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Saturday, October 13, 2018

POSSESSIONS", Book 1: Tara, Chapter 3 - Part 4

Between going live with a new system at work and my recent diagnosis of prostate cancer, it's been a nasty couple of months since my last post.  Cancer was caught early and the prognosis is very good, 'though treatment can have some unfortunate side effects.  But, I should be around for a good long time, hopefully, as long as I try to keep from walking in front of a city bus. 

"Possessions" is one of my favorite stories, because it lets my dark side out a bit.  This is one of two projects I'd like to return to once I finish "Revenge", the other being something of sci-fi detective story adventure.  We'll see.  It will take quite a while for me to finish "Revenge" in the meantime.

As always, please be aware, that this is simply a second draft and not a proof-read copy of the story.

Book 1: Tara
Chapter 3 (part 4 of 4)

Shadowmuse Blown

As they approached the door, the night doorman emerged, trying to keep his cool in the 
presence of Tara’s gigantic sex bags.

“Good evening Mr. Kurtis,” the late-middle-aged doorman said with a smile.

“’Evening, Donald,” Simon replied.  “This is Tara, she’s a friend of Mr. Thorton’s and will be spending the night.”

“Good to meet you, Miss,” Donald said, his long doorman’s uniform hiding any reaction he might have at the sight of Tars’s enormous pounders.

Tara smiled warmly at him as they passed inside.

“I think you just made his day,” Simon told her.  “I’ve often talked with him about how he loves the girls down at the Bust Club.  I give him free passes occasionally.”

“He was trying very hard to be respectful,” she said.  “But you could tell from the look on his face that he was trying very hard not to ogle.  That’s too bad.  He should be allowed to ogle.”  She stopped in her tracks—feeling her mighty weights thud ever-so-slightly against her chest-wall—and turned around while they were halfway to the elevators.   She noted to herself how her newly super-heavy breasts reacted to every little move she made.  Sometimes it wasn’t how they reacted, but that their massive weight just made them so much more noticeable to her.  Blowing these puppies up this big is gonna be more of a challenge than I thought, she thought, but what she said was: “Donald?”  She walked back to the doorman.

Donald had come back inside and was just inside the front door as Tara walked right up to him.

“Simon just told me that you appreciate a girl with super big curves like mine,” she said with a smile.  “A lot of guys are turned off by my size, you know?” she asked.  “You can feel them if you like.”

Donald smiled at her.  “Oh no, miss, thanks so much for offering, but I’m afraid it would be most inappropriate.  If one of the owners saw me doing such a thing I might lose my job!”

“Donald,” Simon said, walking back to join them, “no one is going to see you.  It’s 2 a.m., for goodness sake.  But, in case someone does, I’ll vouch for you and say I told you to do it in a drunken stupor.”

“Please, Donald,” Tara said.  “Take them in your hands and squeeze ‘em together as tight as you can.”

Donald hesitated, and looked at Simon for confirmation.  Simon nodded: yes, it was okay.

“How often do you ever see someone built like me, much less get the chance to feel what bosoms like this feel like?”

Donald reached out and put a tentative hand on either side of Tara’s forty-one inch double span.  “Oh my,” he said, quietly.

Tara grinned.  “Now squeeze ‘em!  Real tight!”

Slowly, with fingers splayed, Donald brought his hands together, pressing Tara’s wonderbags between them.  His hands sank deeply into her vast poon as her stupendous balloons began to bulge outward, obscenely.

“That’s it!” she urged.  “Make ‘em really bulge out!  Squeeze ‘em as tight as you can!”

Donald did as she requested, amazed at the softness and seemingly endless cleavage that bulged toward him.  Her mountains bulged up until they pressed against her chin and Donald’s torso, giving him an extra thrill.  Her extended nipples stabbed the air mere inches to either side of his face.

“What do you think?” she asked him with those big delicious eyes trained on his face, her mouth in the valley of her bulging cleavage.

“Awesome, Miss,” he replied, his heart pounding so hard, he was surprised that no one mentioned hearing it.  “Absolutely mindboggling.”  He slowly let go.  “I’m going to need one heck of a cold shower after that.”

Tara beamed.  “I’m glad you enjoyed it!  I’ll ask Kal if he can have someone send you pix of me in this outfit.  I’m sure he can get captures from the video he’s taking of me.”

“That would be wonderful, Miss,” Donald replied, surprised that he hadn’t shot in his pants while his hands had sank into so much breastflesh.

She winked at him with another broad smile and turned to go with a little wave.

“Will we be seeing much more of Miss Tara, sir?” Donald asked Simon as the two men watched her retreating form—and Tara’s super-pumped ass-cheeks beneath the parka.  The width of her boobs could easily be seen from behind her.

Simon smiled, looking at Tara’s enormous  rump as it gyrated obscenely with each step.  “I sure hope so, Don.”  He then looked at Donald’s face. “If I can help it, we will, eventually.”

“What made you want to do that?” Simon asked later, in his foyer, while taking Tara’s winter jacket off, revealing the lines of her narrow, supple back and wasp waist.

“All of this is new to me,” she said, looking about his vast home, which took up two floors of the building.  Here and there were occasional pictures of Kal, which she smiled at, but for some reason, didn’t think odd.  “Except for the past few days—well… what seem to me to be a few days—I’ve never had a body like this before.  I mean, I’ve always had a great body with wonderful curves that I worked hard for at the gym.  And I was blessed with D cups since high school, but Kal has made me into something like anuberwoman and I love it, but I kinda felt bad walking past this average guy and not sharing some of the wealth.  I know it sounds crazy.  It’s like I used to just be an average person and now I’m some special bio-engineered thing that is the ultimate fantasy to a lot of men.  I got a chance to be like this, why not let someone else who’s ordinary have a taste, I guess…  I don’t know, it was silly.”

“I thought it was sweet and hot at the same time,” Simon responded, hanging up her jacket and admiring her awesome fantasy figure.  His cock ached already and they had just set foot into his house. 

When he took off his own coat, Tara could see just how excited he was over her body.

“Do you want a nightcap or something?” he asked, as he hung his own coat.

“No,” she said, flatly.  When he looked at her, she smiled deviously.  “Honey, I want you to show me your bedroom and then I want to get you naked and dance for you until you explode.”  As she said the words, she wondered how well she’d be able to manage dancing with such a heavy, ponderous weight strapped to her torso.

He grinned and came up to her left side.  Putting his right arm around her narrow waist so that he could feel how her hips and ass ballooned outward beneath her mid-section, he kissed her full, pouty lips and brought his other arm up to the front of her cantilevered heavy weapons—a good stretch—and with fingers splayed, pressed inward to feel her soft delicious breastflesh.

Tara played with his tongue while she forced her own into his mouth.  It felt so good to have her breasts squeezed like that.  Simon fondled and messaged her big orbs as they kissed and kissed, his right arm hugging her waist tightly.

A length, he pulled his head back. “Sounds like a plan,” he said, and taking her hand, led her to his bedroom suite.  Simon noted that there were pictures of Kal in his bedroom, too, just as he’d seen in other parts of his home.  He’d thought they were a joke, initially, but now decided that they were necessary, somehow, to reinforce Tara’s brainwashing.  She hadn’t followed him quite as quickly as he had anticipated.  As they neared his bed, he turned to her.  “You okay?” he asked with concern.    

“My tits are a lot heavier than I thought they’d get,” she confessed with a sheepish smile. 

“I hadn’t even considered that,” he said, feeling stupid.

“Neither had I,” she laughed.  The elixir that’s pumped into them is like a fifth as light as water, but when you pump this much into a pair of boobs, it still gets mighty heavy!”

“Here,” he said, full of concern and patting the mattress of the bed, “sit down.”  His cock was raging even more at the thought of how heavy her massive burdens were.

She sat down with a sigh as she felt her mighty leviathans settle heavily onto her thighs.  They were so big that she didn’t even need to slouch.  “Feel how heavy they are.”

He clumsily bent over and tried to pick them up.  They were so soft and so… fucking heavy!

“Holy fucking shit!” he exclaimed.

She grinned broadly.  “I wouldn’t be able to move at all if these were filled with silicone or real breast meat.”

He withdrew his hands and stood back up, his big cock tenting his pants severely.

“I think I would’ve cum if you hadn’t drained me so well before,” he admitted.

She smiled.  “Glad it worked!”  She shifted to get ready to stand up.  “Here, help lift ‘em as I get up.”

“You should rest some more,” he replied.

“Don’t worry about it,” she said.  “I’m a lot stronger than I look.”  Indeed, Tara realized that her old out-of-shape self would never have been able to haul around such a heavy burden.  How was it that she was in such good shape if she’d been sleeping so much while her boobs were repaired?

Tara told Simon to strip and then, with a shove of her mighty twin pack, pushed him back on his king-sized bed.  The effort nearly made her topple on top of him.  It would take a while to get used to this new center of gravity of hers!

His big pole wobbled for few moments.  “If you want some music to dance to, check out the wall unit,” he said.

She turned and walked away from him to check out the wall unit.  Simon watched her awesomely huge, round, tight ass as it swiveled back and forth.  It was so big and so firm.  The dress barely covered her humongous ass-cheeks.  The dark tights accentuated her very shapely legs and he could see a huge amount of her bosoms sticking out from either side of her slender ribcage.  When she’d reached the wall unit, she had to turn her massive bosom to one side in order to access the screen.  Even then, she had to stand over a foot away from the unit due to her tremendous width.

His cock swelled harder.  “It’s all digital,” he said.  “You can browse for a selection on the screen.  You see it?  Pick and choose.  It’s a touch screen...  Yeah, like that.”

In a moment Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus” began playing, to which Tara shook her breasts to the unique hard beat set up in the song.  It wasn’t easy.  As she shook her shoulders, she got very little reaction out of her heavy bosoms, so she compensated by swiveling her entire torso back and forth, which finally got the effect that she was looking for.  But then her monster lead balloons wanted to take over the momentum and Tara had to fight not to knock herself over as her mighty mountains swayed one way and came to the end of their travel, then her titanic tits wanted to keep moving and would try to pull her over.  She did succeed in rocking them back and forth, but it was hard work and she didn’t feel particularly sexy while doing it.

The effect on Simon was terrific, however.  Simon’s cock grew harder and redder and soon began to burble pre-cum at its tip.  He could see how heavy Tara’s bloaters had become and the entire effect was very arousing. 

Tara saw that her efforts were paying off and her nipples tented the fabric more as the song went on and Simon got more excited.  It was a telltale sign that she was as excited as he was.  She ran her hands over her severe curves, especially her enormous gunny sacks as her nipples swelled to an incredible full four inches.  This only aroused Simon more which excited Tara.  It was a vicious circle of lust. 

When the song was over, Deep Purple’s “Living Loving Maid” came on, which really got her moving.  Her gigantic pounders undulated and bopped about severely, despite their heft.  Tara had all she could do to keep her balance.  Where her stamina came from, she wasn’t sure, but, as usual, she suspected that her body had been conditioned in some special way to not only keep its muscle tone, but to even give her above average strength and agility. 

Simon was amazed at her ability to handle tits that were obviously way beyond the size and weight that any ordinary woman would expect to handle.  His favorite part was when she thrust her duel dirigibles out violently, her nipples stabbing the air like evil prongs.  She danced closer and closer, lap dancing him at the edge of the bed, his legs nearly around her.

She was so fucking big that Simon had to lean back on his elbows in order to keep her giant pandas from hitting him.  They cantilevered over his stomach and chest, their mighty girth close to his face even in his laid back position.  She swayed those fantastic bombs back and forth driving him more and more crazy, his cock rubbing against the dress’ fabric across her belly and often against the underside of her balloons, as well.  Looking up at her twin blimps of lust, he could see the curve of their hemispheres and then their sinfully huge nipples arc at the ceiling, tenting the dress’ fabric severely.  He was seriously close to losing it.  A steady stream of pre-cum flowed copiously down his deep scarlet shaft.  She thrust her humongous chest forward at him time and time again to the music until finally it was too much and he geysered a thick blast up under her swollen dirigibles near her abdomen.  Tara backed up quickly so that his blasts could fountain into the air freely and then splatter her square across her might leviathans.

“Quick!” she called.  “Can you rip a hole in the dress at the front of my tits?”

As his rocket shot forth again, he reached up and dug his fingers into the soaked fabric stretched across her Hurculean orbs and tore a wide hole there.  Simon leaned back again as his cock continued to explode and Tara  leaned forward and pushed her mighty whales down onto his exploding missile so that his next volley was deep between her mountains wonders.

Simon groaned deeply as he felt her delicious mammoths encompass him and he gushed deep inside her cleavage.  Her fleshy tonnage felt so good as it spread across his groin and hips, legs and abdomen.  He reached out and put a hand on either side of her impossible balloons, holding them tight as he pumped her titanic tits again and again, her nipples swelling to the thickness of his own cock.  As he came and came, he grabbed the fabric and ripped the hole open wider, exposing her harpoons.  Then he took hold of her massive prongs and stroked them, making her bite her lip until she screamed with ecstasy.  He frigged her spigots and emptied himself between her overpumped flesh as he groaned and she screamed, her jumbos quivering like overstuffed bowls of Jell-O.  He couldn’t believe how this girl could push every button he had to the max: her gorgeous face and hair, her ridiculously enormous jugs, nipples that were like devil horns and she was able to cum just by playing with her nips.  And she was loud when she came.  He loved all of these things and they rocketed is orgasm into the stratosphere.  He felt that he’d never cum so hard.  He pulled on her prongs as he pushed his cock into her cleavage as far as it would go.  That made her eyes go wild.

“Oh, yeah, baby…” she managed to say.  “Yank on ‘em!  Oh!  It feels so…”  Tara screamed again as new waves of orgasms rippled through her breasts and clitoris, her areolas inflating with excitement beneath Simon’s hands. 

They came that way for nearly a full minute and when they finally came down from their orgasmic high, they were exhausted.  Simon let go of Tara’s deep scarlet nipples, which looked even taller—perhaps another half inch?— a slight arc to their length.  He panted as he felt the full weight of Tara’s torso as she collapsed onto her bulbous real estate.

“Oh shit…” Tara gasped, her enormous melons bulging outward sinfully from the weight of her ribcage.  “I’ve never cum like that before!  That was intense!”

“You’ve never had nipples like this before, obviously,” Simon stated.

Tara laughed.  “Can you image prongs like this stickin’ out of a D cup chest?  But, I’ve also never had an orgasm just from nipple-play before.  It was amazing…”

You are amazing,” Simon said, putting a hand to the side of Tara’s gorgeous face.

Tara smiled as she felt him harden again.  “My face turns you on that much that it makes you hard, huh?”

Simon nodded.  “You’d get me super hard even if you were flatchested.”

Tara laughed.  “I haven’t been flatchested since middle school!”  She rotated her torso on her gigantic beanbags and grinned at his reaction.  “That was so hot: dancing until you spontaneously popped for me!”

“You’re so fucking hot,” Simon replied.  “How could I not?”

With an effort, she got up and stood, once again, before him, looking at his straining boner.  She dropped her panties and had him skootch back on the mattress so that he was entirely on the bed and then had him pull back her ripped dress so that her mammoth udders were entirely exposed, even while she still wore what remained of the striped dress.  Then she attempted to craw over him, to drag her gigantic kettles along his legs. But she found she was simply too big.  With over 40 inches of boobs across, there was no room to put down her arms.  She attempted stretching her arms out ahead of her gigantic spheres, but it was awkward and her arms simply weren’t really long enough to make it work.  Laughing, she got upright on her knees.  Straddling his body, she “walked” herself up his legs in this fashion, instead. 

Simon watched as those hyper-swollen Jupiters came closer and closer.  So fucking big!    And those nipples!  They wobbled about, but basically pointed toward the ceiling atop their puffy areolae mounts. 

She stopped with her legs around his hips—his pulsing cock up against her groin.  She was so massive that he couldn’t see her entire face, only her forehead and sometime an eye or two in the deep cleft of her insane cleavage peeping between those seemingly impossible dreadnaughts.  That was really all he could see of her.  The lower curves of her monster kettles grazed his abdomen and chest, blocking his view of any part of her body besides what he could see of her head.  He felt his cock rub against her soft flesh in the under-cleavage of her mighty melons. 

“Holy shit,” he whispered. He could feel her super-flaring hips and thick, muscular thighs gripping him.  “This brings a whole new perspective to your size.”

She laughed a throaty laugh that made him stiffen even more.  “Big enough for you?” she teased, shifty her shoulders from side to side so that her monstrosities rubbed back and forth across his chest and belly. 

He could see the ceiling, but her duel hemispheres were close to threatening to overtake his head and neck’s air space.  So massive!  “Maybe,” he replied, running his hands up to feel the curves of her utopian udders.  He could no longer see her up-thrust nipples as they lay on the other side of her swollen planets, though he could make out the lower bulge of her areolae.

“Would you really want me to stay this size?” she teased.  “Don’t you think you’d be dying to see me swell bigger?...”  She laughed.  “Oh man!  I felt your cock jump!  You would like to see me blow up bigger!”

“Please don’t use that term, ‘blow up’,” he semi-joked.

“Baby, if you don’t want me to bust, I promise, I won’t do it,” she said, moving forward and raising herself up a bit more with her right leg lifted with her foot planted on the mattress  so that her dripping lips were now just above his bulging bludgeon.  She moved down just a bit while spreading her outer lips.

He moaned softly, as his hyper-excited dome nestled within her inner lips.  “Tara,” he said, “don’t you want to use a condom?” 

“Kal’s people told me that you can’t get me pregnant,” she said.

“Are you on the Pill?” he asked.

“Not that I know of,” she said, stupidly.

“Then, I guess they’ve taken care of it somehow,” he said.  “But you’re so quick to hop on me and you don’t even know if I have something or not.”

“Peri told me that I wouldn’t have to worry about communicable diseases,” Tara said, blankly.

“I wonder how she’d know if I had any?” Simon mused.  “I don’t, by the way and Kal would never have a girl who was carrying anything, I know.”

“Then, come inside…” she cooed.  “I want you soo badly!”  She put her leg down so that she was kneeling again which pushed half his head into her awaiting tunnel. 

They both sighed. 

“Oh shit, Tara…” he moaned.  “After spending this evening with you and all the times you’ve made me cum, I can’t believe that this is the first time I’m entering you.”

“I know,” Tara agreed.  “I love the anticipation of this moment.  The first time I get to feel your big cock in me.  It’s driving me crazy just to feel your head pushed just within my lips.”

“I’m surprised I haven’t exploded, already,” he said, his heart pounding at her words.

She began to take him in, ever-so-slowly.

“Oooooh…” he moaned.  She felt so soft and velvety and so delicious as his head disappeared inside her tunnel.  “You feel sooo good!”

“So do you!” she said, smiling, though he couldn’t see her reaction.  It was weird to have sex with someone so intimately, yet not be able to see their face!  She reached out and stroked her vast balloons.  I love them like this!  I’m so FUCKING huge, but I can still get around and do stuff—barely.  I wonder if Kal will let me stay at this size for good when I’m between…  Between what?  Getting blown up and popped?  Is that what her life would become?  A true real-life blowup doll that could be blown up and popped again and again and again?  Would she ever have a normal life again?  And did she care?  Tara’s mind was taken from these thoughts as she felt Simon’s big rod fill her.  He felt huge, which was interesting because Kal had been fucking her for the past two days—of her recollection—with his foot-long monstrosity.  Shouldn’t she be all stretched out of shape and barely be able to feel Simon’s “little” 9-incher?

To Simon, Tara’s slick canal felt like heaven.  She was so wet and so soft and so creamy and tight that it amazed him just how sensual her channel was.  The sensation was so delicious that he felt like he’d burst before he got to her end.

When Tara finally had herself totally impaled on his super-excited sword, she gave it a squeeze with her vaginal muscles.  It felt so good in there!  “How’re you doin’?” she asked.  His hands had gripped her big hips tightly the whole way down.  Now, they relaxed a little.

“Holy shit, girl,” he exhaled.  “You feel so intense!

“You like it inside me, then?” she teased.

“I’m not gonna last long in there, I warn you,” he said.

She laughed.  “What else is new?  You cum more than any man I’ve ever met and come back strong in seconds!  You’re fucking amazing!  What’s the difference if you cum too soon?  You’ll just be hard again in a few seconds, for goodness sake!”

He laughed.  “With you on me, you bet I will,” he replied.

“Then let’s get you gushin’!” she quipped and began to pump him in and out of her luscious carnal tunnel.

“OOH!” he exclaimed as her delicious sleeve played magic on his wand.  To add to his excitement, the vision of her humongous bosoms rising and falling above him drove him hyper-crazy with lust.  Soon his hands were all over her unbelievably massive gourds as she pumped him in and out of her scrumptious box.  He grabbed hold of her stupendous Good Years and breathed hard.  “Oh shit….” he gasped, his orgasm building rapidly and just around the corner.

“Yeah, honey…” she cooed.  “That’s it!  Let loose!  Just let yourself fill me and fill me, baby!”  She let her megalithic whoppers bump into his chest with each downstroke, adding to his excitement.  He was ready to ignite in just a second.  “Cum baby!” she coaxed.  “Fill me!  Pump me full of your cum!  Pump me!  Pump me!”

With a deep groan, his spasmed, shoving his hips upwards in a sudden, uncontrolled thrust and exploded deep within her sultry vagina.

“Oh yessss!” she cried out, her arms flailing in the air as he pumped her with thick load after load.

Simon held onto Tara’s deliciously wide hips as he exploded again and again into his fantasy companion.  The way she felt, the way she looked and her screams of ecstasy all fueled his orgasms as he ejaculated far inside her scrumptious box.  Her ridiculously gigantic boobs were quaking everywhere: thumping his chest and stomach and bouncing  into the air despite their weight, their round shapes quivering and flexing as Tara’s torso flailed about.  She was so impossibly enormous he kept thinking.  So… fucking… HUGE… His orgasm raged on and on, long after he’d run out of spunk to shoot, his rock-hard rocket continued to detonate in wave after wave of orgasms like he’d never had before.  He realized that he’d been crying out, and breathing in deep, ragged breaths.  His throat was soar as his orgasms finally wound down after nearly a minute.

As Simon’s orgasm faded, so too, did Tara’s.  When she heard him quiet down, she pulled herself off his spent serpent and lay down, on her left side—propped up, slightly, on her left elbow, resting her head in her hand— next to him on the bed.  Her right breast remained fairly round, but its weight squooshed its sister, beneath it, so that her left breast bulged outward, in all directions, pressing up against her jaw, nearly covering her mouth.  The bulge ran up against her left upper arm, hiding it from Simon’s view.  She could easily have used it a pillow—its nipple poking out just past her crooked forearm, wrapping around its underside.  Her right breast’s apex soared high above the mattress and her ribcage.

“That was fucking amazing!” Tara said, all smiles.  “You came for so long!

Simon, still on his back, breathing hard, looked at her.  “You are amazing,” he said and smiled.  “I’ve never been so excited in my life.  You’re like a woman pushed to the Nth degree or something.  You’re absolutely fantastic.  And I’m not just talking about your super-breasts, but everything: your face and body and personality, too.”

She grinned back at him. “Wait until I’m bigger…” she said, running a hand over her Mount Everest.

“But your boobs are so perfect now,” he protested.  “They’re as big as they can get and still allow you to be a little maneuverable.  If you got much bigger, your breasts would’ve spread across me instead of just grazing me just now.”

She shrugged, causing her balloons to undulate a bit.  “As long as I can walk, I don’t see the problem.  Then they’re fine for everyday use in my book.”

He laughed and rolled on his side to face her, his face close to hers.  Her humongous blimps were squeezed between them, bulging even more fiercely.  Her “upper” round one was now pressed up against his chest, which forced it close against their faces.  With his left hand stroking her gigantic hoppity-hops, he kissed her deeply.  When he’d finished, he drew back his head a few inches and looked into her eyes.

“You’re an amazing woman, Tara,” he said.  “Any man would be lucky to be with you no matter what your chest size is.”

She looked at him for a moment, a faraway look in her eyes.  “Oh, I don’t think so,” she finally said at length as she looked away.

He hadn’t expected such a reaction.  “What do you mean?” he wanted to know.

She changed her orientation slightly, no longer holding up her face with her hand, but propping herself up fully on her elbow— still on her side.  “I’m not really a very good person, actually,” she said, distantly.

“What makes you say that?” he asked.

She pursed her lips and then, finally, looked at him.  “For so long,” she began, “I was ‘in it’ for me.  I had the looks and the boobs—not these boobs, but my old D cups—but not a great job and no friends, really.”  She laughed a short spiteful laugh..  “Few would want to be friends with me.  I was always out looking for Mr. Moneybags…”

“Seems you found him,” Simon said.  “Maybe two.”

She smirked.  “I did some awful things to get guys with money.  I broke up relationships.  I backstabbed girls who thought I was their friend.  In the end, I never hooked my fish or, if I did—there was a guy I did manage to get my hooks into, finally—I blew it by being too materialistic.  I always wanted stuff.  ‘What’s in it for me, baby?’”  Her eyes began to fill with tears.  “I was such a fucking bitch.”  A tear spilled out of her left eye.  She reached with her right hand to whip it away, but she forgot about her immense boulder of a breast and her arm wound up whacking it as she brought it up and around.  “I had a great guy and his money and I blew it.”  She looked away from Simon’s face again.  “I was just as well,” she said, almost in a whisper.  Then, even quieter, barely audible: “I got him by fucking up his marriage.  I didn’t deserve him…”

“You must’ve learned something from all that,” Simon offered, getting up a bit so that he mirrored her position: lying on his side, propped up on his right elbow.  “You don’t come off as a user and a wallet-chaser to me.”

“The day I met Kal in the bar I thought I’d struck oil again, but this time really big.´ She laughed.  “What did get really big was my boobs!”  She shook her head, smiling.  “Before the night was over, I had fallen utterly, madly in love with him and didn’t give a shit about his money at all.  All I want to do now is make him happy.”

He nodded.  She recognizes how quickly she fell in love with him, Simon thought to himself, but it doesn’t strike her as odd…

“I want to make you happy, too, Simon,” she said, her beautiful face made adorable by the tears now streaming down her plush cheeks.  Her cheeks were so full that a tear would fall from her eye on to one of them and be able to sit there for a moment or two before a movement of her head or more tears came to cause the initial tear to finally fall from its perch.

Simon wished he could really talk to her, but he knew his place was rigged for video and sound for Kal’s recording pleasure.  Kal had chosen her because she was so beautiful and basically made a captive out of her, but ironically, his brainwashing might have actually helped this girl become a better person.  If what she said was true, and he had no reason to doubt it, then Kal’s “treatments” had managed to make a selfish person into a selfless one.  It was as if she were going through a trial by fire that only he, Simon, could help her get to the other side of.

“You make me very happy,” Simon admitted.

Tara reached out with her free hand and found his hard cock.

“Holy shit!” she exclaimed.  “You’re hard from just lying next to me?”

He laughed with a sidelong look at the massive breast pressing up against his cheek.  “You’re kidding, right?”

“Get on your back with your legs together,” she told him, and with some effort she was straddling his legs again.  This time, however, she lay down over his legs letting her enormous balloons envelope his raging member.  Smiling, she pushed her arms under her monster juggernauts until she could work her hands up his pole.  It wasn’t easy, her Brobdingnagian blimps were forced up, bulging around her face until her head was mostly enveloped within her own cleavage.

Simon lost sight of her beautiful face.  All he saw were her pair of protruding pachyderms with their bulging areolas atop them, sporting her delicious inch-long spigots.  But he certainly felt her deft fingers teasing his bloated head and sensitive collar.  She stroked the underside of the cleft delicately while thumbing the back ridge of his dome.  Her tremendously bloated bombs were soon bobbling about as he squirmed and bucked under her expert digits.

“What’s wrong, baby?” she teased, her head getting buffeted within the confines of her deep-trench-cleavage.

He was oozing a heavy flow of pre-cum within seconds making her ministrations feel even more intense and delicious.  When he reflexively thrust his pelvis skyward, he felt his shaft slide within her tight cleavage, thrilling him all the more.  He placed his hands on each of her super-stuffed spheroids, sinking his fingers into her soft flesh.  With over a yard of breastmeat between his hands, it was a sobering feeling.  The experience was extremely hot and he felt his orgasm build within a minute, ‘though it felt far longer than that.

Tara smiled as she felt his organ expand as it readied itself for orgasm.  “That’s it, baby,” she cooed, “explode between my big tits…”

She’s so fucking HUGE! Simon thought to himself as his fingers dug painfully—and unintentionally—into her gargantuan gourds.  Her monster mams covered his pelvis, thighs, abdomen and his lower chest.  So big!  He thrust again and again as his head swelled in girth and then—

He exploded with a deep cry.

“Oh baby!” she cried, as she felt gobs and gobs of his semen fill the space betwixt her pumped-up pumpkins.  It was so fucking hot to feel his hot jizz gush and gush.  It was such a turn-on to her that her nipples swelled without her realizing it.  She withdrew her arms and wrapped them around her bloated blimps as best she could, attempting to make it as tight as possible within her cavernous cleavage.

The sight of Tara’s nipples growing just added to Simon’s lust and fueled his orgasm.  He unloaded volley after volley and soon saw his own cum oozing from the tight cleft of her cleavage before him, felt it gush downwards across his pelvis and belly.  He groaned and pumped as his swollen cock returned feelings of pure bliss from deep within her whopping weighty whales. 

Tara watched as semen began to bubble up to where her head was cradled between her giant boobs.  Smiling at the thought of her face covered in his cum, she decided to forego that and picked herself up so that she was no longer lying on Simon’s legs, but straddling his thighs, instead.  She did this without picking up her colossal kettledrums, so that Simon could continue to pump within her bountiful balloons.  Now, her back arched and her head over her twin spigots, she could look down on his face.

“That’s it baby, pump ‘em…” she cooed, narrowing her eyes and pouting for him.  Tara’s swelling nipples tingled with deep desire.  Soon she could take it no longer.  She reached over her swollen kegs to grab her now two-inch prongs.  “Oooohhh…” she moaned, stroking her hard spigots while she felt Simon continue to unload in her cleavage.  Within seconds her nipples had swollen to their full four-inch height and flushed a deep red.  Tara bit her superblown lower lip and began to quiver.  “Oh… oh… oh…” she moaned, watching Simon cum.  Then her nipples sent her over the edge and she felt her prongs ripple with orgasm that was met by a strong echoing orgasm in her clitoris.  She bucked atop Simon as her eyes rolled up inside her head.

Tara’s orgasm drove Simon’s own orgasm to new heights.  “OH!” he exclaimed, as he felt his cockhead explode as if he were just beginning to cum.  Despite the copious amount of semen he’d already shot, this renewed wave caused him to shoot so heavily and so hard that he actually saw a geyser of cum erupt from the top of Tara’s cleavage, bubbling a full inch before it spattered outward across her hemispheres.  She was a fantasy in the extreme.  Her neck arched back, her face pointed upward, her mouth open and her pupils lost above her eyelids.  “Uh… uhhh…” was all she uttered as her body shuddered.  Simon could just make out a bit of the lower parts of her blue irises showing below the upper lids as she came and came.  Her gorgeous full mane of jet black hair flowed down around her shoulders and her mammoth monstrosities below.  Her hands were ever-so-slowly stroking her gargantuan nipples as she experienced wave upon wave of triple orgasmic wonder. 

Simon’s own orgasm raged on at the sight of her erotic super-beauty and pulchritude.  She was so massive!  All he could see was her head and shoulders towering over her twin planets of lust.  Those mighty orbs blocked all else from view and it was those very same spheres which he clutched so hard and emptied himself between right now.

After a minute or so, the two wound down and Tara collapsed onto her humongous hooters, her head hanging low over their fronts—her softening nipples almost framing her head like mini-goalposts.  She panted heavily as she felt Simon’s cum ooze from between her bountiful bosoms.  Dimly, she was aware of the pain where Simon had unconsciously clutched her super-pumped sensations. 

Simon gulped air in massive quantities as he tried to calm down from his elongated ordeal.  He had let go of Tara’s insane icons and now just tried to recover from having his body pushed to such extremes for so long.

“You…” Tara began after half a minute’s rest, “are a fucking non-stop cum machine.”  She chuckled quietly.

You…” Simon said between breaths, “are so fucking fantastic… that I can’t help… but lose control...  No one… has ever… made me cum like that… except you…”

She smiled broadly and lifted her head.  “Really?”

He laughed, a short clipped bark of a laugh, and reached up to hold her head in his hands.  “Oh my goodness, yes!”  His breathing was finally returning to normal.  “You’re so beautiful.  So sexy.  So erotic…”

“—And so big!” she said with a smile.

He laughed a hearty laugh this time.  “And so FUCKING big!

At length, Tara got off of him and sat, cross-legged on the mattress, her mighty melons resting on her thighs.

Simon helped her pull off what remained of the cute and sexy black and white striped outfit and then got up and retrieved some towels—some of which he had gotten wet—to wipe them both down.  He, himself, was surprised at the sheer amount of semen that he had expunged.  He was also dying of thirst and filled his rinse cup from the bathroom many times and drained it over and over again.  When he returned from the bathroom, Tara was laying on her chest, her legs folded beneath her with her rump pointed at him.  His cock began to swell at the sight of her tremendously round and enormous ass-cheeks and the bulge of her breasts sticking out to either side of her ribcage.

“Holy shit…” he said, quietly, his cock at full mast, straining,, with its head blushing a deep scarlet.

She lifted her buttocks up somewhat and slowly wiggled her derriere at him, enticing him onward.  “See something you like?” she cooed, her vulva staring at him, clean and somewhat swollen looking.  She had positioned herself so that her bum was at the edge of the bed so that he could take her while standing.

Simon stopped at the edge of the bed so that his now aching cock was merely an inch from her puffy vulva.

Tara widened her legs’ stance a little so that her outer labial lips parted, inviting him in.  “Fuck me, baby,” she cooed. 

Her ass was so big and round! 

He nudged her vulva with his bloated head and placed his palms, fingers splayed, on either of her tremendously blown ass-cheeks.  His dome was so excited and flush with blood that every little movement sent ecstasy through his pulsing head.  He pushed it in, ever-so-slightly, and found that she was dripping wet.  He gritted his teeth with the insanely delicious feeling.

“Mmmmmm….” She moaned.  “That’s it… Push it in…”

Very slowly, Simon began to push the rest of his head inside her vulva where it found her delicious inner lips waiting to take him in.  Slowly he entered her canal: so wet and slick and tight, soft and inviting.  He moaned softly as his hands held the enormous bounty that was her hyper-pumped ass cheeks: two huge flesh balloons of ass bulging out beneath his gaze: so over-full and swollen. 

Her vagina received him, inviting and incredibly plush.  As he pushed further into her deliciousness he could feel her slickness embrace not just his cockhead and the sensitive cleft, but now the erogenous zone of the collar as his cock swelled wider within her incredibly lush tunnel.

Tara cooed softly as she felt Simon fill her with his stiff member.  She looked over at Simon’s closet wall—the doors of which were all mirrored—and watched herself get impaled from behind.  He felt so good and she could feel him swell even further with excitement while he was in her. He was definitely getting thicker, there was no doubt about it.  “Shove it all the way in!” she begged, to which he just smiled.

Simon wanted to do just that: ram his pulsing cock into her wet box as far and as hard as he could.  But he knew the tease of a slow entry was worth it and so made them both crazy by elongating the act.  He was about halfway in now, his member aflame with sensual delight as he looked at her beautiful eyes, in the mirror, begging him to fuck her as hard as he could.  With her arms down straight, holding her torso up, her enormous bosoms were forced forward, bulging outward in an insane display of bosomy lust.  Her upthrust nipples were already at their full four inch height and were now flushing to become a deep scarlet in color.  Her breasts were so enormous that they blocked his view of her arms completely.  All he could see in the mirror was her gorgeous face and full mane of hair which fell around her shoulders and then draped her super-sized blimps.  Her swollen balloons rested on the mattress and bulged up to her neck. 

Three-quarters of the way in, he looked down at her massively blown rear and her super-narrow waist from which her butt projected.  Running his eyes up her lithe backside, he followed her curves from hyper-blown bottom, narrowing to that waspish waist and then widening out for her ribcage and shoulders which were partially covered by her voluminous black hair.  Here his gaze was obviously drawn to her massively blown planets bulging out forward of her torso.  So much of her tits were visible from behind her relatively narrow back!  He’d never seen anything like it.

Once he was in all the way to the hilt, they both sighed and Simon bent over to hug her, but found his way blocked by her overly capacious derrière.  He was close to losing it as he felt her bubble cheeks press against his groin.  He stayed that way for a few minutes, kissing her back and running his hands along her stupendously round bosoms, enjoying the feeling of being inside her to the hilt: the absolute lusciousness of feeling her tight cunt all around him.

Then, suddenly, without warning, he straightened, backed up and began to stroke her hard and fast.

“Oh!” Tara cried out at the sudden change of pace.  “Oh, yeah!” she exclaimed.

Simon thrust his big cock into her as hard and as fast as he could manage, pounding her scrumptious backside, his orgasm building quickly.  With each violent thrust, he watched her super-bombs bounce forward and undulate slightly before having him drive himself into her again.

Tara’s mouth was wide open in an “O” shape.  With each thrust she was forced forward and she could feel the weight of her heavy boulders as they were bounced forward—could feel them tug on her chest wall, trying to pull her muscle and skin forward.  Then, she felt their mighty mass as they slammed back onto her arms and chest.  She looked down on their awesome size: bosoms over a yard across!  Her breasts’ size and his carnal humping drove her crazy with desire.  “I’m…” she tried to cry out between his slamming piston’s strokes.  “Cuh… cum… cumming!”

Simon lost it.  Almost instantly his mighty organ erupted as his semen rocketed up his shaft and then filled her tight vagina with a heavy volley of cum.  And filled her and filled her and filled her.

Tara screamed in ecstasy as his cum juice poured out of her box to splatter on the mattress sheets.  Where was it all coming from? she wondered.  How could he have SO MUCH cum!  She didn’t know, but she did know that it felt so wild to have this semen machine pump her endlessly with his seed.  Her excitement not only enlarged and hardened her nipples, but caused her areolas to puff up more, the bumps and tubercles swelling and multiplying.  Soon their entire faces were totally covered in pebbly bumps, some of which swelled and grew until they rivaled large nipples, themselves.  The bumps ranged from tiny pinpricks to relatively massive nubs half an inch wide and as tall, as well.

Semen splattered everywhere as Simon continued to mercilessly pound her from behind, her mega-nipples dancing fiercely in responses.    

Tara screamed in delight and came and screamed and came and screamed all while Simon unloaded thick blasts inside her.

When they finally wound down, Simon helped her roll over onto her back on a dry portion of the bed.  Her monster bean bags flopping over with her motion.

Simon crawled around to kneel between her legs, his cock already aching for her wet tunnel.  He looked up at her face, framed by her mountainous breasts.  Each breast lay half on and half off of her ribcage with a wide valley between them.  From this vantage point he could see most of her puffy,tubercle-infested areolae and those crazy nipples of hers, sprouting near the top.

Tara spread her legs wide as Simon opened her labia and once again sank his already aching cock into her wonderfully slick and velvety canal.  As he sank into the hilt, he lowered himself down over her while she gathered up her balloons so that her amazing fun-bags became soft flesh pillows under his torso.   He placed his forearms, for the time-being, on the mattress above her shoulders and pressed down into her fabulously soft udders until he could kiss her, her enormous marshmallows bulging out between their bodies and pressing up under their necks.  He stroked her this way for a while, feeling her vast mass of boob flesh give way beneath him like a delicious dual waterbed of elixir.

Tara loved the feeling of Simon’s chest pressing down on her boobs as he pumped his big dong in and out of her tunnel.  They kissed deeply, exploring each other’s mouths with their tongues as she became more and more excited, her nipples—poking out up high to either side of them—seemed to grow even longer and turn a deeper shade of red.

Simon pulled his head back a bit to look at her Tara’s face, her mouth in a sexy pout as he filled her vagina again and again.  She made little “uh” noises and sometimes an “ooooo”, pouting even more so.  These only fueled his excitement and he reached down with both hands to take huge fistfuls of her asscheeks in his palms.  Her butt was so big and full that it drove him even crazier with desire to feel how vast her posterior was in his hands.  His chest’s weight was now entirely on her bloated bosoms, but these actually helped spread out some of his torso’s weight, transferring  much of it to where her Brobdingagian  balloons rested on the mattress to either side of her.  He began to piston into her with a rapid motion now, her ass so big in his hands and her pillowy tits undulating beneath his chest.  Her four-and-a-half-inch-long nipples danced crazily about.

“Oh baby!  Oh baby!” Tara cried with the sexiest pout he could ever remember seeing.  “You’re gonna make me cum again, baby… You’re gonna make me…”

He couldn’t take it any longer and with a series of groans ejaculated deep within her.  At the same time Tara began to scream and he could feel her hot juices pour out of her love box as she, too, came.  He slowed his frantic pace slightly as they continued to cum and cum together as Tara soaked the mattress.

After that, he sat on the bed and she sat atop him, facing him and then facing away.  He’d fucked her gigantic tits several times from many different angles.  Again and again and again they copulated and came until about four in the morning.

After that Tara lay on her side and he spooned her while they chatted for a while.  They were getting tired and assumed that they’d just fall asleep like that together, but it didn’t take long for him to get very hard, indeed, while watching the landscape of her form and he got up on his knees to approach her twin bloated ass-cheeks.  With his member already leaking pre-cum, he pushed it into her massive ass-cleavage.

“Oooo baby,” she cooed.  “Push it in my ass!”  She relaxed her sphincter as his head burbled lubricant and began to burrow, ever so slowly, into her ass. 

Her butt-cheeks were so HUGE!  It was a wild sight for Simon to watch his pole disappear into that deep ass cleavage and then feel her tight shutter as he forced his big cockhead into her.

Tara was surprised that there was no pain.  She’d only done anal once before and didn’t like it.  The guy had hurt her going in and she’d vowed to never do it again.  But she suspected that Kal may have done something to allow a really big cock enter her ass.  At some point, she figured, he’d want to shove his enormous pecker up her backside, so he’d probably had something done to her to accept it.  So, now, here she was taking Simon’s big cock with no discomfort and no pain.  She was very tight, but had enough give to make it fairly pleasurable, plus Simon was dripping his own lubrication in the form of pre-cum.

He fucked her tight anus until he exploded into her rectum, though he had little spunk left by that time.  After that, they finally did falll asleep, exhausted, but extremely satifsfied.

Tara awoke just before dawn.  Simon was asleep on his side with her facing him, her stupendous pump-bags nestled between them, pressed against his stomach and chest.  A bedside light had been left on and so she lay there for a while watching his sleeping face.

She smiled.  She had never had sex with someone so many times in one day as she just had with Simon.  She tried to think back and count the number of times she had cum and realized that she lost count somewhere over a dozen.  Surely Simon had cum over twenty times, himself.  And he had pumped so much volume!  She was so happy to be with him.  She realized that she had probably just spent more waking hours with this man than she had with Kal.  And although she loved Kal very much, she also felt herself caring and wanting Simon very much, too.


There it was again.  She was puzzled by the sound until she realized that Simon must have some form of automatic aroma spray in the room to make it smell nice.

She sat up on the bed beside Simon, looking down at him.  She couldn’t remember ever having such a good time with someone as she did this past day with him.  Aside from Kal, she’d never met someone that she wanted to please so much.  She grinned.  His head looked so tiny compared to her massive tits as she watched him from over the curve of her bosom.  She fingered her third “nipple” in her waist.  He had told her not to pump herself up any more, but she knew it drove him crazy.  Maybe she could just take a few moments and pump herself up a tad more.  Just a couple more inches in diameter to make his cock ache all the more for her in the morning!  She struggled to get up on her feet and planned to cross the room to open up the pump, but decided against it at the last minute.  He had asked her to refrain from pumping herself up larger and she had agreed, after all.  Besides, she’d want to watch his face if her tits got pumped bigger.  And he wanted to take her out and about in the real world tomorrow.  She was already a walking freakshow that measured just over twenty inches wide from tit-edge to tit-edge.  When she sat down, her boobs rested on her thighs while their tops were about the same height as her mouth.  If they were even just a few inches wider, they might block her view forward when she sat down!

She laughed. 

Okay, okay, she thought to herself, settling back down on the mattress, I’m big enough for now.  But when we get back from our little excursion, look out!  I’m gonna blow these suckers up till they’re close to poppin’!

[Following added 3/24...] 

Morning found Tara trying to figure out how best to eat breakfast with two huge heavy flesh balloons strapped to the front of her chest.  She had slept on her back for most of the night with her massive breasts resting mostly on the mattress to either side of her ribcage.  Some weight had still been on her torso, but the bulk of it had been taken by the mattress and so she’d been able to sleep fairly soundly.  She had begun the evening sleeping on her side and had sleepily tried to roll onto her back sometime during the night.  That had proved rather difficult to do while asleep and so she’d woken up and, manhandling her higher breast to one side, had wrestled it over so that she could lie on her back.  Once there, her mighty pounders had proved too heavy to move again.  In fact, it had only been with Simon’s help that she’d managed to get up that morning at all.  Taking it slowly, she had carefully made her way to the breakfast nook.  Simon made her favorite kind of eggs and toast, but she found that she had to eat sitting sideways at the breakfast table.  She sat wearing a soft and warm fuzzy black robe and nothing else, so that her gigantic supertankers stuck out proudly before her, their inch-long nipples pointing at the ceiling with a slight erotic-looking arc to them.

“The only meal I’ve eaten since meeting Kal was with you at dinner last night and I was considerably smaller then,” Tara mused.  “If I were to stay at this size, I guess I’d have to compensate in a lot of ways I’ve never thought about before.”  She smiled.  “I wouldn’t be able to cut my own food anymore, that’s for sure!  Anything requiring two hands at the table would be history.”

“Does that bother you?” Simon asked, sitting down in his own black robe with a plate full of scrambled eggs and English muffins, his cock sticking out at full mast at the robe’s opening.

“Uh-uh,” she shook her head while mouthing down some eggs.  “I think it’s kinda hot, actually, to be too big to sit at the table properly.”

Simon smiled.  “I was thinking the same thing.”

She sat facing Simon, who sat beside her, and, being left-handed, she would use her left hand to cut and scoop up some eggs.  The reach was fairly considerable.  Her gigantic gourds were so wide that she actually sat facing slightly away from the table in order to get her reach close enough to her plate.  Even so, because of the angle, she still had to reach out rather far to get eggs that seemed way over there.  Then she had to make an arc up and over her ludicrously large left leviathan before bringing her fork down to her mouth.  The other alternative would have been to pull her arm back and turn her head to the left to clear her bloated breast, but she found that far more uncomfortable.

“This is so fucking wild,” she commented, as she ate in this fashion.  “It gets me horny just to eat breakfast!”  She laughed, causing her to jostle her fork, which promptly dropped its load of omelet atop her left bosom.

Simon quickly got to his feet and bending over her prodigious pair, and picked up the escaped bit of omelet in his mouth.  He paused there, his lips against her skin and, after swallowing—and never taking his eyes off of her own beautiful blues—sucked gently on her bloated bosom.

She put her right hand to his cheek as he brought up his face to look at her.

“Do I make you happy?” she whispered. 

“Ecstatic,” he replied, with a smile.

“You’re ready to pop, aren’t you?” she giggled.

He looked down at his scarlet cockhead.  It burbled a constant stream of pre-cum.  He looked back up at her gorgeous visage.  “Absolutely.”

She grinned and the two finished their breakfast with Tara occasionally shifting her shoulders so that her monumental mammaries would bobble about.  They were both in a state of heightened arousal throughout the meal, evident in Simon with his turgid cock and evident in Tara by her extended nipples, both of which had swollen to two-inches in length.

After breakfast, Simon wanted to fuck her on the counter, but her monster boobs wouldn’t allow him to get close enough to her.  Instead, they settled for Tara to sit back in the chair she had eaten breakfast in while Simon unloaded himself between her colossal colossaai.  Afterwards, he introduced her to what she thought was the world’s biggest shower.  It was a huge affair with nozzles everywhere in the walls and ceiling.  Simon was more than happy to soap up her twin Exxon Valdezes, but she realized, that here again, she would be unable to wash the front of her own boobs anymore.  She simply could not reach them.  Simon could reach them fine, however, and his excessive lathering of her nipples caused her to cum several times.  Her hyper-excited four-inch spigots aroused Simon so much that he took her on the floor of the shower twice before  they were able to finally rinse off and get out two hours later.

Brushing her teeth without dripping into her own cleavage proved difficult, too.  Tara considered leaning over so that her back would be parallel to the floor and her boobs out of the way, but in practice, this was impossible as her mighty mams simply weighed too much.  Simon offered two ideas: one was to simply go back into the shower and brush and rinse and spit right into her own cleavage and let the shower rinse her.  But since she had already gotten dry—with much sensual toweling by Simon—she decided to go with his second plan: He placed a hand towel across her boobs and cleavage and placed a cereal bowl in the valley created by her gargantuan Guadeloupes.  It sat in cleavage closest to her chest wall with part of the rim pressed against her ribcage.  This would be her spit bowl.  Now she could brush her teeth and face the mirror while she did so if she wished, though she had to swivel her torso 90 degrees to the side to rinse her brush or pick up the rinse cup.  The idea worked fairly well and she gave him a big smile of appreciation. 

“I could handle this by myself,” she said.  “I guess today is just going to be a voyage of discover to see what things I’ll still be able to do myself and what I’d need help on.  Except…”  she trailed off.

“What?” he wanted to know.

“Well,” she said, raising both of her eyebrows.  “I probably won’t stay this particular size for long anyway, so I guess it doesn’t really matter.”

He shrugged.  “If you ever get to pick a size you want to stay at,” he said, “at least you’ll know how you could adapt if you wanted to be this girth.”

She considered that and smiled.  “You’re very sweet,” she said.

“And you’re fucking hot!” he replied, making her laugh.

They had had sex so many times and had caressed and cuddled so often that morning that it wasn’t until noon that they were ready to get dressed.  Tara picked a black-ribbed ultra-short dress with full sleeves and a top that buttoned up that was plenty oversized for her extraordinary bust.   When she’d wiggled her oversized ass into the snug dress and Simon had helped her into the sleeves, he then began to button up the front, pulling the fabric and tugging it together to fit each button into its eyelet.  There were enough buttons and the dress was designed to hold a bust as big as hers so that there was practically no “pull” on the fabric between the buttons.  The dress had a high neck and had no breastflesh exposed anywhere. But Tara was so damn huge that she was an instant erection for him, exposed cleavage or no.  Simon helped her on with thigh-high soft leather black boots so that only a couple of inches of her thigh was visible.  Tara finished the look with a pair of huge five-inch diameter black-chrome hoop earrings.

“How do I look?” she asked Simon, turning about seductively so that his pecker puckered his pants severely.  From the front, it was impossible to make out her abdomen as her gigantic whales totally blocked the view of her stomach.  Her big inch-long nipples tented the fabric, devilishly, aiming for the ceiling.  The buttons—while abundant enough to keep any holes from developing between them and strong enough to contain her massive volume—were, non-the-less, obviously getting a workout.  There was just enough pulling of the fabric to indicate the extreme forces those poor chrome buttons had to fight.  The way the mirror-like buttons ran down that huge waterfall-like front of hers also heightened the already extreme size of her insane bustline. When she turned to offer her profile, one could begin to guess at the dimensions of her waist, but it wasn’t until she turned about completely that her amazing wasp-waist came fully into view in severe contrast to her tight super-swollen buttocks or, of course, her stupendously blown monster-truck bosoms.  Somehow, the dress just seemed to heighten her curves, if that were possible, the vertical black ribbing of the fabric wrapping itself around her gargantuan globes of lust.

When Simon proved too dumbstruck to answer her question, she chuckled, lustily and approached him, planting each footfall purposely and harshly so that her insane mountains of desire quaked in response, bobbling within the confines of the dress.  When she had reached him, she pressed her mammoth belugas against his chest, bulging them out to the sides, somewhat.  “Baby?” she cooed.  “Are you okay?”

He swallowed hard and she knew he’d pop any minute. 

She smiled an evil smile.  “We’re gonna have to drain you before we head out, aren’t we?” she teased, raising her eyebrows.  Immediately, she sank to her knees and opened his fly, her Gigantors pressed against his legs as she pulled him out and smoothly took his entire length down her throat.

“Unghhh!” he groaned, as he instantly exploded within her esophagus, holding onto her head as she let him empty himself down her throat.  He looked down at her gorgeous face as he came.  She looked back up at him with her heart-stopping blue eyes.  Her mouth was open as wide as it could go, filled with his thick tube, her lips against his groin.  She moved back and forth ever so slightly to message him as he erupted, milking him on to pump more.  He felt her tongue squirm under his shaft, which only added to the eroticism of it all.  She was so beautiful and he was in her throat, cumming. 

When he’d finished pumping into her stomach, she pulled him out of her mouth and licked and teased his cockhead until he was stiff enough and then blew him again until he erupted into her mouth this time, pumping so hard that she feared she wouldn’t be able to swallow one volley before the next filled her mouth.  After that she repeated the procedure, blowing him again and again and again until he had no semen to pump.

“That should keep you from wetting your pants,” she smiled as he helped her up and went to reapply her lipstick.

Simon fell into a nearby chair and panted, his softening member still hanging out of his fly.  “You just seem to get more and more erotically intense,” he sighed.

She smiled.  “And I’m not even expanding!”

“Are you sure you’re going to be okay going out on the street today?” he asked her as he stuffed his exhausted pecker back into his briefs and zipped up his fly.

“Yeah, sure,” she replied, a puzzled sound in her voice.  “Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Tara, you’re tits aren’t just big: they’re astronomically humongous!  You will stick out as an object of amazement and probably ridicule.  You will instantly offend and excite and seem ridiculous to all at the same time.  Are you prepared to go through all that today?”

Tara finished applying her lipstick and turned around.  “I just want to be with you and make you happy.  If you don’t mind me being the object of such intense scrutiny, then I don’t, either.”

“But I’m not the one who will be stared at,” he replied.  “You are.  If you’re uncomfortable with the idea, then I don’t want to go ahead with it.”

“Are you having second thoughts about it?” she asked, picking up her jacket.

“Me?” he asked.  “No!  I think it’ll be an intense turn-on to watch how people react to you.”

“Then, if it turns you on, baby,” she said, “I want to do it!  I don’t care if I have to walk the streets naked.  I”ll do it to turn you on.”

Smiling, he helped her on with the black fur-lined parka that had no hope to zip up over her immense casabas.

“My nipples are gonna swell up so huge when the cold hits ‘em,” she pointed out.

“I know,” he smiled and took her slender hand to leave the condo.