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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

"POSSESSIONS", Book 3: Xifeng ........... Part 2

Xifeng really blows up in this part.  I have to tell you, I don't really have an ending prepared for this. LOL.  Not even sure how big she'll get.  Let me know what you think of it, so far, and where you think it should go.

As always, please be aware, that this is simply a second draft and not a proof-read copy of the story.

Book 3 Xifeng
Part 2

Shadowmuse Blown

The two kissed and mashed their chests together for several minutes before they both stepped back to pull off their tops.  

Xifeng paused as she looked at her own chest with C-cup breasts straining her little AA bra till its straps dug into her shoulders, sides and back.  Reaching behind herself, she struggled to unhook the two clasps at the center of her back as she watched Jennifer remove her top and mirror Xifeng to unhook the four clasps at her own back. 

Xifeng found it difficult due to the extra strain her newly blown breasts caused on the bra, but she finally managed to get the two hooks open.  She let her bra drop at the same time as Jennifer's. 

Xifeng was momentarily focused on Jennifer's enormous fleshbags.  She had never seen breasts so big!

But then, she quickly remembered her own situation and eagerly looked down at a sight she had never seen before.  There, bulging outward from her own ribcage were a pair of huge C-cup bosoms with dark inch-wide areolae and monstrous quarter-inch thick nipples jutting out for three-quarters of an inch.  With mouth agape, she slowly brought her hands up to cup the newly blown bombs projecting from her chest. 

"Holy shit..." she gasped.  "This is me..."

Jennifer grinned, as Xifeng slowly ran her palms over her new breasts.  When her fingertips slid over her areolae and nipples she gasped. 

"Oh!" she exclaimed. "They're so sensitive!"  

She lightly ran her fingertips over her areolae and nipples, exploring the erotic sensations emanating from them. 

"Uhhhh..." she moaned.  “They were never this sensitive before...”

Smiling at Xifeng's newfound discovery, Jennifer stepped up and took Xifeng's hands in her own as she, once again, lightly pressed her huge balloons against Xifeng's new sprouts. 

Xifeng looked up into Jennifer's eyes and moaned. 

"You like?" Jennifer cooed, as she swirled her large bosoms over Xifeng's highly sensitive breasts. 
Xifeng couldn't speak and backed up a couple of steps so that her back was to the wall, for support.  The delicious sensations were so erotic and so intense, that she could feel her whole breasts tingle, as well as her crotch. 

"What's the matter, honey?" Jennifer whispered. "You gonna cum?"

For the first time, Xifeng realized that she was headed down the road to an orgasm simply by having her breasts manipulated.  She looked down and saw that she was even bigger than before as Jennifer continued to massage her whole breasts with her much larger glands. 

Holy shit!  I'm at least a D-cup now!  This is crazy!  How can I be swelling so much? she wondered, as she came closer and closer to losing it. 

"You gonna cum for me?" Jennifer coaxed.  "If you cum, your tits will balloon even bigger!

Xifeng looked up into her teaser's eyes, her mouth open in an "O" shape, her eyes pleading. It felt sooooo good...

"Yeahhhh..." Jennifer cooed.  "Do it.  Cum for me and blow 'em up really big, baby..."

"Uhh..." Xifeng moaned in a high pitched voice.  It was incredible.  She felt her clit tingle along with her nipples and areolae. 

She was going to…

"OHHH!!!" she cried out, as her body jolted from the violence of her orgasm.  It exploded from her breasts and her clitoris all at the same time and she shook like a leaf and wailed with a whiny, little girl's voice as she came and came in waves of delicious erotic delight. 

And her breasts swelled and swelled in response. 

When she had finished cumming, Jennifer backed away with a big grin. 

Xifeng continued to lean back against the wall, panting hard. 

"Holy shit.  Holy shit.  Holy shit," she whispered, trying to regain her breath. 

Then, she looked down, expecting to see D or E cup breasts. 

"Holy SHIT!!!" she cried out at the enormous G-cup bosoms projecting from her ribcage a good five and half inches.  "I'm fucking HUGE!"

Jennifer laughed. 

"Not compared to me," she said. 

Xifeng looked up at the blonde. 

"Until today, I’ve been flatchested.  What are my family and coworkers going to think?"

"What do you think?" Jennifer asked her.  "Your bedroom is around that corner.  There's a full-length mirror in there."

Dazed, Xifeng made the short walk into the large bedroom and stood in front of self-standing mirror.  She quietly considered her new appearance, turning this way and that for several minutes. 

Then, finally, a big smile spread over her features, and she looked over at Jennifer. 

"I love it!" she said with enthusiasm. 

"I'm glad," Jennifer said. 

"Buxom women are rare in Hong Kong,"Xifeng explained.  "So, I always found them exotic and very sexy.  At least, if they weren't a porn star or prostitute or something seedy.  If you come across a buxom woman, professionally, there's something very erotic about it.  Now, I get to be one!"

Jennifer's cell sent off and she answered it, nodding.  Then, she looked up at Xifeng. 

"Oh my stars and garters, Xifeng, you're empty. Time to get pumped," she said to the gorgeous Asian. 

Immediately, Xifeng lost all expression and walked to the king size bed and lay on her side and closed her eyes. 

"Damn!" Jennifer said to the technician in the phone. "It worked like a charm!"

"The phrase is a post hypnotic expression that was instilled on her," the tech, Perianna, replied.  "I'm on my way up."

Moments later, Jennifer let Peri into the apartment with her apparatus.  Peri was a petite brunette with short-cropped hair, big blue eyes and a slightly large nose with full lips. Her big F-cup chest was easily apparent under her white lab coat. 

Peri wheeled in a plastic two-level cart with tanks, tubes and a small machine, about a foot square. 

"Is she asleep, then?" Jennifer asked, as Peri sat on the bed next to Xifeng. 

"When she hears that phrase, it triggers the subconscious, which takes over.  If there's a bed available nearby, she's instructed to go it and lay down on her side and fall asleep. If there's no bed within visual range, she's to await instructions on what to do."

Jennifer nodded as Peri placed a tool against the small of Xifeng's back for a moment.  When she removed the tool, two small holes were visible.

"This tool allows us to uncover a flap in the epidermis which covers her ports so that we can insert the lines," Peri explained. 

"And she has no clue about all this?" Jennifer asked. 

"Nope," Peri replied, shaking her head, as she set up the equipment next to where she sat on the edge of the bed.  "She thinks she's the real Xifeng Fong, but she's really only just over a year old.  Weird, isn't it?"

"She's a clone?" Jennifer asked. 

"Uh-huh," Peri replied.  "She's been bio-engineered with some modifications over the original donor, like these ports.  They've been designed to allow the nozzles on the end of these tubes to click into cartilage at the end of the port to make a seal so that when I start the pump there won't be any leakage."

"Does that port lead to her breasts?" Jennifer asked. 

"No," Peri replied.  "Internal tubes lead to a reservoir in her lower abdomen, around her intestines, actually.  She actually has less small intestines than the real Xifeng to make room for the reservoirs.  Additional tubes lead up to her breasts and are activated when she gets aroused."

"Damn..." Jennifer said in astonishment as to what had been engineered.  "What are you pumping into the reservoir?  Saline?"

Peri had finished connecting her tanks and pump to Xifeng's back via a pair of clear tubes with white plastic nozzles on the ends.  

"No," Peri replied, "it's a special liquid that contains all the building blocks that Xifeng's body needs to actually make her breasts bigger.  The fluid not only fills her breasts, it also makes them larger, rapidly helping her body make new cells.  That's how she could go from flats-patsy to buxom-Betty in just a few minutes.  Right now, the stuff in her breasts is fueling breast tissue to help with her next expansion.  Within a half hour there will be no fluid in her breasts, just modified—and very expandable—breast tissue and a small pocket for the new fluid to get pumped into and permeate her breasts."

"So, how big can they grow, then?" Jennifer wondered. "About seven cup sizes each time?"

"The reservoir holds 1500ccs," Peri nodded, turning on the pump on her cart.  "Which is about seven cup sizes.  But, she can also have hoses hooked up and just have a constant influx of growth fluid."

"Wow," Jennifer said. "I think that might freak her out, though, wouldn't you?  She'd know something was done to her, obviously."

"She's been conditioned and hypnotized not to recognize the tubing in her back," Peri answered. "So, she could be theoretically pumped to any size. "

"Any size?" Jennifer echoed. 

Peri stopped to consider. "Well, I don't really know her maximum pump volume.  I’m not even sure she has one.  I'll have to ask Dr. Chin about that."

"Surely, they wouldn't allow her to get past a certain point, anyway," Jennifer said. 

Peri considered the J-cupper. 

"You weren't here when they pumped Tara, were you?" Peri asked. 

Jennifer shook her head. 

"Huh," Peri said.  "Let's just say, Mr. Thornton likes 'em to get very very very big."  With the last "very", Peri widened eyes extremely wide. 

"You make it sound ominous," Jennifer said. 

"It can be," Peri said. 

Xifeng woke up on the bed.  The sun was low in the sky.  Jennifer sat at the foot of the bed and a nurse stood beside her. 

"She should be fine now," the D-cup nurse said to Jennifer, and then smiled at Xifeng before leaving the bedroom. 

"What happened?" Xifeng wanted to know. 

"Seems like you fainted, so I called a nurse in," Jennifer lied.  "One minute you were checking yourself out in the mirror, and in the next, you had crumpled to the floor."

"I don't remember anything," Xifeng said. 

"The nurse said that it was an after-effect from the virus, but nothing to worry about," Jennifer explained. 

Aware that 6 o'clock was drawing nigh, Jennifer let Xifeng shower and get ready for Kal.  She picked a snug dress with horizontal red and white bands to highlight her awesome figure and G-cup bust.  It was short sleeved and had a deep plunge showing off her newly blown cleavage, and was cut mid-thigh to show off her shapely legs. 

"You're going to knock 'en dead," Jennifer said. 

Kal, was, indeed, happy with her appearance, and complemented her when he saw her, which made her very happy, indeed.  He picked her up in the Bently limo and they dined at a very upscale steakhouse on the upper East Side.  After dinner he brought her to a small exclusive smokers club, where one could sample fine cigars and liqueurs.  They spent a couple of hours there talking until it was late enough to go to dance club that Kal knew of downtown. 

Stepping out onto the street with the huge Bentley waiting at the curb, her head swooned.  She was the luckiest woman on the planet, and had fallen head over heels for Kal, who seemed to be just as enamored of her.  The virus she had contracted had turned out to be a blessing in disguise!  Somehow, it enabled her to be the bosomy siren she had always wanted to be, and she was now falling in love with a handsome billionaire!  Could her life become any more of a faerie tale? 

And now, before he opened the door of the car, they stood close, facing each other.  The conversation came to a natural pause and she gazed up into his dark eyes. 

In moments they were kissing, and she felt an electric thrill as they embraced. 

Once inside the limo and on their way to the club, the couple once again kissed on the back couch, but this time, in private, let their hands wander. 

As Kal took a big handful of Xifeng's big left breast and began to play with it—squeezing it, and pressing his fingers into her areola—Xifeng became deeply aroused and, once more, her already big breasts began to swell. 

She was too excited to care, however, and as he teased her bosom, she reached down to rub his distended crotch.  Things escalated rapidly as their desire mounted, and she was unzipping his fly as he pulled her dress' collar down to expose her swelling gland—now up to an I-cup in size.  He bent his head down to suck in her enormous prong of a nipple as she fought to pull out his monster boner. 

He was huge!  

How was she going to get it out?

She finally used both hands to completely open his pants and pull down his brief's waistband with one hand while she fished out his giant organ with her other. 

As she shook like a leaf at Kal's suckling, he groaned with pleasure as she stroked his giant twelve-inch spike, his precum acting as the perfect lubricant.
The two worked each other into a frenzy until they both exploded at the same time—Kal gushing across the limo as Xifeng's bosoms ballooned into full O-cups, her breasts each now seven inches in diameter. 

As they each came down from their orgasms, Xifeng watched Kal lightly stroke her newly blown monsters—her areolae now projecting a full inch higher than the rest of her breast, and each gnarled nipple a full inch in height. 

"Holy shit!" she exclaimed, with exhaustion, as she considered her insanely blown chest.  Xifeng was leaning back on the couch, looking at the pair of bombs sprouting huge and round from her ribcage with a projection of seven inches.  Her inch-and-a-half side areolae and nipples stuck out, on top of that, so that the tips of her newly elongated spigots reached a full eight-and-a-half inches from her torso. 

Kal had pulled her neck opening down so that both bosoms lay bare in all their newly swollen glory. 

"Is this..." she began, "...Is this going to happen every time I have an orgasm?"

She looked at Kal, who smiled back comfortingly at her. 

"It might," he replied. "You look fantastic!"

She smiled. 

"Really?"  She went from horrified to happy in an instant. 

"Absolutely!" he gushed, running the palm of his hand across her newly pumped bloaters.  "I love it!"

She beamed back at him and he bent down to kiss those plush, plush lips. 

"We're here," he said when he withdrew.  He pulled the top of the very elastic dress up and over her huge tanks. 

"Oh my stars and garters, Xifeng, you're empty.  Time to get pumped," he said, and Xifeng lay back against the back bolster, her eyes glassy.  Kal opened the door to the limo and let a tech inside before taking a seat on the couch on the opposite side. 

The tech told Xifeng to sit up and positioned her so that he could access the back of her dress where a hidden seam allowed him to open a panel to gain access to her ports.  The tech had brought in a heavy case which he opened on the floor of the limo exposing the same equipment Peri had had on the cart earlier that day. 

Within twenty minutes, the tech had refilled her, closed up, and left the limo, leaving Kal alone with his hypnotized clone. 

"You really are insanely gorgeous, you know that?" he asked the still sitting girl, her eyes closed for now. 

"Some people tell me that," she replied to his surprise. 

He smiled.  She was still hypnotized, so he must be speaking to her sub-conscious.

“Who are you?” he suddenly asked.

“I don’t know,” came the reply.  “I’m supposed to be me, but I might not be.”

“Why do you say that?” he asked, puzzled at her response.

“Something’s not right,” she said.  “I can’t explain it.  I’m me, and yet, I’m not me.  Something is different, but I don’t know what it is.”

Interesting, he thought.  The clone’s subconscious is basically a copy of the real Xifeng, but it knows—somehow—that the brain and body it inhabits are not the same.  What would happen if I told it the truth?  Would the conscious mind find out?

“Can you keep a secret?” he asked the subconscious mind of Xifeng’s clone.

There was a pause.

“Of course,” it replied.

“You are not the person you think you are,” he told it.  “Your mind has been copied into another body.  The brain and body is a little different than the original.  That’s why you feel odd.”

There was no response for a while.

“I’m not me?” came the eventual reply.

“You are not the original Xifeng,” he told her.  “You are a copy, but it’s okay.  You are much better than  than the original.  But I don’t want your conscious self to know this.  It would upset her.  You are stonger and are fine with it.”  And able to take on hypnotic suggestions! he thought, gleefully.

“I am a copy,” she said.

“A clone,” Kal told her.

“Why was this done?” she asked.

I’ve never had anyone under hypnosis respond like this, he thought.  It’s intriguing!

“I thought Xifeng was beautiful and wanted her for my own, so I made you to play with,” he told her.  “You make me very happy, and you enjoy making me happy.”

“I do,” replied Xifeng’s subconscious self.  

“One of the ways you can make me happiest is by your breasts growing bigger and bigger,” he told her.   “The bigger your chest is, the more I will be happy, and the happier you will be.  Now, I will tell you to wake up soon, and when I do, you conscious self will not remember this conversation.  

“Wake-up, Xifeng,” Kal said.

Xifeng opened her eyes, unaware of any passing time since Kal had told her that they had arrived.

"Ready for some dancing?"'he asked her. 

"Are you going to be able to dance with that rocket in your pocket?" she teased. 

"When you see how distended my crotch is, you'll know it's for you," he told her. 

She grinned from ear to ear. 

He helped her out of the limo.  She found her center of gravity had changed a bit with the added thirteen pounds hanging from her torso and was glad to have gone with Jennifer's suggestion of a low heel. 

Entry to the club was in an alleyway in the back. 

"When you have the money, you don't enter a place like this from the front," Kal explained. 

A bouncer recognized Kal and let them both in with no cover charge.  They walked down a dark corridor and then passed several private rooms before coming into the back end of the club, proper.  Here there were many alcoves for people to hang out, although, Xifeng could make out the big dance floor a hundred feet away or so.  

Xifeng was surprised at the number of buxom women in the club.  In fact, she saw no one under a D-cup.  But, she also noted that few approached her size. 

She felt so strange walking around with this humongous chest leading the way wherever she went.  She drew a lot of attention, even in a club that seemed to contain only big-chested women.  Her breasts were just so enormous!  She could feel them jiggle with each step, could see them quake and undulate.  Her cleavage bulged in her dress.  She felt so blatant. 

But it was very exciting. 

And Kal loved it. 

She could see him checking her out from time to time, and each time he did, she felt like a million bucks. 

He came across a couple in their fifties, and introduced her to them.  They both stood up and talked for a while.  The wife was in great shape with only her hands giving away her age.  She was thin and shapely and had short platinum blonde hair and a set of G-cup tits.  She wore a black sequined dress that was floor length and slit up both sides to her hips.  After the initial round of introductions, the men discussed an earlier business deal, so, the wife—whose name was Delfina—took Xifeng aside. 

"My dear, you look stunning!" she told Xifeng.  

"Thank-you!" Xifeng replied. "You're gorgeous."

Delfina smiled. "It takes a lot of work at my age."

Xifeng smiled back, unsure of how to respond. 

"Come with me," Delfina said, shepherding Xifeng with a gentle, but persuasive, arm around her back. "I want to introduce you to some friends of mine."

"Boys," Delfina got the attention of the men, "we're just gonna pop off into the H room for a bit."

The men nodded and went back to their discussion, Kal's eyes running over Xifeng's new build once more. 

The private rooms were designated by cup sizes.  Delfina led Xifeng to a nearby door labeled “H-Cup”, the words in a side cross section silhouette of a fair sized breast. 

"Inside were a group of half a dozen middle-aged women sitting about on couches, drinking and talking.  Various video monitors played in the back ground with music videos or buxom models on runways. 

"Girls," Delfina got their attention, "I want to introduce you to Kal's new friend, Xifeng."

All of the women were good-looking, dressed to impress, with, of course, buxom builds.  The smallest, was, perhaps, a D-cup, the largest, a J.  They ranged in age from mid thirties to mid-fifties. 

They all got up and gathered around Xifeng, complementing her on her look and, especially, her chest. 

"My I ask," Delfina began, "if you're natural?  Almost no one here is, but I noticed how wonderfully you bounce."

It's complicated," Xifeng replied, almost laughing at the absurdity of it all.  "I've been told I contracted some sort of virus which apparently screwed with some of my genes and now my breasts don't seem to want to stop growing."

"Oh, wow," a tall blonde with D-cups exclaimed, "I would love that!"

"How long has this been going on?" Delfina asked, a suspicious look on her face. 

"I was in a coma for weeks," Xifeng told them. "I only woke up from it this morning."

"How big was your chest when you woke up?" an auburn-haired woman asked. 

"I was still flat-chested this morning," Xifeng explained. 

The group was quiet. 

"No way," one of them finally said. 

"You've been steadily growing since this morning?" asked another. 

"No," Xifeng replied, then, looked a little sheepish. 

"What is it?" Delfina asked. "It's okay, you can tell us."

"Well..." Xifeng began, quietly, "they seem to swell when I'm sexually stimulated. 

Again, the group was hushed. 

"I don't believe it," someone quipped. 

Xifeng smiled an embarrassed smile. "Even nipple stimulation has done it."

"Really..." Delfina stated, more than asked. "Do you mind?"

Then, to Xifeng's shock, Delfina reached out with both hands and pressed them into Xifeng's nipples—which in their now resting state stuck out about a quarter inch and were easily visible poking up under the fabric of her dress. 

"Oh!" Xifeng cried out, shocked, and rose her hands to push Delfina's away. 

But a woman on either side of her quickly intercepted Xifeng's arms and together they pulled her back and pinned her arms against the wall. 

Delfina began to rub Xifeng's nipples in a circular motion. 

"Stop it!" cried Xifeng, the nipple teasing arousing her against her will. 

A third woman took a hankerchef and pressed it against Xifeng's mouth as Delfina began to tease Xifeng's nipples and areolae in earnest. 

Xifeng struggled to free herself and tried to scream, but the women held her fast and the hankerchef kept her screams quiet enough not to be heard in the loud club. 

And her breasts began to swell once more. 

"Check this out," Delfina said, and removed her hands to show how much Xifeng's nipples and areolae had swollen. 

A brunette pulled the front of Xifeng's dress down to expose her monster balloons in all their glory as they swelled past a P-cup. 

A red-head gasped and bent over to suck Xifeng's left nipple deep into her mouth.  Following her example, Delfina feasted on Xifeng's right one. 

The handkerchief was removed from Xifeng's mouth as she gasped in erotic pleasure and her eyes rolled up in her head—her whole body now shaking.

The auburn haired woman came at Xifeng from the side. 

"You gonna cum, little bitch?" she asked, and bent down to bring her lips up against Xifeng's where she plunged her oral organ into Xifeng's open mouth. 

"Holy shit!" squealed the blonde, "look at them grow!"

Xifeng's breasts grew several cup sizes, bulging against her perpetrators faces as they suckled her now extended nipples.  

"She's gonna pop!" cried one of the women as Xifeng's whole body bucked and the group watched with shock and awe as Xifeng's already massive breasts filled with hundreds of CCs as she came, topping out at 4500—the equivalent of a V-cup—with each breast stretched to an eight-inch diameter. 

As Xifeng's orgasm wound down, the women let go of her.  Some took selfies with her as Kal entered the room. 

Seeing Xifeng with her breasts exposed and her chest expanded even further, his crotch immediately swelled with an instant hard-on. 

"You sure can pick 'em," Delfina told him in passing as she left the room, immediately followed by the rest of the group. 

"What have you done?" he asked them, some of whom smiled deviously at him. "Oh, Xifeng, I'm so sorry," said, coming to her side and pulling her dress back up over her gargantuan chest. 

"Do you like them?" she asked him, exhausted, meaning her breasts. 

"More than you'll ever know," he replied. 

Her face suddenly brightened. 

"Then, it was worth it," she said, smiling and kissed him in the now empty room. 

When he withdrew, he smiled back at her and said, "Oh my stars and garters, Xifeng, you're empty. Time to get pumped."

Her eyes went blank, and she waited for instruction as she leaned against the wall. 

Kal called his team on his Apple Watch, and within minutes Peri came in with her equipment in a cart. A bouncer waited outside the door to the room to make sure they weren't bothered.  He had made arrangements to have the larger equipment ready, here at the club, just in case.

A quarter hour later, Peri and bouncer left, and Kal took up the same position as when he had uttered the hypnotic phrase. 

"Wake up, Xifeng," he said. 

His hand went to her massive bosom, and she reached for his hard cannon. 

"Then, do you mind swelling for me even more?" he asked.  

Chuckling, lustily, she opened his pants and, with a struggle, pulled his huge spike out of his briefs as Kal plunged his hands deep into her vast, and, super soft poundage, as they renewed the deep kiss. 

She had only noticed a slight moment's disorientation, and discounted it as part of her recovery from the virus.  All of the time between the initial hypnotic phrase and the command to wake up had gone by in an unknown instant to her.  She hadn't remembered either phrase once she was awake. 

He groaned as their tongues danced and she had him building within seconds, even as her bust began to swell, once more.  

Kal reached down, his arm pressing into her ballooning glands, as he did so, and pulled up her short dress to put his hand in her crotch. 

Xifeng cried out as his fingers lightly grazed the swollen protuberance pushing its way out from between her labial lips. 

He had found her super-swollen clitoris, blown up to the impossible size of a hen's egg and packed with hyper-sensitive nerves. 

She came almost instantly as he swirled his fingers over that enraged organ, and her chest rapidly filled to a full 6,000ccs, swelling around his arm as her body bucked from the orgasm. 

The sensation was too much for him.  Even though she had ceased stroking him once she came, her hand was still around his head as she spasmed, so that the effect was akin to stroking him.  Feeling her hyper-swollen bulb and her breasts actually swell around his arm as she came, pushed him right over the edge and he detonated shooting several feet as he came, hard. 

He leaned down to kiss her as the two came and Xifeng swelled. 

He felt her shake as he pumped his tongue between her over-plump lips, her "little girl" squeals and moans driving him crazy with desire as continued to cum in her hand. 

When he had finally finished cumming and Xifeng had finished ballooning to her full 6,000ccs in size, he withdrew his hand and watched as her orgasm began to wane. 

Her newly blown tanks were now spheres nearly nine inches across, each.  They stretched the fabric of her dress, especially where her inch long nipples pierce the material. 

As she came back to earth and her eyes regained focus, she looked up at Kal. 

"That was intense," she smiled, breathing hard, causing her massive chest to rise and fall tantalizingly. 

"I agree," he replied, with a grin. 

"I've never felt anything so..."—she searched for a new word, but wound up using the same one—intense before in my life!"

"Did you enjoy it?" he asked. 

"Oh fuck, yes!"'she grinned. 

He laughed. 

"I'm glad," he said.  "You look insane."

Xifeng turned her attention to her Brobdingnagian bosoms. 

"Holy shit!" she cried, realizing just how immense they were now. "They're so fucking huge!"  She looked up at Kal.  "How can this be?"

Kal shrugged. 

"Every time I have an orgasm, or even just get excited my tits balloon so much!" she exclaimed. 

"You look awesome," Kal told her. 

She looked up at him, and smiled. 

"You really think so?" she asked. 

"Absolutely," he told her. "You blow away everyone in this club, now."

That made her grin from ear to ear. 

"So glad you it!" she said.  "It makes it worth it."

She looked down at the pair of humongous bosoms exploding from her ribcage. 

"It's hard to believe this is happening," she said. "I've been flatchested my whole life...  I was flat chested this morning!"

"Well," Kal replied, "you're anything but, now.  Do you want to dance?"

"I would love that," she said. "But can I first see myself in a mirror?"

He smiled. 

 "Oh my stars and garters, Xifeng, you're empty.," he said, his cock getting stiff at the thought of her getting pumped up yet again. "Time to get pumped."

A short while later after Xifeng had gotten another fill, Kal woke her up again. 

"Sure," he replied. "There should be a mirror in the ladies room."

Xifeng felt a chill run up her spine as she saw the impossibly gargantuan-breasted woman stare back at her in the ladies room mirror.  She knew they were ridiculously huge—after all she could see them projecting away from herself and could feel their heavy weight—but to see herself from another's point of view was still shocking.    

At 5'2", she was fairly petite.  Her humongous breasts were now far wider—at nearly 18 inches across, together—than her ribcage!

How can this be me? she wondered, her mind racing.  Impossibly huge breasts!

She looked at the newly enlarged half inch nipples poking up from under the fabric.  Her nipples had never been so big at rest. 
No one was in the bathroom, so Xifeng reached out and tweaked each of her newly blown spigots. 

A tingle ran throughout her breasts, beginning at those nipples.  She let out an involuntary gasp, and immediately felt her nipples swelled. 

She would die of embarrassment if someone would suddenly enter the ladies room while she was fiddling with her nipples.  

She went to one of toilet stalls, pushing the door open with her massive bosoms.  Once inside, she found her giant gourds grazing the wall as she turned around. 

There was no room to close the door. 

She had to back up and straddle the toilet so that there was enough room for her humongous balloons to clear the stall's door as it closed. 

Once she latched the door, she returned her hands to her nipples and began to tease them in earnest, driving herself crazy with desire.  She felt them enlarge and distend even as her breasts began to swell. 

Oh shit, she thought, I can't keep doing this!  I'll get too big to get out of the stall!

But, it felt too good to stop, and so she felt her spigots grow to an inch and half and her areolae puff up another inch beneath her nipples.  As her titanic breasts grew heavier she felt the tingling between her legs, and reached down to her crotch. 

Another chill ran up her spine at the swollen, distended egg-sized clitoris she found protruding two inches from her labial lips. 

I'm turning into some kind of sexual freak! she thought even as she ran her fingers over her bloated love button, igniting herself within seconds.  She couldn't help herself.  It felt too good to cum. 

And her huge bosoms swelled even more. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

"POSSESSIONS", Book 3: Xifeng - Part 1

It's not much, but it's the beginning.  I wanted to get something posted out there so that you all could start taking a look at it and tell me what you thought, even though there's not much there, yet.  Not sure how long it'll go or even where it will head, but like I said in yesterday's post of the Introduction (which is included here, again), this is something that was bopping around in my head and I was eager to put into words.

As always, please be aware, that this is simply a second draft and not a proof-read copy of the story.

Book 3 Xifeng
Part 1

Shadowmuse Blown


"You spend more money on sex than any other person in the world," Tianli Chin told Kal as they considered the woman in the tank.

She floated in the roughly coffin-shaped tank, air lines coming out of her nostrils. She was stunningly beautiful, her big eyes closed now, her petite nose contrasting with her wide, full cheeks and big, wonderfully overblown lips.  The upper lip swept up high and full, with only the barest perceptible indent at its upper crest, the lower ballooned outward huge and swollen with no cleft in the center, at all, and projecting forward a full three-quarters of an inch. 

"She's gorgeous," Tianli said. "Where did you find the donor?"
Kal smiled. 

"She's part of the entourage of one of my Hong Kong partners," he replied.  "I was completely smitten by her face."

"But not her chest, obviously," Tianli said, stating the obvious, for the woman's torso was completely flat-cheated. 

Kal looked at Tianli and winked. 

"It makes it so much easier, when the donor stays at one of your hotels, and eats at your your restaurants," Tianli said. "Putting the sedation in her dinner so that she would sleep soundly is a piece of cake when the staff are under your employment.  Once she was asleep that night, it was easy for my staff to enter her room and take the necessary samples to create this clone."

"It's been a long year while I awaited the accelerated growth," Kal laughed. "The anticipation has been driving me crazy."

"What excuse did you use to have the woman—what's her name?—come back out from Hong Kong for the memory transfer?" Tianli wondered. 

Kal smiled. 

"I had my staff concoct some BS reason that we needed to renegotiate contracts and that their entire staff would be needed," he said, laughing. "I'm afraid I made a lot of people do a lot of unnecessary work."

"Then it was a simple matter of simulating a virus that put her into an induced coma for a week so that we could do the memory transfer," Tianli said. 

"Good thing I could convince her coworkers to have her brought to your facility for treatment," Kal said. "It would have been a lot more challenging if they'd simply sent her to a local hospital."
Tianli nodded. 

"Well," she said. "Miss Fong is 'all better now' and on her way back to Hong Kong as we speak."

Kal nodded, his eye roving over the clone's narrow waist and hips.  She had a little bit of shape, in her own petite way. Her features were feminine, but far from an hourglass, that was for sure.  He tried to imagine her with an F-cup chest, a K-cup or with tits the size of beach balls. The juxtaposition between her immense bosom and those petite, slight curves should prove incredibly arousing.

"The initial reservoir is in the lower abdomen?" he confirmed, his eye transfixed on how the clone's jet black hair floated in the tank. 
Tianli nodded. 

"We'll fill it via injection before consciousness, and activation is controlled by sexual arousal, as we discussed," Tianli said. "Further fill-ups can be done by ports in her lower back or nipples, as you requested."

He was getting so hard, just thinking about it. 


Xifeng sat in her bed at the hospital trying to take it all in.  She had apparently gotten some sort of rare virus on this trip to New York and had nearly died.  The doctor, a Tianli Chin—originally from Beijing—had explained that she had been in a coma for the past several weeks and had undergone several surgeries to save her life. 

Since the doctor spoke Mandarin, instead of Cantonese, the two had conversed in English.  

"The virus you contracted isn't rare, it's unique," Tianli told her.  "We're not sure how you managed to get it, but it seems no one has seen anything like it ever before. It seems to have modified some of your genetic code."

In response to the horrified look on Xifeng's face, Tianli quickly added: "You're not in any danger now.  You're completely healthy."

Xifeng breathed a sigh of relief. 

"But there may be some unusual side effects," Tianli added. 

"What kind of 'side effects'?" Xifeng asked, trepidatiously. 

"Your breasts will probably be very receptive to external stimulation," Tianli said. 

Xifeng laughed, looking down at her flat chest. 

"What breasts?" she joked. 

"Sexual stimulation may result in your breasts swelling," Tianli reported, "especially with orgasm."

"Really?" Xifeng replied. "That doesn't sound terrible."

"I don't want you to worry about it," Tianli told her. "It's not a health issue, and as a mentioned, you're completely healthy.  But I thought you should know."

Xifeng smiled. 

"Thanks," she said.

Dr. Chin told Xifeng that they didn’t k now what had happened to her cell phone, but would be allowed to use a land line, as soon as someone installed one.  She wasn't in a public hospital, but Dr. Chin's research institute, which had hospital facilities.  Kal Thorton had insisted that Xifeng had been brought to the best facility, which this was. 

After Dr. Chin had left, she had been fed lunch and then an extremely handsome Caucasian had entered her room and introduced himself as Kal. 

She was so glad that she was in street clothes—the same outfit she had worn when she had gotten sick, actually—and not a hospital gown!

She barely knew what he was saying!  He was so handsome and so charming that she was instantly swept off her feet. 

"They say that you're in good enough shape to leave here," he said. "May I take you to dinner tonight?"


She heard that part!

Of course you could take me to dinner! she thought.  

"I would love that," she said with a huge smile. 

"Great," he replied, standing up from where he had been sitting on the edge of her bed. "Now, I understand you have some phone calls you want to make. They should be coming in with a landline for you any moment. Then, when the doc gives her final okay, you can leave here.”  He looked at the clock.  Six o'clock tonight sound good?"

"Sure!" she agreed, a little too enthusiastically. 

He smiled. 

"We have some accommodations set up for you until you decide when you want to fly back," he told her. 

"Oh, thank you!" she replied, with grin. 

A technician came in, then, with a phone and plugged it into a jack, placing the phone on a wheeled table before her. 

She tried calling her parents in Hong Kong, first, but was disappointed to find that none of her international calls were going through.  She had no friends or relatives in the states, so she tried calling the American branch of her company, which she was able to get through to. 

She got in touch with the director that her group met with when hey came to America.  He was quite relieved to hear from her, and wasn't surprised that she couldn't get through to Hong Kong, even on a land line as there was currently severe sunspot activity playing havoc with satellite communications for the next day or so. 

Just my luck, Xifeng thought to herself. 

He told her that he would contact her as soon as he heard that communications were possible internationally.  When she told him that she had no cell phone, he told her that he could find out how to get in touch with her through their contacts at Global Associates, Mr. Thorton's company. 

Moments after she hung up the phone with Mr. Lee, a beautiful and extremely buxom blonde entered the room wearing a light weight black and white striped short-sleeved sweater and black pants that hugged her wide hips and shapely legs like a second skin. Four-inch heeled boots with open toes completed the look.

The blonde bombshell introduced herself as Jennifer and she would be Xifeng's personal assistant while she was under Mr. Thorton's care.  She had just gotten Xifeng discharged and would show her some accommodations which she could use for as long as she wished. 

When Xifeng protested that she had no make-up or clothes with her—she had no idea where her suitcase was—Jennifer told her that not only was her suitcase waiting in the suite they had set up for her, but that she also would have plenty of other clothes to pick from, courtesy of Mr. Thorton. 

Jennifer took her down to the street where there was a private Bentley limo waiting to take them to a brand new skyscraper on Central Park South.  Jennifer made small talk while they made their way through traffic, asking if Xifeng had had a chance to call home. 

 Xifeng relayed her frustration with sunspots and the two discussed her life in Hong Kong for a while before Xifeng had to ask Jennifer a question that was delicate, but that she simply had to know. 

"How big is my chest?" Jennifer asked, before Xifeng actually formed the question. 

Xifeng smiled sheepishly as they neared the building.  

"Don't be embarrassed," Jennifer said.  "I don't mind.  I'm a J-cup."

"Are they..." Xifeng began. 

"Natural?" Jennifer finished for her. 

When Xifeng nodded, Jennifer smiled. 

"No," she replied. "They're genetically enhanced.  Meaning that Dr. Chin was able to bio-genetically make them grow as if they were natural."

"Wow!" Xifeng replied, surprised.  "I didn't know that was possible."

"It's not available to the public," Jennifer replied.  "It's still somewhat experimental at this stage.

"May I ask why you wanted them so large?" Xifeng asked. 

"Kal likes 'em this way," came the reply.  

"Oh," Xifeng's voice fell.  "Are you his girlfriend?"

"No," Jennifer smiled. "He just likes all the women in his employ to be very buxom."

They exited the limo and Jennifer walked Xifeng into the front lobby and introduced her to the fellow at the security desk. 

"Good evening, Miss Fong," he said, before Jennifer said a word.  

"How did you know my name?" Xifeng asked him, astonished. 

"I make it my business to know every tenant on sight, Miss," he replied with a smile. 

"Tenant?" Xifeng echoed. 

"This is where you’ll live while you're here in America," Jennifer said. 

"I live here?" Xifeng said, as she looked about the lavish lobby. 

"You do now," Jennifer said, with a grin.  "Come on, I'll show you your new apartment."

They took the elevator up to the penthouse overlooking Central Park.  Xifeng was stunned at the grandeur of the place: its cathedral ceilings and luxury trappings and the huge windows overlooking the Park. 

"It's like a dream," she said. 

Jennifer grinned as she showed Xifeng the enormous walk-in closet already stocked with every conceivable outfit. 

"Why is Mr. Thorton doing this?" she asked. 

"He must really like you," Jennifer replied. 

"But, I'm not even buxom," she said, looking down at her own flat chest, once more. "You said he likes a girl with a big chest."

Jennifer, who, in her four-inch heels, towered over Xifeng, now pulled them off and approached the gorgeous Asian and stood immediately in front of her, so that Jennifer's giant breasts were touching Xifeng's torso. 

"Like this?" Jennifer asked, in a sultry voice, and pressed her immense J-cups into Xifengs ribcage.  She then, shifted her shoulders from side to side to massage Xifeng's torso with her bloated funbags. 

A thrill of excitement surged through Xifeng at the touch of the other's giant mammaries.  It was an unexpected assault, but felt so good that Xifeng didn't back away or protest. 

Soon, Jennifer's lips were brushing Xifeng's voluptuous mouth and she felt her excitement skyrocket as the blonde's lips pressed into her own.   Xifeng moaned and pushed her long tongue into the American's mouth even as her own nipples were driving her crazy with desire. 

Then, Jennifer withdrew, and took Xifeng's hands and placed them on her own chest. 

Xifeng gasped, and immediately withdrew her hands and looked down again upon her chest to see two domes rising beneath the ribbed cobalt blue turtleneck she wore. What's more, her usually sedate nipples were piercing the fabric by a half inch!

"What the hell?" Xifeng cried out.  "I'm like a B-cup!"

She had breasts!

This was the side-effect that the doctor had mentioned?  

"He'll want you bigger than that, honey," Jennifer cooed, and shoved her honeydews back into Xifeng's nascent bumps and began to seriously massage her giant bloaters into the other's bee-stings. 

The action drove Xifeng wild with lust as her chest began to swell once more.