"Fifteen thousand ccs," Xiu announced. "Total breast weight is over sixty-six pounds and each breast has a diameter of thirty and a half centimeters, or twelve inches."

Holy shit! Gary thought, as he held onto Noelle's swelling round tanks and shoved himself in further and further. For every few millimeters his dome squeezed into her cervix, the rest of his cock stretched her vagina by another inch. 
And so, inch by inch, millimeter by millimeter he entered her, stretching her out unimaginably. 

He had only two inches left outside of her box as Xiu announced 16,000ccs. 

Noelle began to buck as her deep guttural groans stopped and her wide open mouth emitted no sound. 

At this point, Gary's battering ram bulged her abdomen outward by over five inches and their combined distended flesh lay thrust upward within her tight cleavage. 

Gary was in Nirvana as he forced himself inward to stretch her out ever more. He couldn't believe what was happening. Not only was he fucking the most beautiful woman he had ever met—and one who was ridiculously younger than he—but both his cock and her breasts were continually swelling. He was so big that he was actually distending her stomach by nearly half a foot!  And her breasts were giant party-balloons that continually filled beneath his hands—over a foot wide, each!  They were so taut that he could barely press his fingers into her billowing flesh. A fine network of veins was beginning to appear across their surface that hadn't been observed before, as the internal pressure grew with each cc added. 

Further and further his cock swelled and stretched her as his teeming dome forced its way ever deeper into her uterus, until—

"UNGH!" Gary cried out, as his apple-sized head passed completely into her very womb and the tight cervix lay around his sensitive collar. 

"Seventeen thousand ccs," Xiu announced. 

Noelle stopped bucking and her eyes came back down to slowly focus. 

What she saw made her gasp, for Gary's bludgeon inside her now poked up through her own cleavage. 

Gary was embedded within her to the hilt, his groin up against hers, his chest grazing her distended nipples.  

She could see beyond that upthrust distention—just visible as it rose from her tight cleavage—and her twin planets, that Gary's face was tense and that he was close to losing it. 

"Oh, baby..." she cooed. "It feels so incredible..."

Mei Concupy decided to push one last button towards Gary's excitement and flicked on a switch to allow saline flow to one last pair of tubes.

"Unhhh..." Noelle moaned. 

Gary was inside Noelle, up to his hilt, and had his arms wrapped around each of her giant beach balls when he felt the fronts swell faster than the rest. 

Her areolae!

Gary's torso was pressed up against her monstrous blimps, but they were so tight and spherical that his sternum lay bare—her cavernous cleavage laying at the center, of course.  Her big bombs pressed against the left and right of his ribcage so that his body only made contact with half of the front of each major league yabbo—with only half of each of her domed areolae up against his torso, her nipples grazing the outside left and right of his chest. 

Now, Gary felt pressure where her areolae sprouted from her superblown melons of lust. He looked down to see her deep pink mounds swelling fairly rapidly. 

"Oh shit..." he grunted. That's so fucking hot!

He rocked his pelvis so that his cock rode back and forth within her tight cervix: it slid across his sensitive collar and pressed up against the bottom of his head’s ridge. With the additional pressure of his dome pressing against the tight inside of her uterus, he grew more and more excited. 

Noelle watched her areolae swell centimeter by centimeter via some monitors showing some well-placed camera views. 

"You like that, baby?" she teased. "You feel me swelling?  You feel my big tits blowing up larger and larger for you?  My areolae inflating and swelling?"

Noelle stopped, unable to believe it as the rising mass from her belly distended upwards as Gary's gigantic cock grew even further inside her from the intense excitement. As she had spoken, it had grown another inch from betwixt her mammoth mammaries. 

"Oh shit!" she exclaimed. 

Gary was so very close.

Her enormous swelling tits. 

Her billowing areolae. 

Her tight cervix and how he could see where he was stretching her. 

Her gorgeous face. 

And now, the look of shock on her face as his hyper-excited member distended grossly within her. 

It was way too much. 

He held onto her vast pontoons for dear life as he felt the orgasm build—watched the end of her distention swell slightly as his apple-sized cockhead swelled with more blood. Quickly, he pushed his groin forward as he felt the explosion within his iron anaconda as huge volumes of semen rocketed up his long urethra to blast into her her womb. 

Gary let out a cry as his phallus came and ejaculated voluminous amounts of cum deep into her uterus. 

Noelle felt like a blow up doll get pumped as she watched in shock as the distention that rose from her cleavage suddenly ballooned as her womb was filled with vast amounts of semen. 

"Fuck!" she cried out as the tip of the distention inflated in a round mass that just kept growing. "What's happening to me?" she exclaimed, as her massive bosoms continued to fill. 

"Eighteen thousand ccs," Xiu announced. "That's thirty-six kilograms or eighty pounds of breast weight."

"Thank-you, Xiu," Mei said to her assistant, calmly. She then turned her attention to Noelle, who watched, horrified as the baseball-sized pocket of cum in her uterus swelled to softball size and more. 

"What you are witnessing is Gary's ejaculate filling your uterus," Mei reported. 
As the expanding womb grew to the size of a canteloupe, Noelle's cervix began to slide back down Gary's cannon as the pressure from within forced the cervix back. This caused a lack of sensation to Gary's head and collar, so he began to back away in order to feel her cervix around his erogenous areas. This in turn caused the bulge to retreat back between Noelle's mega-bosoms, forcing them apart even as they continued to expand. 

"But it's so much!" Noelle cried, feeling ever more like a blow up doll who was getting over blown. 

"That's because I gave Gary two liters of a special drink which went immediately to his groin where semen is produced to quickly generate a similar volume of ejaculate."

"He's pumping me with two liters of cum?" Noelle asked as Gary continued to back away until her stomach began to look more like that of a woman in her third trimester. 

"The effects of the compound my sister sent me should be to expand almost like insulation foam so that it will multiply its volume by ten or more. So, hopefully, we should watch your belly distend with the equivalent of twenty-thousand ccs of cum, but it's possible it may swell larger than that. We will have to see."

"What the fuck?"  Noelle cried. "I wanted you to blow up my tits, not my stomach!  I don't want to walk around looking like I'm pregnant!"

"Sorry, but between Gary's ability to ejaculate in such volumes and you're abdomen's ability to stretch so much, I couldn't resist doing a little extra research."

Mei noted Gary's attention on Noelle's newly blown belly. 

"It seems your boyfriend finds it hot," Mei said. "It's only temporary."

Gary had backed up considerably, until, as far as he could tell, Noelle's vagina had returned to its normal length. With his humongous three-and-a-half inch long by three inch wide cockhead the only part of his phallus still within her uterus—still gushing copious amounts of semen into her depths—the last six inches of his monster pole below his dome filled Noelle's canal—her vagina having shrunk to accommodate her ever-swelling uterus—leaving just about ten inches outside of her completely.  He stroked his sensitive collar back and forth within the tight grasp of Noelle's cervix, pulling back enough to squeeze the bottom ridge of his bloated head, coaxing his orgasm as he continued to gush inside her. 

He could not believe how insane she looked. Her belly had receded back to where she now looked simply grossly pregnant—her uterus now filled larger than a basketball with the expanding semen: a twelve inch sphere of cum beneath her naval. This rivaled her nearly thirteen inch diameter breasts, which no longer sat on the little shelves but lay directly atop her swelling abdomen, the shelves having got in the way so that Xiu retracted them. 

"Shit," Noelle gasped. "I can feel the weight of my tits on my stomach... They're so heavy!"

Gary still held onto Noelle's ballooning bosoms, but now he could better see her newly pumped areolae. Mei had filled them with a faster stream of saline and they were now huge: distended hills rising four inches at their apexes.  Her areolae had been a deep pink, but now grew a lighter and lighter shade of pink as they rose to their centers. All crinkles had been smoothed out and the smattering of tubercles were no longer as high, but were getting flattened out. 

Their new size drove him even crazier and he gripped her swollen planets harder as the urge to thrust deeply grew intense. 

It was the strangest thing: he was already cumming in a long protracted orgasm that already had lasted over a half minute, but his excitement seemed to be growing even through the orgasm and he felt as though he were about to have an even larger orgasm, as if the one he was having was just a precursor. 

The addition of this massive swelling belly just pushed buttons within him he never knew were there. 

He began to shake as the desire to thrust grew exponentially, his organ swelling ever larger. 

"Baby..." Noelle asked, concerned. "Are you okay?"

That sexy voice. 

That stunning face. 

Those enormous expanding bosoms. 

The now dark lattice-work of veins cross-crossing her swelling gourds. 

Those incredible areolae. 

That gigantic preggo belly of hers...

Her breasts, her areolae and her belly all continued to swell before him. 

"Can't hold back..."'he managed to say, and then the urge was too great to contain and he thrust his gigantic twenty inch long telephone pole to the hilt. 

"UUUUUUUUNGH!" Noelle cried out, as her belly tented, two inches high, near the upper end where Gary's monster cock explosively pushed up her muscles and skin. 

Gary screamed as what could only be described as a super-orgasm erupted from his tortured phallus and his ejaculation renewed its force. 

Noelle's billowing bosoms hurt as Gary's grip intensified and his body bucked with the new supergasm. 

Noelle had become an inflatable fuck doll. 

Watching her lover go through such an extreme sexual experience rapidly excited her. Instead of freaking out from what Mei had done, she suddenly embraced it, knowing the reaction it had elicited from Gary. 

Her body had caused this. 

Blow me up, baby... she thought to herself. It drives you so crazy...  Fill me... Yeah... The bigger I get, the more excited you get...

Slowly she felt a warm double orgasm wash over her from her clitoris and cervix as she watched in fascination as that prong of flesh, that tented her swollen belly, slowly distended upward, centimeter by centimeter, as her abdomen and breasts continued to swell. 

"Twenty thousand ccs," Xiu reported, finding her voice after being mesmerized by the scene before her. "Ninety pounds, or forty-one kilograms, of breast weight. Breast diameter is thirteen and a third inches, each, or thirty-four centimeters, each.

"Damn," she added. 

Noelle's belly tummified dramatically, now, ballooning to fifteen inches across as Gary continued to fill her with the expanding semen.  As her stomach filled and expanded, it rose, pushing her heavy saline balloons upward, slowly blocking more and more of Noelle's view with her own gigantic tits. 

Twenty thousand ccs! she thought as her orgasm continued, making her body shake like a leaf.  I have to tell them to stop. They're gonna get too heavy to walk. Can I even stand up with 90 pounds of tit-meat?

But she couldn't bring herself to speak as her orgasm electrocuted her body in Nirvana. 

And so she swelled. 


And larger. 

"Twenty-one thousand ccs," Xiu announced with a little trepidation. 

Noelle watched through the haze that was her multiple orgasms as her belly and breasts continued to inflate. Gary's cockhead, tenting her abdomen for several inches was at her eye-level, each massive planet of a breast rising far above that. She could see Gary's face through the wide valley between her bloated brontosauruses.  She became aware of her breasts beginning to ache from the pressure, saw them take on hard super-roundness and sheen as the skin finally began to lose its elasticity. 

"Mei, I think they're too full. You should stop pumping," Noelle said. 
Or had she just imagined saying that?

"Twenty-two thousand ccs " Xiu reported. 

"Shut it off!" Noelle called out, but was horrified to see the doctor turn up the pump rate. 

"What are you doing?" Noelle cried out as her veins really popped out dark.  as her tits continued to fill faster than her skin could stretch. "Stop it!"

Mei took some notes and grinned. 

"Twenty-three thousand ccs," Xiu announced. 

Noelle's orgasm had ceased abruptly although Gary was still cumming, albeit, at a much diminished rate. 
"Uhhh," Noelle groaned as her overpumped tits took on even more saline. Her gigantic blimps began to ache. "What are doing!  They can't take any more!  I feel like they're gonna pop!"

It took awhile, but Gary's orgasms finally receded. He was just experiencing his post orgasmic echoes when Xiu announced 24,000ccs. 

Gary still held onto Noelle's gigantic cannons, breathing hard.  Noelle's bosoms were so full that they were perfectly round and hard to the touch. It drove him crazy to think how much saline had been forced into them to make them this way. He could feel the network of veins along the surface because of the great pressure within. 

"Diameter of each breast is fourteen inches or thirty-six centimeters," Xiu continued. 

"You okay?" he asked, noting that his spike still protruded up a few inches from the curve of her rising abdomen. 

"They're gonna fucking pop!" she cried. She fought the urge to scream in panic as stretch marks began to ripple across her over-pumped balloons. 

"Combined weight is one hundred and ten pounds or fifty kilograms," Xiu reported. 

"Stop!" she called out. "Oh, fuck, stop pumping me!"

Mei reached out and shut off the two pumps. 

"Are you sure?" she asked. "You can take so much more," she lied. 

Mei wanted to see the very limits of elasticity of Noelle's breasts. 

"How am I going to be able to walk with a hundred pounds of tits?" Noelle asked, excitedly. "I'm not even sure that I'll be able to stand up!"

Gary stepped back, pulling his monstrously huge organ out of Noelle's womb and vaginal canal. 

"Uuhhh..." Noelle gasped as his two-foot long missile completely exited her tunnel. 

"Holy shit..." she said, exasperated, as she saw the immensity of his hulking phallus. "That was in me?"

Gary considered his still iron-hard weapon of lust. 

"I can't imagine the amount of blood that would be required for my body to pump this up."  He turned to Mei. "How is it I'm not dead from low blood pressure?"

"The pills I gave you are a genetic resequencer from my sister's company. Your phallus isn't just bigger with a bigger reservoir for blood to fill and make you hard. While that's part of it, her people created another mechanism where part of your cock's tissue actually becomes hard. It will take longer for your penis to soften because of this."

"How long is it going to be this hard?" Gary asked. "This is crazy-big."

"About a quarter hour, I should think," Mei replied.  "Although, if you continue to be aroused, you'll maintain that state for as long as you're excited. "

"Damn..." Gary silently swore. 

"Uhh..." Noelle moaned. "How long am I gonna blow up, like this?  I already look eighteen months pregnant. "

Xiu was taking measurements of Noelle's swollen abdomen. 
I'm not sure," Mei replied. "I depends on how much semen Gary ejaculated inside of you."

"Her uterus is forty-five and three-quarters centimeters in diameter, Doctor," Xiu reported. She then looked up at Noelle. "That's eighteen inches."

"Fuck!" Noelle exclaimed. 

"It's only temporary," Mei said. 

"How long will it last?" Noelle wanted to know. 

"That depends on how big you get," Mei pointed out. "But assuming you don't expand much beyond your current size, I'd say you should be back to normal in three to four weeks."

"Three to four weeks!" Noelle shot back. "Are you fucking kidding me?"

"Think of the photo shoots you can do in the meantime," Mei said. 

"You think it's hot?" Noelle asked Gary. 

"Absolutely," he replied. "I think your fans will find it really hot."

"But how am I going to fit in an airplane seat?" Noelle wondered. "I mean, I guess I'll still fit in a first class seat. Maybe."

"You'll have to ask for a seatbelt extension to be sure," Gary said. 

She looked over at him. His enormous pecker stuck straight out, at first, and then arched upward. The shaft was the thickness of her wrist, his bulbous glans the size of a large apple. 

"Come here, lover," she requested, and Gary walked over to her. 

Noelle put out a hand and lightly caressed his giant member. 

"Uhh..." he gasped at her touch. 

She moved her index finger rapidly just under the tip, making him groan in ecstasy and arch his back. 

"So hot," she cooed. "Should I keep this up and watch you grow even bigger?"

Gary definitely didn't want to get any larger, but he was stuck like a magnet to the spot. He touch simply felt too erotic to back away. 

"You wanna fuck me some more, baby?" she teased. 

"I have to point out that for the next twelve hours or so, Gary will continue to shoot semen that'll expand," Mei said. "Also, his pumping action while fornicating will froth up the semen he has already ejaculated inside of you, causing it to expand even further."

"How big could I get?" Noelle asked. 

"I don't know,'but it would be wonderful to see far you two could push the boundaries of the genetic modifications that my sister's lab has engineered," Mei replied. 

Noelle's considered her enormous round belly, beneath her twin overpumped blimps of lust. 

"Mei?" Noelle asked. "If all of this skin stretches to silly fantasy proportions, will I be able to look the way I did before Gary stretched me out?  As far as my stomach is concerned?"

Mei nodded. "It will take a long time, though, especially if you let your abdomen expand even further."

"There's no way I could fit even in first class if I got much bigger than this, though!" Noelle pointed out. 

Mei shrugged. 

"So, stay here for a while until you get small enough for travel," Mei suggested. "Of course, we don't know how much you'll stretch. You may be nearing the end of your elasticity.  Or not."

"You don't know how much I'll stretch?" Noelle asked, extremely concerned. "What if my uterus expands beyond the capacity of my skin to stretch?"

"I would need to insert a catheter into your womb to withdraw the additional ejaculate," Mei responded. 

"Or...?" Noelle prompted her.

"Or you would rupture from internal pressure," Mei told her matter-of-factly. 

"But, its very easy to put the catheter in."

The look on Noelle's face indicated that she was not looking forward to rupturing. 

She stopped teasing Gary's cock. 

"Doc," she said, "I think I want to see if I can even stand up here."

Xiu flipped some switches and the examination chair lowered as it uprighted its occupant, the stirrups moving down to the floor. 

Noelle could feel the full weight of her giant bosoms fall onto her super-swollen belly. Her enormous abdomen projected forward about fifteen inches and rose a couple of inches upward, above her lowest ribs, boosting her already gigantic gourds upward so that their tops were just below her eye level. To see directly ahead she had to look through her cleavage. There was a lot of air between her tightly spherical breasts because only a small percentage of flesh actually made contact between those globes-as if they were two basketballs, albeit much larger in diameter. 

Noelle didn't recognize those enormous hoppity-hops before her: not only were they larger, but they had a much more noticeable lattice-work of veins across their shiny surface with an over lay of zebra-like stretch marks. 


Her belly was so large that her she had to sit with her legs splayed apart.  Placing her hands on the arms of the chair, she made her first attempt to stand—and failed miserably. 

Xiu took one hand and Gary, the other, and then, on the count of three, the two pulled backward as Noelle attempted to stand. With a series of groans, they slowly got her to her feet. 

Noelle felt like she was a bunch of balloons—two of which were filled with water—instead of a woman. The massive weight of her hyperblown bosoms bore down heavily on her new blimp belly, pushing it down, somewhat, so that the tops of her very spherical breasts lowered a couple of inches, allowing Noelle better visibility forward. 

She was still holding onto Xiu and Gary as she gained her balance, but then let go to see if she could stand on her own. 

Nodding to herself, she noticed Gary's cock had flushed darker and was arching high with excitement. 

"Like what you see, baby?" she asked, and ran her hands down her sides to feel the bulge of her belly sticking out, at least, four inches to either side. "Do you want me pumped bigger?"

Noelle giggled as Gary's battering ram jumped in response. 

"Mei," she said. "Maybe you did the right thing pumping me up as much as you did.  You said I could still go bigger?"

Mei shook her head in disbelief. 

"For a girl who was screaming for me to stop pumping her a few minutes ago, you certainly have changed your tune," she replied. "Remember that your expanded abdomen is helping distribute your heavy breasts. When you eventually lose the belly, all that weight will be hanging with no support at all."

"I want to go bigger," Noelle said. "Is that possible?"

"Your skin is still growing and repairing itself," Mei said. "You were just getting pumped faster than your skin could grow."

Indeed, now that she looked again, Noelle saw that the sheen on her breasts was fading as were the tiger stripes from stretching. They no longer ached, either. 

"How big do you want to go?" Mei asked. 

"Empty the bottles," Noelle said. 

Friday, June 16, 2017


It's been a crazy month.  Between a vacation, deadlines at work, a graduation, and a house to straighten up for company, it's been difficult to get this part of "Encounter" posted.  I hope you enjoy it.  Next month looks like it will prove to be equally nuts, so don't expect the final part for a few weeks, at least.  We've got another graduation, some award ceremonies, a party, plus guests coming to stay with us.  I will be suprised if I can get Part 12 to you all before Independence Day.  I'm currently writing it now, and am just about to write Noelle's final pump scene, so wish me luck!

Please be aware that this is a first draft and will probably contain type-Os. .

Part 11


Shadowmuse Blown

[Sunday, 12/24]
The morning had been spent packing up and having the porters load the hybrid-treaded Caddy. There was well over a foot of fresh snow outside, but the Sno-Caddy pressed on through the deep powder as if it really wasn't there. By noon, they crested a ridge and Gary got to see Mei Concupy's mansion for the first time, sitting alone among the hills and evergreens. 

"Wow," Gary remarked, looking about the palatial entrance foyer as an emotionless servant took their coats, "this is some set-up!" 

The mansion was very ornate and reminded Gary of the old Gold Coast estates. The entry hall had a huge staircase that wound up one side to a wrap-around balcony on the second level with a grand multi-pane domed skylight in the ceiling high above, which also, miraculously, supported an enormous chandelier.  Everything was dark woods and brass and crystal.

The servant was a tall, thin, curvy, but flat-chested Asian girl in her early twenties with straight jet-black hair that was fashionably bobbed short, the sides longer at the front—hanging down past her jaw—and getting shorter towards the back where her hair was only a few centimeters long. Her eye make-up was very dramatic: with smoky hues and highlights, and thick mascara flaring up to points on either side.  Her eyes were huge, with black irises—giving her a very erotic look, seeming as though her pupils were constantly dilated, as if in arousal.  Her nose was petite, the bridge flat. Her cheeks were wide expanses, raised enough to give fullness to her face. He lips were very shapely, the upper one having high peaks and a deep valley between them, but it was very narrow, the lower lip, in contrast, was a huge balloon of an appendage, billowing outward over a centimeter from her face, seemingly ready to pop from internal pressure. 

She was dressed in what could be described as a fashionable lab coat, similar to what the clinicians wore at the Clinique counter at Macy's, but more form-fitting, and, made from white leather. 

As the servant removed Noelle's coat, Gary felt his cock rapidly swell and harden.  He had known what she wore underneath, having helped her get dressed this morning, but she just looked so arousing in the outfit, that he couldn't help his reaction. 

Noelle wore a striped sweater dress that hugged her every curve, as if painted on. The neck opening was wide and deep, showing off massive amounts of her infinitely deep cleavage as it tapered to a point—at the very front of her gigantic spheres, in a sort of upside-down widow's peak.  A small zipper-pull sat there awaiting someone to run it down the complete front of the dress.  The horizontal stripes were alternating brown and a cream color, each about an inch-and-a-half wide. But where they crossed her gargantuan bombs, the stripes stretched wide to two or two-and-a-half inches thick. They wrapped deliciously across her vast expanses and showed off where her insane eight-inch wide areolae sprouted from the front of her huge tanks and rose to an apex of two inches high. Topping those monster domes of lust were her pinky-thick nipples, tenting the fabric of her dress another quarter inch high. All of this was visible beneath the material as if the stripes had been painted onto her breasts, courtesy of a balconette bra that fully exposed the fronts of her superblown globes.  

The dress had three-quarter sleeves and was cut fairly high, just above mid-thigh.   Brown, soft-leather, thigh-high boots, though, hugged her legs and rode up to the very tops of Noelle's legs so that no skin was exposed.

The young woman, who had remained stoic as she put aside Noelle's coat, now turned to Gary.  Her expression broke into one of shock as she saw Gary's monster bulge attempting to rupture through his pants, easily visible through his now open coat. 

"Oh my goodness!" she exclaimed, and then tried to regain her composure as she took Gary's coat. "My apologies."

"That's quite alright," Gary said, stifling a laugh at her sudden reaction. "Sorry, if I shocked you."

"Oh," she replied, as she hung up his coat next to Noelle's in a large closet beside them, "I was not shocked, sir. It was more a reaction of excitement and awe."  Her accent was British Hong Kong. 

She turned about again to face Gary. 

"Would you mind if I saw it?" she asked. 

Gary looked up at Noelle with a puzzled look, as if to say What kind of place is this, anyway?

Noelle smiled and shrugged. 

"Fine by me," she replied. 

That wasn't the answer I was looking for, Gary thought to himself. 

Before he knew it, the servant had her hands at his crotch, opening his belt and pants and yanking down his boxer briefs to allow his monster foot-long bludgeon to arch upwards in its teeming desire to fuck Noelle and her superblown set of basketballs. 

"So hot!" the girl cooed. 

She looked up at Gary. 

"This is Dr. Concupy's work?" she asked. 

"It certainly is," Gary said. 

"When you cum," she asked, "how long before it's like this again when Noelle is around?"

"Sometimes, just a few minutes," Gary replied.

"That's hot!" she exclaimed. "You only get a few minutes of relief, then, before you ache for her again?"

"That's right," Gary answered. 

"That's so crazy hot," the girl replied. Then: "May I see?"

"What do you mean?" Gary asked, his teeming organ already leaking precum. 

Before he knew what was happening, the girl reached out and ran her hand over his red bulb. 

"UHH!" Gary groaned, as the girl continued to frig his cockhead. 

Noelle put her hands over her mouth as she laughed. 

With the girl's hands slick with his own precum, Gary felt himself build to orgasm quickly. 

"Oh, yeah!" cooed the servant, as Gary's iron cock swelled even harder and flushed a deeper shade of red. 

Noelle wisely got out of the way as Gary's pending orgasm grew near, and drew close to him opposite the gorgeous servant who was running her hand lightly over Gary's excited glans. 

Gary shuddered with each stroke of the deft Asian's ministrations, and knew he would explode in just a few seconds. Noelle's hyperblown physique would make sure of that. 

Noelle stood beside him, her arm wrapped around his back and her incredible party-balloon breast bulging against the left side of his ribcage. 

She was so ridiculously blown: her breasts so crazy-big and round—sticking out nearly a foot from her ribcage—the stripes of the tight dress only emphasizing her pulchritude. 

Noelle pouted at him. 

"You want me so badly," she cooed, quietly to him, to him. "You can't help but cum, baby.  Shoot it for me. I want to see you gush."  

Gary looked her and said: "Uh..." as his member charged  up for the detonation, his eyes popping wide as his mouth open. 

"Yeah!" Noelle urged, softly, but excitedly, knowing he was cresting the wave. 

In the next instant, Gary's cannon exploded, shooting a thick white rope several feet across the marble floor. 

"Oh!" exclaimed the girl, as she continued to frig Gary's mammoth pole. "Oh shit!  Oh shit!" she cried in reaction to the sheer volume of semen ejaculating across the room. 

Gary's knees tried to buckle beneath him from the sheer intensity of his orgasm. He held onto Noelle's waist as she helped support him as he watched his enormous appendage blast copious amounts of semen several feet to splatter across the cold marble flooring. 

"I got you, lover," Noelle whispered, her arm wrapped around the back of his waist. 

Gary looked down at her fantasy bosom, which pressed up against his left side. He could feel it's solidness: it's incredible mass that she had to haul around 24/7. 

"Just look at my big chest, lover," she said, "and cum.  Just keep cumming, baby.  Feel its heaviness pressed up against you?  See the domes of my areolae bulging forward? My perky nipples?  See how fucking big they are? All to make you gush, honey."

For some reason, Gary was focused on the fact that the curve of her right breast would completely cover the area where his forearm would be.  He also kept thinking about just how far her swollen bosom stuck out from her ribcage.  Since she was standing tightly against him, side by side, he could empathize at just how far out that monster bomb stuck out from her torso.  He imagined what it might be like to have that much breast volume always jutting out before you.  

As the gorgeous Asian continued to stroke him, he turned to look at Noelle's staggeringly beautiful face. 

She was watching him and smiled a knowing smile. 

"It's a wonderful thing," she said to him—as he began his third powerful ejaculation, nearly as forceful as the first two—"to know how my body effects you. To know you cannot help yourself, that I can force you to cum so easily: a few strokes and your release is so intense.  The feeling of power is amazing. I could, if I wished, make you cum until you dropped from exhaustion.  Should we try that sometime?"

Gary nodded. 

 Anything, he thought, as his orgasm continued to rage. I'll do anything for you.

Noelle smiled, as if she read his thoughts. 

"I drive you so crazy with lust, don't I?" she asked. 

As he ejaculated his forth round, Gary nodded. 

"If this is how you react with my tits pumped to this size, I wonder what reaction I'll get from you when I'm even bigger?" she wondered, noting how Gary's prong flushed an even darker scarlet when she said this, his volley suddenly re-intensifying. "Fuck... It's gonna be so wild to watch you squirm as I blow up and swell bigger and bigger, baby.  I wanna watch you get so much more excited from my big balloons: watch you barely able to contain yourself while I'm in the room—chomping at the bit to plunge your huge cock inside me and rape me till you cum again and again. it's gonna be awesome!"

"Oh my goodness!" came the girl's reaction as Gary's cock swelled even harder and his current waning volley suddenly jumped and renewed its force to arc several feet into the air. 

Noelle’s words were driving Gary's orgasm to new heights and he gasped at how incredibly delicious his orgasm raged as his whole body shook from excitement.

"That's hot," Noelle said, observing his reaction. "You want me so much!"

Holy shit did he want her! He wanted to be inside her, his hands all over those giant tanks of lust, her fat nipples deep in his mouth as he came far inside her. 

It took all of his self control not take her right there in the foyer. 

How bizarre!  

Here he was actually cumming, and he wanted more!

What would it be like when she was even bigger?  Would an orgasm even satiate him?  Would he be in a constant state of desire, of wanting to fuck her?  He was almost at that point now, for goodness sake. 

The lovers leaned into each other and kissed as Gary shot his fifth and sixth load.  

He swooned as he felt her soft overblown lips press against his own and was delighted when she immediately went into full mouth-fuck mode, assaulting him with her big oral organ as he shot thick ropes for the seventh and eighth times.  Semen spewed everywhere as his body bucked and trembled from his hyper-excitement. 

"I can't believe this is happening!" the young Asian exclaimed, as Gary's ninth and tenth volleys blasted forth. 

His ejaculate was "only" reaching a foot in length now, and by the twentieth shot, he was down to a trickle. 

Noelle pulled back from her assault to allow Gary to gasp for breath as his orgasm finally wound down. 

"I guess you needed that," she teased to Gary as the Asian servant finished milking the last drops of cum from Gary's exhausted organ. 

"...Holy..." Gary tried to speak between deep gulps of air. "Holy... shit!"

Noelle beamed. 

"Thanks so much for doing that!" Nicole said to the servant, who was on her knees besides Gary's enormous phallus..

The girl stood up as Gary's organ began to slowly soften. 

"I had no idea..." the girl began. 

Noelle grinned. 

"Well," she said, "he obviously needed that."

"Does he always cum like that?" the girl wanted to know. 

"More or less, yeah," Noelle replied. 

"I've never seen anything like it," the girl said. 

"May I ask you name?" Noelle asked. 

"Xiu," the girl replied. 

"Good to meet you, Xiu," Noelle said. 

"I will be your concierge while you are here," Xiu told them. "You will both find that my contact information has been texted to your phones. If you ever require my services, you can call or text me 24 hours a day."

"You mean," Gary said—having mostly regained his breath, but still breathing fairly hard—"like if I need you to do that again?"

"Of course,"  Xiu said with a warm smile. "I'm available for any sexual play you wish, whenever you wish!"

"I'm sorry about the mess," Gary said, referring to the copious amounts of semen splashed about on the marble floor, as he stuffed his softening pecker back into his pants and zipped up. 

"Oh, don't worry," Xiu replied. "Someone will be along soon enough to clean up. Come, let me show you to your room."

The rooms were so opulent that Gary felt like he was staying in a museum. The ornate, overly lavish style wasn't his cup of tea, but he did like the super-king-size four poster bed replete with canopy.  Their luggage had already been brought up for them. 

"Dr. Concupy has invited you for dinner in the main dining room at six," Xiu explained to them. If you'd like to settle in, I'll come collect you a few minutes before that."

"Oh," Noelle replied, "thank-you, but that won't be necessary, Xiu. I know where the main dining room is."

"As you wish," Xiu responded. "Please don't hesitate to call me if you need anything, no matter how small."  And with that she left the couple in peace. 

"Your Doctor certainly has interesting help—ooff!"  Gary had remarked only to turn around to have Noelle shove her twin saline tanks into his chest, knocking him back onto the bed where Noelle opened his pants and took out his semi- flaccid cock.

Laughing, Gary sat up on the edge of the bed to find Noelle had unzipped the front of her dress so that his face was staring at her double swollen areolae mounds and perky nipples. 

"Lets see how many times I can get you to cum before dinner," she said and slowly got to her knees before him, with his assistance. 

She blew him over and over again, back to back, taking him deep into her esophagus each time he unloaded. 

Ten minutes before dinner, she stopped, after getting him to explode eighteen times in her throat. She let him rest for five minutes before asking him to help her stand up. Zipping up, the couple kissed once more before heading down to dinner. 

"That was fucking crazy, baby," she said, as they headed toward the grand staircase down the hall. "I think I could've blown you indefinitely, just making you cum and cum and cum."

Gary's breathing still hadn’t returned to normal. 

"It’s insane," he said. "I can't believe I could do that. But you're so fucking hot that I can't help it."

"Sometime," she said, "I want to find out what your limit is. How many times can you cum in a row?"

"You may kill me if you try to find out!" he laughed. 

They were on the second floor and, although they had taken the stairs up, they took the elevator back down, instead, as it was a little safer for Noelle. This way she wouldn't have to worry about sight-lines for foot placement on the big staircase. 

Noelle led them to the grand dining room, then, where they found a long table with candelabra and three place-settings on one end.  The room was tall with three crystal chandeliers hanging over the long wooden table.  As with the rest of the mansion, it all looked like it should belong in some English duke's home from Victorian times. Huge fifteen foot tall oil paintings lined the walls, but instead of portraits of royalty, they were each of a woman wearing modern clothes and sporting a gargantuan bust. 

Gary eyed the paintings. The smallest bustline had to, at least, have had 4,000ccs. The largest was far bigger than Noelle was now. One woman was so ridiculously swollen that there was no way she could actually have stood on her own, the way she was depicted in the painting. 

"Those are all women that Mei did augmentations on," she explained upon seeing Gary's gaze.  "They're her favorite or biggest cases."

"Wow..." Gary said. "These are real patients?"

"Yup," Noelle acknowledged. "Amazing, huh?"

"Damn..." Gary said, his head practically spinning around at the gallery of hyper-buxom pulchritude. 

Noelle laughed, as a door opened nearby and Xiu stepped in. 

"Dr. Concupy asks that you both be seated. She will arrive momentarily," she said, and left again, quickly.  But Gary had seen her fleetingly eye his crotch.

Gary looked at the place settings. There were three, all at one end of the massive oak table.  One setting was conventional, but the one across from that one, and the end place setting, had no plates directly in front of the chairs, but were laid out to either side, the silverware placed farther outboard than the ordinary setting.  

"Do you need any kelp?" Gary offered as Noelle stood before the chair she was planning on occupying. 

"No, thanks," she replied, putting both of her hands out on the chair arms. "I''ve  got this one."  Slowly, she descended into the chair. 

Gary could see from the way she gripped the padded chair arms that a lot of effort was required due to the weight of her massive chest. 

Gary sat down across from those twin dirigibles now laying on the tabletop—over twenty-two inches of pneumatic delight stretching those stripes on her sweater-dress to the maximum. The deep neckline laid out the vast field of her bulging cleavage to view, and her massive eight-inch diameter areolae bulged under the fabric, distorting those stripes even more—her fat spigots sprouting at her areolae's apexes to point slightly outward of dead center.  Had those nipples been gun barrels, their bullets would have just grazed the outsides of his arms. 

He wanted her so badly. Those giant balloons just called to him. He felt like his cockhead was magnetized to her: his teeming dome always reaching for her. He was nearly always hard around her, the deep feeling of wanting her always tugging somewhere deep in his chest and, of course, groin. 

After she had deep-throated him in the bedroom, he had found a little relief. He had been able to walk all the way down here without an erection, but he had still felt the desire in his chest. Now, though, he was back to a full hard-on, aching to have her already. 

How long had that lasted?  Ten minutes?

And she had made him cum eighteen times!

"You okay?" she asked. 

"I want you so badly," he said, simply. 

She broke out in a grin. 

"You're hard already?  After freaking eighteen times!"

He nodded. 

"Oh baby!" she cooed, and then the oak door behind the third chair opened. 

The small woman who entered was stunningly beautiful, stood perhaps four-foot-six and was built extremely slender and petite—that is, with the exception of her monumental breasts.  At twelve inches in diameter, each, they were only slightly larger than Noelle's, but because of Mei's much smaller stature, seemed so much bigger on the slight woman. 

Her pin-straight, gloss black hair was shoulder length and shimmered with the slightest movement. Her eyes were super-wide and super-large and surprised Gary because they were ultra-light blue, giving Mei a somewhat alien appearance and the impression that she could look right through you. High-set, wide, and full cheek bones framed a petite nose that turned up ever-so-slightly at its round tip. Her lips were full and inviting: the upper one swept up very high with a dramatic sweat-heart’s dip, the lower was round and so overfull that it seemed ready to burst at a moment’s notice. Overall, Mei was not very young, but not old, either, and Gary found it rather difficult to try guess her true age, figuring it could be anywhere between 30 and 50.

She wore a black cheongsam dress with a high collar and shoulder caps with no real sleeves to speak of. The dress was extremely form fitting. It was fastened with buttons that began at the notch at the front of her collar and ran diagonally down to just under her right armpit, where the buttons then ran all the way down to mid thigh, where the dress ended. The small buttons ran in pairs down the seam with a black chord tying them together. A gold and black Chinese dragon adorned the back of the dress with its claws wrapping around to the front: one claw spread across the front of each massive mammary gland. 

She did not walk in. 

She came in standing on a chrome-black modified Segueway, and rode it up to the table beside the empty chair.  The Segueway had an extra pair of poles that ran up from the platform on either side of Mei's massive chest to support a metal shelf that was formed into two large cups and ran between the two poles. Mei's massive juggernauts then rested in these cups. 

Xiu entered the room, immediately behind her, now wearing a similar black dress, sans the dragon. 

Mei pressed a button on the Segueway and four small black-chrome legs telescoped down from the housing—which Mei stood on—to provide support, kind of like a kickstand for a bicycle.  At the same time, the supporting cups descended a few centimeters. 

Gary could immediately see the effect on the doctor, as her body had to take up the strain of supporting the huge volume of saline that had been pumped into her bosoms. The weight was obviously substantial. 

Mei sagged for a moment as whatever over-engineered bra she wore took on the job of supporting her incredible mass of dual spherical lust.  She adjusted quickly, though, and was almost immediately standing erect. 

Slowly, while holding onto a pair of black chrome hoops that had been attached to the Segueway on either side, she carefully stepped backward off the platform and onto the ornate rug. 

Xiu was already at her side, to assist, if necessary. Once Mei was off the Segueway, Xiu pulled back the dining room chair for Mei to sit. Placing a hand on either chair arm, Mei slowly lowered herself down, much the same way Noelle had done moments before. Xiu then pushed the chair forward—apparently on casters—until Mei's monster balloons rested on the wooden tabletop. 

She turned her attention to Gary, whose heart was beating hard in his chest at just how blown Mei looked with her petite frame and superblown party-balloon chest. 

 Xiu left through the door. 

"Mr. McFadden,"'she said, in her British Hong Kong accent. "I trust you are happy with my remedy for your E.D.?"

"Well..." Gary smiled. "I'm grateful for the renewed sexlife.  I guess you have to be careful what you wish for."

"The size is a bit much for you?" she asked, showing no surprise. 

"I would've been happy at the size I was," Gary replied. 

"It was a special request from Ms. DiCarlo, here," Mei reported. 

Gary laughed. "I'm sure!"

"And your increased libido?" Mei asked him. "Are you able to deal with it satisfactorily?"

"Barely," Gary reported.  

"Explain, please," Mei requested. 

"I'm excited almost all the time " he replied. "Just before we came down for dinner, Noelle made me cum a staggering eighteen times in a row. But, within ten minutes I was back to a full erection, lusting her as badly as ever."

A young Asian girl came in, about eighteen years of age.  She was dressed as Xiu was earlier, and had long pin-straight hair and gorgeous features. She was also completely flat-chested. She pushed in a food trolly and served them salad. 

Gary noticed that she was totally unfazed by Noelle's and Mei's enormous breasts. She was probably quite used to having such extreme augmentations around. Gary wondered how she felt about her boss and the clients that must come through here with such gigantic bosoms  Did she envy them or secretly ridicule them?

"That's good," Mei responded as she dug into her salad—precut, of course, so that she could eat it with just one hand as the plate sat to the side of her humongous titties. "You will find your desire increasing, I’m sure, as Noelle's implants are filled even larger."

Gary was a little surprised by the doctor's response.  He had assumed that she would be sympathetic and discuss some way for his libido to calm down. Instead, she was talking about ramping it up higher!

"But..." he looked over at Noelle, who had a sly smile on her face. 

"Would you prefer to have things go back to the way you were before you began my treatments, Mr, McFadden?  I can arrange that, if it would make you more comfortable.  Otherwise, you will have to enjoy your present predicament."

"Well," Gary replied, "if you put it that way: yeah, I'd much rather be rock-hard and constantly wanting Noelle to the point of distraction, instead of having a limp cock that didn't respond at all to my inner desires."

Mei smiled. 

"After all, Mr. McFadden," Mei said, "your organ is only showing how you inwardly feel. I've given you that ability of expression. If you were truly uninterested in someone, you wouldn't be in any danger of them arousing you to the point of constant distraction."

"Good to know," Gary replied, his organ raging beneath the tabletop in reaction to his dinner companions' overblown party-balloons. He kept getting images of the women facing each other, naked, their massive breasts pressed together as his teeming canon thrust between their billowy delights. 

His cock was so hard that it was beginning to ache. 

"I would like to examine your phallus later, if you don't mind," she told him. "I want to make sure everything is in good order and to run a series of tests. Would right tomorrow morning be alright?"

"Umm..." Gary hadn’t expected to be examined, much less by a female doctor whose body incited extreme lust. "I guess so."  He looked at Noelle for help, but found her looking on in amusement. 

"What sort of tests do you want to run?  Like blood tests?" he asked. 

"Blood, urine and semen tests, of course," she replied, non-chalantly. "But also endurance testing. I want to see how your organ responds specifically to various stimuli and when subjected to extreme excitement: how much you ejaculate, for how long and the range of the ejaculate. How many times can orgasm be invoked."

"You mean you want to see how many times..." Gary trailed off. 

"—How many times you can experience orgasm consecutively, yes," Mei finished for him.  

"That's a heck of a Christmas present!" Gary remarked. 

"I beg your pardon?" Mei asked. 

"Tomorrow is Christmas," he said. 

"Oh!" Mei replied, obviously about the holiday. "I don't suppose that would be a very appropriate thing to do, then.  How about we reschedule some of those tests for tonight?"

Gary laughed. 

"I think that would be much better, thank-you," he replied. 

"Mei," Noelle asked, as the salad was cleared away and the main course slowly served, "what's your itinerary for me?"

"Well," Mei replied, "after dinner, I want to run a few tests and preparations for you, but later tonight, I think we could get down to pumping you up as big as you'd like. I'm quite sure that I have plenty of excess capacity to blow you up far bigger than you're prepared to do tonight."

"Tonight?" Noelle asked in anticipation. "Really?"

"Absolutely," replied Mei. 

Gary had no idea what the main course was and was vaguely aware that he ate as the meal progressed.  Mostly, he just sat there lusting Noelle, wanting to crawl across the tabletop and plunge his aching monster deep into her cleavage. Her striped basketballs begged him to come fuck them, especially with her enormous areolae bulging toward him with her stiff nipples topping them off. 


She really was going to get bigger and it was going to be tonight!

Mei described how the expanded implants actually had multiple ports to allow for higher volume of saline to be pumped in at one time so that Noelle could gain liters of saline far more rapidly than would otherwise be possible. 


He could barely contain his excitement at the prospect of watching her swell before his eyes. 

Most of the dinner conversation was between Noelle and Mei, which was good because Gary's conscious mind was flooded with images of him fucking Noelle as her breasts expanded. 

Occasionally during dinner, Noelle would glance at him, and, upon seeing his attention riveted to her, she would smile deviously for a moment before returning her focus to what Mei was saying. 

She was nearly as excited as Gary was, and although she was following everything that Mei was telling her about the upcoming procedure, in the back of her mind she thought: I'm about to become a goddess!  Gary can't do anything but lust me and soon he'll think of nothing but me as my big tits swell even bigger!  All that will be left of him will be an unquenchable desire to have me. But he'll never be able to cum enough. I'll be too big and as soon as he finishes cumming he'll want to cum again and again and again until he collapses from exhaustion. A true love slave and I'll love every minute he pounds or me pumps me full of cum, and I'll just want him to keep doing it—forever. I'm sorry Gary, your old life is over; your new life is to want me 24/7, and ache until I let you fuck me. I'll be so fucking huge that you'll want me even when I'm not in the same room. It's so fucking hot I can't stand it!

When dinner was over, Xiu escorted Gary to a room for examination. Afterwards, he was told that he could witness Noelle's expansion first-hand. 

 Xiu was, once again, dressed in the white leather lab coat. 

"You like girls with big chests," she said to him as the walked down a chandeliered hallway. 

Gary's cock had softened considerably once he was away from Noelle and Mei. He saw the young woman glance at his crotch and felt bad that she didn't get him hard. She was beautiful, but her shape simply didn't send impulses of insane lust down to his cock. 

He nodded. "I suppose I do."

Xiu stopped in front of a door and opened it to reveal a white examination room.  She asked him to stand in the center of the room as she removed his suit jacket. 

"You don't think I'm hot?" she asked, removing his tie. 

"Of course I do!' he protested. 

"Not enough to get hard," she observed, as she opened his belt buckle and removed his belt. 

Her words actually got him to stir. 

"You're gorgeous," he said. 

She pulled down his pants and looked at his bulge in his briefs. 

"I'm on a mission," she told him and stroked his bulge as she brought her lips close to his. 

Then, she whispered: "I wanna make you cum, again."

She looked at him with a sultry, serious look, but soon smiled as she felt his piston extend. 

"Maybe I don't need such a big chest," she said, quietly as she pulled his boxer briefs down enough to expose his swelling meat. 

"Uhhh..." Gary moaned, as her deft hand ran up and down his growing shaft. 
She grinned as she let her fingers tease his billowing dome. 

"I want you big and hard and then I'm gonna swallow you whole, pumpkin," she cooed, the tip of her tongue flicking across his lips, occasionally. "Oooo... So big!"

"Yes," came Mei's voice from off to the side, "and I'd like to find out just how big." Mei had quietly entered through a side door via her Segueway. 

"Oh!" Xiu cried out, as Gary's organ—which had been slowly swelling under her ministrations, and had gotten about halfway to full last—suddenly blew up very quickly to full erection upon seeing Mei's enormous set bulging beneath her dragon dress. 

Mei laughed. 

"You like what you see, Mr. McFadden?" Mei asked. She considered Xiu: "He's not made of wood, so, of course a beautiful girl like you will get him aroused, but his kind always react quicker to a big chest, my dear."

"You'll never let me have a pair of tits," Xiu pouted. 

"Not while you're in my employ, dear," Mei said. "Hubby gets distracted too easily."

Xiu pouted again, but continued to remove Gary's clothing. 

Gary—his missile flushing red and arching slightly upward as he took in Mei Concupy's knockout looks and gigantic chest—watched as the petite doctor stopped her Segueway and let the four "kickstands" descend to stabilize the machine. She was still wearing her form-fitting Chinese dress. 

She made no move to dismount the vehicle, however. 

Once Xiu finished disrobing Gary, Mei told her young assistant to measure him.  Xiu took out a small device which looked like an electronic pricing gun and aimed it at the side of his straining member. 

"Thirty-one centimeters," she said, announcing his length, "by five centimeters wide, by two-and-a-half centimeters high for the shaft."

Mei nodded. "Have you had any feelings of light-headedness?" she asked Gary. 

"No," Gary replied. "Why?"

"It takes a lot of blood to pump up a male organ that size," she said. "The genetic engineers should have compensated so that your other organs aren't suddenly lacking oxygen and nutrients. One way to tell if they screwed up would be a feeling of dizziness or a light-headed feeling.  Please let me know right away if you experience anything like that."

Gary nodded. 

Good to know! he thought. 

"Now," Mei continued. "I want to run a couple of quick tests before we go visit Noelle. The first is to gauge your reaction to extreme visual stimulation for a period of ten minutes.  You are, obviously, already excited by my large breasts. But we need to up the ante, as it were."  

Slowly, carefully, Mei backed herself off the Segueway, slowly coming around the right side of the machine. Once her massive twelve-inch-diameter glands left the support of the built-in cups of the Segueway, Gary could see the effort she had to put in just to stand erect.  A barely audible, "uhh", passed her lips as she took on the burden of hauling those heavy pounders. 

"Thirty-three pounds, Mr. McFadden," she said—one hand still holding the Segueway for support—as she waited for Xiu to bring her a black chrome cane with four mini supports at the bottom. "That's how much each of my enormous bosoms weighs. That's a total of sixty-six pounds of saline I have to haul around on my small frame. 

"Do you find that exciting?" she asked, but the question was unnecessary, as 

Gary's stiffening cock flushed a slightly darker shade of red. Mei smiled as she watched his reaction. "Fifteen thousand ccs in each bloated breast, Mr. McFadden," she continued, as Xiu handed her the cane and then began to unbutton Mei's dress, from the top, down. "Each of my bloated bosoms is about thirty-and-a-half centimeters in diameter—that's twelve inches across.  Think about that, Mr. McFadden: each is a foot wide and projects a foot from my ribcage."

How could Gary not think about that as Xiu slowly revealed her employer's massive set of hyper-pumped mammary glands. Beneath the alluring dragon dress, Mei wore a black over-engineered brassiere with inch wide straps that shimmered like satin. Its huge cups plunged dramatically, exposing acres of Mei's bulging cleavage. 

As Xiu removed Mei's dress, completely, the rest of her petite, but well-toned and slight, body was revealed, including the matching black satin panties she wore. 

Gary's cock now arced upward as it flushed ever darker, as Mei approached until she was about two feet away from him—just enough distance to allow her to see his teeming boner. 

"Shall I let you slide your big phallus between my enormous breasts, Mr. McFadden?" she asked. "Do you like what you see?  Do you want to see more?"

Mei slowly turned around in a full circle so that Gary could see the massive backband that helped support all of that incredible weight. Mei motioned for Xiu to approach again, and the young assistant walked up behind her employer once she had finished her 360 display for Gary. 

Gary's inflamed cock was now a deep scarlet—the image of the six-inch side panels widening to the back-band's nine inch width with its nineteen hooks having ramped up his excitement level considerably. 

As he heard Xiu undo each clasp, Gary's excitement continued to build, and a pearl of precum began to swell at the tip of his upturned bludgeon. 

"Did you like that?" Mei teased. "Knowing how much restraint is used to hold up my enormous saline balloons just gets you more and more excited, doesn't it?  And how do you feel now, knowing that Xiu is slowly releasing my gigantic bosoms and that you will soon see them in all their naked glory?"

She smiled at him. 

"I love this," she told him.  "It's the fun part of my job: to watch a man squirm with anticipation and desire. I need to get you as excited as possible so that I can measure what results it has on you. Will it drive you crazy to see me struggling to stand with the heavy weight of my massive bombs?  What can I do to turn up the heat after that?  Let you slide your iron phallus between my gargantuan bosoms?  Could you do that without exploding?"

Gary knew she was trying to excite him as much as possible to see what effect, if any, it had on the size of his cock. He looked down and swore he was even bigger than before!  How was that possible?  Hadn't Noelle told him that he would no longer keep growing now that he had stopped taking the pills?  Had she lied to him, or, more likely, had Mei lied to her?

"Yes," Mei said, as Xiu unhooked the last clasp, "you phallus is bigger. The excitement is forcing more blood in and your penis is stretching larger."

"But," Gary began, "I thought..."

Mei nodded. 

"Yes, you stopped taking the pills and that was the end of that treatment," Mei confirmed. "But I gave you a new dose in your dinner, tonight!"

"I never gave you permission!"  Gary said, becoming upset. 

"It's reversible," Mei lied. "If you don't like the growth, you can go back to the way you were."

"What if I ask you to reverse it right now?" he asked, his cock straining as he awaited Mei's bra removed. He had already watched her body sag as the last catch had been opened and the full weight of her enormous pounders was transferred to the front of her ribcage. The idea of her fighting all that weight dragging her down was incredibly exciting.

"I can begin that procedure, but the full effects will take weeks," she told him. 

"Will Noelle be able to take me?" he wanted to know. 

At that point, Xiu removed the massive brassiere, exposing Mei's monstrously swollen udders. 

Mei smiled deviously, as she watched his massive boner swell even larger. 

"Absolutely," she replied. 

Gary's teeming cock ached. He wanted to fuck Mei so badly. Her gigantic bosoms sagged slightly, once they hung on their own, but were otherwise round. She had dark brown areolae, pebbled with a smattering of a few dark pink bumps,  Each areola was a half-foot in diameter on the underside of those swollen flesh balloons. Her downward pointing nipples were deep pink quarter-inch spigots begging to be sucked. The rest of Mei's swollen breasts were finely marbled with a network of veins, as if, Gary mused, there was too much internal pressure. 

"That's it, baby, swell for mama," Mei said, and laughed, causing her giant hoppity-hops to bobble, slightly. 

Despite her laughter, Gary could see her hunching forward slightly from the massive weight of those tremendously over-pumped saline-bags.  He also saw that her hand clutched the handle of the cane tightly for support. It wasn't easy for her to simply stand with sixty-six pounds of saline and flesh constantly pulling on her. 

"You like what you see, Mr. McFadden?" she teased. "Do you want me?  Do you want to fuck my big balloons?  Or better yet, actually fuck me as you hold onto my giant bosoms?  Nicole has already given permission for you to fuck me in the interest of science."

Was she lying to him?  Was it true?  Would he fuck Mei even if Nicole had given him permission?  Just the idea of actually fucking this petite bosom goddess before him drove him even crazier with excitement and his raging organ began to leak a constant stream of precum. 

"Xiu, if you will assist me..." Mei called over her assistant. 

Xiu brought over a type of bench with narrow padded black seat and an upright padded backrest that was just wide enough for Mei's body. This was mounted on a gray metal frame.  After taking her cane, Xiu assisted Mei into a sitting position, and then, with Mei leaning on the backrest, slowly lowered the backrest into a horizontal position with the assistance of a crank. 

As she slowly reclined, Mei put a hand to the outside of each of humongous breast, keeping them together, in order to keep them from trying to roll off her rib cage. 

When she was in a completely prone position, she instructed Gary to straddle her until his cock was a few millimeters below her awesome cleavage. 

"Really?" Gary asked, surprised. "I'm going to leak precum all over you."

"Baby," Mei responded, "you're going to leak a lot more than that by the time I'm through with you."

Gary approached the bench, but before he could begin, Mei opened her legs wide. 
"Bring the tip of your glans within a centimeter of my vagina," she instructed, as Xiu opened Mei's inner lips. 

Gary's heart pounded fiercely in his chest as his raging organ distended further. 

"Don't let it touch," she said. "I want a measurement first from excitement with no physical contact."

Gary did as she asked, and found the urge to thrust his manhood into that delicious-looking orifice nearly overwhelming. Her giant bosoms begged him to fuck her. 

He had to continually adjust as he watched his cockhead reach toward her tunnel entrance as if pulled by a magnet. 

His excitement was intense and it directly translated into his organ swelling larger. 

"Holy shit," Gary gasped. "When will it stop?"

"We're only waiting ten minutes, for now," Mei told him. "So, we won't know right now."

"You don't know how big I'll get?" Gary asked, incredulously. 

"Not really," Mei replied. "I know how big I think you should get, based on my calculations.  We will see if I am correct."

After a few moments, where Gary had to fight from shoving his missile into Mei's dripping lips, Xiu announced that ten minutes was up and let go of Mei's inner lips to take further measurements of Gary's aching shlong. 

"Thirty-four point three centimeters long," she reported. "Six centimeters wide, and three point five centimeters high for the shaft."

"Congratulations, Mr. McFadden!" Mei exclaimed. "You're about thirteen-and-a-half inches long!"

"Holy shit..." Gary said, astonished, as he looked at his enormous spike. 

"Take a couple of steps back, please," Mei instructed, as Xiu checked some equipment. 

As Gary stepped away from Mei, she closed her legs, and he became aware that Xiu had placed the bench, which Mei reclined on, amidst a setup of equipment. Beyond Mei's head was a trough, which ran for several feet until it opened into a larger basin with a wide fiberglass backsplash eight feet away. Along the side were a series of small CCD cameras and mini-flood lights running from the backsplash to right alongside Mei's body, at the same height she lay on the bench. 

"If you would approach me, Mr. McFadden," Mei instructed, her face hidden from his view by her twin bulbous mountains of lust—her voice sounded strained, out of breath from the severe weight on her ribcage. "We shall get to the next phase of your physical excitement.  Straddle me as approach until your cock is mere millimeters beneath my giant balloons."

Gary re-approached her, walking over her now closed thighs. On either side of the bench were two metal runners which ran the length of the bench. He had to step onto them as he straddled her prone form, a stream of precum oozing between her thighs and up her abdomen as he continued. As he neared her hips, he stopped, he could continue no further without penetrating her cleavage.

"Take hold of my bosoms, Mr. McFadden," she told him. 

Gary leaned over to take hold of Mei's massive saline balloons. His cock surged as he placed his spread hands on the outside of her soft, but firm, super-pumped spheres of lust, as she removed her own. 

"Don't you think you should call me 'Gary'?" he asked with a sly grin. 

She smiled back up at him. 

"I guess so," she said, breaking out into a smile. "We are about to become very familiar, aren't we?  You are about to fuck my big tits, after all."

"Why are you doing this?" he asked, dying to plunge his rocket between her flesh boulders. 

"Because I need you to be as excited as possible for this test and Noelle isn't available. She's undergoing an evaluation for tonight's pumping."

They we're going to pump Noelle, tonight!  That thought, alone, was massively exciting.

"Now, I want you to slowly push your way through my cleavage until your cock head is directly above my mouth."

"What are you going to do?" he wanted to know. 

"I'm going to tease you until you explode, Mr. Mc..." She paused, and smiled. "...Gary."

"Fuck," Gary said, exasperated. 

"Yes: fuck my massive tits Mr... Gary," she said, still smiling. 

But as Gary began to push his bloated cockhead up into her tight cleavage, her smile changed from a humorous one to a devious one. 

"That's it, baby," she cooed. "Slow and steady... Feel my huge breasts all around you... So tight... so fucking huge!  Slide it in... feel how good my big bloated tits feel all around you..."

It felt so tremendously intense as his massive cock slide deeply between her massive beached whales, his hands clutching her big tanks as he did so. It was crazy: he watched as his cock poked out of the other side of her foot long cleavage and his cockhead stopped above her pursed lips. 

He was into her cleavage to the hilt and it was a rush to feel her overpumped, swollen funbags pressed up around his groin—her erect nipples now pointing up at him from the centers of those dark areolae. 

He gasped as her tongue issued forth and began to lick the underside of his cockhead. Using just the tip, she let it rapidly play along his veined cleft, often quickly teasing the underside of his domes' ridges 

"Oh!  Oh!  Oh!" Gary cried out from the incredible sensation, his fingers digging into her enormous mounds of suoerblown lust. 

She did not let up for a moment and Gary soon found his hyper-excited rod distending once more. But as his cock slowly over-filled with blood, potentially growing beyond her tongue's reach, the twin metal runners upon which he stood slid slowly back so that his bloated cockhead remained right above her luscious mouth. 

Slowly, millimeter by millimeter, he felt her giant blimps move away from his pelvis as Mei tortured him with intense pleasure. After a few minutes, he was shaking as she began to try different things, such as pursing her lips and running them along the same veined area as her tongue continued to pop in and out. Sometimes she would move her lips to one side of his dome and run her pursed lips and tongue along that side before switching sides. After several more minutes, Gary's body began to buck in response to her ministrations as he grew more and more excited. 

When ten minutes had passed, Mei ran her full tongue up along the underside of his cleft as she brought her right hand up to message the upper side of his dome , ridge, and sensitive collar. 

Almost immediately, Gary groaned from the extra sensation, and Mei knew that he was going to blow. 

"Time to cum," she cooed, and then returned to her licking. 

Gary felt the orgasm rapidly build in his cockhead and then felt himself lose it as he went over the edge and semen rocketed up his shaft and exploded out of his cock. 

"Uuuunnnnnnnghhh!" Gary cried out as the thickest, longest white rope he ever ejaculated blasted out of his urethra to geyser across the room. 

"Holy shit!" Xiu exclaimed as his cream just gushed as if erupting from a fire hose, arching six feet into the awaiting catch basin. "Your shooting even further than before!"

Mei stroked his cockhead to keep his orgasm going for as long as possible. 

"That's it baby, shoot it for me!  Imagine filling Noelle with all this cum!  Just pumping her and pumping her!  Oh yeah... You'll fill her to overflowing tonight as her chest balloons for you!  Can you imagine that, Gary?  You fucking her while her already huge bosoms just swell and swell before you!  Think of cumming inside her as she blows up bigger than ever, baby!  Yeah..."

Stunned by the insanely intense orgasm that seemed to never end and the sheer volume of cum blasting out of his fantasy cock, Gary held on to Mei's corpulent bombs for dear life as he imagined Noelle's already enormous bosoms swelling even larger, driving his excitement even further. 

And it would happen tonight.