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Saturday, April 7, 2018

"POSSESSIONS", Chapter 2 - First Half

Wow, I can't believe this story was first posted on my old blog back in November of 2011!  I remember having mixed feelings about writing the story, as I'm not really fond of situations where a woman is treated as such a victim.  Of course, Tara doesn't feel like she's being forced to do anything in the story, for she loves Kal and will do anything for him, 'though she doesn't know why.  That helped a little bit, but it's still a victimization story, and I felt uncomfortable with it even while part of me was drawn to writing it.  In the end, I decided to explore the dark side and see where it went.  I figure Kal will eventually get his dues, in some form or another.

Please note, that Tara recalls, in this post, what happened in the last post with regards to her breasts exploding.  I will give a heads up whenever there're are elements of breast explosion in a story, as I know there are readers who do not wish to read those sections.

Please recall that this is a first draft and probably contains a myriad of type-Os.

Book 1: Tara
Chapter 2

Shadowmuse Blown

Tara awoke to find herself lying on her side—her field of view half-blocked by twin hemispheres of what was apparently her own enormous breasts.  Looking around a little she could make out that each breast was approximately over two feet wide in diameter—what’s more, they were not laying on the mattress of the bed that she found herself in, but resting, rather, one on top of the other, on a platform next to the bed, but somewhat lower so that her cleavage lined up with the center of her torso.


But wait… Memories bean to come back to her… She had been much bigger recently.  MUCH bigger!  She had gotten nightmarishly huge and then… Oh my goodness! she thought.  My tits exploded!

How could that be?  She tried to move, and found the weight of her colossal udders to be so great that she could barely budge them.  She was stuck here, lying on her side—for now.

Where was she?

She lay in the same king-size bed as yesterday—if, indeed, all that had happened yesterday (had it happened at all?)—but she was not in the same luxury apartment.  She seemed to be lying naked, under satin sheets in a vast empty warehouse!  Just as she was about to call out, she heard the echo of footfalls crossing the space from the closet wall to her bed.

It was Kal and he was walking towards her where she could see him.

“Good morning!” he called bright and cheery.  He wore only black spandex biker shorts, the rest of his buff body exposed for her perusal.  As he crossed the floor to her bed, the bulge at his crotch swelled larger and larger.

Damn, she thought.  He’s hot!

“Kal!” she cried out, so happy and horny to see him.  “What happened?”

“You exploded!” he replied, a big grin on his face.

“I did?” she asked.  “I really did explode?”

He nodded, now at her side—his member tenting his shorts in the extreme.  She could easily make out his bloated dome beneath the fabric that clung to him as if painted on.  Already a small wet spot formed at his cock’s slit.  “Yes, your wonderful tits couldn’t take another ounce and they exploded magnificently,” he said, smiling and casually stroking the curve of her upper breast.  “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched the video we took—from multiple angles.  You were magnificent!”

“Can we do it again?” she found herself asking.  What?  Why would she want to go through that pain and anguish again? —But she did.

Very much.

He laughed.  “I’m so glad you enjoyed it!”

She looked at him intensely.  “I didn’t just enjoy myself, Kal.  It was the most intensely erotic and fulfilling experience I’ve ever had.  To feel you cum so hard inside me just blew me away.  I’ll do anything to make you cum, baby,” she said and reached out to stroke his teaming member—pre-cum freely flowing from its tip and funning down the inside of the very stretchable fabric.

His cock jumped and surged in size at her touch.  She heard a seam rip as he grew to over ten inches in length.
Her heart pounded at the sight.

“I want you inside me so badly,” she cooed as she stroked his bulging flesh.  There was another rip and Tara could see a hole forming in the fabric beneath his raging pole releasing gobs of pre-cum.

Immediately, she ripped open the hole in the seam and reached in for his monster cock, now nearing a foot in length.  She pulled it out through the hold to play her superpumped lips across its surface.

She felt a wonderful thrill as he gasped in response.  But his organ continued to swell in her mouth until it grew too bloated for her to swallow.

Kal withdrew his iron spike of a cock before she choked on it, Tara eagerly lapping up his deliciously salty pre-cum as it withdrew from her mouth.  Soon it was as thick as her wrist and a cold chill ran up her spin as she considered having that monster down her esophagus once it had swollen that large.  His scarlet head—now the size of a small apple—stared at her face for a moment, pre-cum oozing freely from its tip.

He stood up and she cried: “No wait!”

He laughed.  “I’m not going anywhere,” he replied with a smile and picked up a hand-mirror on the bedside table.  He walked around to the front of her enormous bosoms and turned the mirror so that she could see her nipples.

She gasped, for her once pert nipples had been transformed into massive knobs about four inches thick and three inches long.  At their tips was a sphincter with a sea star pattern.  She looked to him for an explanation, but he simply smiled and moved so that his scarlet cockhead was in front of that massive spigot.  He pressed his bloated dome against her fat knob and she immediately felt an incredibly erotic sensation.  He pressed in further, keeping the mirror situated so that she could see his head actually begin to sink into the luscious interior of her hyperextended prong.  Tara began to breathe shallow and fast as his thick flow of pre-cum lubricated the way as his entire cockhead began to sink within her massive nipple.

“OH!” she cried out in delight and shock at the new sensation of having something enter her nipple.

“You like?” he teased and put aside the mirror so as to hold onto her gigantic mammary with both hands as he thrust his hips forward so that half of his length suddenly slammed deep within her superpumped teat.

Tara screamed with shock and erotic delight.

How was this possible? she wondered as he continued to push his monster screw into her Herculean gland.

“Oh!  It felt so good!  It felt so good!  It was a completely new and erotic sensation to her—to feel his immense spike push deeply into her bosom.  She lay there helpless, watching him impale her planet of a breast with his super horn.

Kal’s way was lubricated with his own pre-cum—the sensation was very tight where he plunged through her massive spigot and then super soft and creamy as his pole drove into the center of her highly modified breast.

As Kal pressed into her mammoth mammary to the hilt, Tara could no longer stand the excitement and the delicious sensation and felt herself cum.  She reached up for her higher breast—the one Kal was embedded fully within and clasped it tight as waves erupted from her monster nipple and answered in her clitoris.  “O…” was all she could utter as she sank beneath waves of orgasms

Kal began to stroke her meaty breast as he watched her cum.  She was so big and gorgeous and the idea of his member actually fucking the inside of her breast was so erotic that he felt his rod ignite and knew it wouldn’t be long before he exploded within her.
Kal marveled at how excited he’d become so quickly.  True, Tara was fairly large and looked awesome, but he knew it was the novelty of actually pumping his monster cock inside her bosom.  He could feel her breastmeat, as it were, bulge outward with each inward stroke.  He tried to dig his fingers into her breast flesh, but it yielded reluctantly.  He was nearing the brink quickly and slammed his ramrod into her tortured spigot—now wider by the addition of his enormous cock—while Tara continued to moan from her orgasms—her arms clutching at her super-huge bombs.  Unable to take it anymore, Kal thrust in one last time and exploded deep with the center of her left breast, his fingers now sunk deeply within her boobs as he held on for dear life—or so it seemed.  His ejaculation was heavy and severe and his missile unloaded vast amounts of cum inside her heavy bosom.  It took a minute before his cum began to gush out of her nipple to run down his legs and splatter on the smooth concrete floor.

Watching Kal cum, Tara fingered her own clit, prompting a new wave of delicious orgasms.

They came together like that for several minutes, the only sounds being their moans and Kal’s ejaculate dripping to the floor.

When they’d finally finished, Kal withdrew his mighty bludgeon from Tara’s unique tunnel prompting a little “oh!” from her as his head passed back out of her sensitive nip.

Tara tried to get up once more, forgetting how heavy her insane breasts were.

“Uh—" she groaned as Kal wiped his slowly softening member with a hand towel on the bedside table.  “Kal, why are my breasts so very heavy this time?”

He smiled as he pulled off the ripped shorts and cast them aside.

The bed lay near one wall of the warehouse—the headboard closest to the wall—a yard or so distant.  Kal was making his way over to the wall and was blocked from her view by the headboard.

“That’s because they’re not filled with the foam elixir like last time,” he called.  He activated some device and Tara heard the hum of machinery above her.  Two plastic tubes about four inches in diameter and filled with white elixir slowly descended from the ceiling far above her.  At the ends were chrome gadgets that looked a lot like the tapered nozzles that her grandma used to have at the end of her garden hose.  These were about five inches long, but much wider, however, and were chrome, not brass. They narrowed from four inches to perhaps two and a half at the tip.  There was a plastic collar where the widget met the tubing.

“What are they filled with, then?” she asked.

“Well,” he said, stepping out in front of the bed, looking up at the descending tubes, “one of them is a bit filled with my cum, but that’s about it.”

“They can’t be hollow,” she said.  “They’re so heavy!”

Kal reached up to take one of the chrome needles and smiled.  “yes, they are heavy,” he said, bringing the nozzle and hose over to where she was lying.  “And that’s because your new breasts are very special.”

New breasts?” she echoed, puzzled.

“Well,” he said, as he pushed the nozzle into her right nipple—the lower one supporting its sister, “your breasts exploded, remember?”

“That’s cold!” she quipped as the nozzle pushed its way into fat spigot.  “How did they fix me?” she wondered.  “I was so impossibly big and they must’ve been in a terrible shape after the rupture.”

“I will explain it all at a later time,” he lied.  “For now, let’s just say that Tianli did a great replacement job.”

“Okay,” she said.  “You can tell me later.  But why are they so heavy?”  As Kal sank the nozzle up to the hilt and then
 pinched a part of her nipple where the connecting ring lay between nozzle and tube, there was an audible snap.
“Good,” he said, standing up from where he’d been sitting on the floor to access her lower breast’s nipple, “that connection is fluid-tight.”  He went to get the second hose.  “Anyway,” he continued, “it’s because of how your new breasts are designed. We were able to blow you up rather significantly with your old breasts.  These are designed for us to pump you up to even bigger proportions.

“Bigger than yesterday?” she asked, stunned.

“It was actually weeks ago, but, yes,” he replied, walking the second nozzle and hose over to her.  “Your new breasts are made up of a special skin that’s able to stretch out to amazing proportions.  The reason they’re so heavy is because your breasts are now basically all skin.”

“What?” she blinked as he shoved the second nozzle into her awaiting nipple.

“Yeah, all that skin will stretch out a lot,” he told her.  “We’re going to make you REALLY BIG!”

“How big will I get?” she asked quietly.

“I don’t know,” he replied, clicking the second nozzle into place.  He stood up and looked at her face, his cock stiffening again.  “Are you okay with that?  You’ll get much bigger than last time.”

“Will it drive you crazy with lust?” she asked, a mischievous look on her face.

“Oh yeah….”

“Oh baby!” she cooed and ran her hands over her massive boulders.  “I can’t wait!”

He grinned.  “That’s my girl!” He put up an index finger as if to say, “Hold on a minute,” and picked up the receiver on the phone on the nightstand.

“Send them in,” he said simply into the receiver and hung up.  Moments later, two women entered from a door behind the head board.

When Tara saw them, she almost gasped.  Each had a stunningly beautiful face with fashionable short haircut just above the shoulders.  One was black and the other white and they were both built like Mr. Universe on extra steroids—if Mr. Universe was a woman.  They were dressed in what looked like one piece swimsuits cut high over their hips.  After the shock of their extreme muscular builds, what immediately surprised Tara was that they were both extremely buxom!  Any time that Tara had ever seen a woman with pumped up muscles before, they were always flat chested.  Testosterone makes great muscles, but also for poor boobies.  These women had no problem in the breast department, that was for sure.  Sized like a pair of soccer balls, their huge chests were somewhat squashed by the swimsuits so that their breasts bulged out severely in every direction.  Thumb-sized nipples pointed dead-ahead.

"Morgan and Savannah, this is Tara,” Kal introduced them.  “Tara: Morgan and Savannah.”

“Hi,” Tara said, stupidly.  It was a little late to complain that she was naked.

“We’re so glad to meet you!” Morgan, the blonde white one, gushed.

“You’re so privileged!” squealed Savannah, the brunette.

“Girls,” Kal interrupted.  “Would you please help Tara into position?”

“Oh certainly!” they replied in unison.  Each approached Tara.  Savannah took hold of her top breast (the left one) in her huge arms and Morgan took hold of the other. 

Tara couldn’t believe the size of their arms.  Enormous biceps—larger than her own thighs—bulged large near her face.  They directed Tara to get up and cross the floor to a chair that Tara hadn’t seen before because it had been behind her, initially, on the other side of the bed.  As Tara sat up, each girl took the load of one gigantic breast.  In unison, Tara and the two weightlifters rose together as Tara stood up.  She laughed as she walked—the two Herculean superwomen walking backwards while holding her terrible weight.   The twin tubes now emanating from Tara’s big tits bobbed about as the slowly made their way.

“Amazing, aren’t they?” Kal said as he watched the trio.  “I love the size of their muscles alongside their big breasts. 

"Wonderful juxtaposition.  I’ve been discussing with Savannah about pumping up her arms and thighs even bigger.  Maybe twice the width while blowing up her tits to the size of beachballs—maybe two feet across each.  Then we could see how much bigger we could pump up all her muscles.  I’d love to see how big we could make her tits and still have her able to walk.”

“Oh, baby!” Savannah cooed.  “That would be so hot!”

“With Morgan, we’re gonna focus on building strength in her upper body.  I want her to have the strongest arms possible.  We’ll focus on strength, not size.”

“Then my tits can pumped up bigger, too,” Morgan smiled.

“To maybe around two feet across, as well,” Kal added.  “Morgan and Savannah have implants, special ones that can get very huge.  What I want to play with is to watch Morgan squeeze her own tits till they pop.”

“Won’t that be so hot, Tara?” Morgan asked.  “You can relate to that!  I wanta squeeze ‘em till they burst!”

Tara smiled weakly at the bodybuilder.  It sounded horrific to her, actually.  Why would anyone want to do that to themselves?

“Kal’s gotta be inside me, of course,” Morgan added.

“Oh!” Tara said, the light coming on for her.  “Yeah!  That would make him cum so hard, I’m sure!”  Slowly, she sat down on the chair as the girls lowered her boobs—the now ever-present tubes pulling a tad on her nipples as she lowered herself.  More tubing was reeled out automatically to make up for the extra distance.

Once seated, they let Tara’s potato sacks rest on her own lap and went back to the bed where they stripped it and threw the mattress on a square outlined on the floor.  Then they came back to Tara (whose massive kegs were threatening to cut off the blood supply to her legs by this time) and helped her back to the mattress where they helped her get on all fours—the massive bombs so big that they rested on the mattress with Tara’s arms extended straight down.  The big tubes dangled before her, emanating from her thick nipples which pointed straight forward.  Tara looked at where the tubes came out of her spigots: it didn’t look comfy.  The poor things had something far bigger than they should have crammed down their “throats”, she felt.

Several video monitors descended—hidden from their positions near the ceiling—to show Tara several views of herself from different positions. 

Is that really me? she mused.  I’m so fucking HUGE!  A chill ran down her spine when she considered that these two-foot-wide monsters were the starting point of her expansion to come.  There was something extraordinarily erotic about how she looked with those massive tubes sunk into her obscenely gargantuan nipples.  She remembered a guy that she had dated once who had shown her morphs of women with tubes plugged into their nipples with the other end of the lines attached to air tanks.  She had found then photo-illustrations silly and yet disturbing.  The women in the pictures had long captions describing how they wanted to be blown up and then popped.  Now it was going to happen to her for real. 


And she wanted it.

She was Kal’s living blow-up doll and she would rather be nowhere else in the world right now because it was what he wanted.  To know that she would be able to fulfill his fantasies and excite him till he came again and again filled her with joy and made her clitoris tingle with excitement.  To make him happy and sexually fulfilled was such an overwhelmingly wonderful sensation that she would be willing to do anything for him.  And the thought of his lips on hers and his massive cock inside her made her so excited and happy that she couldn’t believe it. 

Kal came back from the door where he’d been talking to Morgan and Savannah who had removed the rest of the bed and tables.  He stood before her, naked, his cock swelling slightly at the site of her on all fours and plugged in, ready to be blown.

“You ready?” he asked her, palming the chrome remote control.

“Oh yeah, baby!” she cooed for him, even though she was terrified at what she was about to endure.  She wanted to expand hugely for him, but she still remembered the searing pain and mind-numbing size of her own breasts pumped to insane heights.

“Instead of starting slowly,” he said, “I want to start with a mid-level force for a short burst of elixir just for fun, okay?

“Oh!” she replied, confused.  “How much pressure is mid-le—”

Before she could finish her question, Kal hit the proper button and Tara watched as the white lines jerked in response.  Her breasts suddenly felt like a kick-boxer had just walloped the pair at one time.

“Ungh!” she gasped as her mammary glands expanded radically beneath her.  In two seconds they were a meter wide—each—her nipples four feet away in front of her.  She could immediately see that her boobs were swelling conically before her.  They were pushing out more in front of her than to the sides.

Kal pushed the kill button and the lines jerked again, pulling harshly on her massive nipples as all pressure ceased.

“Holy shit!” Tara exhaled and fell on her twin Jupiters in exhaustion.

“Holy shit, indeed!” Kal said—his cock already ten inches long and hard.  He walked around her to admire her newly increased size.  “Very impressive!”

Tara shook her head and considered the supertankers jutting out beneath her.  As ridiculously enormous as my breasts look right now, she thought, I’ll think of this as small in just a few minutes…           

Knowing that she was on the brink of swelling to an extraordinary size brought back memories of—what she thought of as—yesterday.   She thought about when she had decided to do whatever it took to make him cum—to swell to whatever size—even if it meant getting pumped till her tits burst.  She remembered what it felt like during that final pause—as if it were the present…

The pumps were quiet and what had become of her breasts were pumped up to insane proportions.  Her skin was stretched to the point where it felt like it was on fire.  Impossibly huge.  And yet—it was real.  She looked at her torso where her breasts attached to her ribcage—how her skin spread outward where her breasts attached.  Where once soft round bags of flesh hung from her chest wall, now there was an over-stretched expanse of skin that immediately reached out as far as she could imagine to envelope volumes far more vast than she had ever considered in her wildest nightmares.  She didn’t feel like these hyper-extended blimps of elixir were breasts as much as that her chest was now attached to a small pair of dirigibles that she could feel.  And she could feel that they were stretched to the limit.  She was on the brink.  Once the pumps started again, she feared that she would have only moments before…

What was about to happen to her was mind-numbing and it froze her thoughts with terror.  She would soon explode.  Her breasts would soon be pumped beyond what they could physically handle and they wouldn’t be able to contain the vast volume of fluid forced into them and her overtaxed flesh would split apart in an instant and explode!

She would actually explode…

And that would make Kal cum!  She had to do it!  She had to make him cum inside her—pump her canal till it overflowed with his semen.  Yes!  She knew she would let him do it.  Willingly.  Wanting it so much that she could taste it.  It was what she had to do.

But it was still terrifying.

As soon as Kal pushed the button on the remote, she felt the pumps force the elixir into her already overburdened bosoms at FULL VOLUME and felt a shiver run up her spine. She had just went down a road that would result in part of her body being filled until it could be filled no more.  She knew why she was doing it—but she still wished that it wasn’t necessary.  Couldn’t he cum before she exploded?

Instantly, her agony was trebled and she could feel the pressure with in her oversized planets increase—they surged before her—mighty and terrifying.


Don’t explode!

As if she could contain the vast volume of liquid within her humongous balloons with the force of her Will alone, she cried out within her brain—he’ll cum any second… don’t explode!  No!  No!  NO!

Her eyes bulged with the pressure as she watched in horror as vast blood-red stretchmarks rippled across the vast surface of her flesh-balloons.  Stretchmarks wider than her body streaked across the hemispheres to meet others as her brain screamed in agony.

Please!  Hold together!... Please DON’T…


Suddenly, there was a deep thud immediately answered by another thud—micro seconds apart and coming from her mighty blimps.  In slow motion she watched as the curving wall of her flesh came towards her face—she watched as it split up into vertical strips of white and flesh and then it was on her in a soundless punch.  Her body and head were forced back into Kal’s and she felt them both fall backwards—blinded now—her ears muffled by the elixir.  She felt Kal’s massive hammer swell even larger within her and knew that he was cumming.

Instantly, her pain was forgotten and her clitoris responded with a thunderous eruption even as she felt his semen gush from her box.  She came in excruciatingly delicious waves of the most massive orgasms that she’d ever felt.  So focused was she on her joy that she never felt the impact as their bodies fell back on the floor cushions.  Reflexively, she gasped for air as the elixir and her breast-flesh rained down around them allowing her tortured lungs precious air.

As she reveled in her deep orgasms, and the wonderful feeling of Kal’s hot eruption inside her, the elixir left her eyes and she was able to see across the room—a view blocked just seconds before by once Brobdingnagian bosoms.  Now the bed seemed to float in a room filled with white slushy foam.  She got a quick glimpse of red and flesh before her and reflexively looked away to the ceiling.  She’d forgotten that it was covered in mirrors and she got another quick look of herself atop Kal—their legs submerged in the elixir.  She would have the image of what appeared to be two enormous deflated balloons laying on the bed before her burned into her memory forever—huge slashes running down the flesh-colored “fabric”—red ”ink” splattered about making some of the elixir turn pink.  The ruined balloons lay across the bed and floor and were attached to the front of her torso.  It was not a vision that she wanted.  She closed her eyes instantly and focused on the pure bliss of Kal pumping her full of his wonderful cum.  She could feel it pour out of her tunnel to mix with the elixir.  She was terrified that it would to be the last time he’d ever cum in her again.  After all, what good is a woman with ruptured breasts to a man who was aroused by enormous tits?  She was sure her future was bleak—but was still happy to have sacrificed her breasts to feel him explode within her.  It had all been worth it to make him cum—to make him happy.

Her orgasms subsided when she no longer felt him pumping her.  She heard people about, sloshing through the elixir.  She wouldn’t open her eyes, though—didn’t want to see what she’d become a second time.  She felt dizzy and a little nauseous as she felt arms take hold of her and lift her off his massive boner.

“Good-bye,” she tried to say as she felt his still bloated cockhead slip from her vaginal lips, but her voice came out as more of a croak as she found that she couldn’t speak.

Her dizziness grew and her thoughts became muddy as she felt a tug at her chest —the remains of her once grand bosoms still attached.  Just cut them off and throw me in the garbage, she wanted to tell them as some sort of breathing mask was put over her face and she fell into unconsciousness.

Then she had awoken today with these new incredible breasts!  How was any of this possible?  She knew Kal planned on pumping her much bigger than last time, until she exploded once again.  But this time she looked forward to the whole thing—including the point at which her hot air balloon breasts would actually explode—because she knew it would be the trigger to make Kal cum and she wanted that so very badly.  But also—she now knew that she would be fine—somehow Kal would get her new breasts—maybe even bigger than the ones she woke up with today and they would do it all over again!

I truly am a human blowup doll, she thought with excitement.  How big will I get?  She could hardly wait to find out.

Kal continued to walk around Tara admiring her form and the twin zeppelins beneath her.  Each breast was two and a half feet wide by nearly four feet long—her super fat nipples sticking out at the end of the coned forms—the white-filled tubes erupting from her tortured spigots and running up to the ceiling.

“Oh baby!” he cried, his cock at full throbbing mast.  “Tianli has structured these differently, you see?  You will swell forward more than to the sides and have a conical appearance.  It looks really hot!”

Tara beamed.  She loved to excite him.  “I want to feel you inside me while you blow me up bigger again,” she said.

“You liked that, huh?” he winked at her.  “Me too!”

Standing before her, he pressed the remote without warning and suddenly the lines jumped and a massive amount of elixir blasted into Tara’s awaiting funbags.

She yelped with surprise.  The sudden surge pained her and felt like a double fist punching into her chest wall. 

“Holy shit, Kal!” she exclaimed as her tankers expanded swiftly beneath her.  She could see them swell—feel them push up against her ribcage.  Her massive nipples receded from her, four and half feet, then five feet away from her face.  Soon her breasts were over a yard wide, each.  Then she saw his member leaking as his ultra-hard boner jumped and his cockhead ran scarlet.

She laughed.  “Oh baby”, is right! she thought with glee.  She felt the floor “move” as her super-blimps swelled over the oiled surface.

6’ long.  4’ wide.

“Pump me baby!” she cried.  “PUMP ME!”  She threw her arms wide as her stance changed from being on all fours to kneeling—her arms no longer able to touch the floor.

She felt his hands run along her incredibly expanding skin.

“I want to blow you up to the point where you exploded last time,” he called to her over the thrumming of the pumps.  “That’ll be our starting point for today.”

Starting point? she wondered.  THAT big?  How big would she get today?  A chill ran up her spine at what was happening to her—at such an incredibly fast rate.  How could these massive swelling blimps be part of her?

7’ long.  4½’ wide.

So big!

These were her breasts, not an air mattress inflating in front of her.

Her own breasts: so enormously gigantic!


But no pain.  Just the sliding oil beneath her flesh tanks and the delicious feeling of his hands running along her vast flesh.

8’ long.  4¾’ wide.

This was close.  Despite herself, tears ran down her cheeks.  She was suddenly emotional.  When she was this size yesterday—or what felt like yesterday—she’d been in searing pain and ready to burst!  She looked at the monitors—they showed two vast submarines with a woman’s body at one end.

9’ long.  5’ wide.

The pumps stopped.  Tara was breathing hard.

“From watching the videos we shot,” Kal said, coming around the curve of her massive mountains.  “This is about the size you attained when your breasts could take it no longer and they exploded.  Are you okay?”  He put a hand to her cheek.

Tara’s breasts had swollen so large that she was now basically standing, panting heavily.  Her chest was attached to a curvy flesh wall that was five feet high and ten feet wide (five feet for each breast).  She looked at the monitors.  Her vast areolas stretched two feet wide and rose nearly a foot in a conical shape that was bumpy and topped by those amazing spigots of hers.  “I’m okay,” she said at last.  “Just brings back some interesting memories.”

“You look so amazing,” Kal said to her and kissed her, his tongue filling her mouth.

Tara’s heart pounded so fast that she thought it might, itself, pop.  She reached out and lightly stroked his massive ram rod, ecstatic with the response she got from him: his muffled gasp and the jump of his thunderous canon beneath her deft fingers.

The light sound of chimes rang above their heads and Kal withdrew from her with a sigh.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, worried for him.

A monitor descended from the ceiling.  The head and shoulders of a gorgeous brunette with short-cropped hair—an almost boyish looking cut—wearing a grey pinstriped business suit looked out from the monitor.

“Kal?” said the young woman with a deep sensuous voice.  “Sorry to interrupt you, but the Kurtis deal is about to fall through and needs your intervention.”

Kal was nodding, his head down.  “Can you give me a quarter hour?”

The siren with the jet black bangs that fell across her brilliant blue eyes and sultry eye make-up made a smirk.  “She can’t wait?”

“Have you seen her?” he replied. 

“No.”  The eyes with the thick black eyeliner and smoky eye-shadow narrowed her eyes suspiciously.  “You have the camera off for me.”

Kal looked at his remote to find a button to turn on the camera built into the monitor.  “Now you can,” he said.

The monitor changed position to point at Tara—apparently the stunning long-lashed vixen had the ability to move it by remote control.  As it turned toward Tara, the girl’s eyes opened wide. “Holy shit, Kal!  Is that for real?”

“Yes Naomi, those are really her breasts.”

Tears formed in the girl’s eyes.  “You are so lucky!” she said, talking to Tara now.  “I’m so jealous of you!  You get to be his ultimate fantasy come to life!”

Tara broke out into a smile.

“Take him, honey and know how fortunate you are to satisfy his deepest urges.  I really envy you.”  She turned the monitor back to Kal.  “Enjoy yourself and then come to Central, please,” she told the man she loved so deeply.  The screen went blank and pulled back up toward the ceiling.

An odd contraption descended from the ceiling which turned out to be three sets of slings—a large one, which Kal fixed around her abdomen, and two smaller ones, which he looped around her full thighs.  With the touch of a button, the slings rose so that most of Tara’s body was nearly perpendicular to the floor.  Soon, Kal was behind her, spreading her legs and aiming his thick head at her outer lips.

She was dripping wet and his pre-cum was flowing copiously, so he slipped within her canal fairly easily.

“Oh!” Tara cried, as his big log fucked her furiously.  She felt like a ragdoll attached to a pair of… Of what?  Her breasts were immobile as he pounded her from the rear. 

Kal studied the monitors as he mercilessly ram-rodded her from the rear.  “You’re… so… fucking… big…” he managed to say as his mouth fell open as his breathing grew ragged.

I’m more than big enough to make him pop,  she thought smugly as he continued to use her body as a fuck-doll.

In moments he was crying out and exploding within her, his copious semen pouring back out of her slick tunnel.

She came in response and loved every second of it, even if it was all very unemotional.

Soon, he withdrew.  “Sorry, baby,” he said, as he removed the slings so that she could stand again, “I gotta go to a meeting.”  He kissed her mouth and their tongues briefly intertwined before he left.

Tara, still dripping, watched him go.  She looked around the warehouse and the monitors—images of herself from several different angles including directly overhead.  Wow.  She was insanely, ridiculously enormous!  It was mindboggling.  She reminded herself of a queen ant whose abdomen is dozens, if not hundreds of times the size of the rest of her body—an enormous egg-laying factory.  Tara’s body compared to her boobs was the same kind of ratio as those queen ants’ thoraxes compared to their abdomens.  How could she live like this?  Could she live like this?  She assumed that she wouldn’t have long to exist this way.  When Kal came back he’d blow her up even larger.  She felt her clit tingle at the idea: bigger for Kal—it would drive him so crazy.  Eventually, he’d push her till she exploded, she knew.  It was weird to think about it.  She wanted to pop to excite him—but she was also very trepidatious about it.  Just how big would she get?  Two times her current size?  Three?  As big as the warehouse?

She laughed.  That would require tanks as big as the warehouse, itself.  Oh, she wouldn’t put it past him, but how would he manage the logistics of it?  An insane thought. 

But then, so had the idea of pumping up her tits till they exploded!  That had been an insane thought until yesterday.

She laughed at the absurdity of it all and looked out over her twin tanks—resting her arms atop their giant curves.  Up there, nine feet away, she could see the white tubes—hoses were more like it—running down to where she knew they attached to her massive, tortured nipples.  She glanced at one of the monitors that showed the front of her awesome Everests.  So unreal to see those thick tubes shoved into her poor nipples!  Her spigots were a deep pink in color and were covered with gnarly bumps and ridges.  Her yard-wide areolas projected about a foot in a cone shape where those vast nips sat at the apex and took in those invasive tubes.  The whole front end of her breasts were somewhat coned toward her areolas, in turn.  The rest of her breaats reminded her of loaves of bread or short tube balloons, as far as their shape was concerned. 

She was startled from her thoughts by the sound of someone politely clearing their throat.  She looked to her right to find a short East Indian woman watching her—not ten paces away.  She was gorgeous, with silky shoulder-length black hair and dark eyes with thick black eyeliner.  She wore a white lab coat, but it was quite apparent to Tara that the twenty-something was flat-chested.  The first flat-chested woman she’d seen at Kal’s.

“Sorry,” Tara said, “I didn’t hear you come in—I guess I was lost in thought.”

“Not a problem,” the beautiful creature replied with a smile and an outstretched hand.  “I’m Indira.”

Tara took her hand, smiling.  The woman’s accent sounded British to Tara’s ears, not Indian. 

“I work for Tianli Chin,” she said.

“Oh,” Tara said.  “Kal’s doctor friend.”

Indira nodded with an odd expression, as if to say “I wouldn’t really call her a friend”.  Instead, she looked at Tara’s considerable bulk.  “I see that you are somewhat through the process, as it were.” 

Tara laughed.  “It’s some process!” she said, patting her right monstrosity.

“I’m here to check up on you.  Make sure everything’s okay while you await Mr. Thorton’s return.

“Oh, thank-you,” Tara said, stupidly, realizing that she had had no idea before this as to what Kal’s last name was.

“Are you in any pain?” Indira asked, while consulting an Ipad.


“Good,” Indira replied.  “I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to touch you in several places that most people feel are rather personal.”

Tara shrugged.  “Go right ahead.”

Indira put her left palm fully on Tara’s right superbreast.  “Do you feel this, fully?” she wanted to know.


Indira began to walk around Tara’s ultra-breast, keeping her palm against its surface.

“Let me know if you feel my hand breaks contact with your breast at any time.”

Tara felt Indira’s hand as she circled around to the front of Tara’s swollen Hindenburgs.

“Ohhh!” Tara moaned as the touch became very erotic.

“My apologies,” Indira called over the flesh hills that now lay between the two women, “but my hand is now on your areola.”

“Oh that feels so GOOD!” Tara suddenly squealed the word “good” as she felt Indira’s hand move from her areola to her nipple.  Then the feeling was gone.

“I don’t feel it now,” Tara reported.

“Yes,” Indira replied.  “I’ve removed my hand.  “Are you feeling any discomfort from the elixir tubes in your nipples?”

Tara shook her head.  “None.”

It sure looked like it was uncomfortable, Indira thought.  Each nipple looked like it was painfully forced open to have the four inch wide plastic pipe shoved into it.  Her nipples were insanely huge, but it was still a shock to see.  Indira shook her head ever so slightly in disapproval.  She came back around and gave Tara a quick physical replete with a little hammer to her knee caps to watch for reflex actions.

“You know,” Tara said, at length, “You’re the first woman here who hasn’t gushed about how lucky I am.”

“Am I?” Indira said with a quick tick of her mouth as if she were about to give a wry smile, but then thought better of it.

“In fact,” Tara continued, “you’re the first woman I’ve seen here who isn’t buxom in the extreme—although, I guess I can’t tell if that brunette on the monitor was chesty or not, come to think of it.”

Indira laughed.  “Oh, she’s chesty, alright,” Indira said, both of her eyebrows rising.

“Somehow, I felt she would be,” Tara admitted.

“To the order of some 6,000cc implants,” Indira added.  “Each.”

“Okay,” Tara prompted.  “So, I was just wondering…”

Indira smiled.  “Like I said, I work for Dr. Chin.  She doesn’t require her employees to be superstacked.”

“But Kal’s employees have to?” Tara asked.

“Something like that.”

“Why were those women so jealous of my juggernauts here?” Tara wondered.  “Do all his employees love and lust Kal deeply?”  Like I do? Tara considered.

“Pretty much,” Indira nodded.

“How can that be?”

Indira smiled an emotionless smile.  “It’s not my place to say.”

“Then there is a reason, isn’t there?” Tara wanted to know.

Indira suddenly looked serious.  Placing her right palm on Tara’s right tanker, she looked Tara in the eye.  “Why are you doing this?”  Indira asked.  “Why are you mutilating your body?”

Tara looked surprised at this sudden change in the woman.  “To please Kal, of course,” she finally answered.

“What about yourself?” Indira asked.  “Is this really what you want?”

“Well, I want to please Kal—“

“That’s not what I asked.”

“But I’m doing it to please him.  I want to do it, if it pleases him.”

“Tara,” Indira said, looking at the hyper-blown woman intently, “this isn’t a matter of fixing your hair the way your boyfriend likes, or changing your clothes or make-up to please him.  This is an extremely radical procedure.  Nothing like it has ever been done.  Why are you doing something so extreme to yourself for a man you just met?

Tara looked back at Indira and just blinked.  Kal had told her many days had passed, but from her point of view she had just met him two days ago.

“You’re letting a relative stranger perform a radical medical procedure on you,” Indira pointed out.  “Why?”

“I…” Tara was at a loss.  Hadn’t she known Kal for months, if not years?  —No.  It just felt that way to her.  What did she really even know about him?  Not even his name until a few seconds ago…

“I don’t know,” she finally said, blankly.

“Why are you doing this to yourself?” Indira asked quietly.

Tara looked back at her torso, where the twin mini-buses sprouted from her ribcage.  She looked across the vast bloated acreage of so much bulging flesh—yards and yards of it and it was all her.  What had she done?  Why would anyone do this to themselves? 

Fear began to creep up on her.  Fear of a future attached to such impossibly enormous tanks of flesh.  Fear of living a life where she was simply blown up and exploded time and time again.  Each time bigger than the last.  Eventually each breast might balloon to twenty or thirty feet across as Kal wanted her to go bigger and bigger with each explosion.  She had let this be done to herself!  How could she have thought that this was a good idea? 

How long had she really been here?  How long did it take from that limo ride until today?  Kal had said days.  She had met him on Saturday night—well, a Saturday night, anyway.  How much time had passed?  What was the date?  Surely, someone at work would’ve tried to find out what had happened to her after not appearing for days, wouldn’t they?  Were they given some sort of cover story?  Something told her that no one would be looking for her.  Surely someone who was as savvy as Kal would’ve thought of a way to explain her disappearance.  Another chill ran up her spine—this one cold and severe: What if they thought she was dead?
She considered her insane tanks.  What was being done to her was highly experimental.  She was on the verge of having her breasts grow so large that they needed to put her into a vast warehouse.  How big would she get and what would happen when her poor breasts finally ruptured?  Would she be killed?

She felt panic begin to rise with her.  There was no way to leave.

She actually laughed out loud.

It would’ve been nearly impossible to leave when she had awoken this morning—it was totally absurd to think she could escape now.  She shook her head, mentally, at the idea of those enormous breasts that she’d woken up with as small and portable, but that’s how she looked back at them now.

“Remember this moment!” Indira said, seeing the realization come over Tara’s face—and breaking Tara out of her thoughts.  She grabbed Tara’s shoulder, making Tara look back at the gorgeous Indian.  “Do you hear me?  Remember this moment!”

“What?” Tara looked at her, confused.  “How could I forget?”

“Is there a problem?”  A voice asked from the loud speakers.

“No problem,” Indira called out.  Then to Tara, quickly: “I have to go.  Listen to what I told you: Remember!”  She nodded at Tara and then turned to go.  “Patient is experiencing slight withdrawal,” she called out as she walked.  “Corrective action suggested.”

“Very well,” replied the voice.  “Thank-you, Indira.”

In the next second, the monitors that had been showing Tara images of herself from different angles cleared to show images of Kal.

“Kal will return shortly,” the voice spke to her.  “He wants you very much.  You drive him crazy with desire.”  As the voice spoke, a nozzle descended from the ceiling and sprayed a light mist in the air near Tara.

“He does?” Tara asked, blinking.  “I do?”  How thrilling!  She really did excite him, didn’t she?  Look at him, she thought.  He’s so damn hot!  She loved him so much!  She had to have him.  She had to do what she could to please him.  She looked out over her dual blimps of lust.  How big could she get pumped?  She knew she couldn’t wait.  The bigger she got the more excited he got and she couldn’t wait to feel him inside her—gushing and moaning.  All hers.  She couldn’t wait to inflate until she exploded and make him detonate within her.

All thoughts of the beautiful Indian woman who had just spoke to her were gone.

Kal didn’t return until later that evening.  Tara was kept busy watching videos of him doing various things.  Mostly the videos were of him while he was on holiday camping, jet-skiing, hang gliding or snow skiing.  There was also video of him in various meetings and having business dinners which Tara had found fascinating despite the fact that she knew nothing of what the meetings were about or who was in them. She didn’t care as long as Kal was involved. There had also been video of her pump session from “yesterday”. She watched herself explode with fascination. How could her “little” breasts expand so large? Was that really her up there? Her breasts were so red and bloated before they ruptured. The zebra patterns of stretchmarks were chilling to look at as they rippled across her tortured balloons. Her areolas had gotten so distorted just before the end that they had swollen insanely large and scarlet red. They reminded her of a pan of Jiffy-pop as it expanded. The actual moment of her rupture was very difficult to watch. It happened so fast that all she could see was enormous overtaxed boobs one second and then a blast of white, the next. A chill ran up her spine as she considered what the freeze frames might look like.

Instead, she preferred to study Kal’s face intently when she watched him reactivate the pumps just before she exploded.  The desire and ecstasy visible in his features made her feel just wonderful.  When she had finally exploded in the video, Tara gave out a whoop of excitement as she watched Kal’s expression while he came.  It was difficult to see much, at first, as the elixir covered the camera lenses, but something soon wiped them clean and she could see the both of them on the floor, covered in white elixir.  She didn’t even notice her own body with her rendered breasts lying splattered across the bed.  All she saw was Kal’s ecstasy.

When it was over, Tara had called out: “Again!” like a little child and had been delighted to find the video beginning anew for her.

She had just finished viewing the video for its sixteenth time when Kal entered the vast room.

“I was worried that you were getting bored,” he lied.  “And here I find that you’re having a grand time watching yesterday’s fun.”

“Absolutely,” she replied.

“What’s your favorite part?” he asked, placing a hand on her bus-sized bosom and pushing inward—his hand sinking nearly a foot as he increased the pressure.

Tara felt a thrill at his touch.  “When I explode,” she said, matter-of-factly.

He smiled.  “Why?”

“Because it made you cum so intensely!” she said with enthusiasm.

His smile broadened.

“Can you play with my breasts?” she asked, suddenly.  “Maybe climb on top of them?”

He looked surprised and then his face beamed.  “Why didn’t think of that?” he wondered.  “Perianna?”  he called.

“Yes, I’m here,” came the same voice that had spoken to Indira moments ago.  “Always watching.”

“I need some way of climbing onto Tara’s breasts.”

“Very well,” Perianna’s voice replied as if he’d just asked for coffee.  “I’ll have Savannah bring you a lift.  Unless—“


“Unless you just want her to give you a boost up.”

“She’s certainly strong enough,” Kal remarked.  “Okay, call her in.”

As Kal finished stripping off his business suit, Savannah entered, still wearing her one piece bathing suit stretched over her rippling muscles and huge round bosoms.  Standing next to Tara’s right breast she put his bare foot in her hands and she hoisted him up onto Tara’s supermassive bosom.

“Oh!”  Tara exclaimed as Kal attempted to crawl around on her right breast, his knees sinking in far into her breastflesh.

“Does it hurt?” Kal wondered, his stiff cockhead rubbing against her skin.

“No,” Tara replied, “it feels nice, like someone kneading my boob.”

He floundered about up there a while as Tara giggled.  Eventually, he lay down on his stomach—spread-eagled—his face just a couple of feet from Tara’s.

“Thank-you for the idea,” he said to her.  “This is the most extraordinary sensation.  How does it feel for you?”

“Your entire body feels like someone has placed a warm hand—a big one—on my breast.  Though, I can feel your cock piercing me!” she giggled.

“Can you really?” Kal mused.  He turned to consider her massive cleavage.  “I would love to tit-fuck that cleavage of yours, but I’m afraid I might fall in and be smothered before Savannah could reach me!”

Tara smiled, sheepishly.

“This is the closest I’ve ever gotten to giantess erotica in real life,” he considered.

“Does giantess fiction get you hot?” she asked.

“Only in as much as the giantess’ boobs are humongous, I guess,” he replied and then asked Savannah to take the chrome remote and turn it on for mid-level flow.

Tara beamed.  Kal would be able to feel her breast swell right underneath him!

Soon she felt the warm flow of the elixir as it pumped into her.  Brobdingnagian bosoms.  It felt wonderful to see them slowly rise and expand again.  She was swelling larger than she was when she exploded before!  She felt a warm glow of fulfillment at seeing Kal smile as he rode her expanding blimp of a breast.

“This is so fucking hot, Tara.  To feel you balloon beneath me!  Holy shit!”

“You won’t ride me till I pop, will you?” Tara asked with concern.  She didn’t want him getting hurt.

He laughed.  “Certainly not!” he said.  “I want to be deep inside you when that happens!”

She grinned with delight at the thought.

Kal had Savannah help Tara out of the leg loops and instructed Perianna to raise the dais that Tara stood on as her breasts expanded so that she would always be able to see over their tops.

Tara glanced at one of the monitors that showed the dimensions of her balloons as measured by lasers set up within the room.

6 feet wide, each, by 10 feet long.

She looked down and saw that the platform she stood on—which up until now had been fairly close to the floor—was now a good two feet up in the air.

“How big will I get, baby?” she asked him.

“I’m not sure,” he lied.  “But I know you’ll be fine at least up to twenty feet across.”

Twenty feet wide!” she exclaimed.  “Each?”

He nodded.

“After that I could go ‘bang’ at any time?” she wanted to know.

“Any time.”

“Oh baby!” she squealed.  “I can feel you pokin’ me hard with that big cock of yours.  Come on down here and shove it in me, pleeeeeeeeease!”

He smiled.  “I think I want to play with you a bit more before that,” he said.  To get off her ever-growing mountain, he lay on his stomach and backed off the side of her—feet first.  Savannah took hold of his feet and lowered him down.

Tara felt his huge cock as it dug into her, the whole time.

7 feet wide by 11 feet long.

Kal looked at her profile and his already ten inch long cock stiffened at the site of this monstrous zeppelin protruding from Tara’s chest wall, ending in massive areolas.  He walked around to those meter-wide cones at the front.  They were riddled with thumb-sized tubercles and rose forward half a meter.  Deep pink at their base, her areolas lightened toward their peaks where her massive and deeply gnarled nipples gulped down the huge tubes.  He placed both hands on her right areola and ran his palms over the soft surface that was sprinkled with the quarter-inch high bumps.

“Oooh!” Tara moaned as she felt his hands stroke her pink mountains.

Kal smiled as he watched her areola’s surface crinkle where his palms had been.  Dozens and dozens of tubercles erupted, as well, where he stroked.  He massaged and stroked and played with her areola until it swelled up larger and was covered with bumps and tubercles across every square millimeter.  Through it all, Tara moaned and cried out.

8 feet wide by twelve feet long.

Kal called Savannah over so that she could continue to play with the areola he’d just excited while he stiffened up the second one.

Soon Tara was writhing and moaning, running her hands over the small portion of her vast blimps that she could reach.

9 feet wide by 13 feet long.

Kal called over Morgan and she continued his work on the second breast as Kal climbed the ladder behind the slowly raising platform that Tara was on—which was now nearly five feet high.  It had to keep rising to compensate for Tara’s ever-swelling mega-tits.

She was a sight to behold.  Kal’s cock swelled to over eleven inches as he watched her writhe and squirm to the sensations emanating from her massive areolas.  Her torso was nearly immobile, of course, attached, as it were, to her supertanker teats.

Kal hit the #7 button of the ten settings of force with which the pumps could propel elixir into her swelling tubs of flesh.  He pushed his bloated head under her dripping lips and she tried to back-up as much as she could to offer him her tunnel.  With his head nestled between her lips, he grabbed her thighs to raise her up and enter her.  As his huge gun pushed its way deep into her canal, she came intensely—screaming as his missile found the end of her chasm. 

11’ wide by 14’ long.

He stroked her slowly and pressed the #8, returning the remote to a Velcro strip around his waist.

Savannah and Morgan could only reach the lower parts of Tara’s areolas now and had to continue to step backward as her breasts continued to expand.  Holes in the floor oozed oil to allow her breasts to slide easily and the footing was slippery.

13’ wide x 15’ long.

Kal watched on the screens as Taras breasts swelled even larger . 

15’ wide x 16’ long.

He pushed the number 9…