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Friday, January 5, 2018

"Revenge", Chapter 5

Happy New Year!  I hope you all had a safe and ejoyable holiday season!  

This is the last of the first five chapter of "Revenge" that originally appeared in my old blog, and I will post one more, here, in a couple of weeks, to give those of you who have not already subscribed to my Revenge Blog, an idea of the novel that will be written and posted on that blog until it's complete.  If you're interested in reading more of "Revenge", and then getting monthly additions to the story for many months to come, then you can join the blog with a one-time fee of $27.  Instructions are in the right-hand side-bar of this blog ---->

"Revenge" is a rough, first draft as it is posted in this blog.  Please be aware that there will be a myriad of spelling and grammatical errors.



Shadowmuse Blown

Chapter Five

February '15

2600ccs; M-cup
Tory's website did quite well. She posed for pictures, answered questions in posted videos and had videos made of her doing sexy things. After a couple of months she also began posing topless, though she wasn't ready for full nudity, yet.

She had begun the idea of "taking Ken with her" mentally, so that when she went out on the street alone and someone made a rude remark, she pretended that Ken was at her side, and suddenly, it didn't matter what the individual had done or said. She was just happy to be super-buxom for Ken.

And then, one Saturday afternoon in February, Ken brought her back to the "pumping room", as Tory thought of it.

"Again?" she asked, incredulously, as he led her inside.

He unzipped her light blue sweater and took it off.

"I think so," he replied.

"You’re kidding, right?" she protested as he unhooked her three hook brassiere, "I'm so damn big already! You really want me bigger?"

"I think it would be hot," he said--noting the way her bra left red marks in her shoulders--and motioned for her to sit, which she did. He began the procedure for cleaning and anesthetizing the skin where the ports hid underneath.

"Honey," she continued, "I don't think I want to get any bigger, if that's okay with you."

He inserted the first needle and proceeded to prep the other side.

"Honey, they're so big and so heavy, already," she said. "Don't make them any bigger, please. How am I going to get around with breasts bigger than this? I haven't even visited my family since I got the last boost. They're gonna think I've totally lost it."

He finished inserting the other needle and walked over to the machine and pressed the 'on' button.

Tory began to feel her bosoms fill once more, and a small panic began to rise in her.

"Honey, pleeeeaase!" she pleaded. "They're gonna get so big and I'm already huge!"

"You're going to look even hotter," he said, and approached her to bend down and kiss her, cupping her beautiful face in his hands.

Tory melted at the sensation.

"I'm going to be hard all the time just thinking about you with these luscious breasts blown so huge," he said, pausing between kisses.

"You really want me bigger?" she whispered, her eyes wet: ready to fill with tears. He'll be SO all over you, she thought to herself, as new thoughts flooded her mind. You will OWN him with even bigger tits, girl! It'll be so fucking hot! My website will explode with new subscribers!

"Absolutely," he replied.

She swallowed down her fears and anxieties. What would the difference be to her family after all? She was already monstrously huge to them. Why not throw caution to the wind and embrace a few more hundred CCs?

“Then make me bigger, honey," she said, after a moment. "Blow my chest up as big as you want. If it gets you excited, I want to do it, 'cause when you get excited, it gets me really hot."

He smiled at her, then stood up straight and leaned over to the machine, where he turned the dial from "SLOW" to "MEDIUM" speed.

"Oh!" exclaimed Tory, who could feel the difference in pressure almost immediately. She looked at the read-out and saw that the CCs were advancing much more quickly than before. She was already up to 430ccs.

"You okay?" he asked.

"Yeah..." she said, slowly. "It just feels weird."

This was it. She had made the decision to head down this road one last time.

"How big do you want to pump me?" she asked, watching the read-out climb past 600ccs. 

The cupsize indicator read "P", as it had been set to "M" before the pump had been activated.

"You're almost there," Ken reassured her.

Tory looked down at her swelling mammary glands, getting bigger and fuller and heavier with each passing second. She would never be able to "blend" in with the crowd now. Even at an M-cup, that had been very difficult to accomplish, now it was all but impossible. Even a heavy coat couldn't hide the chest that was ballooning beneath her gaze.


She heard herself call some blimp-breasted girl on the street that very thing just a couple of years ago. She had hated large-breasted women, and thought those with even larger breasts were simply freaks of nature.

Now she was one of them.

A freak.

Tits so big that they screamed Whore!

Was she a whore?

She was doing all of this because it pleased Ken, and that made her happy. His excitement stirred her own excitement. She was changing her body to suit somebody else's taste. She wasn't living and choosing for herself, but for another. She wasn't independent any longer. She needed Ken to keep herself strong against ridicule. Even when he wasn't with her, she "took" him along mentally, remembering how her massive bosoms made him hard and excited. It enabled her to laugh at people mocking her and to encourage those who made sexual remarks at her. If Ken were to vanish, she would be stuck with a pair of gargantuan mammary glands that had no purpose. Part of her own body, blown out of proportion for her lust of another. She had "given up" part of herself for another's lust. If not the exact definition of a whore, it certainly brushed up against it, didn't it?

But she got him in return and his excitement fueled her own. So, perhaps it was more of a symbiotic relationship, except that she was the one who had to torture her own body for reasons that were someone else’s.

She watched her already huge boobs continue to swell to a surreal size.

She loved what they did to Ken, but she was still trepidatious about the whole thing. 

Hopefully, he wouldn't pump her up much more than he did last time, which was 800ccs. 

She supposed that she could live with even larger balloon-tits, as long as they drove him crazy. She could make do with this one last enlargement.

But she would be so damn big!


"Much more?" she asked him, trying to sound as uninterested as possible, even while her mind raced with her new size.

They were swelling up so fucking HUGE!


That's enough, now! Tory screamed in her mind.

"Almost there, I should think," he said, as he massaged her big blimps, his crotch swollen and throbbing.


She smiled, and reached out to tease his member through his pants. Inside her skull though, her mind raced: Please stop pumping me! How big do I have to get!


Ken moaned, as he reached down and cupped both of her giant flesh-balloons.

"Holy shit," he said, softly. "You look so fucking hot, baby."

She lit up inside and her worries about her ever-swelling chest subsided.

The pump slowed and then suddenly ceased with the meter reading "1000ccs".

I can live with that, she thought as she unzipped his fly. As she finished pushing down his briefs to reveal his ultra-hard, throbbing scarlet bludgeon, she glanced at the machine to see the cupsize indicator at "R". Fuck!

A pearl of semen bubbled at its tip.

"Oh honey..." she said quietly, in surprise, looking up into his face. "You're so ready to pop, aren't you?"

Ken's mouth was open in anticipation, his hands feeling the size and weight of her mighty 3600cc pounders. His breathing was deep and fairly quick. When she was an M-cup, her breasts had already been far too big for his hands, outsizing them grossly. Now, his hands seemed like that of a child next to the sheer girth of her swollen bloaters. Each time he pumped her larger, she became more and more of a sexual fantasy, pushing his lust further and further. Even pressed together, as he was doing now, her superblown wonders were a couple of inches wider than her ribcage.

"Ohhh yeaaaahhh..." he whispered, staring into her gorgeous eyes.

"Can you believe how flat I was when I met you?" she asked him, a lyrical tone in her voice. "And now I've got the biggest chest you've ever felt or seen in person, don't I?"

Ken nodded, the pearl of semen swelling in size.

"What will it take to make you explode?" she cooed, and ran her index finger under the ridge of his dome on the topside of his shaft.

Ken groaned deeply, and the expanding ball of cum grew too large and turned into a stream of white, flowing out onto the floor. His cockhead swelled even larger and turned a deeper shade of red as she teased the backside of his sensitive collar and ridge.

She let her finger run up the top side of his dome, massaging it with the entire length of her finger, but careful not to touch the sides.

Ken's fingers enclosed on her blown bounty as he continued to groan, his fingers sinking a little into her swollen saline-filled blimps. He could've pumped her even larger, he realized, as her breasts were far from tight. But with each breast blown to a diameter of about seven-and-a-half inches, they were truly a sight to behold--and to hold on to.

She was so fucking big!

"So close..." she whispered. "Squeeze my big bulbs, honey. Feel how full and heavy they are. So big. So full. My chest is so big for you now. Always with me. So very big and heavy."

Now, she let the tip of her index finger touch the tip of his enraged member, let it swirl around and around, spreading his pre-cum around the end and sending signals of ecstasy to his brain. Slowly, she widened the circle as his groans turned to whimpers. She grinned at him.

"Should I let you cum?" she teased.

"Oh..." he uttered, his whole body shaking like the proverbial leaf. "Y... yesss..."

Her grin grew and her mouth opened as her eyes flared.

"All in good time," she cooed. "You're not ready yet. I need to push you some more. I need to tease you more and more until you're so pent up that you'll cum properly. Ready?" And with that she drew his precum down over the top of his deep scarlet bulb, swirling it around before she began to explore the underside of his dome's rim. She teased just under the rim, applying pressure and running the tip of her finger just so that the skin of the head was caressed and as little of the collar as she could manage. She was careful not to let her finger run too close to the tip, for there the underside became sensitive in a different way and could lead to him losing it. Instead, she ran the tip of her finger mercilessly in a "U" pattern along the underside of his ridge, occasionally letting her fingertip rub his collar as well. Back and forth, sometimes drawing extra lubrication from his flowing precum, she teased him and teased him in the same way until he was nearly screaming for release.

"You want to cum?" she teased. His raging organ felt like iron and throbbed the deepest scarlet she'd ever seen. Precum flowed endlessly from the tip of his tortured swollen bulb.

He nodded tersely, his fingers painfully digging into her newly blown fleshbags.

She changed tactics, now using both her index and middle fingers. Splitting them and curling them, somewhat, she now teased both sides of his head, letting the bottom of his ridge get caught on the crook between her fingers.

"OOHHH!!!" he exclaimed at the new, fuller sensation, that still kept any stroking away from the underside. He felt so ready to explode, but couldn't. His face was covered in sweat as she held him at bay.

She giggled mercilessly at his predicament.

"Does that feel good, honey?" she cooed. "Do you want to cum while you feel your fingers lost in my swollen funbags? Am I big enough to make you explode? Feel my fat tits, honey. You made them so big! You pumped me so big so that I'd drive you so crazy. So big. So fucking full and heavy... Oh honey... I'm so swollen and big and round for you to cum... Cum for me, honey..."

And with that she curled all her fingers under his shaft, while the palm drew over the top--heavily lubricated by his precum--and with a deep groan, he felt the delicious full sensation run over and around his entire head and he felt the sweet release as his cockhead exploded.

Tory knew he would bust and brought his cock up so that his rope blasted skyward, in an arc, over her head.

"UNGHHHH!" The cry was torn from deep inside him as his monster detonated and he watched his white cream rocket three feet into the air.

"Fuck, honey..." Tory cooed, licking her full lips. "That's so hot... Pump it! Pump it for me and my big balloons, honey!" She spoke confidentially and erotically, but was inwardly astonished at the sheer force of his ejaculate. She stroked him expertly as his organ let loose again and again, splattering her face and neck and shoulders with its creamy sauce. "Just cover me, honey! Cover me all over!"

Ken, too, was taken aback by the force of his orgasm. But she was so fucking hot looking with those enormous bosoms of hers--her thick pokers stiff and suckable looking. His orgasm went on and on as he squeezed her super-melons tight and stared at her gorgeous eyes. He blasted her face and neck and shoulders and massive chest with his cum. Again and again, he let loose with another round of hot white cream to splatter her as she laughed, opening her mouth to try to capture some of the creamy goodness as his canon fired again and again.

When he'd finally finished cumming, Ken shook his head.

"I can't believe the reaction you got out of me," he said, astonished.

Tory smiled, ejaculate dripping off of her face. "That was fucking awesome!" she cried, finally letting go of his exhausted cock.

Ken laughed, pulling up his briefs and pants. "I can't believe how much cum you're covered in!"

"Well, if you'll unhook me from these needles, we can get me all cleaned up," she said.

They cleaned her up with some paper towels and then headed to his bedroom suite to shower together.

"Holy shit, these puppies are heavy," Tory said, feeling gravity drag on her combined breast weight of 18 pounds. She was still topless, carrying her light blue sweater in one hand. When they got to the bathroom, they finished disrobing, and she stared at her reflection.

"I'm so fucking huge, now," she said, running her hands over her massive saline tanks, and looking at her now shoulder-length hair. Ken liked long flowing hair, so she was letting hers grow out.

"That's what thirty-six hundred CCs look like," he said. "Times two."

"Can you believe that I basically had no breasts a year and a half ago?" she asked. "Shit." She cupped her big cauldrons and lifted them to feel their new weight.

Ken stepped up behind her, admiring her new form in the glass, as he lay his hands over her own.

Tory felt his big stick between her legs. Smiling, she bent forward and put her arms out to brace herself on the sink while pushing him backward, a bit, with her tush.

Ken smiled and took hold of his hard boner to nestle it within her shaved vulva.

"You're so wet!" he exclaimed upon feeling how excited she was.

"You think I can watch a display like you gave back in the 'pump room' and not get excited?" she asked. Then she looked at his eyes in the mirror. "Fuck me," she said, voicelessly.

Watching her massive dugs dangle from her ribcage, he slipped his newly eager pole deep inside her.

"Oh shit..." he said, quietly, feeling her warm, soft, slickness engulf him. "You feel so good!" He held onto her wide hips and began to stroke himself within her wonderful tunnel of lust.

"Oh yeah, honey..." Tory moaned, watching her newly blown bosoms undulate with his strokes. They felt so much heavier! She could feel them tug on her skin, pulling downwards on her torso as they swayed to and fro beneath her ribcage.

Ken felt so good inside her. She looked up at his face. He was transfixed on her massive melons dangling as he stroked her ever faster. "That's it, honey," she cooed. "Pump me faster... Faster! Oh, you feel so big inside me..." She smiled, as his speed picked up with her urging. "That's it... Watch my big titties sway, honey, as you pump me... Yeah... Oh, you feel so fucking good... Ungh... Ungh... Yeah... Do my big balloons make you even harder, honey? Do they drive you fucking crazy? Do they make you wanna cum?" She watched his mouth fall open as he drove into her even faster.

"Oh!" she exclaimed, as he began to truly ram her with ferocity. "Yeah! Oh! Fuck-me! Fuck-me! Harder! Harder! OH! YEAH!"

Ken slammed into her slick box as hard and as fast as he could while he watched her bloated kegs fly about with abandon. He was so close...

"Pump me, honey!" Tory cried. "Fill me! Pump me with your cum! I want it! I want it! Fill me up, honey! Cum! Cum! Cum for my big titties! They're so big! So big for you!"

With a deep guttural groan, Ken slammed into her one last time and detonated far within her, blasting his juice deep inside her luscious box.

"Oh yeah!" she exclaimed. "Oh YEAH!!" And then she cried out her clitoris exploded in response. "I'm cumming, honey! I'm cumming! Oh fuck, I'm CUMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNGGGG!"

Tory's eyes rolled up into her head as her body bucked with each wave of orgasm detonating from her lust button. She felt his goodness still buried far inside her and she clamped down on it as her body shuddered. She felt her whole body spasm again and again, felt her heavy gunnysacks shudder beneath her, their weight pulling, pulling, pulling on her skin. So heavy. So big. She was so fucking BIG!

He was turning her into a freak. For some reason the thought flashed through her mind as she came and came in successive waves of orgasmic deliciousness. She was his sex-cow to fuck and fondle for his exclusive use.

She regained her sight as her orgasms began to lessen, and she looked at the bloated breasted bimbo in the mirror as her master filled her from behind. Her nipples were rock hard spigots atop areolae that had stretched out to about two-and-a-half inches in diameter, puffed up in excitement.

Watching her giant-titted self in the mirror, getting it from behind from her lover, she suddenly felt like a slut. Suddenly, she felt that that wasn't her real self in the mirror: the one inside. The one she had buried when she got the augmentation.

You're a cow.

You're a whore.

You're just a bimbo whose sole purpose is to excite men with your bloated breasts and make them cum. Even your long, flowing hair looks like a bimbo's!

Her massively blown chest--and it was so massive!--had become central in defining who she was. She not only used it to excite Ken, but to make a living selling sexual fantasies on the web. She posed for sexy pictures and videos and did webcam shows just so that men would pay her money while they wanked off. When she wasn't doing photoshoots and camshows and answering email and making convention appearances, she was with Ken, gettting him excited and trying to make him pop.

She did nothing else, except eat and sleep.

She was a slave to sex.

She had forgotten about her friends, and was too embarrassed to visit her family. Her now even bigger udders would make it even harder to see her parents or sister, that was for sure.

She used to make fun of large-breasted women.

Used to call them "cow" or "whore".

And now she was the same thing that she'd loathed all her life.

How did that happen?

How did she let that happen?

Her orgasms faded as Ken withdrew.

"What's the matter?" he asked, as his cock slipped out of her luscious tunnel and a massive amount of semen followed, flowing out of her slit, copiously.

"What do you mean?" she asked, straightening up.

"You were staring at yourself there, after you'd finished cumming," he replied, embracing her to feel her giant gourds press up between them. So fucking big. Her big pokers embedded themselves in his chest.

She shook her head and looked away from him.

"It was nothing," she lied, even as tears formed in her eyes.

Although they had been a huge change for her, something that had caused her to re-examine how she felt about big boobs, she had figured that C-cup boobs were, in the end, not that big a deal. Okay, she would have boobs. But they wouldn't be very outlandish. Not a C-cup.

But it hadn't been enough.

He had needed F-cup tits to cum. Twice the size of C-cup! But she had felt committed then, and went ahead with the expansion full-throttle. To her, in the past, an F-cup chest was monstrously huge.

And now she was a fucking R-cup!

She was unimaginably enormous!

And what for?

A man.

She had been so self-assured and independent. She had never needed a man except for flings. She had certainly never fallen in love before.

Now she lived to please a man. And the worst part was that she enjoyed it. Pleasing him made her happy.

Just like a bimbo.

"Tell me what's wrong," he said, softly, as a tear ran down her cheek.

She shook her head again, her long, gorgeous hair flowing in rythmic waves as she did so..

How could she tell him all that?

He led her out of the bathroom, back into the bedroom and sat down next to her on the king-size bed. Turning to her, he cupped her face in his hands and kissed her--her hugeright breast pressing against his chest.

She smiled and then bent her neck to wrest her head on his shoulder, each with an arm around the other's back.

Ken looked down on her full head of platinum hair, and smiled. He saw the way she had looked at herself. She had turned into something she had always hated and it had hit her at that moment like a ton of bricks, he knew. She had become a soft, yielding, blimp-breasted girl instead of the hard-edged, independent, flat-chested bitch that she'd been all her life. He had made her the enemy and now she was feeling overwhelmed and out-of-touch with herself. Did she hate what she'd become? He had accomplished more than he ever could have hoped when he had initially planned the whole thing. He had thought the whole concept was a long-shot in those days, but had felt that he had to try. Now, if he accomplished nothing else, he knew, at least, that he had changed the way she identified herself. She was now, not only the type of person she had degraded before--buxom women--but, she was now the actual caricature of how she had seen those women.

But it wasn't enough. He had to see it go further. Much further. And not just breast size. He wanted to be sure she transformed fully into the bimbo/whore caricature which she had so pretended buxom women to be.

But she was also at a potential crossroads. One where she might now turn back. If she got angry enough at what she saw in herself, she might revolt. He couldn't take that chance.

And so he played one more card.

"Hey," he said, pulling his head back so that she could raise hers and look at him again. "I don't know what's bothering you, but it kills me to see you so upset."

She smiled. "I'll be okay," she said.

He cupped her face in his hands once more.

"I hope so," he said, tenderly. "I don't want anything bad to cross your mind or to happen to you." He paused a moment for effect, and searched her eyes.

"I love you," he lied, and kissed her softly.

Tory's heart jumped. He loves me!

She had told him once before that she felt that she had been falling in love with him and he had sidestepped responding directly. Now he had finally told her flat out and she was on cloud nine. She felt her heart pound as they kissed as passionately as they ever had.

"Do you really?" she asked him, excitedly when they broke the kiss.

He smiled warmly at her. "I've wanted to tell you for a while now," he lied. "But, it's not something I can say too easily."

Her previous mood was gone, instantly. This made up for everything. Now she knew that everything she'd done had been worth it. Who the fuck cared how big her tits were when she had someone who was not only the perfect man for her, but who also cared and loved her?

They kissed and cuddled some more until Tory noticed that Ken was as hard as steel again, after which she rode him on the bed until they came once more.

They decided to clean up and get ready for dinner after that--Ken taking her again in the large two-person walk-in shower. Tory now had a large cache of clothes stored at Ken's, and she went to a walk-in closet off the changing room--that was itself connected to the master bath--to look for dresses.

"Do you have a new bra for me like you did the last time?" she called, as she looked through a bureau for panties.

"I have one on order, but it hasn't come yet," he replied, sitting on a padded bench in the octagonal changing room. The room was only about fifteen feet wide, but each wall was a mirror, including the doors, except for the entrance to the bathroom, which was a wide arch. Tory had gone through one of the mirrored doors to access the closet. "But you shouldn't need one, really, since you don't really have any sag yet with the new fill."

"I realize," she said, appearing in the door wearing only a pair of sheer black panties, but carrying several articles of clothing. "But sometimes it's nice to have a bra on just for sexiness.  Besides..." she said, looking down at her newly swollen milk bottles, "these are getting heavy!"

He smiled, and watched as she put the clothes down on a bench opposite him, except for a cotton/spandex red dress that she stepped into and pulled up.

"You haven't worn that one in a while," he noted. "Not since you were an I-cup."

"I know," she said, her eye gleaming at him as she attempted to pull the top of the dress over her now humongous hooters.

Ken could see that she'd have no problem pulling the outfit over her huge bust, but he wasn't so sure about closing up the back.

"Try to zip me up," she said.

Shaking his head, Ken gave it a try, but could do no better than getting the zipper up about a third of the way.

"I need another pair of hands," he pointed out.

Tory glanced at a clock on the wall in the bathroom.

"Isn't Roberts downstairs at this time?" she asked.

"You want me to ask Roberts to help get you into a dress?" he asked, amused.

"Sure," she said, looking at him in the mirror. "Why the fuck not?" she asked. "It's not like I'm walking around in my lingerie or anything.

"Just make sure to hold up the front of that dress," Ken said as he crossed the room to the phone, "when he gets here."

Within minutes, Roberts entered the room with a pleasant smile for Tory.

"Another fill, my dear?" he asked with a wry smile, noting her far larger bust.

"Yeah, and I'm trying to fit into a dress that's a bit small, I'm afraid," she explained.

"Why don't I try to gather the sides of the dress together so that you can pull the glide up?" Roberts suggested to Ken.

Ken nodded his approval and Roberts went about his business of pulling the sides of the back of the dress together so as to make zippering her up easier. With a lot of tugging and finagling, the two of them were finally able to get the zipper all the way up the back of the dress.

"Thank-you, Roberts," Ken said, and then considered Tory.

While Roberts left the room, Ken's cock inflated instantly at the visage of seeing the dress attempt to contain Tory's bust. The wide neckline plunged somewhat in a wide "U" with red buttons running down the front. Needless to say, the buttons across her bustline were pulling dramatically. The crimson dress fit her like a second skin and was cut high at the thigh, like a mini-skirt, barely covering her privates. The buttons were set about an inch apart and still looked fine at the bottom of the outfit, but the ones just below her cantilevered chest began to pull more and more as one looked at them as they rose up her bust, until the buttons at the very front seemed in danger of busting open at any minute. Huge gaps were visible between the buttons, and one could see that the buttons themselves were crooked as they had shifted from the intense pull of the thread adhering them to the other side of the dress, which wanted to part desperately from the other side. When she had been an I-cupper, the neckline had descended to only show an inch of her cleavage, but her new hulking R-cup breasts had stretched the bottom of the neckline out and showed considerably more cleavage as her hyper-swollen spheres attempted to push the wide neck even further open. Her twin bulges seemed to be rising out of the dress' scooped opening.

"Are you okay?" Ken asked her, noting how tight the whole dress looked on her, as if it might burst open at any moment.

"I feel like I'm in a vice," she said, smiling, and trying not to laugh. Her breathing was very shallow. "How do I look?"

"Intensely hot," he replied, his cock looking as if it wanted to bust open his pants as much as her boobs wanted to rend the dress.

She smiled broadly, but then got very serious. Standing before him, she stared at him intently and then began to inhale a little.

Ken heard a creek and watched the dress expand just a little in reaction to her breath.

Tory exhaled and then inhaled again, this time, a good deal more.

The dress reached the limit of its elasticity and then there was a pop as a seam gave way on the top of the shoulder at the neckline.

She exhaled again, still staring at him with deadly serious eyes.

Ken's heart pounded in anticipation.

Tory inhaled again, slowly--a goodly amount--and the dress creaked again and two more seams popped. She held her breath for a moment, and Ken could swear some of the buttons were actually quivering from the strain.

She exhaled, and then quietly said: "Ready?"

Ken held his breath as Tory inhaled deeply: the dress creaked and more seams popped. There was another moment and then suddenly a button at the front of the outfit gave way leaving a wide gap to view her deep cleavage. Tory tried to fill her lungs even more and threw her shoulders back while throwing her torso forward, and then the entire front of the garment blew open in a shower of flying buttons, her massive balloons of flesh and saline seemingly exploding into the room.

Ken nearly exploded in his pants, and jumped back, slightly, in surprise as Tory laughed out loud. Ken joined her, a moment later, and then he moved in to take hold of her swollen glands before running his arms around her to embrace her. With her giant gourds trying to impede their progress, they craned, and stretched their necks in order to have their lips meet.

"Holy shit," Ken said, momentarily, "you're so fucking big that I can barely kiss you this way."

"You'll just have to find other ways," she cooed, as he stepped to one side to get better access to her lips and to run his hand endlessly over her bloated globes.

Tory embraced her newly pumped pumpkins and used them to full enjoyment in teasing Ken and her web-audience, who were more than enthusiastic about Tory's new size.

"How much bigger are you going to get?" she was asked several times.

"I think this is big enough, don't you?" she would retort, but soon learned that her fans would always want to see her with even larger breasts.

Will Ken want me to get even bigger? she wondered. Each time he had pumped her larger, she was certain that that would be enough to satiate him, yet again and again, he had pumped even more saline into her chest.

"Honey," she asked him, one morning at breakfast, several weeks after her expansion to an R-cup, "are my boobs big enough for you like this?"

"Well, of course they are," he said. "You know they drive me crazy."

She nodded, taking her morning vitamins and supplements which Ken had told her that the doctor recommended she take for her breast tissue, but many of which were designed to promote skin elasticity and growth. "But a lot of my fans want to see me bigger, and I was wondering if you felt the same."

"How do you feel about getting bigger?" he asked, side-stepping the question.

"Bigger than this?" she asked, with a laugh. "I could see a couple of cupsizes at most! I'm already so huge! I can't imagine being much bigger! They show me pictures of these models: Chelsea Charms, and Keisha Evans, and Beshine, and they're monstrous! How could anyone get around with tits like that?"

He nodded his understanding and she took that to mean that he agreed with her.

As the months followed, Ken made sure to continue to give her steady supplements for skin elasticity and growth, while instructing her to use special creams at night on her oversized bloaters, which he explained the doctor had suggested to use to help with dryness and stretch marks, but which were also designed for elasticity and growth. Whenever he could, he asked her to go about without a bra on, in order to help promote stretching her skin.

He hated to admit it, but he enjoyed his time with her immensely. She was nothing like the conniving bitch that he had been told about in detail. As far as he could tell, she had either made a complete transformation or she was simply a softer and nicer person when she was around him. He assumed it was a little of both. Having big breasts and then, giant breasts, definitely had gotten her to consider how "the other side" lived, and, he felt, she was now far more sympathetic to others because of it, but he also realized that people who are nasty to sub-ordinates in the work place are often very different animals around friends, family, and boyfriends.

In many ways, she was a perfect girlfriend: sweet, playful and sexy, with plenty of intelligence and, interestingly, she had a lot of similar interests as he did. On top of that, she was naturally beautiful, and with the addition of her gigantic breasts, she was basically his ultimate fantasy in heels. She still maintained her own residence, but basically lived at his place 24/7 now, and he loved to wake up and see her sleeping beside him with those swollen balloons rising skyward as she slept on her back, or stacked mercilessly high as she lay on her side. He spent countless time running his hand over stupendous spheres while she slept, admiring her form and growing harder and harder. Often, he would become so overcome with lust that he would fuck her breasts or enter her while she was still asleep, and she would awake with a smile on her face as she discovered that he was pleasuring himself with her.

He had never dreamed of being with someone who was so big busted, and part of him wanted to just give up his scheme and just fall in love with her and remain happy.

But, then, he would remember what she had done and the horrible events that had come to pass because of her unfeeling shrewness, and cold, calculating scheming. She had been the ultimate bitch, bullying women into deep despair and depression, and she had needed to be put in her place. She needed to become what she had ridiculed those women for, and she needed to pay the price for her horrible callousness.

~ ~ ~ September '15 ~ ~ ~

It was early morning, right after breakfast, when he brought her to the pump room one day.

She stopped dead before the door when she realized where he'd led her as they had been discussing plans for the coming weekend.

"Honey," she said. "No. You can't be serious. You told me that I was big enough."

~ ~ ~