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Thursday, August 16, 2018

POSSESSIONS", Book 1: Tara, Chapter 3 - Part 3

Sorry, it's been a while since I posted the last part.  Between work, stuff at home, and "Revenge", things have been so busy that I haven't had much time to do anything else.  I'll probably continue to post sections of the story about once a month, until after Halloween, I'm thinking.  Hope someone who never read this is checking it out and enjoying it! : )

As always, please be aware, that this is simply a second draft and not a proof-read copy of the story.

ATTENTIONThere is a fantasy sequence in which Tara's breasts explode within this part, but it is contained within one paragraph and a warning is posted immediately prior to that paragraph

Book 1: Tara
Chapter 3 (part 3)

Shadowmuse Blown

He took her hand and entered the loud main hall.  The dance floor was crowded and so was the bar and all of the tables.  A buxom L-cupper approached them.  Tara noted that all the employees were very buxom and dressed in the same black tights with spiked heels and black top with a deep scoop neck and long sleeves ending in black fingerless gloves.  The L-cupper smiled.

“Your usual table, sir?” she asked.  She was statuesque: a tall redhead with shoulder-length hair cut in a stylish layered look with highlights.  Her enormous eyes looked over a cute turned-up nose and full lips.

“Yes, please, Roxy,” he said, and the hostess showed them to a table in the back..

Tara got plenty of gawks and stares as she passed the clientele.  She was having a little difficulty with keeping her walk smooth.  The few thousand extra ccs were beginning to make balancing difficult as her high and fairly heavy mass shifted with each step.  She bobbled and bounced in the tight leather jacket with each step of her low heals.  Her swollen boobs were just a couple of inches beneath her chin.

She noticed that most of the women clientele were rather chesty, though, none of them rivaled anything near her girth.  About the biggest she saw were some J and K cups or so.  Eat your heart out, girls.  She smiled at their shocked faces.

“To get into the Bust Club,” Simon was telling her, “you have to have celebrity or higher status or be incredibly busty.  For your ordinary club-goer, a woman doesn’t have to pay if she’s a D-cupper or higher and doesn’t dress modestly.  If she’s with a date, he has to pay, regardless.  If a woman is an F cup or higher, she can cut the line, but the guy’s still gotta pay,” he laughed.  Any girl under a D has to wait in line and pay full price.”

“That’s terrible!” Tara said as they got out of a small lift that had brought them to the second level.

Simon grinned as they sat on the black leather bench seat of his table.  It was fairly large and overlooked most of the club.  Tara recognized several celebrities sitting at tables close to theirs.  Most were eyeing her enormous assets.

“It’s not called the Bust Club for nothing,” he pointed out.  “What would you like to drink?”

“Just a white wine,” she replied. 

The hostess left to fill the order.

“Why were you so enamored of me when you first met me tonight?” she asked.  “I was just a K cup.  I had assumed that you didn’t get to be in the company of too many K cuppers.”

He smiled.  “As you can see, there are a few K cuppers about here, that’s true,” he replied.  “But you were no mere K cupper, Tara.  You’re gorgeous in your own right and the rest of your body is stunning, as well.”

Tara wiggled about on her enormous buttocks and smiled.  She’d forgotten about that part.

“What’s the biggest chested girl you’ve made love to?” she asked as the drinks arrived.  She had to sit nearly sideways to the table in order to see and hold her drink on the table.

“Probably about an L cup,” he replied.

“That’s it?” she asked, surprised.

“I’m not usually the kind of guy who tries to bang every big bust that comes my way,” he said.  “I’ve had bigger girls work for me and perform at the club—some of them bigger than you are now—but you’re actually one of the few I’ve been with that I wasn’t romantically involved with.”

“I’m just a one night stand, I know,” she said, looking down into the awesome valley between her massive melons.

“I would hardly call you “just” a one-night-stand,” he said, putting a hand to her cheek.  “You have a wonderful personality, Tara.  If you weren’t with Kal, I would love to get to know you.”

She smiled, looking up.  “I’m not sure what ‘with Kal’ means,” she admitted.  “I’m certainly not his sole girlfriend.  More like one of a harem, I guess.”

He laughed.  “Kal does like to have his choices.”  He shifted closer to her.  “How does that make you feel?”

She looked at him blankly for a moment.  How did it make her feel?  When Kal was about, she didn’t care how many other women were around or what he did with them, as long as he was happy.  But now, sitting here in this club, far from Kal, she had to admit that she didn’t care for being one of many.  She wondered why that was. 

“I’m not sure,” she admitted.

Remember how you feel right now, a voice came back to haunt her.  Who had said that?  When had someone said that to her? 

“Are you okay?” Simon said, seeing the far-away look in her eyes.

“I’m remembering something,” she said, quietly—so quietly that Simon had to lean in closely to hear.  “Something I can barely remember….  I was big… So very very big…”

“Your breasts, obviously,” Simon said.

Tara continued without acknowledging him.  “I was nightmarishly big.  Bigger than a car or a bus…”

Simon looked at her in disbelief.

“I was in such pain and I was so insanely HUGE!...  A voice told me to remember how I felt at that moment… I haven’t thought about it since.”  She suddenly looked over at him, for his ear was just inches from her mouth to hear her—his shoulder pressed against her enormous balloons.

He sat up, though he kept his face close to hers.  “What made you forget something like that?” he asked.

A tear had formed and was only now flowing down the side of her full cheek.  She shook her head.  She didn’t know.  She had always thought of being pumped up like that with joy—the joy of satisfying Kal with her gargantuan mega-tits.  But now, with Kal far from here, she remembered the dark side of the expansion.  “I have difficulty thinking clearly when Kal’s around,” she admitted.

He nodded.  “Are you okay with being with me tonight?” he asked.

She looked at him in surprise.  “Are you kidding?” she asked, breaking out into a huge smile.  “Absolutely!”

“Do you still want to go back to Kal after tonight?” he asked simply.

Why didn’t she jump at the chance to say yes?  “I…”

“He’s videoing everything we do for his own pleasure later,” Simon told her.  “And most of the time he’s recording audio, too, but not here in my own club.  I have that jammed here.  You can be truthful.”

She looked at him with her huge, gorgeous, and brilliantly blue, eyes.  “I want to say ‘yes’, but…” she hesitated.  “But he…”


“He pumps me ruthlessly.  It hurts so much!” Tears began to flow once more.  “I don’t get it,” she said.  “When I’m with him, I don’t care, but I was so scared that time.  I was so big and I didn’t want to explode.”

“Kal wasn’t there when you felt that way, is that right?”

“No,” she realized.  “No, he wasn’t’.  A woman had been there.  Her name was Indira.  She worked for Dr. Chin.”

Simon nodded.  “I’ll have my people get in touch with her,” he said.  “Something’s not right about Kal’s effect on women, but I’ve never had anyone tell me anything except that he’s wonderful.  Not from a woman who knows him, that is..  I’ve known about Dr. Chin, but she’s always been unreachable, avoiding me.”

Tara shook her head as if clearing the cobwebs out of it.  “You think he’s been doping us up or something?” Tara wanted to know.

Simon shrugged.  “Have you ever met a woman who knew Kal who didn’t gush about him to the extreme?”

“Just that woman Indira,” Tara replied.  “But she worked for Dr. Chin.”

Simon nodded and then took her hands—under her massive tits—in his.  “I want to help you Tara if you want it.”

Tara nodded and smiled.  “I’m a little scared,” she acknowledged.  “I mean, what’s being done to me?  I meet this guy and then I’m kept unconscious except for a couple of days where he pumps my tits to enormous sizes.  Why did I think that that was all cool?”  She looked at Simon in astonishment.  “What did he do to me?”

Simon shook his head, concerned.  “I don’t know, but I’m going to get you away from him.”

“You will?” she smiled like a small child who’d been lost.

Suddenly, Simon looked even more concerned.  “He’s coming.”

“What?” Tara jerked up as if someone had jolted her with electricity.

“He’s here at the club.  Just got off the lift.”  Simon took her face in his hands.  “If my guess is correct, you will probably forget what we’re talking about as soon as he comes near.  But I won’t and I promise you that I’ll find out what’s going on and get you away from him.  But I can’t do it now, because you’ll resist me.”

“What?” she asked, stupidly and then Kal stopped at the table.

“How’s it going?” he asked with a big smile.

Tara turned her head to him so fast, it seemed to Simon it might snap off.  “Kal!” she beamed.  “Look at me!”  She swiveled her shoulders to give him a good look at her massive bobbling flesh.

“Oh baby, you’re hot!” he smiled.  “You guys havin’ a good time?”

“The best!” Simon ginned and put out his hand.  “Join us!  Join us!  We were just talking about how gorgeous I thought she was!”

Kal pulled up a chair and sat across from them.  “She’s amazing, there’s no doubt about it.”  He looked at Tara’s face, puzzled by the tear.  “You okay, baby?”

Simon laughed.  “She started crying when I told her how much you’d love to see her looking so pumped up.”

“Awww…” Kal said, looking at Tara’s tremendous bosoms.

Tara nodded, though she had no idea that she’d been crying.  But Simon was right, she would’ve been so happy to realize how much Kal would love her looking like this.  “I knew you’d be so happy,” she said.  “You do like them, don’t you?”

“Fuck, yeah!”

“Kal,” Simon said, “she’s been the most amazing companion I’ve ever spent an evening with—which I’m sure you’re quite aware.”

“Yup,” was all Kal said, nodding his head with a huge grin.

“When does she need to return to you?” Simon asked.  “After we’re finished here I’d like to invite her back to my place for the evening.  Would tomorrow afternoon be sufficient or is the young lady required elsewhere before then?”

Kal shook his head.  “No, not at all,” he replied.  “Tomorrow evening would even be fine, I’m sure.  However—“

“Yes?” Simon inquired.

“Do to Tara’s special nature, I suggest you spend the night at my place so that you both could be attended to right away, if necessary.”

Simon narrowed his eyes.  “Special nature?”

Kal looked at Tara.  “I’m sorry, hasn’t Tara told you what she can do?”

“Well,” Simon replied, smiling, “obviously, her breasts expand.”

“I didn’t tell you this before,” Tara said, looking at Simon.  “If you want, you can pump my boobs up until they explode.”

Simon stared at her for a moment, just blinking.

“Explode?” he finally said.

“If that’s what you want,” she said, smiling.

Why on earth would you want to explode?” Simon asked, obviously agitated.

“To excite you,” she replied, matter-of-factly.  “I’ve done it before.”

Simon stared at her.  “Really?  How is that possible?”

“It’s a long story,” Kal cut in.  “But her breasts can fill until they explode and she will be quite fine, I assure you.  That’s why I suggest staying at my place.  It’s best if Tara gets immediate attention after she ruptures and your furniture and flooring won’t get ruined.”

Simon looked back and forth between the two of them, unable to believe his ears.

“You’re totally serious,” he said, finally.

“You bet,” Kal said, reaching across the table and running his palm over the bloated top of one of Tara’s bulging hydrogen bombs.  She smiled appreciatively.

Tara had just told me how big she had gotten and didn’t want to explode.  She was totally serious! Simon thought to himself.  What kind of fucking monster is Kal, really?  He looked at Tara.  “And you like to do this?” he asked, knowing that she wasn’t in her right mind right now with Kal so near.

She grinned broadly.  “Oh yeah baby!” she squealed, shaking her enormous pounders.

Simon’s cock grew so hard and stiff at watching the tops of her bosoms bobble and undulate—barely contained in the jacket opening—that it practically hurt.  She looked so fucking awesome!  But what he said was: “Why?”

She smiled an evil smile.  “I love to do it to get Kal to cum!  It’s such a darkly erotic idea to pump a girl’s tits so big that they actually e x p l o d e !”—she said this slowly and she could see him swallow.

“If you feel uncomfortable with the idea of exploding Tara’s breasts, I totally understand,” Kal said.  “You don’t have to, for goodness sake.  In the meantime, Tara can expand as big as your wildest dreams.”

“How big can she get?” Simon asked.

Kal shook his head. “I’m not sure,” he lied.  “Not as big as a bus this time around, though.”

“She really swelled that big once before?” Simon asked, in awe.

“Yes,” Kal replied, “and much bigger than that another time.  But her doctor engineered her breasts so that they wouldn’t get quite so stratospherically enormous this time.  But they will get much bigger than they are now.  Well over two feet across each, I should think.”

“Damn…” Simon said, obviously thinking of Tara with tits two feet in diameter.

Tara laughed.  “And don’t worry!  Kal’s right.  I can definitely tell when they’re full and are close to poppin’.  I’ll let you know before we get into dangerous territory.”

“You’re sure?” he asked her.

“Absolutely,” she said, widening her eyes upon the memories.  “Unless you change your mind: no exploding.”

He smiled, nervously.

“Good,” Kal said, standing up.  “Then I’ll leave you four to have fun.  Oh…”

“Yes?” Simon looked up.

“You’re still good with my people installing video equipment in your place, then?  It’s unobtrusive.”

Simon laughed.  “You have my keys.  Go right ahead.”

“Thanks,” Kal said and reached over again to sink his fingers into one of Tara’s gigantic bosoms.  “Oh baby…” he smiled.  “You’ve got a lot of expanding to do yet!”  He turned to Simon.  “I’m guessing much more than two feet across, old boy.”  He grinned and took the lift down to the dance floor.

Simon shook his head.  “I can’t believe what I’ve been hearing tonight.”

Tara shifted over to cozy up to him on the leather bench, her left super-swollen udder pressed against his chest, the pair just inches beneath his chin.

He laughed, looking down at her gorgeous face.  “I can’t believe just how fucking hot you are!

She smiled.  “What’s the biggest girl you ever fucked?” she asked suddenly.

Simon thought for a moment.  Didn’t she remember asking him that moments before Kal arrived?  “The biggest girl I had sex with that I was in a relationship with was a L cup,” he repeated.  “I thought she was impossibly huge at the time.”  Kal’s influence fucks with her memory.

“No,” Tara said.  “Biggest that you fucked.  Not just fucked while in a relationship.  Or do you only have sex with girls who you’re dating?”

He smiled.  “Most of them are those I’m seeing in a relationship.  There have been a few others…  There was a feature dancer that we had here who was mind-boggling huge.  I took her to my place after her show down there on the stage.  We talked and talked and talked and drank and drank.  I thought at the time that I was falling in love with her, actually.”  He shook his head, grinning at the memory.  “She had 7,000cc implants.  Huge.”

“Nowhere near as big as I am now,” Tara said, snuggling closer to him and shoving her breasts closer, as well.

Simon laughed.  “No,” he said, simply.

“Do you mind if I ask how you know Kal?” she asked, laying her head on his shoulder.

“Real estate,” he replied.  “We do real estate deals all the time.  Buying and selling.  In fact, I almost backed out of the current deal a couple of months ago when Kal added some interesting ‘side dishes’, as he calls them, to sweeten the deal.”

She straightened up and looked up at him.  “Was it a really BIG deal?”

He nodded.

She squinted her eyes at him.  “Your last name is Kurtis!  The bouncer called you that!”

“Yes it is,” he replied, “What connection are you making?”

She laughed.  “That was the name of the big deal that made Kal walk out on pumping me up last time.  He left me hanging there with house-sized tits just to finish negotiations!”

“House size?”

Tara shrugged.   “A small house.”

He laughed.  “You want to know what made the deal?”

She nodded.

“He’s going to have his exclusive doctor pump any girl who works for me and wants it, to any size they want.  She has some experimental procedure.”

“Dr. Chin,” said Tara.  “The one who made me like this.”

“He also said he’d get a me a constant stream of headliners for the stage show that goes on at midnight.  He’s promised me huge buxom women that won’t be found anywhere else.  I’m assuming he’s volunteering girls from his own harem…  Then there’s you.”

“Me?” she asked.  “I’m the cherry on top of the deal, huh?”

He nodded.  “Had I known what you were like in advance, I would’ve signed the whole deal over just for you.”

She grinned as Roxy, the hostess approached from the lift.

“Excuse me, Mr. Kurtis,” she said in a beautiful honey voice.

“Yes, Roxy?” he asked.

Tara sat up beside Simon.

“Kal wanted you to know that a “pump” has been installed behind the curtains on the main stage,” she replied.  “’Just in case they want Tara to perform,’ she said.”  She looked wide-eyed at them, indicating that she had no real idea what the message meant.

Simon laughed.  “He did, did he?” Simon asked.  He looked at his watch and saw that it was just after 11:30.  “Who’s on tonight, Roxy?”

“Salina Expansion, starting at 10,000ccs.”

“Holy shit!” Simon replied and turned to Tara.  “Would you be willing to do a routine on stage?”

Tara looked befuddled.  “I guess,” she stammered.  “I mean, you just want me to dance for your crowd?.”

“Something like that,” Simon said.

~ ~ ~

Tara sat backstage with two of Simon’s gorgeous girls—both E cuppers—as they finished getting her ready for her debut on stage.  They had removed the leather jacket—much to Tara’s chagrin; she loved the way she puffed up out of that thing—and she wore only the dress that she had started the evening wearing.  It had stretched considerably to hold her huge 13560cc jugs and Tara doubted it had much “give” left in it.  Both girls had commented positively on Tara’s “Chelsea Charms-sized boobs”, as they put it.  Tara’s areolae had swollen considerably since she had put on the leather jacket.  Easily seen bulging under the sheer cobalt blue fabric of the dress, her areolae were now four inches across and coned upward to a height of, perhaps, two inches.  Her nipples, however, had remained basically the same size, pointing at the ceiling at a 60 angle; each was still about an inch tall and a half inch wide.

Fucking hot! she thought to herself, at how much more noticeable her nips were now that the areolae were so much bigger.  This is such a hot look.  I never had nipples that pointed up before.  It really makes me look even more erotic!

She had just finished giving instructions to one of the girls on how to attach the nozzle and tubing to her extra nipple at her waist.  The girl had also put on a new harness that ran around Tara’s stomach and then hooked up to the tubing.  It was sheer and didn’t show through the dress, but was tough enough to help hold onto the tubing.  She needed something so that when she walked about, the nozzle wouldn’t yank on her extra nipple.  Up until now, she’d pretty much been stationary as she’d gotten filled.  This would be the first time that she’d be on her feet, moving while she got pumped.

She noted that the tubing was a little wider now.  It always gets wider, she thought to herself, smiling.

One of the girls came over to Tara as the second one finished setting up the line to Tara’s extra nipple.  “Tara, have you ever met Salina Expansion?”

Behind the girl, Tara saw a woman about as enormously busted as herself, walk across the backstage with a big smile.  With a petite body, she stood only about five feet tall and was very slim with the exception of hips which flared outward deliciously.  She had a gorgeous mane of long dirty-blonde hair with long bangs which kept getting in her eyes. Widely set, deep blue eyes were accentuated by narrow eyebrows that arched upward as they drew away from center. Her nose wasn’t petite, but not overly large either with a slightly bulbous tip. Her lips were very well defined with a sweetheart’s dip in both the upper and lower.  Tara found them interesting in that they protruded fully, but were fairly narrow.  She held out a hand as Tara stood up.

“Good to meet you,” Salina said, taking Tara’s hand.  “Your name is Tara, I’m told.  You look awesome!  How long have you been in the industry?”

Tara shook her head slowly and stupidly.  What did the girl mean?  “What industry?” she asked.

Salina smiled.  “Stripping.”

“Oh!” Tara said, suddenly realizing why the girl would think that she would strip for a living, “I’m not an exotic model or performer.  I’m going out on stage as a favor to Simon.  I hope I don’t make a fool of myself.”

Really?” Salina said, still looking over Tara’s incredible body.  “Then why do you look like this, if you don’t mind my asking?”

“My…” Tara hesitated and then decided to go ahead with the word she had in mind: “…boyfriend likes to pump my tits up really big.”

“Who’s your boyfriend?” Salina asked.

“Kal Thorton.”

A light dawned in Salina’s face.  “Oh!” she said and laughed.  “No wonder!  Okay, I’ll try to help you as best I can.  If you’re a good dancer, just try to dance to the music and tease the audience.”  She paused, eyeing the tube that stuck out of Tara’s side.  “Oh my goodness!” she beamed pointing to Tara’s white-filled tube and then turned around to show that she was trailing a pair of clear tubes, herself.

“You’re going to get pumped on stage, too?” Tara asked.

Salina nodded.  “It’s my speciality,” she said with a broad smile.  “I’ve never seen anyone else do it.”

“Me either,” Tara said, stupidly.

“Where’s your port?” Salina asked.

“Here,” Tara indicated where the tube attached at her side.

Salina came closer and crouched down on folded knees to look closer.  “Your port is actually in the side of your waist?” she asked, puzzled.  She looked up at Tara.  “That’s amazing.”

“Where’s yours?” Tara asked.

“In my armpits,” Salina replied, standing up and turning around to show Tara how the tubes divided beneath her corset and ran to either side and then went up under her armpits.  She lifted an arm to show Tara where a very thick needle pierced her skin to enter the port beneath.  It was all held in place by a special clear plastic harness that ran up from the corset.

“Ouch,” Tara said.  “Doesn’t that hurt?”

“You gotta watch how you move so that the needles aren’t disturbed,” Salina reported.  “To insert them, I use a local anesthetic.  How is your port set up if you don’t use needles.”

“Kal’s doctor kinda grew a type of nipple on the side of my waist,” Tara explained as Salina’s eyes grew wide.  “A nozzle is then inserted into the center until it clicks with the port underneath.”

“Holy shit,” Salina said in awe.  “I guess that’s what a billionaire can do.”

“Billionaire?” Tata asked.  “Kal’s a billionaire?

Salina laughed.  “You never heard of Kal Thorton?  How long have you known him?”

Tara was about to say ‘a couple of days’, but realized that that would make no sense.  “Since September,” she replied.

“And you never knew how much money he had?” Salina asked, shaking her head.

Tara shrugged.  “No, but it’s been obvious that he has a lot of disposable income.”

Salina laughed again.  “I’ll say!”  She walked around Tara, admiring her super-hourglass body.  “Honey, you are built like a teen fantasy on steroids,” she said.  “I take it that this isn’t the ass you were born with.”

Tara smiled.  “Nope.”

“How many ccs are you?”

Tara looked at her, puzzled.  “Huh?”

“Your implants,” Salina said, gesturing at Tara’s huge pounders.  “How big are the implants in your boobs?”

Tara looked at her blankly.  “I don’t have any implants,” she said, matter-of-factly.

“Then what are you pumping?”

“My boobs,” Tara replied.  “They’re designed with a pocket inside and can swell up really really big.”

“Holy shit!  You’re one of Kal’s rumored bioengineered experiments,” Salina said with realization.  “People have been talking about them.  I think you’re the first proof that it’s real.”

“I guess I am,” Tara said with a weak smile.

“Girl,” Salina said, “I do so want to talk with you later.”

“Sure,” Tara said, stupidly.

“I’ve got about 10,000ccs in my lower bag—” Salina began to explain.

Lower bag?” Tara asked, unsure of what Salina meant.

“I’ve got several implants in me right now,” Salina said.  “One of them, at the bottom, is filled to near capacity at 10,000ccs.  Tonight, I’ll pump up one of the others.  It’s rated at 7,000, but I’ll pump it way past that.”

“Can your skin take that?” Tara asked, aware that no one else besides herself would have specially engineered breasts to swell like a cartoon character.

“Yeah, if I were to go without a bra, you’d see just how saggy I am.  There’s plenty of room to pump ‘em big.”

“Very cool,” Tara said, because she could think of nothing else to say.

“We’re gonna go on in a few seconds,” Salina said, looking at a clock on the back wall.  “Tell me, how big will you get doing our little show here?  Whoever gets bigger should go last.”

“Oh, I’m not going my biggest,” Tara said.  “Just big enough to bust this dress, I should think.”

“So, what…” Salina looked the garment over, trying to gage how much it could take.  “A few thousand ccs?”

Tara shrugged.  “Never did this before.”  She looked at her massive boobs.  “Maybe 5K, maybe 10?”

Salina bit her lip.  “How big can you get, if you don’t mind my asking?”

Tara laughed.  “They haven’t told me that.”  Then, seeing Salina’s frustration, she added: “Big… I’m guessing I’ll go way past 50,000ccs.”

Salina’s jaw fell open.  “Are you bullshitting me?”

With a totally serious, deadpan look, Tara shook her head. 

After a moment, Salina regained her train of thought.  “Okay, look.  I think we should both go out there and dance and have you expand first.  I’ll goad the audience on until you bust out of your dress.  If you could give me the stage after that, I’d like to go all the way by myself.  I like to do a little audience participation.  Is that cool with you?”

Tara smiled and shrugged.  “Sure!” she replied. 

Salina quickly co-ordinated with the girls backstage as to when to pump each of them and then the announcer came on.

“Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the bewitching hour,” came the very sensual female voice over the sound system. Tara saw the floodlights come on outside the curtains.  “We have a very special delight here for you this evening.  On behalf of the Bust Club, please give a warm welcome to Salina Expansion and Tara!”

“Come on!” Salina waved Tara over to the opening in the curtain.  “Time to get big!”

Salina entered the stage to a round of loud applause.  Tara waited behind the curtains for a minute.  She’d been fine a minute ago, but now her stomach felt fluttery.  She’d never done anything even remotely like this before.  She took a deep breath—her rising bosoms pressing against the curtains—and psyched herself up.  Just gotta pretend that I do this every day!

She pulled the curtains aside and stepped out to thunderous applause and shouts.  She beamed broadly at the attention and began to dance to the music—or as much as she could in low spikes and such a massive bust.  It was a good thing that her tits didn’t weigh as much as they would have if they’d been filled with saline or breastmeat: she would never have been able to balance while walking, much less dance.  She kept an eye out for what Salina was doing and tried to replicate it when she could.  She shook her shoulders to massive cries of delight, sometimes getting down at the edge of the stage and kneeling and trying to make them bobble back and forth fiercely.

To her surprise, a good deal of the audience was made up of women, perhaps a quarter of it.  Not all the girls were busty, either, though most were, of course. 

After a little while, the announcer came on: “Ladies and gentlemen, shall we make Tara’s dress a little tighter?”  Obviously, Salina had told one of the backstage girls to have the announcer call that out at some point.  The audience screamed and Tara felt the influx of elixir as it pumped into her breasts.  Salina had retreated for the moment and as Tara turned to see her, she realized that two LED boards hung above the stage.  The one over Salina was blank, but the one behind Tara was showing the amount of ccs being pumped into her bosoms.  It was already past 1000ccs and Tara could feel the dress’ top growing tighter and tighter.

At 2000ccs, when a seam began to split, Salina came up alongside her and began to shout: “Pump it!”.  She chanted it over and over again until the audience joined her.

“PUMP IT!... PUMP IT!... PUMP IT!... PUMP IT! ... PUMP IT! ... PUMP IT! ... PUMP IT!”

At 3000ccs, Salina raised a fist and Tara suddenly felt the force of the elixir increase manifold.

“Ungh!” Tara grunted as the dress dug into her ballooning wonders.  Her mammoth udders were swelling upward out of the scoop-neck as well as pressing against the fabric of the dress.  The reinforced seam of the neck opening wasn’t stretchable like the fabric, itself, was, and it was this seam that dug deep into Tara’s tumefying bosoms.  The strain was incredible and Tara watched as seam after seam began to slowly separate.  She ballooned out of the dress rapidly: 4000ccs, and more and then it was too much.

Inaudibly, because of the roar of the crowd, Tara’s swelling gourds bust through the material of the dress.  All at once they popped fully into view and the top of the dress was gone, replaced by shards of fabric.  The audience went wild as Tara’s nipples twanged in the air amid the dance of dozens of fluttering blue strips of cloth.  Tara shook her shoulders for all it was worth and nearly lost her balance as her still ballooning dirigibles tried to topple her center of gravity. 


She fell to her knees at the edge of the stage and lowered her torso as she propped herself up on her arms, her mighty expanding juggernauts thrust forward for the crowd to ogle.  With a jerk of her head, indicating they could come forward, a couple approached her and reached out to hold her growing spheres.  Tara smiled as the guy and his girlfriend ran their palms across her vast girth.

“I can’t fucking believe what I’m seeing!” the girl—a bulging D cupper—gasped.  “What I’m feeling!

“You’re a fucking goddess!” shouted the guy.  “I can actually feel you growing!”

Beaming, Tara jerked her head to tell everyone else that they were free to touch her.  “Come on over!” she called, and soon had a mob around her vast swelling pontoons. 


They fondled her and cried out responses.

“How is this possible?”

“It’s insane!”

“Bigger!  Bigger!”

“Holy shit, you’re still growing!”

“Fucking awesome!”


[Author’s note: the following scene may contain imagery unpleasant for some.  Please skip to the next paragraph if you’re not interested in graphic detail]

Tara felt lightheaded with the attention and the commotion.  She was still swelling and so many people were touching her.  How big would they pump her?  This was unrehearsed.  Salina hadn’t suggested it, but Tara just felt like connecting with the crowd.  Her eyes rolled up in her sockets as she felt herself swell and swell, felt their hands upon her mighty wonders.  How big?  10,000ccs?  100,000ccs?  As she drifted into a trancelike state, her mind’s eye saw her balloon ever greater until her tits pushed their way out into the crowd, over five feet across each.  More and more people came to feel her and hug her tits and push their chests against her impossibly huge udders.  She’d grown bigger than that in the past.  Her tits would swell till they reached the floor, huge spheres of lust pressing their way out into the tightly packed crowd.  Bigger.  Bigger.  Monstrously, over seven feet across, each, now, she felt them press into the crowd.  Those at the front screamed out for air.  She felt one slip and fall on the floor to have her legs covered by her ever-swelling mountains.  The girl cried out as Tara’s monster balloons covered her legs and hips even while a guy fell near her other expanding supertanker.  The girl fought to keep from being stepped on, the crowd was deaf to her screams as Tara expanded nightmarishly to cover her hips and waist.  Tara felt more people fall and get trapped by her uber-busten.  She could feel them writhe beneath her vast girth.  The first girl felt the mighty poundage of Tara’s left breast swell over her ribcage and Tara could feel the bones crack as her monster weight crushed her and then others beneath their ten-foot-diameter size.  Tara laughed.  These were her ants and she was their queen.  So what if a few were sacrificed?  She felt her skin tighten as the force of elixir came faster and faster and faster.  Soon her mighty planets were very round and tight as she crushed more patrons and she felt the terrible pain as her tits could expand no more.  Her areolas quickly ballooned upward and when they’d reached their maximum size she knew the end would come soon!  She gritted her teeth as the pain became unbearable and the stretch-marks rippled across her scarlet red balloons.  The force of the elixir came on even greater and she felt it push her nightmarish tits past their endurance.  In an instant, the front of her colossi blew open, blasting the crowd with milky whiteness and flesh.   The blast blew forward to rip a whole through the crowd where her impossibly huge tanks emptied themselves onto the dance floor even as the rest of her bosom fell down to smother those that were left alive.

“Tara?” It was Salina, who had put her hand on her shoulder to snap her out of her fantasy.  The pumps had stopped.  Tara was big, but the ten-foot-wide breasts had been a figment of her imagination.

How long had she been dreaming up that nightmare?  Tara looked around slightly dazed. 

“You okay?” Salina asked, as she helped the super-pumped brunette to her feet.

Tara nodded with an embarrassed smile.  She saw the LED sign.  It read 17000ccs!  That meant that she now had a total of over 33,000ccs pumped into her tits, each.  Each breast was over 15 inches wide, at least.  It was amazing that she could even walk with that amount of bulk, but the elixir foam was about a fifth as heavy as water.  So, although they were heavy now, they weren’t nearly as heavy as they would’ve been had she been pumped with saline.  Still, it was ponderous.

She made her way backstage and sat back in the seat she’d occupied prior to the show.

“That was awesome!” one of the backstage girls whispered to her.  “I can’t believe how much you expanded!”

Tara smiled her appreciation, then turned her attention to a monitor showing the action on stage.  Salina had removed the fronts to her bra, converting it to a shelf bra and exposing her three-inch areolae and pinky-thick nips that were about an inch long and curved upwards at their ends like excited cocks.  It was a very erotic look, Tara thought.  Salina was dancing about the stage and had begun to expand.  The front of her breasts had begun to enlarge, ballooning forward, round and bloated.  The audience was shouting: “Pump it!  Pump it!  Pump it!” as she grew and grew.  When the LED screen read over 5000ccs, she stopped at the end of the stage and looked the crowd over.  After a few moments she smiled and pointed at a particularly muscular guy near the front and waved him up on stage. 

The guy joined her with a huge bulge in his jeans.  She had him lie down, the top of his head pointed at the audience and then she hopped on top of his right thigh, the one with his cock snaking its way down his pant leg.  She cried out to have the pumps go all the way and then began to rub herself over the guy’s bulge, undulating her spine as her breasts’ growth went into hyperdrive.  Tara saw that the front of Salina’s boobs swelled spherically; apparently the implant she had at the front was round and the bulge was obvious as a separate implant.  It grew and grew and grew until it rivaled the rest of her breast in size.  Indeed, the LED sign was up to  10,000ccs and still she swelled, her boobs bloated and round at front almost as if she had a separate pair of boobs attached to the front of her originals.  Salina’s mouth was wide open, her eyes closed in ecstasy as she pressed her groin into the fellow beneath her.  Larger and larger her bust swelled and Tara could see that the skin was growing taut.  Salina appeared to be running out of skin room as the implant soared to 11,000ccs.  She ran her hands up and across her mighty swelling bloaters.  Suddenly, her eyes popped open and her mouth turned to a large “O”.  Were her implants swelling bigger than anticipated?  At 12,000ccs, she began to buck her chest up and down, her hands clasping her mighty pounders from either side.  From the top of each swelling area, a third bubble began to tumefy and Tara guessed that a weak point had developed in both implants.  It wouldn’t be long now…

The third bubble ballooned rapidly to half a foot across as the audience cried, “bust it! bust it! bust it!”  In moments, Salina cried out and came hard as both bubbles suddenly rose quickly and shook as the implants ruptured from the force within them.  The crowd went wild as the two bumps disappeared, their captured saline set free within the confines of Salina’s boobs.  Salina wrapped her arms around her bloated tits and squeezed them for all she was worth as she came hard on top of her captive, her bloated secondary implants deflating slightly as the pumps were turned off.  The audience cheered and hooted.  Once Salina finished cumming, she got off her toy to reveal a seriously stained pant leg.  Obviously, her charge had cum inside his pant leg, as well.

As Salina came backstage, Tara got up congratulate her on a very unique stage show.

“Thanks,” Salina replied.  “I got a little worried there that those suckers weren’t gonna pop before I ran out of pliant skin!  They’re only rated for 7000ccs, so I was surprised they went so far!”

“What happens to the implants now” Tara asked.

“They’ll slowly return to their pre-filled size as my body absorbs the saline,” she replied.  “When I’ve popped all the extra bags, I’ll get them removed and have new ones installed. But I want to get more and get ‘em bigger and try to expand several at once eventually.”

“Sounds like a huge undertaking,” Tara commented.

“It’ll take a while, but what I eventually want to do is get a way to pump vast volumes into my tits at once to pop the whole thing.’

“Because it gets you off?” Tara asked.

“Absolutely!” Salina replied.

Simon appeared presently and took Salina’s hand in appreciation.  “Absolutely wild show, Sal,” he told her.  “Thanks for sharing the spotlight tonight, I appreciate it.”

“No problem,” Salina replied.  “I loved working with Tara.  Anytime.”  She smiled and winked at Tara before heading off to her dressing room.

“You look fucking awesome, yourself!” Simon told Tara, who was no longer bare-chested.  During Salina’s routine, the backstage girls had brought a vibrant red top over to her with three-quarter sleeves that they helped her put on like a jacket.  The front was in two halves and they wrapped one side over one massive mammary and then overlapped the other over the other mammary so that the end result was a deep V neck plunging far down her cavernous cleavage.  Tara’s perky nipples poked up, easily visible as they tented the fabric.  The girls had also replaced the skirt of her shredded dress with skin tight blue jeans and Simon walked around her admiring her vast pontoonlike buttcheeks.

“I can’t believe how fucking huge, yet perfectly tight and round your ass is, Tara,” he said.  “You truly are awesome.”

“You ready to take me home and fuck me?” she asked.

“Absolutely,” he beamed, his cock hard and pulsing.

One of the backstage girls approached Tara with a red, puffy down-filled parka lined with soft fur.  “We’ve already put the leather jacket in your limo,” she said, as she helped Tara on with the winter jacket. 

Tara laughed as the jacket was the right size for her when she was a D cupper.  There was no hope to zip it up. 

“I’m sorry,” the girl said, “you’re just too big to zip it up.”

Tara smiled, seeing Simon’s cock jump at the remark.  “That’s okay, I have a feeling Kal doesn’t want my boobs hidden in any way.  At least I’ll be warmer than when we came in!  And I’ve got sneakers now so that I don’t have to worry about toppling over.”

Linking arms, Simon and Tara walked to the back of the club where Simon explained that he had a private exit out to the back alley.  He looked down at Tara’s massive balloons as they bounced before her, her tented nipples poking toward the ceiling.  “You’re so fucking huge now…” Simon remarked.

Tara looked up at him, beaming at his excitement.  “All for you, baby, and soon about to get bigger!”  She fluttered her eyelashes at him.  “And no popping!  I’ll get as big as you want and then stop.”

He laughed.  “You don’t mind getting bigger than this?” he marveled. 

“Mind?” she replied.  “Baby, I want to get bigger!  I want to do anything and everything I can to get you as excited as possible!”

“I shouldn’t let you get any bigger than this,” he remarked as they entered the street and the cold winter wind blasted into Tara’s massive cleavage, chilling her to the bone.  “How will you function on a day to day basis if you swell bigger and bigger?”

“Who cares?” she asked through clenched teeth, her nipples pushing upward against the red fabric of her top.  “Holy shit…” Tara said in wonder at the sight of her swelling nipples.

“Have you always perked up like that when it’s cold?” Simon asked, intrigued.

Tara shook her head as Kira opened the side door to the limo for them.  “No, my original breasts were little D cups with quarter inch nips.  These are fucking awesome!”    As she spoke, her tall nipples swelled outrageously upward until they were a full three inches in length and as thick as Simon’s thumb.

Kira saw Tara’s super-swollen nips as she entered the limo and smiled.  “Cold tonight!” she exclaimed. 

Tara grinned back and shook her shoulders so that her big spigots wobbled in the night air.  Kira laughed in response. 

As the door to the limo shut behind them, Tara was glad for the warm interior.

“Holy shit is it cold out there!” Tara exclaimed, dropping her winter jacket.  Upon seeing Simon’s lustful stare at her upward thrusting pokers, she smiled a devious smile.  “You like?” she cooed and stepped over to him, brushing her monster spikes against his shirt.

“Very much,” he managed to say.  Her nipples looked like they were aching to rip through her top.

She sat down on the bed and reached under her leviathans to unhook the two sides to her top.  As she cast the top open to reveal her deep pink drillers to his view, she said, “Then drop your pants and come over here.”

Simon quickly obliged and was soon beside her on her left, holding her left monster bosom and teasing the tip of her angry nipple with his tongue. 

Tara moaned and her nipple flushed a deeper pink.  As Simon began to slowly lick more and more of her grand beacon, Tara reached for a bigger tube and inserted the nozzle into her other nipple on her right side.

As Simon began to purse his lips to take the tip of her nipple into his mouth, he felt her vast dufflebag swell in girth and he looked up.  “What are you doing?  Why are you pumping yourself up even bigger?”

“To turn up the heat, lover,” she replied with a cat-that-ate-the-canary-grin.  “Anything to excite you even more!”  She reached over to hold his throbbing missile to find it leaking precum profusely.  “Why don’t you slide that monster between my boobs while you suck my nippie before you explode, baby?”

Simon stood up before Tara at the edge of the bed, his pecker covered in precum, with more of it dripping to the floor all the time.  He took hold of her swelling wonders and pressed his cock into the tight valley between her gargantuan spheres of lust.  Moaning softly, he bent over and took her massive nipple into his maw.

Now it was Tara’s turn to moan as her pole filled his mouth and his cock buried itself between her vast Jupiters.

Simon couldn’t believe how erotic this fantasy woman was.  She was so painfully beautiful, her face with its high, full cheeks and brilliantly blue eyes and full, pillowy lips.  How could any woman have such enormous tits and nipples?  And she was swelling bigger every second that he held onto her burgeoning balloons and sucked on her mighty rods.  They were so gnarly and hard and such a deep shade of pink!  He knew he’d pop betwixt her mighty whales any second: it felt so delicious in there and he could feel her swelling and swelling!  It was too much and he quickly felt himself going down the road to orgasm. 

Tara could tell he was ready to cum by his change in breathing, the way his fingers dug deeper into her swelling bloaters and the renewed vigor he had in sucking on her massive obelisk of a nipple.  “Cum on, baby!” she cooed.  “I want you to cum!  Pump my fat tits, baby!  Pump ‘em!”

Simon grunted and felt his jizz rocket up his shaft to spew between her enormous inflaters.  She felt so soft and tight in there and she was so gorgeous and HUGE and swelling and “UNGHHHH!”  He blasted again and again within her tight and massive cleavage.

“Oh yeah, baby!” she squealed.  “Gush it in there!  Pump my tits!  Pump my big big tits!”

After several deep spurts, Simon slowed his thrust and looked into her eyes as he shuddered from aftershocks.

“That was awesome, honey,” Tara said softly.  “Keep stroking my balloons, baby.  Keep stroking ‘em.”

Simon glanced on the display from the pump.  It read over 9,000ccs and continued to rise.  “Tara,” he gasped, trying to regain his breath, “you can turn off the pump now.”

She smiled, deviously.  “Oh no!” she cooed.  “I’m gonna keep swelling and swelling.  I want to watch you go crazy and explode again!  You cum so easily, baby, let’s watch a double-header!”

“No, Tara,” he pleaded, quietly, his organ still, but completely embedded between her fantastic bombs, “you’re going to get too big!  I don’t want you to risk exploding.”

She laughed.  “Honey, I can tell: I got a long way to go before I explode!  I’m nowhere near that!”

“You’re positive?” he asked.

She nodded.  “Feel me grow and swell and swell, baby…  I’ve got a very long way to go!”  She grinned when she felt his cock restiffen between her mammoth dirigibles.  “Oh yeaaahhhhh…”  She held her big burdens together tightly for him so that he could reach up and stroke her evil-looking prongs.

“Uhh…” she moaned, as he stroked her while he began to pump her anew.  Now it was her turn to get excited, and as her excitement grew she felt her nipples tingle.

“Holy shit, baby!” he called in surprise as he felt her massive nipples expand yet again beneath his fingers. 

Her nipples flushed darker, now becoming a shade of scarlet as they thickened as wide as Simon’s member and extended another inch in length.

Simon tugged at them mercilessly as he pounded her rift, her balloons undulating and bobbling in response.  And all the time she swelled bigger and bigger and BIGGER!

At 25,000ccs Tara screamed as she came, inciting Simon to explode, as well.  They groaned together as they came in unison, Simon emptying himself deep between her brontosaurs and Tara gushing into the satin sheets.  Simon bent down further to kiss her bee-stung lips as he continued to empty his hose in her hot boob-haven.  It was difficult to reach her mouth as she had swollen so large so quickly.  As he kissed her, he was very aware that she was still growing, expanding further and further as his orgasm was milked to its last drop.

When they’d both finished and sighed in contentment, Simon pulled his sopping wet and sticky member from Tara’s monster cleavage and Tara finally hit the kill switch.


“Tara…” he gaped.  “You’re so… so…  You’re so fucking HUGE!” he finally remarked. 

And she was.  Tara’s boobs were now over twenty inches in diameter, each, with a total of 70,000ccs in each one.

Tara smiled proudly as she attempted to get off the bed.  The elixir may be much lighter than breastflesh or saline, but it was not weightless.  Her breasts were now getting rather heavy and she knew she’d soon be immobile when she expanded much more.  For now, she could cope, but it wasn’t easy.  She stood before a floor-length mirror at one side of the limo and admired her new contours and feeling their heavy weight.

“I can’t believe how big you are now,” Simon said quietly.

Neither could she.  Her breasts were so big that they had enlarged in all dimensions.  They stuck out just over twenty inches from her ribcage and, of course, spanned nearly forty and a half inches across.  From her hips up to her chin, the only thing one could see was her bloated tits, except that one could see some of her neck in the valley between her newly blown balloons.  She found it interesting that they had risen upwards, as well as down and out.  But, she figured that that was because she had swollen so much so fast.  If she stayed this way, she had little doubt that sag would begin within a matter of days, if not hours.  She could see most of her hips, but the top of them was blocked by her newly expanded glands.  By now, her mighty spears had calmed down to their former one inch length.

“I guess we should clean up, huh?” she mentioned at length.  Simon helped her clean up with wet wipes and a small sink and then they looked for an outfit for her.  Simon suggested that the one she entered the limo with should still have enough stretch in it to accommodate her new bulk, but Tara wanted to try on something different.  They looked through the wardrobe and found outfits to fit many different sized bustlines.  They soon realized that the selections were arranged for the “smaller” bustlines on one end and that the outfits got more and more expansive in the chest toward the other.  About midway across, they found a selection that would currently fit her size, to Tara’s delight, and she finally settled on a loud black and pink striped dress that was very very stretchable with very sheer fabric.  The stripes were three inches wide, alternating black and super-light pink, horizontally, so that her outrageous curves would be highlighted even more.  It was full-sleeved and mini-skirted and had a wide boatneck that didn’t plunge at all.

“How are we going to pull that over your boobs?” Simon asked. 

Tara pulled the dress over her head and then pulled outward.  The amazing material stretched outward with only a little difficulty. 

There was no way that Tara could hope to reach over and around her own massive weather balloons, though, so Simon quickly came to her aid to pull the fantastic material down around her capacious hooters.  “Never would have thought that this would fit over your girth in a thousand years,” Simon mused, while Tara grinned broadly.

“It was in the right section of the closet,” Tara pointed out.

When they were finished getting her into the dress, Simon helped her into a pair of striped black leggings that echoed the design of the dress and a pair of low black ankle boots with a one inch heel.  He then sat back to admire Tara’s extreme bulging curves.  “Not that you need one,” Simon began, “but if that isn’t a ‘fuck-me’ dress, I don’t know what is.”

Tara pushed her massive attacks forward.  “Why?  Do you see something you like?” she teased, watching how huge his erection had gotten. 

“Maybe we should’ve gotten me dressed first,” Simon laughed upon seeing how stiff he was.

“Let’s see if we can fix that,” she cooed as they sat down on the couch.

Simon took her face in his hands as they kissed passionately, and Tara stroked his aching boner.  She sat on his right and her left breast pressed against the front of his chest as she sat sitting forward, not angled to him at all.  It stood out huge and round beneath him.  Tara tried to keep it from hanging over his cock so as not to get any pre-cum on the underside of her bosom.  Her boob was so large, though, that it overlapped his sitting space by over a foot.

“If you… uh… were an 11 on a scale from one to… uh… ten when I met you tonight,” Simon began as she stroked and stroked his simmering cock, “then… uh!... you’re a fucking 25, now… uhh!

She laughed as he popped in her hands and gushed across the carpeting of the limo.  She stroked him off for several thick jets that shot well over a foot in a high arc.  When she’d drained him, Simon got up to get dressed, after kissing her passionately once more.

“I want to enjoy the rest of the night with you looking like this, okay?” he asked her.  “No more expanding tonight.”

“Why not?” she smiled, evilly.

“Because I want to enjoy being with you at this size,” he replied.  “If you pump yourself up so that you’re too heavy to move, then we won’t be able to hang out tomorrow and do stuff

“Do stuff?”  She was intrigued.  “What do you want to do with me?”

He laughed.  “Anything and everything,” he replied.  “For starters, having breakfast with you would be nice.  How can we have a simple breakfast together if you’re so big that you can’t get out of bed?”

She smiled.  “Okay, I guess I’m just not used to doing anything with Kal.  He just pumps me and fucks me.”

“Well,” Simon said, “I would like to enjoy being with you and interacting with you in the world outside of the bedroom, too.”

Tara smiled.  “Simon…” she began.  “I’m only…”

“Supposed to be with me through tomorrow, I know,” he said quickly.  “But it sounds to me that while Kal likes you, he’s really only interested in using you as a blow-up doll.  Wham, bam, thank-you, ma’am.  If it’s okay with you, I want to find out if I can see you on a continuing basis.”  He didn’t remind her that he had basically found out that she was being brain-washed and forced into a life of sexual slavery.  He knew that she wouldn’t understand at the moment.  He’d noticed that the limo was rigged with “air fresheners” and pictures of Kal, no doubt to re-enforce the coercion techniques that they’d used on her.

“Really?” she asked.  “I would like that.  Though, I don’t want to leave Kal.”

“I wouldn’t expect you to,” he said.  No, she would never want to leave Kal while she was under the influences of his mind-altering drugs.  He would find a way to save her.

“So,” she continued, “what is it that you want to do tomorrow?”

“After breakfast I’d like to take you shopping.  Buy you a little something to remind you of me.  We could have lunch at a great restaurant that I know.  If you like museums, we could check one of those out, too.”

“You want to show me off,” she said, suddenly, a huge grin on her face.

“You bet,” he said.  “Who wouldn’t?  You’re fucking awesome!”

She looked at him with a devilish grin and slithered off the couch and between his legs.  With her gigantic balloons bulging under his thighs, she got on her knees and slowly sucked him deeply between her plush lips, never once taking her eyes off him as she sucked him dry.

Once Simon had finished unloading several thick volleys down her throat, he was able to get dressed rather easily.  They had been parked outside of Simon’s building for quite some time, so they simply put on their coats to cross the sidewalk.  Simon opened the door and they received a nasty blast of ice-cold wind as Kira came around to greet them. 

“Kira, do you know what time it is?” Simon asked.  “It just occurred to me that I have no idea.”

Kira grinned broadly.  “It’s about 2am, sir”

Tara’s tubs had only the sheer fabric between her and the freezing winter air and her nipples responded instantly.

“You better get this girl inside quick!” Kira grinned again upon watching Tara’s spigot rise before her eyes.  “It’s super-cold out here.”

“I guess I’ll be stuck wearing this tomorrow morning, too,” Tara said.

“Why?” asked Kira.  “What section of the closet was that from?   I’ll just have everything from that section sent up to Mr. Kurtis’ condominium.”

“Oh!” Tara exclaimed.  “Would you!  That would be excellent!  It was in the section marked 50 to 100, not that I know what that refers to.”

“Fifty thousand ccs to one-hundred thousand ccs,” Kira said.

Tata laughed.  Yeah, I fall pretty much into the middle of that range, don’t I?”

Arms linked, the two crossed the wide sidewalk to the lobby door.  Tara’s ultra-big bombs bobbed ominously to her footfalls.  A chill ran up her spine as she quickly realized the effort necessary to carry these monstrously heavy titans.  With the pair of her gargantuan tankers weighing over 60 pounds between them, she struggled to look calm as she felt their incredibly heavy weight drag her down.  With her massively dense twin peaks swaying about with every step, Simon’s pecker distended beneath his long coat.  The coat was heavy enough that his massive prong’s length was a secret, ‘though there was no one on the street at that time of the morning.