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Friday, October 20, 2017

Shadowmuse-Blown-Revenge Blog Going Private in November

In a couple of weeks I'll be making my "Revenge" Blog private and all future posts will be available only to those who send $25 and email me their email address that they will sign-on with, much the same way I granted access to many of you on my old blog.  Once that blog does go private, I will quickly repost the current chapters of "Revenge", here, on this blog, so that anyone who is interested can read the beginning of the novel and see if they're interested in joing my "Revenge" Blog.

The Revenge Blog will feature one or two posts a month, until the posts catch up with what I'm writing, and then, I'm guessing that it will probably be more like one post a month or so, depending on how long it takes me to finish a chapter.  There's quite a bit of material, however, that I've already written, that needs to get posted before you all catch up to the point where I'm currently writing.  Now that I've posted the story up to the point were Tory swells to 10,000ccs, I will tell you that I spend a good deal of time with her at that size, getting into some details of her day to day life, as well as a few "adventures" that she gets into.  Her relationship with Ken gets explored, and its dynamics change quite a bit, as many of you are aware from my Christmas posts of "Revenge", which takes place just before Tory gets pumped to the next size.  Many people asked about how different Ken is to Tory in those posts, and my answer was: "You are reading a segment of the story that takes place much later than the earlier posts from the story."  I hope everyone will enjoy watching Tory grow, not only in chest size, but in mental attitude, as well, and I hope you all find how the dynamics between Tory and Ken change as something very interesting, indeed.  Once you're part of the privatized "Revenge" blog, you will be able to read and comment and as ask questions and make suggestions about the story, and, hopefully, you all will offer some feedback which will make the story even hotter and more interesting.

Look for a side panel describing how to "sign up" for "Revenge" on both this blog and the Revenge Blog in about a week or so.

Sunday, September 24, 2017


Wow.  It's been a while, huh?  It's been a crazy summer, with so much to do in the RW, that I simply couldn't crank this out as quickly as I had hoped.  I hope this chapter doesn't disappoint after the long wait.  I feel like it has to, in some way, though, because here is where it ends.  It's like, when you come to the end, you want to say: "But what happens next!"  It would be fun to find out, but I found myself beginning to lose interest in Gary and Noelle and have been itching to get back to "Revenge".  The next posts on this blog will probably be re-posts from my old CH blog, but I will soon post on my Revenge blog again.  That story is a novel, and it has a loooooooooooong way to go!  As I mentioned, elsewhere, I believe, I will probably skip a Christmas story this year to focus on "Revenge".  Look for one more post there before I make that blog go private by paid invitation only.  I will post updates here, in the meantime, but don't look for "Revenge" to finish any time soon.  It will take many months and the fee to participate in its making will be a one-time payment, good for the duration of the writing of the story.  
To visit my Revenge blog, click here --> Shadowmuse Blown's Revenge Blog

Please be aware that this is a first draft and will probably contain type-Os. .

Part 13


Shadowmuse Blown

[Sunday, 12/24]
"How big do you want to go?" Mei asked. 

"Empty the bottles," Noelle said. 

"We can do that," Mei replied, but kept to herself that she didn't know how much more Noelle's breast skin could grow. She knew there was a limit, but only knew that they could expand to heir current size as Noelle hadn't originally been planning to go this big. Mei had a deep curiosity as to how far she could push Noelle's expansion. "You will, of course, have 32,000ccs pumped into each breast when you are done."

"How much weight is that?" Noelle asked.

"About seventy-and-a-half pounds, each," Xiu answered, returning from a refrigerator with a two liter bottle of the drink that she had given Gary earlier. "Or, a hundred and forty-one pounds, altogether, not including your areolae."

"A hundred and forty-one pounds," Noelle echoed, in shock, "of breasts?"

Xiu nodded, and handed the two liter container to Gary, indicating that he should drink it. 

Gary took the bottle and chugged its contents. He was dying of thirst and the strange drink seemed to help a lot. 

"What did you mean about my areolae?" Noelle asked, unable to see her bloated disks on the other side of her mega-planets. 

"They've been getting pumped with saline, separately," Mei reminded her. 

"How big are they?" Noelle asked, craning her neck, trying in vain to see her massive mounds at the front of her super-pumped balloon-tits. 

"They've had about four thousand ccs injected, each," Xiu replied. "They're eight inches wide by six inches high."

"What?"  Noelle exclaimed. "I have to see!"

Xiu turned on an overhead monitor and an image of a blimp-titted and, apparently, hyper-pregnant Noelle sprang to life from one of the many cameras recording the procedure.

"Holy shit!" she exclaimed, and attempted to reach around her party-balloon bosoms to feel her insanely pumped areolae. But no matter how much she strained, she simply could not reach around the enormous circumference of her monstrously swollen udders. At most, she could occasionally catch a glimpse of the edge of one of her grossly distended areolae, just over the horizon of one of her Jupiters, but no more. 

"Can you zoom in on them?" she finally asked, in frustration. 

Xiu dutifully activated a zoom lens on the camera view. Quickly, the screen was filled with one of Noelle's super-bloated areolae. It somewhat resembled a jello that had been in a bowl-shaped mold. Their circumference was banded by a deep pink surround of, perhaps, an inch before lightening drastically towards the apex. 

In many ways, her newly blown areolae looked like huge grapefruit halves with radial lines emanating from the center. The smattering of tubercles which had always populated her areolae' surface were no longer quite as bumpy, as if the internal pressure from the large volume of saline was slowly flattening them from beneath.  Atop these massive mounds sat her deep pink nipples at their typical half inch height and width. 

"Fuck..." Noelle quietly exclaimed. "That's hot."

Gary stepped up and gently caressed one of her protruding mounds of flesh. 

"Uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh..." Noelle moaned, shuddering with delight at his feathery touch across her super blown areola. 

Gary removed his hand. 

"Are you sure you want to have breasts so big that you might noy be able to stand?" Gary asked her, finishing off the two liter bottle. "How much do you weigh?"

"About a hundred and ten " she replied. "I mean, without these monstrosities, that is."

"With breasts that weigh more than you do, you won't even be able to get up from a chair, much less stand or walk," Gary pointed out. 

A cold chill ran down Noelle's spine as she thought about just how big and heavy she would become with 32,000ccs of saline pumped into each breast. 

"Your breasts are already over a hundred pounds," he reminded her. "How do you think you'll manage with even more weight?"

Noelle felt fatigued just standing.  She tried taking a step and immediately realized how difficult it was. Her monster kegs bore down on her body, making movement laborious and difficult. Her belly began to ache from the load and her legs grew tired, rapidly. She was aware of her back beginning to complain about all the weight up front.  

"Maybe..." she said, running her palms over her monstrous spheres of lust, "Maybe they're big enough, already."

"First bit of common sense I've heard since we came here," Gary said. Having said that, however, Gary still loved the way she looked: how huge her bosoms were!  He felt like his straining cock was growing just at the site of her—which it was. 

"Oh baby..." Noelle said, noticing how scarlet red his bulb had become. "You need some relief."

Gary smiled. "Only if you want me to make your belly even larger," he said. "Not to mention, myself."

"Would you like that?" Noelle cooed. "You want to make my belly swell even more?  Would that drive you crazy?  You might never stop cumming inside me, then. 'Cause the more you pump, the bigger I'll get and the more it'll make you cum."

Greg approached her right side, and took her gorgeous face in his hands and kissed her deeply. After a few moments, he withdrew slightly. 

"You're crazy, you know that?" he said, softly. "Why would you want to do that to yourself?"

"To drive you insane with lust, superman," she cooed, and reached back to stroke his insanely long missile. 

Gary shuddered in response. 

"I want to be your fantasy," she told him, as she stroked his sensitive collar, very gently. "I want to be a balloon."

Gary shook like a leaf. 

The idea of Noelle's abdomen swelling even larger was intensely exciting to him, and her light caresses were pushing him close to the bursting point. 

"Pump me up," she whispered and let go of his teeming phallus. 

Noelle turned away from him and leaned forward to hold onto the equipment counter while spreading her legs to reveal her swollen labial lips, which parted before his eyes—red, puffy, and dripping.  Her butterfly wings slowly spread wide and then closed, repeating this motion, again and again, as if beckoning him to enter her.  She offset the heavy weight of her fourteen inch projecting blimps by resting them against the counter as she leaned. 

Gary couldn't contain himself. The sight of her big, tight, round ass cheeks, and super-swollen belly protruding from either side of her waist, along with those gigantic breasts visible to either side of her ribcage—as well as from over her shoulders—and that visage of her hyper-inviting vaginal lips, was too much to bear. 

He brought his grapefruit-sized cockhead up against her bloated lips, sighing with delight at the soft wetness of her tunnel's opening. 

Noelle looked up at a monitor that showed Gary's twenty-five inch long bludgeon lined up behind her. He was impossibly huge. And yet, she had already, previously, taken his entire length!

It felt so hot to feel his enormous head press up against her doors. She wanted him so badly. 

"Xiu," Mei asked, "do you have everything in place to record?" 

"I do, Doctor," Xiu replied. 

"Then, I think we can leave our lovers to enjoy their sexual expansion on their own," Mei said, as she carefully got onto her Segueway. "I have some last minute preparations for my plane trip to attend to. No need to disturb Miss Noelle right now, you can remove her saline lines after they have finished copulating."

"Yes, Doctor," Xiu answered. 

Mei drove her Segueway to the door, but then stopped and turned the unit around to face Xiu. 

"You can disconnect the 20,000cc bottles from the pump controller, and would you be so kind as to attach new 50,000cc bottles for my next client who will be arriving just after New Years."  It was an instruction more than a question.

"Certainly, Doctor," Xiu replied. 

Mei left as Xiu got on a short step ladder to get to the bottles hanging over the pump controls. 

Greg was unaware of what transpired about him. He only had eyes for Noelle's lush backside as he began to push his ridiculously huge cockhead into Noelle's entrance.  With anyone else, his action wouldn’t allow his grossly swollen bulb entrance to her canal: he was simply too large for any other woman.  But Noelle’s lips widened at his dome’s pressure and slowly allowed his monster ramrod to sink into her sexually-inflamed tissue, as it wrapped around his abnormally swollen appendage.

Almost immediately, Noelle let out a deep guttural groan as her vaginal lips were stretched to take his enormous organ. 

"Oh yes!" she cried out. "Oh, fuck!  YES!!  Oh baby, UHHHHHHH!!"

Her cries only excited Gary further and he watched as his monster phallus swelled wider before his eyes. Soon his shaft was as big as his upper arm as he watched his bloated head disappear inside her luscious velvety tunnel. 

Xiu listened to the two as she disconnected the saline bottles and then hit a few buttons on a remote control. The two hanging, semi-filed bottles that had had a twenty thousand cc capacity were moved across tracks in the ceiling until they disappeared behind small doors in the wall. Xiu then selected 50,000 for the next selection and soon a pair of much larger bottles came trundling out those same doors, positioning themselves above the pump controls.  Xiu then dutifully reconnected the tubes leading up from the pump controller to these two new bottles.

Climbing down off the small step ladder, she saw that Gary had impaled half of his amazing length within Noelle as the two cried out in ecstasy. Smiling, she turned off the pump controller and left the two super-endowed individuals to their erotic pleasure. 

Gary had over-filled Noelle and was now stretching her once more as his cock head slowly began to make its way into her cervix as he fully impaled himself inside Noelle's distended body. 

After a few minutes, Mei Concupy came back into the room, unnoticed by the copulating superhumans. 

She rode her Segueway barely into the room, where she would not be on any cameras. She looked over at the displays on the pump controller, and after checking some read-outs, she raised a remote control and aimed it at the control board, turning on the pumps. With a wide grin, she backed the Segueway out the door and left the room. 

Noelle had watched as Gary's super-sized war hammer had protruded up to bulge out of her abdomen, between her monster breasts. The feeling of fullness was intense and extremely pleasurable to her. The pressure on her cervix only added to the eroticism, especially as his ridiculously huge head began to force its way inside it.  She felt like a doll, helpless as his massive pole stretched her out, and she loved the feeling. 

Totally impaled within her, Noelle could feel the insanely intense feeling of her cervix slowly dilating to allow his impossible bulb inside.  Her whole body trembled her in response. 

"Can you feel it?" he managed to ask as her tight opening crept down his bloated organ. "My head pushing through?"

She nodded tersely. 

"Uhh..." was all she could utter. 

Gary was amazed at how her organs had all stretched to accommodate his nightmarish proportions. Ordinarily, a cervix wouldn't have been able to take a fraction of his current girth. 

It was so tight. He had an overwhelming desire to thrust in and out of her, even though he knew that his cockhead would remain within the ring of her cervix instead of sliding up and down her canal. But, would he pull out of her cervix if he pulled back?

Suddenly, he couldn't help it—his desire was too great—and found himself pulling his hips back as far as he could and then thrusting forward as hard as possible. 

Noelle's eyes bugged out and a cry was forced from her wide open mouth in response. The bulge at the top of her abdomen disappeared momentarily and then reappeared with his forward thrust making her twin planets bounce tautly in response. 

Before she could recover, he did it again. 

And again. 

And again. 

Faster and faster. 

Noelle was helpless but to watch herself get pummeled by Gary's battering ram. She had been the one who had wanted the fantasy of a man with a super cock to become real, after all.  

And she loved it. 

Watching her belly extend grotesquely, as his massive cock's bulge pushed aside her heavy bombs with each thrust, was highly erotic. The feeling was so intense, that she knew she would cum in moments. 

With each thrust, Gary's cockhead pushed itself through her cervix ring another centimeter, the feeling driving them both made with lust. 

Her overblown bombs flailing, her insides getting pummeled by the world's most enormous jackhammer, and the biogeneticly treated semen within her womb reacting to Gary's violent thrusts by beginning to expand Noelle's abdomen once more, all served to distract from the fact that saline was once again getting pumped into her oversized mammary glands. 

Gary watched, entranced, as his monster spike rammed into Noelle's expanded body. Who could believe the size of her tits and stomach?  Each thrust brought him closer to orgasm as he watched her oversized balloons jump half a foot up and apart. 

As his massive cockhead fully broke through her cervix, the two sexual Titans came, explosively. 

Noelle's belly, by this time, was twenty inches across and his ejaculation only added to the amount of semen that was expanding within her womb. 

Gary shoved his thirty inch long phallus inside her as far as he could and let his cum pump into her inner chamber. 

Gary came and grew, and Noelle came and swelled. 

The pressure growing within her womb only intensified her orgasm as she trembled with each wave. She could feel her abdomen swelling as it pushed outward against her thighs and upward against her heavy bosoms. She had to be expanding at an incredible rate!

But that wasn't all. Something else was going on. Was it her imagination or did she feel more weight against her stomach?  There seemed to be less room for her arms to reach the counter, and was she a little further away from the counter or was it her imagination?

She looked to the pump controller at her left. She couldn't quite read the displays from her position. She tried to crane her neck back as far as possible to get a glimpse of the console, properly. 

It was hard to see, but she could discern one thing.  

They were moving. 

The machine was on and pumping saline into her breasts!

And Xiu had just hooked up 50,000cc bottles!

She looked about the exam room. No one was there, save for Gary. 

No one was attending the machine!

She glanced at the saline bottles and broke into a cold sweat when she realized about a fifth of it was empty! 

With 35,000ccs of saline pumped into her abused bosoms, each breast was about sixteen inches across, and weighed 77 pounds. 

Holy shit!  Noelle thought. They're so fucking HUGE!  How am I going to manage with these monstrosities?

She turned her head to let Gary know what was going on. 

"Ga—UNGHH!" she began, but was interrupted when Gary began to resume stroking her, withdrawing his 32 inch cannon far enough that the bulge disappeared at the top of her belly, and then resumed thrusting his battering ram up as far as he could manage. Noelle was unable to speak or do anything except get fucked by his massive telephone pole of a cock. His thrusting was all consuming, forcing a cry from her lungs with each overwhelming invasion of her being. It was heaven to her to be totally taken over like this and she forgot, momentarily, about her bosoms' plight. 

She loved this. 

Not to barely feel some little weenie pop in and out of her until it spurt a little wimpy goo, but to feel the raw power of a mighty ramrod overtake her with each punishing stroke!  This was sex!  This was getting FUCKED
To feel overwhelmed and helpless as a mighty steam piston ravaged her was the ultimate sexual act for Noelle. It was what she had always wanted and now it was real. Her fantasy come to life as she watched her body contorted and stretched to abandon by the power of this mindless sexual entity that was Gary's cock. It only knew pleasure and it was using her to get it, and she was overjoyed to be taken like this. 

She came HARD. 

Again and again, she came in multiple waves—each more intense and amazing than its predecessor—as her belly ballooned to insane proportions and her breasts took on liter after liter of saline, filling her to overcapacity, pumping, filling, and stretching her glands beyond what she could have imagined. 

The idea that she was but a sexual rag doll to be ravaged by some blind monster organ only using her for pleasure multiplied her own pleasure and intensified her orgasm as she flailed about like a toy on a string from Gary's mighty thrusts. 

And she swelled. 

And swelled. 


Her mighty bosoms distended and grew as thousands of cubic centimeters of saline were pumped into her mammary glands as she passed 40,000ccs. 

Gary continued to thrust into her and cum hard as her own orgasms grew and built one upon the other until her throat was full of screams and her body bucked as if electrocuted even as Gary's raging yard-long stump plowed into her ballooning body. 

As the unread display indicated 50,000ccs, her breasts each swelled past eighteen inches across. She could no longer reach the counter with her hands as the girth of her Saturns put it out of reach. This mattered not at all as her belly had swollen to the impossible size of over a yard across, pushing her legs outward so that her abdomen rested against both the counter's cabinets and the floor.  This enormous tumification now supported her heavy kegs which weighed over a hundred and ten pounds, a piece

Noelle was aware of none of this as her body jolted—limbs flailing haphazardly—from the waves of intense orgasms raging from her clitoris and cervix. 

Gary had finally begun to slow his strokes, but still entered her swollen body with extreme force. 

Since Noelle no longer supported herself on her legs, but was propped up by her insanely swollen balloon belly, Gary had had to lower his stance in order to gain entrance to her nether regions. Noelle's gigantic belly was pressed up against the cabinets and the floor, her Brobdingnagian balloons bulging into the counter. Most of the girth of her gargantuan abdomen had swollen forward, to the sides, and down, with her stratospherically blown udders pressing down on her tumifying stomach with hundreds of pounds of saline. 

Her view was of her mighty tanks—a meter across, between the two—so blown that most of her forward vision was blocked by these stupendous pair of medicine balls. 

Then, the two giant planets would suddenly bounce up and apart as the top of her insanely blown belly would explosively distend upwards—tenting her abdomen a foot into the air between her twin Hindenbergs—as Gary's thirty-eight inch long ramrod suddenly plowed into her. But what really sent chills down Noelle's spin was that that bulge was now a good eight inches across!

Each time her great colossi were forced apart, Noelle felt the pain as the already taut skin of her massive bosoms was force-stretched to accommodate the great bulge between her hyper-pumped hooters. 
The bigger her mighty cauldrons became, the more painful it was as Gary's monster phallus bulged up from her belly.  This had the effect of tempering her orgasms and she soon found them winding down, even as she delighted in each insane stroke of Gary's domineering battering ram. 

So crazy... she thought to herself, as her bosoms and belly continued to balloon. Where will it end?  I just keep getting bigger and bigger driving Gary further with lust which causes him to get bigger!  My tits are so big now that I'll never stand upright without a crane! How did this happen?  Where is Mei?  Where is Xiu?  I can't believe I'm still swelling!  

The unread display showed 60,000ccs had now been pumped into her tortured bosoms. Each was now over nineteen inches in diameter and weighed a staggering one hundred and thirty-two pounds apiece. 

"Gary!" she managed to cry out as he semi-withdrew for another thrust. 

Gary was experiencing the longest orgasm in his life that was like no other.  Each time he thrust forward into Noelle, he felt another wave of it even though his semen had long since been depleted. It was a long slow orgasm that therefore peaked as he finished each thrust forward. He had watched, trancelike, as his lover blew up beneath him: her belly now well over four feet across and her humongous tits larger than any he had ever seen before in his life!

Then Noelle had called out his name. 

Or did she?

After another thrust, he heard her cry out: 


He struggled with himself, but did not thrust forward again. 

His cock fired, empty shots, a few more times as he stood there, panting, his impossible tree-trunk of a cock half embedded inside her. 

"Thank God!" she cried, when she realized that he was no longer pumping her. "Gary, you have to pull out of me and turn off the machine," she told him, urgently.  "It's still pumping my tits!  Hurry!"

In a daze, Gary slowly withdrew his ridiculously huge organ from within Noelle's super-stretched vaginal canal. 

It seemed to go on forever. Inch after inch, foot after foot was pulled from her tortured canal. 

Finally, all of his phallus was out. 

It was three and a half feet long and at six inches wide, his shaft was nearly as wide as his thigh. The honeydew-sized cockhead was what shocked him the most. 

How could that be his cock?

How could it have possibly fit inside Noelle?

"Gary!" she cried. "The pump!"

She was helpless to move on her own.  Why wasn't he moving?

She couldn't see directly behind herself, so she looked up at one of the many monitors that showed the various camera views that recorded everything. 

The enormity of his cock made her gasp, another cold chill running down her spine. 

That had actually been in me! she thought, her mind racing. 

After the shock, she found herself getting highly aroused. 

"Put it back in," she instructed. "To the hilt."

Gary took a step forward and nestled his insane cockhead up against her swollen vulva and gently pushed. 

There was resistance, but he slipped inside her velvety wet box without too much difficulty as Noelle groaned loudly at the insane intrusion. 

He moaned deeply as ecstasy overcame his organ. 

Noelle felt his cannon push into her. His girth felt crazy huge—because it was. 

Gary shook upon entering her. His cock was so sensitive and her tunnel so slick and velvety, that, despite having cum inside her just moments ago, he was already hyper-excited. 

Noelle's body hadn't had time to revert to its resting state and so there was no need to stretch her out again and Gary slid in fairly easily until he came to the curved outer wall of her belly. As he began to push through that, Noelle's eyes lit up as the enormous dome of flesh rose from the top of her belly.  Inside, her cervix once more effaced, allowing his crazy-huge head to gain entrance to her super-pumped womb once more. 

"Oh, baby,"'she gasped. "Stretch me...  Unghhhhh..."

This was it. 

She would be nothing more than a pair of humongous juggernaut tits and a Volkswagen Beetle-sized belly when he was done. She would be helpless, relying on others to do nearly everything for her—living her life as real life blow up doll, waiting for the next time that Gary would fuck her. 

What a Christmas present! she thought to herself as the bulge grew to ungodly proportions, pushing aside her heavy bosoms with its girth.  

What had she done to her beautiful body?

Why was she distorting it so much?

The incredible feeling of Gary's monster battering ram filling her past sane limits and stretching her and stretching her even more answered her question. 

He was so big. 

To feel his size over fill and stretch her out was intensely exciting. She was like a chicken on a spit, squewered by his immensity.  

She felt herself cumming before half of his humongous honey-dew-sized cock head had completely bulged upward from her belly. 

She tremebled as her crazy-big balloon tits continued to fill and swell.. it felt so good to be used like an object, she felt. 

I'm just a vessel for him to cum inside of, she thought. 

Hard to believe, that when she had first met him, just a few days ago, that he was a little limp noodle suffering from erectile disfunction.

And now he was insanely virulent and cartoonishly huge.  Everything she ever wanted.

This was her ultimate submissive fantasy and she loved every moment.  She swooned as she felt his monstrous girth force itself up further and further, his massive tree trunk of a cock swelling wider with his excitement and forcing her legs apart further. Her dual party balloon bosoms continued to expand even as her belly tumyfied to frightening proportions. She felt like Violet Beauregard expanding into the world's largest blueberry. Already, she could barely keep her feet on the floor as her belly swelled ever larger and rounder.  

She was now three flesh-colored balloons: a four-and-a-half foot diameter one beneath two that were over nineteen inches across, with a body and limbs attached. Gary kept her at an angle where he could easily enter her, but it was clear that her belly had swollen too large for her to walk. 

She couldn't see much of anything except the rising wall of bulbous flesh before her and the two impossibly swollen planets that were her breasts—these had risen well above her forehead in her present position. Noelle had to turn her head to the far left or right to see anything else in the lab, at all. 

She watched, as if in a trance, as Gary's pelvis pressed against her perfect ass, his fifth-two inch battering ram fully inside her. The nine-inch wide cockhead that stretched out her insides, lay within the dome of bulging skin and muscle directly before her face—and now fully inside her uterus, as well. But before she could even process that it was somewhat larger than before, Gary cried out, and the top of bulge grew a small bulge of its own, as he came once more. 

The force of his explosion stupefied her. 

How could he be producing semen again? she wondered. And so quickly! 

Gary, too, was shocked at the ferocity and volume of his orgasm. 

This is from that last bottle I drank, he thought, as he experienced an orgasm of such explosive force that he nearly blacked out. 

The small bulge didn't grow as his semen forced itself down and around his impossible enormous bulb, pumping her over-all volume ever fuller. 

Gary came and pumped and came and pumped. After a few moments, he stroked back and forth several inches as his fantasy-cock unloaded within her. 

Noelle grew and grew until her breasts and belly began to ache as Gary's bulge began to disappear.  Her belly rose and its diameter surpassed five feet across. She had swollen so large that even Gary's behemoth fifty-four inch pipeline wasn't long enough to protrude. 

Gary had been holding onto her hips as he stroked her, emptying the last of his expanding semen into her hyper-stretched womb. 

Finally, belly and breasts began to hurt. 

Alarmed, she looked up at a monitor to find the tell-tale tiger stripes rippling across both her breasts and unbelievably huge abdomen. 

Her skin had reached the limit of its ability to stretch!

"No!" she cried out, as her orgasm came to a sudden end.  "Gary stop!"

Although, still cummimg inside her, Gary ceased stroking her. 

"Are you alright?" he asked, concerned. "What's wrong?"

"I'm getting too big for my skin!" she cried. "It hurts!  My tits!  My belly!  Oh baby!  I don't wanna pop or something!"

Pop? Gary wondered. Would she really "pop"?

With an effort, he pulled himself out of Noelle's luscious interior. He stepped away from her and watched as his elephantine cock slowly withdrew from her.  He was shocked to see that it was even bigger than just before he had re-entered her. How could he have grown so quickly?  

As he was still cumming, it was difficult to make himself withdraw. Every fiber of his body said to keep pumping inside her delicious interior, but his brain knew that she was in trouble, of course. 

After a few moments, his entire monstrous length emerged, still gushing semen as he stepped away from her, his white ropes splattering her round trush and fantasy-blown belly. 

"Oh, fuck, baby!" Noelle cried out, clutching her giant hoppity-hops as if trying 
to contain them, but unable to get her arms anywhere around them as the stretch marks grew bright red. "They hurt so much!  Turn off the machine!  Turn it OFF!"

Tears streamed down Noelle's cheeks as she pleaded for Gary to react quickly. 

Gary trembled as he fought to keep balance and walk despite his organ's continuing orgasm, blasting semen across the floor at the counter where the pump controls were located. 

His cock was so big that it fell to the floor, pumping semen on the tiles, he reached down to lift it up so that he could walk. It was lighter than he feared, and he was soon taking cautious steps towards the controls. 

"Faster!" Noelle screamed. "Oh fuck... they're so big... they're gonna blow... they're gonna blow!"

Gary stumbled over to the controls and came up next to the machinery, his insane phallus finally beginning to wind down its raging orgasm. 

As he looked for the off switch, there was a "bing" sound and the pumps shut themselves off.

The bottles were empty. 

Gary, his back to Noelle, turned his head to look her. He stood between the cabinets and the exam chair and so could not turn around with a four-and-a-half foot long protuberance projecting from his legs. 

His ejaculations were lessening now, but what he saw made the force of his next ejaculate redouble as it splattered another cabinet that stood against the facing wall. 

Noelle's bosoms lay atop her billowing abdomen, each one over twenty inches across. 

When Gary had let go of his ballooning lover, she had rotated forward, somewhat, so that she was back in an upright stance, her five foot wide stomach so large that her legs no longer reached the floor. 

Her abdomen defied the mind to believe it was real. Her belly measured five feet from side to side, and five feet from her ribcage down, and projected forward a full five feet, as well. She was absolutely stupendous: the erotic version of Violet Beauregard. But instead of blue, Noelle's abdomen was bright red. 

"Oh fuck!" she screamed. "My belly's gonna burst!  Its still swelling!"

Indeed, although at a much slower rate, the semen Gary had just freshly pumped was still expanding in volume. 

How could he help her?

He would have to get Xiu or Mei. 

He bent down and picked up his cartoon-sized phallus off the floor and pulled it into an upright position, his honey-dew-sized cockhead still spurting a few inches into the air as his orgasm wound to a finish. It was so nightmarish to think that this projected from his crotch. 

As he turned about, his plan was to go out into the hall in search of help. 

But, almost immediately, Xiu came quickly into the room, a look of horror on her face at the size of Noelle's breasts and stomach. Mei rode in on her Segueway, right after her assistant. 

"Retrieve the intra-uterine probe," she instructed. "It's already preloaded with a neutralizer."

Within moments, Xiu had taken the snake-like device and had inserted an end into Noelle's vagina, watching a monitor as the camera at the end of the probe showed its progress up to Noelle's cervix. 

"Just press the probe against the cervix and it will efface to allow entry," Mei instructed. 

Soon enough, the camera entered Noelle's womb and soon Xiu was delivering an agent which would neutralize the genetically altered semen from expanding into its foam-like froth. 
Gary—carrying his monster sledge before him with both hands—came up alongside Noelle. Her Hindenburg-like belly was so ridiculously enormous that it boosted her body into the air, leaving her feet dangling about a foot off the ground. His eyes were on level with her shoulders—her head, several inches higher. Her super-pumped saline-filled beach balls rested in her Brobdingnagian belly, each one sinking down into her hyper-swollen abdomen by several inches with their prodigious weight—each over a hundred and fifty pounds. 

"Hey," he said, looking up at her gorgeous face, which towered almost a foot above his own. 

"Hey," she replied, his voice bringing her out of a trance-like state. 

She still looked shell-shocked. 

"You okay?" he asked. It was a stupid question. 

Noelle looked down at the man she had seduced and whom she had clandestinely planned to change him from a limp-dick to a sexual powerhouse. Now here he stood, his cock five times the size she had originally envisioned. 

Had that monster really been inside her?

She could not see forward. Her insanely pumped blimp-tits rose well above her eyes blocked most of her forward vision as they sat on her pneumatic mattress of a belly. 

Why was she looking down at Gary?

He was waiting for an answer. 

"I..." she began, then hesitated. "I don't know."

"I'm sorry," he said. 

"For what?" she asked. 

"It was my cum that pumped you up like this," he replied. "I couldn't help but fuck you and cum inside you. You drive me crazy with lust.  I should have stopped. I should never have entered you tonight."

She looked down to either side of her stupendous orbs to see her monumental abdomen fall away to either side. It was five feet across!

That was why she was so tall, she suddenly realized, as she kicked her feet about. She was resting on her stomach. She had swollen so damn big that her feet couldn't even touch the floor!

Her belly was so enormous that Gary would not have been able to place one hand on her back and then reach the front of that stupendous blimp tummy. 

She looked at his telephone pole pecker and then at his handsome face. 

"I wanted it," she said. "I loved being taken over by you—fucked like a rag doll. It’s so intense. I want to feel that again and again.  You had to fuck me tonight to get so big, baby. I can put up with the blimp belly, if it gets you excited.  It's only temporary—even if temporary is a year or two.

"Do you like what you see?"

Gary ran both of his palms across her hippopotomically blown stomach. 

"It's insane," he said.  "I'm sorry, but it does drive me crazy."

There was so much belly to run his hands across. She was insanely blown!  Five feet of Prego-belly. At the top of her massive balloon stomach were her over-pumped saline-dreadnoughts: more than a hundred and forty-five pounds of bosom. They lay on her massive stomach like a pair of round iron mines that used to be deployed in maritime wars: so heavy that they sagged into her super-sized belly by half a foot.

Gary ran his hand up the side of her monstrous abdomen and onto the side of her left breast.  The slight springiness of her abdomen was replaced by the solid tightly-filled feel of her hyper-pumped bosom.  His cock stiffened further upon contact. It was one thing to feel her amazing belly, but to Gary, a woman's breasts are the core sexuality of a woman, and here was one that had been filled beyond extremes.  Staggeringly enormous at nearly twenty inches in diameter, its skin had been stretched to near breaking by the vast amount of saline brimming within. Huge rippling stretch marks ran beneath Gary's palm as he slid it across the insane curve of flesh. 

Gary's cock grew further—millimeter by millimeter—as he thought about just how much volume had been forced into Noelle's tortured bosoms. 

Would she have really burst? he wondered, his excitement literally swelling as he stopped moving his hand and then pressed his palm against her vast sphere of lust. 

It was solid as concrete. 



So much mass that it had been filled far beyond what that poor mammary gland was able to hold without scarring from stretching. 

"Both breasts, together, should weigh two hundred and ninety pounds," Xiu reported, as if reading his mind. "That's a calculated weight based on the volume pumped into Nicholle's breasts."

"That's basically three hundred pounds of breasts!"'Noelle exclaimed. "How the hell am I going to get around with tits this big!  Once my belly shrinks, I'll still have a chest so large that I'll be immobile!"

"I'm sure the doctor could perform a series of surgeries to get them to the size that you'd prefer," Xiu said, as she continued to take measurements of Noelle's insane proportions. 

Noelle looked down at her lover, and noticed his rapt attention to her monster globe. 

He was transfixed on their immensity. 

"What do you think about my breasts, Gary?" she asked, intrigued. 

"Like nothing I've ever dreamed of," he replied, quietly, in awe of her bosoms' magnitude.  

Noelle watched as Gary's ridiculously massive boner flushed a darker and darker scarlet. 

"These babies could crush you," she said, quietly. 

He looked up at her, and with his right hand still splayed against her hulking monstrosity, brought his left hand up to lightly stroke her swollen areola—now eight inches high.

"Uhhhh..." she moaned, softly. 

He smiled. 

"I love seeing you like this," he told her. "The bigger and heavier, the better."

She smiled—but then moaned louder as he began to caress her super-blown areolae in earnest. 

"Really?" she asked, fighting to keep her voice steady. 

"Oh, yeaaaaaahhhhhh..." he cooed to her as he found her inch-long nipple and began to tease it. 

She put her hands on the two hard flesh mega-bombs that were attached to her chest-wall. They were vast solid spheres, over a yard across, together. The cleavage was so deep that she still could see directly ahead of her in the "V" between those two insane leaden balloons. The apex of each teeming bosom rose just above the height of her eyes as each sat on her hyper-bloated abdomen, having sunk into that larger dirigible a good half foot—each. 

They ached, dully. 

It was hard to believe that these gigantic protuberances were actually part of her!
She could feel them beneath her palms—the hard, tight curve of each hyper-pumped breast—and, likewise, feel her hands run over her breasts, but it was still a strange sensation to realize that this was all her!

She looked down the near perfect spheres, that were her bosoms, to where those bombastic bulwarks attached to her torso. There, her skin pulled in a dozen folds, like a circus tent, as her tortured skin had attempted to contain the massively invasive volume of saline.  Noelle felt like she could feel each and every stake that was pounded into the dirt as it tried to hold down its fold of the tent—except that, in this case, the "big top" was her skin stretched to the breaking point over her massive set of bosoms instead of a tent.  Each fold of skin was taut as it tried to do its share of reigning in the horrible metric tonnage of her brimming implants which had swollen far greater in far less time than any other implant had ever done before. 

Shivers went up her spine as Gary continued to tease her nipple and super-bloated areolae. 

She found the whole "over-pumped" thing to be very erotic, actually. She just wasn't sure what life would be like without being able to walk. 

She told this to Gary. 

"We'll figure it out," he said. "You've seen the doctor get about on that Segueway. Maybe we could customize one for you with your three-hundred pound tits. 

"I did she want to get crazy-big," she said. "I just wasn't thinking this big!"

He smiled. 

"You're like no one in the world now," he said. "It's fucking hot!"

"I'll be the queen of breasts," Noelle said. 

"So, you're okay with it?" he asked. 

"As long as it makes you want me," she said. 

"More than anything," he replied. 

She was his ultimate fantasy come true. The igloo-sized belly, the monster bosoms, larger than beach balls and the Jell-O mold-size areolae all strove to make him crazy with lust. He wanted to take her again—now. 

"You're everything I've ever dreamed of,"  he said. 

She grinned, and watched the way his super-sized phallus tried to rise off the floor. She wanted that whale-cock in her again. 

She nodded. 

"You too," she whispered. 

"It sounds like you both got what you wanted," Xiu piped up as she finished unhooking Noelle from the saline lines. "And just in time, too."

"What do you mean?" they asked her, together. 

Xiu glanced at the analog clock on the wall above them. 

"It's midnight,"'she told them. "Merry Christmas!"

"Merry Christmas, Xiu," the lovers told their new friend. 

"I'm gonna leave you two alone for a while," she told them. "You can call me on the intercom when ready and then I'll show you both to your new accommodations.

"You're going to be able to move me?" Noelle asked, with a disbelieving laugh. "Seriously?"

"Piece of cake," Xiu said, as she headed to the door. "Mei planned for this contingency, already, so I have the equipment to shuttle you all over the mansion or even help you in the bathroom—a specially prepared room just for your needs.  And, don't worry about Gary's semen, I've injected your uterus to neutralize it from expanding any more."

"Xiu!" Gary called to Xiu as she was about to duck out of the door. "What about me?  Am I still gonna keep growing?"

"Only if you get very excited!" Xiu said, laughing. "It should start wearing off in a few hours,"'she called, and was gone. 

Gary, who noticed that he had already grown, perhaps, another inch or so from lusting Noelle's newly blown form, shook his head. He looked up at Noelle, who had fire in her eyes. 

"Fuck me," she cooed, running her hands over her painfully swollen balloons. 

"Let's see how big I can make you!"

Friday, September 8, 2017


Hi All,

Well, "E" and I are back from vacation in Atlantic City, and we've been back to work for a week, now.  Once again, summer blew by fast.

I did, howver, get a chance to finish writing Chapter 13 of "ENCOUNTER", which I now have to reread and edit, so hopefully, I can be ready to post it by next weekend.  That will be the last chapter of that story.  After that, look for me to continue posting old material on this blog while I gear up "Revenge" on my other blog.  I will post one or two more parts of that novel there before taking that other blog private, by paid invite only.  I've spent so much time on "ENCOUNTER" this year that I think I will probably skip the Christmas story this year in order to focus on "Revenge", which seriously needs to get moving again.

Take care, and all of our prayers go out to those in the Carribean who have been hit by Irma, and, of course, to those who are hunkering down waiting for the storm to hit Florida.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Banned From The BEArchive

So, I go on vacation with "E" to Atlantic City, and while I'm away, I log onto the BEA forum.  Or, at least, I try to!  After a moment, I get a page saying that "An Error Has Occured!" and then, "Sorry, Guest, you are banned from using this forum!  This ban is not set to expire".  And that's it.

I sent a ticket to BotComix, which seems to do the forum's web pages, but I never heard back from them.  I can't even send them a follow up ticket, because, whenever I try to go to the login screen on the Forum, I get that "you are banned" message and nothing else.

What a fine how-do-you-do.  I really have no idea why I was banned.  Was it a mistake?  Or did I do something so henious that they would ban me outright without a warning?  Perhaps someone used my ID to go on to the forum and do nasty things?  Don't know.

When we got back from vacation, "E" was good enough to send a PM to one of the mods to ask what was up, so hopefully, that will turn up something soon.  They were having a great contest to vote on the "best breasts", which I found a lot of fun, and now I'm missing out on it.  : /

Anyone else having any issues with the BE Archive?  Anyone reading this blog who could help me figure out what happened?  I'm flummoxed.


(Will be getting back to the last chapter of "ENCOUNTER", soon...)

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

"Possessions" Chapter 1; First Half

Wow, this has been a busy summer.  "E" and I have been busy getting the house ready for one visitor or another, and now we're getting ready to go on vacation.  Because of this, and because things are crazy at work, too, I won't be able to post the last chapter of "ENCOUNTER" until September.  I'm still in the process of writing it, although days go by and only a sentence or two get written, at times.

So, in the meantime, I've decided to begin posting stories from my old blog.  I'm going to begin with "Possessions", which is one of my darker stories, but one which I find erotically fascinating.  I can't believe that it's been six years since I first wrote this!  Wow.  

"Possessions" is the story of Kal, a billionaire sadist, who has the bankroll to fulfill his deepest, darkest, breast expansion fantasies.  The original idea of "Possessions" was  to have it comprise of several "books", each one centered around one girl and her trials and tribulations under Kal's mental and physical control, and how she slowly realizes that all is not what it seems to be. 

"Possessions" is unfinished, but I think that Tara's story, at least, reaches a point where we, as a reader, can stop, even if, perhaps, we'd like to learn more.

Oh, remember that this story hasn't been fully proofed, so please forgive the grammatical mistakes...
"Shadowmuse Blown"

Book 1

Chapter 1

While Tara made small talk to the gorgeous guy she’d picked up in the bar, part of her was aware of some minor discomfort at her chest.  Maybe discomfort was too strong a word, but her chest felt tight.  She wanted to look down at her boobs, but wondered if that would make her look too obvious.  Finally, she decided, Why not?  I want this guy, anyway, and I want to see why my boobs feel so smooshed!

“Do you like big boobs?” she asked him, teasingly, at what she thought was an appropriate point in the non-conversation.  She drew her eyes down to look at her own pair of D-cups and felt a chill run down her spine when she found that she no longer sported D-cups at all!  She wore a skintight black dress with no sleeves and a deep plunging V neckline.  Her pushup bra usually did its job of shoving those babies out there to entice and tease, only now, she really was way out there!  Holy shit, her breasts looked enormous, threatening to spill out of her dress!  She was so big that she was sure that there was more breastmeat bulging out in the air than behind her cups.

“What the fuck!” she cried, upon seeing that her bosoms had ballooned to something like K cup proportions.  No wonder her bra seemed tight!  How the fuck can your tits suddenly inflate like this? she wondered.  It was like a dream, but it definitely wasn’t a dream.  Everything was as real as real could be except that she was sporting supersized balloons where her tits should be.  She hadn’t even had anything to drink yet, she realized, glancing at her untouched martini at the bar.

“What’s the matter?” the stunning stud asked.  “What’s wrong… uh… I don’t even know your name,” he realized.

Tara,” she said.  And speaking it made her calm down ever-so-slightly.  She had to think.  How did this happen?  What could she do?

“Okay, Tara,” he said in very calming voice that made her feel warm and safe.  “Do you want some privacy?”

She had expected him to say: “Now tell me what’s wrong.”  But now that he spoke, she realized that she had made quite a scene and that the entire bar was staring at her.  Grateful, she looked at him with her huge deep blue eyes and simply nodded.  Take me away from here!  Anywhere!

“Okay,” he said, calmly, and swiftly put some cash down for the drinks and took her by the arm and into the street.

Holy shit! she thought as her newly expanded bust bobbled viciously with each step.  They jutted out in front of her obscenely and each footfall made them undulate deliciously as if she were purposely telling all passersby: “Check this out!”  Indeed, nearly everyone they passed ogled her inflamed bust.  They were heavy, too.  Her new center of gravity was making it difficult for her to balance in her four inch spikes.  As she took a step, they would shift to one side, threatening to pull her torso over with their weight.  Her flesh cut deep into the cups of the bra that wasn’t intended to hold so much breast.  Her shoulders hurt where the bra straps dug spitefully into her shoulders, as if to chide her for making them hold so much weight.  She didn’t know where this guy was taking her, but somehow his manner and voice evoked trust and she needed help from someone right now.  Anyone.  Her mind still reeled with the impossibility of her circumstance and her mind was too busy between fighting a rising panic and trying to come up with some kind of plausible explanation for what had happened. 

Suddenly, she realized that she didn’t even know where they were.  It had been in a bar in the city.  But what bar?  What street were they on?  Her circumstances felt like a dream, but she felt the hard uneven concrete of a Manhattan sidewalk under her shoes, the guy’s warm, comforting body beside her with his arm wrapped protectively around her.  She felt the night’s cool breeze on her cheek, saw everything around her to the last detail, sharp and real.  It was no dream.

She was being steered toward a car.  A Maybach of all things!  She felt no panic about this.  Surely, some guy who had that much money was unlikely to do her harm.  He was obviously no dirtbag.  His expensive watch and shoes were what had drawn her to him in the first place.  She had an eye for such things.  Always measure a guy’s worth by his shoes.  Tara measured her men by their wealth.

Soon she was inside the sumptuous interior.  He had led her to the back door: the rear seating area being huge.  She sat in one of two buttery-leather seats, separated by a rich wooden console.  He closed her door.  There was no chauffer.  The car was empty.  She was alone while he made his way over to the other side.  She looked down at the twin balloons of flesh that looked ready to explode as they bulged out from between her bra’s little plunging D cups.  She reached up and lightly stroked the swollen apex of her right fleshbag.  So big! she thought as her long-nailed fingers felt the soft bulging arc.  I’ve always wanted to be this big, or, nearly this big, anyway.  This is probably a bit bigger than I’d want to go, but I could live with this.  It’s so fucking hot!  It’s so intense!  Look at me!  I’m so FUCKING BIG!  But it doesn’t make any sense!  A girl’s tits don’t just inflate on their own, especially without my having noticing the change until after it happened!

The opposite door opened and her gorgeous “rescuer” entered the car and sat down beside her.

“Can I offer you a drink?” he asked, opening the small wood-veneer refrigerator in the center behind the front seats.  Inside was a bottle of white zinfandel, her favorite. 

“Yes, please,” she said, in a small mouse’s voice. 

Once he had poured her some wine into a beautifully fluted glass and she’d had a sip, he put down the wine and took her free hand in his.

“Tell me, please,” he asked in his soothing way, “what has upset you so?”

She put down the wine glass on a small table that extended from the front seat and swiveled her torso towards him and stuck out her chest.  “These are not supposed to be this big.”  She was almost calm in her delivery, but her voice quivered at the end and a tear formed from the right of her right eye.  “I’m a D cup for goodness sake!  I suddenly look down and I’m… huge!

He didn’t respond as if she was crazy to which she was grateful.

“How long have you been this bigger size?” he merely asked.

“That’s just it!” she replied with wide eyes.  “The first time I saw that they were this big was just a few moments ago in that bar!”

His eyebrows did rise a little at that.  Surely, he thought she was stupid or crazy or high.

“I’m not nuts…” she said in a small voice.

“Okay,” he nodded.  “Then we have a real enigma here.”  He put a hand to his chin, thinking, lightly stroking it between forefinger and thumb as if he was used to fingering a beard there.  He stared at her emerging dirigibles while he considered.  After a moment he raised his head.  “As it happens, I’m good friends with many people in the medical community.  If you’d like, we could bring you to a doctor friend of mine, whose research I also happen to fund.  I think she’ll be alright with doing an emergency examination, even at this late hour.  She owes me a favor.”  He waited a moment before adding: “What do you think?”

“Of you taking me to see a doctor friend of yours?” she asked.  Her look had been far off, and she “came to” suddenly, as if she’d been in a daze and only now came out of it.

He nodded, slowly.  “Obviously, something occurred to make this happen.  My friend could do a full exam to see what’s happened that might’ve made this occur.”

“But it’s…” she went to look at her wristwatch, which she always wore, but it was missing. 

One o’clock in the morning,” he said, pointing to an analog clock in the dash.  “I know, it’s late.  Let me call her and see.  It’ll be fine.”

Tara hesitated, but then could think of nothing else.  “…I guess,” she agreed, finally.

He pressed a button on the console and spoke to his car operating system: “Call Teanli Chin.”

While Tara heard the phone ringing via the car’s audio system, the front door opened and a big man entered the driver’s seat.  He was in his early twenties, wearing a black business suit and built like Fort Knox with a big barrel chest.

“Tianli Chin’s, please, Max,” Tara’s savior instructed in his usual calm manner.  “I’ll introduce you after the call.”

“Very good, sir,” Max replied and fired up the Maybach’s twelve cylinder engine with a push of a button.  The car effortlessly pulled out into the Manhattan traffic.

Tara felt her hippo-boobs jostle with the acceleration.

Someone answered on the other end of the phone.

“Kal, shouldn’t you be having some fun on a Saturday night?” came a mellow woman’s voice with a British accent.

“Tee, I need a favor,” Kal replied.  “I’ve got a potentially very very strange occurrence that I need you to look into.  Should be right up your ally.”

“Illumination, please.”

“That’s Tee’s way of wanting more details,” he whispered to Tara before continuing on in a normal tone to Tianli Chin.  “I’ve a young lady with me who has apparently undergone a massive biological change and I’d like you to exam her to hopefully put her mind at ease.”

“Uh-huh,” came Tianli Chin’s voice, with an air of something like skepticism.  “Now?”

Kal smiled.  Tara thought it made him look even more gorgeous.  “If you’d please, yes.”

“Meet me at my lab as soon as you can,” they heard Tianli Chin’s voice reply, reluctantly.

“Already on our way,” Kal said, with a vague smile, and hit another button on the console ending the call.  “Forgive me.  My name is Kal Thorton.”

“Oh!” Tara suddenly realized that they’d yet to be fully introduced.  “Tara,” she smiled, and then realized that he already knew her first name. “Tara Jezebine.”

“Good to meet you, Tara,” he said in a manner which made her feel as if she could fall in love with him, however one does that.  Then, he turned to the driver: “Max.”

“Yes sir?” replied his chauffer without taking his eyes off of the erratic Manhattan traffic.

“This is Miss Tara.  Please see to her every wish.”

“Certainly, sir.”  And then Max did take his eyes off the road to look at Tara in the rear view mirror for a moment.  “Good to meet you, Tara.  Anything you need: ask me.”

“Thank you,” Tara replied, feeling stupid.  She glanced out the window and noticed the digital display from a bank: time, date and temperature.  It took a few moments for it to register to her.

1:13am - Sunday, August 17th, 2014 - 74ยบ

She turned slowly to Kal.  “But it’s 2011…” she said, vaguely.

He looked at her, puzzled.  “No,” he began cautiously, “it’s 2014.  Really.”

“How… can… that… be…?”  She looked at him with rising panic.

“Calm down,” he said, reassuringly.  “We’ll get to the bottom of this.  One thing at a time.  Let’s get you examined first.”

Max took them to a parking garage under a sleek office building on the upper East Side and Kal took her hand, leading her to a well-appointed elevator.  On their way up, Kal explained that Dr. Chin was both an Ob-Gyn as well as doing bio-research for his company.

Tianli Chin turned out to be a beautiful Asian of slight build and height.  She had no chest to speak of, and her over-all build reminded Tara of the type of girl who seemed like you could snap her like a toothpick.  She was friendly, but very businesslike, making no small talk.  She took Tara into a cold examination room (why are they always cold? Tara wondered) while Kal waited.  Soon, she had Tara’s very shapely body undressed and asked her to lie down in a reclined examination chair.  Each of Tara’s new massive breasts fell slightly off of her ribcage.  She looked down at them.  They were enormously full and round.  Her once small and pale areola and tiny pale nipples had transformed into massive puffy brown disks, perhaps two inches in diameter, with tall three-quarter-inch deep-pink gnarly spigots sprouting from them.  After a moment, Tara was surprised to find Tianli Chin lowering a mask over her mouth and nose.

“What’s this for?” Tara asked through the hard plastic.  She smelled an odd smell.

“To put you to sleep, my dear,” Tianli Chin replied, caressing the full bulge of Tara’s closest breast.

Tara awoke in a luxuriously sumptuous bedroom under satin sheets in king-sized canopy bed.  Across the room, huge windows looked out on the Manhattan skyline in full daylight.  Her first thought was: Where am I?  Quickly followed by: What did that bitch do to me?

She pulled up the sheets to look down at her still enormous K-cup-sized bosoms.  She was dressed in royal blue button-down cotton nightshirt which was large enough to cover her down to her legs.  The top few buttons were undone and she quickly unbuttoned a few more to inspect her huge bust, which she soon realized was unchanged from when she lay down in the examination room.  One sat heavily on her torso, it’s fat nipple piercing the fabric of the nightshirt as it pointed vaguely toward the ceiling.  The other threatened to fall off her ribcage, but was prevented by her arm.  They sat there like big bloated whales marooned ashore. Why did she put me to sleep?  And where the hell was she now?

She sat up, feeling the heavy weight of her newly blown udders as they dragged downwards once her torso was erect.  She put her hands under them, feeling their new size and heft under her nightshirt.  Son of a bitch, I’m stacked now!  They’re really heavy!  She grinned for a moment as her fingers closed in on her own heavy softness.  Oh baby!

Her momentary elation quickly waned as she realized that she had no idea of where she was, though she was beginning to get a good idea.  Swinging her feet off the bed, her toes came in contact with a plush carpet.  She walked around to the open door and peered beyond into a wide well appointed hallway where Kal was sitting in an overstuffed chair reading the paper.

“Is this your apartment?” she asked, her voice cracking.

Instantly, he was on his feet, his face full of concern.  “How are you feeling?  Are you alright?”

She was in his arms before she realized what had happened and she found that she was enjoying it immensely.  “I’m fine,” she said, smiling up at his concerned face. “Why am I here?”

“Come back to the bedroom,” he said, and they were soon standing before an upright mirror in the gorgeous bedroom.  “Tee said you checked out fine,” he said, admiring her stunning form. 

Tara was absolutely gorgeous, with a head of thick, full deep red hair that fell to her waist.  Her deep blue eyes lay under high-arching narrow eyebrows and above very full, well-rounded cheeks.  Her petite nose turned up at the end in a most enchanting way and her full, curvaceous lips begged to be kissed.  Her upper lip had no real peaks, but was full and round and mirrored her lower lip which was one gigantic swath of bulging wonder: both lips, though huge, were well-defined.

When she turned to look at him, she could feel her own nipples harden in excitement at his close proximity and his gorgeous features.  Close to him, like this, she wanted to be with him forever, to feel his warm comfort and enjoy his muscular form and stunning good looks.  She found that she was super-excited just to be near him and didn’t want that feeling to ever go away.  She had wanted to ask what the doctor had found out about her enlarged breasts, but now just wanted him to kiss her and fondle her.

“You’re gorgeous,” he said, cupping her face with one hand and a breast with the other even as he moved in to press his lips against hers.

Tara was completely swept off her feet and let him unbutton her nightie as she unbuttoned his shirt.  When he’d dropped his pants, she was even more excited to see the immense bulge in his briefs.  She pulled them down and caressed his iron-hard cock with her hands while he gasped.  She figured him to be, at least, eight inches long with a cockhead bloated wider than his shaft, a deep crimson red.  She was too excited for much foreplay and threw herself down on the bed, her massive funbags thudding and undulating on her ribcage as she did so, her thick nipples dancing about wildly for a brief moment.  She spread her legs.

“Come fuck me!” she begged and he was soon deep inside her, pounding her hard until she screamed.  Her bloated kegs danced on her chest with each of his heavy, almost punishing thrusts.  She came in a fit of screaming obscenities that made him grin with delight and when she was finished, he kissed her gently, his big pole still within her, gently pumping.

After a few moments of enjoying his caresses, she looked to his face.  “You haven’t cum, yet, have you?” she asked.

He shook his head with a smile.

“What’s wrong?” she asked with concern.  “What can I do to make you pop?”

He smiled again and gently stroked her cheek with his hand, his cock still deep within her.  “You’re so sexy and beautiful,” he said.

“But…” she said, knowing that somehow she couldn’t satisfy him.  The thought plunged her heart into despair.  Here it comes…

“I’m afraid it’s a problem of mine,” he added.  He looked down at her newly fat funbags and cupped one in his hand.  Her enormous mammary was far too big for him to get a complete hold on.

“I’m too big,” she said suddenly.  “My tits are too fucking big, aren’t they?”

He laughed a short quip of a laugh and looked into her stunning eyes.  “No my dear, they’re gorgeous and full and more than big enough for most men.  You excite me terribly, yet… in truth, you’re really not big enough to excite me to come to orgasm.”

She looked stunned.  Did she hear that right?

“Not big enough?” she asked slowly.  How can that be true?

“I think you look splendid with your breasts this size, but my ‘condition’ requires a bust size of much more extreme proportion.”

“Bigger?” she wondered, amazed, looking at her swollen glands of lust.  She had to have him cum inside her!  But…

“Would you like to go bigger?” he asked her, suddenly.

She didn’t know this guy.  She had no idea how he came into her life, but she felt deeply within her being that she loved him and wanted to make him happy.  Her breasts were so big already, but it wasn’t enough for him.

“Absolutely,” she said, surprising herself with her conviction.  “I want to make you cum!  If you can get me implants, I’ll make them as big as you need.”

He smiled again at her, pleased.  “Would you do anything to make me cum?” he asked.

“Yes!” she cried, frightening some part of herself.  Her clitoris seemed to pound in excitement with her need to see him cum.  “I don’t care how big you make me!”

“Would it bother you if I’d already taken liberties with you?  So that you could become very big, right now?

“What?” she asked, puzzled.  “You did something to me?”

He pulled out of her, eliciting a feeling of extreme loss, and sat up on the bed beside her. 

She followed suit, feeling her massive jumbos as their weight shifted again.  It was difficult to think now that his cock was no longer safely inside her.  She wanted to feel him back in there again.

“I’m afraid so,” he said.

“To make me bigger?” she asked, excitedly.

He nodded.

“Oh, that’s wonderful!” she squealed.  “What did you do?  Is that what your doctor did to me?”

He grinned.  “That’s right.  Tee finished some arrangements and made sure you were fine.”

Tara was puzzled and groped at her soft bloated breasts.  “If she put implants in me, I’d be all scarred from the surgery…”  There was no sign of scarring.

“It’s something far more sophisticated than that,” he said.  “It’s actually something that’s been done over a long period of time, unbeknownst to you.  I hope that’s okay.”

“I don’t understand,” she said, shaking her head. 

“I’ll tell you about it later,” he said.  “For now, feel your nipples.”

Curious, Tara reached up and grabbed her half-inch-thick nipples between her forefingers and thumbs.

“Squeeze them,” he said.

She did and felt something hard within their rubbery goodness.  “What is it?”

Kal got off the bed and opened a bedside table exposing machinery which looked like a receiver or an amplifier.  He withdrew two clear tubes that looked like fishtank tubing except that they were far thicker, perhaps a half-inch in width.  Fat, stubby needle-like devices sat at their ends.  Each ended in a point but widened to half and inch thick near the tubing end.  There was some sort of metal collar where the chrome needle-like thing met the clear plastic tubing.  “They’re receptacles for these tubes.”  He sat on the bed beside her.  “I’ll explain the details later, but we can click the ends of these lines into your nipples and pump fluid into your breasts.”

“You mean, like saline, to make them bigger?” she asked, awed.

“Not saline, no,” he replied.  “Your breasts have been adapted to take on this fluid, or elixir, and it will allow them to expand to an awesome size.  If you want.”

She looked at his face, delighted.  Where most women would’ve been shocked at what someone had done to them without their permission, she seemed most elated.  “How fast?  How big?”

He laughed and cupped one of her big K cuppers.  “Very fast.  Very BIG!

She lifted her head up and kissed him deeply, shoving her tongue into his mouth as far as it could go.  When she came up for air, she felt so excited that her clitoris throbbed.  “Can you do it right now?  Make me as big as you need!”

He grinned.  “Oh yes, we can do it now, and you will get very big indeed…”

“Show me,” she said, cupping her big breasts with her hands and raising them up for his perusal, stiff nipples jutting skyward.

Smiling, he took one of her perky nips and squeezed the bottom of it, forcing the little cylinder within up, as one might squeeze toothpaste from the bottom of a tube.  The tip of her nip parted to allow the little specialized plastic port to emerge.  He took one of the odd needles and pushed it into the port, which expanded it, immediately.

“Oh!” Tara exclaimed as her nipple was forced wide to accept the severely tapered needle.

“A bit uncomfortable?” he asked with a wry smile.

“It’s okay,” she said, willing to put up with the minor pain to please him.

When he was finished, she had taken the entire needle within her breast.  All that remained outside her nipple was the plastic collar.  He quickly repeated his actions with her second breast.  He then retrieved a small chrome remote control and pressed a button.  White liquid filled the tubes while she heard a hissing sound.

“I’m filling the tubes with the elixir and voiding any air that had been within them,” he explained.  Once finished, he lay down on the bed, his shaft fully rigid.

Was it Tara’s imagination, or was he slightly bigger now?  Shaking with desire and anxiety, Tara straddled him, while the tubes bounced about with her movement.  She felt like some kind of weird electronic puppet or perhaps some sort of cow ready for milking.  She smiled when she realized that she would be treated to the opposite of milking.  Now above him, her juices dripped slightly onto his turgid cock.  She looked down at him, past the white twin tubing emerging from the front of her bosoms.

“This is so bizarre,” she whispered.

He smiled.  “You haven’t seen anything yet,” he said and pushed a button on the remote.

“Oh my…” Tara said, sticking out her chest as if she could see what was happening inside any better.  “I definitely feel something.”

“Fuck me,” he said, to which she grinned broadly and descended onto his awaiting shaft.

“Oooohhh…” she moaned softly as she slowly impaled herself on his steel-hard missile.  She placed a palm on either side of her huge mammary glands.  “Oh, shit, this is so weird: they are getting bigger!”

“Oh course they are,” he cooed, as she began to slowly stroke him.  He hit another button on the remote.  “Let’s see how big you need to get to make me explode.”

Tara could feel the surge as the elixir flowed into her breasts even faster.  She was swelling so big, so fast!  She hadn’t expected to expand so quickly!  Her boobs were already up to the size of cantaloupes and still growing ever larger!  She ran her hands over the swelling expanse of bosom, hardly able to believe her eyes.  How could this be possible?  She was growing so big!  So fast!  What would the girls in the office think?  Her friends?  Her family?  It was so surreal to watch her own breasts inflate like this, getting heavier and fuller with each passing moment!

As her balloons inflated to the size of soccer balls, she could hear Kal moaning: she could barely see his face anymore except in the valley of her cleavage as her monster breasts surged greater and greater.  What’s more, she could feel his cock swell larger, too.  She was driving him crazy, making his phallus grow even bigger within her!  She had been so worried just moments before about how she’d look to her family and friends with cantaloupe-sized boobs and she was already much larger and still growing bigger.  But as she heard Kal’s arousal, she cared less and less about what others might think of her stupendous jugs.  If they needed to be so much bigger in order to arouse him, it was worth it and she wanted it.  She had a feeling that she’d grow much bigger before he came and she was ready for it.  Determined even.  It was a little scary, not knowing how big she would wind up, but it was also exciting.  She would be his own personal fantasy and she could have anything she wanted.  The thought of her boobies swelling as big as basketballs thrilled her: she would look so awesome!  Part of her watched herself consider how awesome it would be to have breasts the size of basketballs and was stunned.  Breasts the size of basketballs?  That was insane!  That was beyond big tits: it was ridiculous, and here she was actually enjoying the prospect!  She’d seen women on the internet with such grotesquely-sized boobs and had laughed at the time.  Who would possibly want to be that big?

She would.

She rose up and down on his larger member, feeling the weight of her swelling bloaters increase, tugging her downward with ever greater ferocity.  She wanted to lean forward to watch his face, but was worried about the needles.  But surely she was too big now to worry about those relatively little needles!  Realizing this, she bent forward and let her heavy pounders rest on his chest so that she could see his head just above her hulking monstrosities.  His mouth was open, gasping with ecstasy as she rode him.

“Come on baby…” she cooed.  “Make me bigger!  Make me so big that you cum!

She heard him click another button and felt the surge increase manifold within her, forcing her dirigibles ever larger.  She could feel her balloons’ girth increase, pushing her back and away from his face as more and more elixir pumped into her glands, filling her faster and faster.

How far will this go?  How big do I need to get to make him cum?  How big should I let him make me?  She grinned.  As big as he wanted, she knew.