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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

"POSSESSIONS", Book 1: Tara, Chapter 3 - part 2

Damn.  Sorry that it's been so long since I posted a section of this story, and it was a short section, at that, last time, too.  But, today's post is a fairly long segment, so I hope that will make up for it a bit.  Tonight, Tara will meet Simon, Kal's associate, and she will play escort for him.  How big will she get while in his company?

As always, please be aware that this is a first draft, and, therefore, prone to type-Os and errors.

Book 1: Tara
Chapter 3
part 2

Shadowmuse Blown

When Simon saw her, he could not believe such a creature existed.  The room was vast and filled with scores of people, but she radiated an erotic aura that shone like a spotlight on her as soon as she entered.  Her beautiful face was surrounded by a long and thick mane of luscious jet black hair and an exaggerated hourglass body that looked like it was poured into the stunning cobalt blue dress.  Her face and body called out to his heart and dick simultaneously.  Surely, this had to be the woman that Kal had been promising him for the past week.  He stood up from his place at the bar where he had been sharing some drinks with Kal.

When Kal saw that Simon had stood up, he noticed Simon’s stare and looked to where his attention had been drawn.  Kal grinned.  Bingo! he thought.  She’s perfect for him!

“Please tell me that that’s Tara,” Simon said, quietly, not taking his eyes off of Tara, who had entered the room and was now slowly surveying it.

Kal laughed lightly.  “You bet it is,” he replied.  And before he could say, “Shall I introduce you?” Simon was on his way over to meet her.

She was so beautiful!  Her face with its high, full cheeks and brilliant blue eyes and full, pillowy lips, begged to be kissed.  And her body was a teenager’s fantasy!  His heart pounded in his chest even as his cock swelled so hard in his pants that it ached.

“Tara?” he asked, as he drew close enough for her to hear.

She turned her gorgeous blue eyes on him and a warm genuine smile spread across those delicious lips of hers.  “Simon?” she asked, and her smile broadened at his nod.  “It’s so good to finally meet you!”

Kal followed, but kept his distance.  No need for him to intrude when it was going so well.  It would let Tara do her work better if he stayed a discreet distance so that she wouldn’t become distracted.  He wanted her to focus on Simon, after all.  But if he stayed in view for Tara to see, she would get off on him getting off on the whole thing.

Simon invited her to the seats at the bar that he and Kal had occupied.  Simon was pleased to find that she was a good conversationalist, but even while he spoke, his heart pounded fiercely in his chest and his cock raged in his briefs, threatening to tear through them.  She was so damn buxom!  And so much of her cleavage was in view in that deep V neck.  She was so soft and curvy and luscious.  Her black-lined eyes were so captivating and inviting and she seemed so interested in him and what he did for a living and his hobbies and dogs and everything!

About an hour after they’d met, Tara excused herself to go to “the powder room” and kissed him lightly on the cheek as she departed the bar, promising not to take too long to return.  Kal came by, in her absence, to ask Simon what he thought of Tara and wasn’t surprised by how much Simon gushed on and on about her.  Wait till she comes back!  Kal thought to himself.

Tara walked down the hall to a small private room that was unavailable to guests of the party.  Inside was a small chamber filled with monitors.  Tara could see the party from various angles.  Peri had been watching the monitors and now got up from the security desk and motioned Tara to a chair in the center of the room.  Tara took off the matching blue sash at her waist.

“So?” Peri asked, as she got up and crossed the room to a device with a single white tube emanating from it.  “What’s he like?” 

“He’s very sweet,” Tara said.  “Far less geekish than I thought he’d be.  He’s actually interesting to talk to.”

“That always helps,” Peri agreed, and handed Tara a chrome needle that was at the end of the tubing.  “Now, just like we practiced.”

Tara took the needle and with a slight grimace, pushed it into her new side nipple until the inch long needle was imbedded within her and she heard a click indicating that the orifice was sealed.

Peri pushed a button on a machine that sat on a metal cart and Tara felt an oddly warm sensation in her side that seemed to flow through her torso till it reached her chest.  Soon her breasts felt warm and then they began to swell.

“Not too much for the first time,” Peri said.  “Just a cupsize or two for now.”

Tara smiled as Peri turned off the machine.  Her breasts had filled out the bra and were now bulging out of it to a greater degree.  She shook her shoulders and watched her new M-cups jiggle in the K-cup bra.

“Very nice,” Peri said, and nodded for Tara to remove the line.  “See you again in a half hour,” she said, and smiled as Tara got up to go dazzle her new found friend even more.

As Tara and Simon continued their conversation, Simon wondered why she seemed fuller in the bust.  Was it his imagination or was he just focusing more on how delicious she looked with her big tits bulging in the V neck.  She certainly had an abundance of breastmeat, that was for sure.  It was intoxicating to sit beside this stunning woman, her gargantuan bulging boobs quivering with each movement she made.  If she moved an arm or shifted her position, those dual fleshbags of lust quivered enticingly.  Simon had seen a lot of big busted women, but most were saline-enhanced, and few as gorgeous as Tara.

As another half hour passed, a waiter came out to announce that dinner was ready and invited everyone to file into the dining room. 

“Can you save a spot for me while I go check my make-up?” Tara asked Simon.

There was no need to save a seat as Simon had a pair designated for him at the grand table in the dining room.  Dining hall, might have been a better description, as the room was huge and laid out like a fine restaurant with many tables.  In the center, though, was one long table with Kal at the head.  Simon’s seat was only a few chairs down on his right with one reserved for Tara beside him.  When Tara entered, 2 cup sizes larger, Simon knew that it was no longer his imagination.  He could easily see how much more she bulged out of her bra and how much fuller her bust looked beneath the dress.  Was she stuffing her bra, he wondered?  Why would she do that?  It was an extreme turn-on for him, though, he had to admit.  She looked ready to just burst out of her dress now, with her twin hemishpheres of breastmeat billowing out of her bra.

He didn’t mention it, of course, that would’ve been rather forward.  But he was quite happy that she was apparently trying to entice him!

As Tara sat beside Simon, she felt a thrill at the site of Kal at the head of the table.  She looked over at him and he winked at her.  She could see that Simon immediately noticed her larger bust, but as they had figured, he said nothing.  As she talked with him, she felt under the table for the hidden needle clipped to the underside of the tabletop.  She looked over at Kal and winked back at him, unseen by Simon, but seen by Peri on her video monitor.  Soon a waiter came over to Simon to take his order and while he was distracted, Tara unhooked the needle and quickly pulled down her sash and pushed it in to extra nipple until she felt it click.  With a smooth motion, she repositioned the sash and all was set.  The person sitting on her other side was a technician from Dr. Chin who was the only person to see what Tara had just done.  Tara looked up at her to find that it was Indira, who smiled and nodded that Tara had hooked up the tubing correctly.

All was set.

The multi-course meal began and proved to be quite delicious, but the best part was when the main course was finally served and Tara felt the warm elixir slowly fill her bosoms.  They swelled very slowly, but she saw Simon’s double-take when he realized that she was even bigger than when they sat down, her huge melons making the bra very tight, indeed, and her overflow bulging so deliciously.  The bra’s band had more elastic in it than usual so that she could expand a good deal before it could stretch no more.  The portly gentleman across from her seemed to notice as well and Tara saw him nudge his wife and whisper something to her.  When she looked up at Tara’s bust, her look was classic and Tara nearly bust out laughing.

Slowly she filled, cubic centimeter by cubic centimeter until she was an N cup, a whole size bigger than when she’d sat down.  When they’d finished the maincourse and were waiting for dessert, she was closing in on an O cup and Simon finally leaned over to her.

“What’s going on?” he whispered to her, her enormous breasts bulging outward in extreme now, the bra cups digging deeply into her breastflesh. 

“Whatever do you mean?” she teased, and shook her shoulders a bit so that her twin hemispheres jiggled obscenely before him.  “Don’t you like me bigger?”

“How is this happening?” he asked, his cock leaking profusely in his pants.

“Do you like it?” she asked.

He stared at her then, looked into her gorgeous eyes.

“Very much,” he said quietly.

She smiled.  “Good,” she replied.  “It’s a present for you.  I’m a present for you.”  Then she leaned in to be sure that no one else could hear.  “I’ll keep swelling during the evening until you say ‘stop’.  I’ll just keep getting bigger and bigger until I’m big enough for you, okay?”  She sat back in her chair and grinned.

“What?” he stammered.

“You heard me,” she said as the waitresses came out with dessert.  “Kal has arranged everything.  You just enjoy the show.”  She put a hand on his thigh.  “Do you like me like this?” she whispered.

“More than anything,” he managed to say.

She smiled warmly and moved her hand to his bulge.  They were looking into each other’s eyes.  When her fingers enclosed about his shaft she saw his eyes grow wide and felt warmth and then wetness.

He stifled a groan as he shot load after load down his thigh.

Oh baby, she said silently to him, her eyes widening briefly in excitement.

Then, she turned to her dessert, her billowing bosoms nearly in the plate as she smiled.

There were murmurs now from many of the guests as more and more of them realized that Tara’s chest was slowly swelling out of her dress.  After they had finished their dessert, a waiter came to collect their plates but wound up accidently spilling the contents of a plate he’d collected onto Simon’s lap.  There was a rush of apologies where Simon looked at Tara with a look that said: “Can you believe this?”

“Let the nice man help you with some clean pants, Sweetie,” she replied, and then she winked at him.

Simon quieted, suddenly realizing that the whole thing had been a ruse to give him an excuse to change his pants without making it obvious that he’d splooged in them.  He looked up at Kal and mouthed the words: “Thank you”.

Kal nodded with a smile.

When Simon had been cleaned up and changed into a new pair of pants that matched his originals, he was directed to an entertainment room that was dark and had a band playing light jazz.  His attendant showed him to a cozy booth at the back where Tara awaited him.

His mouth fell open when he saw how much bigger she’d been blown.  Now pumped up to a P cup, Tara’s tight dress showed the outlines of the K cup bra straining beneath the fabric.  Fighting the bra, her breasts spilled out everywhere beneath the blue fabric as they sought to escape either beneath it or to the back of the cups, swelling dangerously everywhere.  Most of her breast overflow, was, of course, bulging out of the center where she had two huge mounds of breastmeat billowing upward and out of her dress several inches high.

“Holy shit,” he said as he sat down, his boner raging once more.

“Do you like?” she teased.  “I’m still expanding for you, baby.  Tell me when I’m big enough, okay?”

He sat beside her and she took his hands and placed them on her teeming udders.  “You can touch me,” she said.  “You can do anything you want with me: kiss me, hold me, fuck me.  I’m here for you.  All I want to do is make you cum and be happy.”  As she spoke, the bra creaked from the ever-swelling burden it tried to contain.  “Ohh...” she moaned slightly.  “This bra is gonna bust soon, I think.”

“I can’t believe how big you are,” he said in absolute awe.  “How is this possible?”

“I’ve got a special port in my side where an elixir is constantly being injected into special tubes that run to my tits.  They keep pumping my tits up bigger and bigger until my bra busts and the dress splits apart and then they’ll keep pumping in more and more elixir, faster and faster until you say stop.”

Simon was visibly shaking.

“Can you take it, honey?”

“I don’t think so,” he said quietly.  “I think I might lose it again.”

“Oh, that’s okay,” she confided.  “That’s what I’m here to accomplish!”  There was a snapping noise as a seam popped on the bra, her huge balloons ever swelling and growing and forcing more and more breastflesh against the inside of the poor bra.  There was another popping sound and another.  She turned to him, her full R cup bosoms expanding before his eyes.  “Oh baby, I think I’m gonna rip this bra apart soon!”  She pressed the palms of his hands into her sumptuous ballooning spheres as they bulged insanely from the deep scoop opening of the dress.  There was a ripping sound as Tara’s eyes rolled up into her head.  “It’s so tight!” she coughed.

S cup. 

“What can I do?” he asked, concern evident in his face and voice.

She managed a smile.  “Watch and enjoy,” she said, her hands caressing the outsides of her swelling balloons.  She saw that he was gripping the table and it was not only out of concern for her, as his crotch was plainly visible since he turned to her and his bulge was very prominent.

“Oh shit,” he said, and she knew he was hyper-excited.

“Baby…” she said with some difficulty, for breathing was getting rather difficult, “are you gonna spurt?”  It was funny what one notices in strange circumstances, but Tara just then noticed how many eyes were on them as her breasts attempted to blow apart her bra.  Simon only had eyes for her, which was good, otherwise he might die from embarrassment.  They were too far from anyone to be heard, but her chest advertised them like a neon sign.  She had wanted to reach out and grab his pecker so that he’d explode again in his pants, but now was afraid that such a move might terminally embarrass him when he realized later how many eyes were on them.

T cup.

“I should tell them to stop pumping your breasts,” he said, at last.  “I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“No, baby!” she retorted.  “Only tell them to stop pumping me if I’ve gotten big enough for you!”  She laughed—it came out almost as a cough.  “And I’m not big enough yet, am I?”  She managed an evil smile, despite her discomfort.  “You want me bigger, don’t you?  Much bigger!”

“Can’t we tell them to stop and remove your bra?’ he asked.  “You could start up again afterwards if you wish.”

You mean, if YOU wish!  Tara thought to herself, laughing inside.  But she shook her head.  “They told me that the rules were you could ask to have the pumping stopped once.  After that, I stay that size.  For now, I’m to stay put until my bra bursts for you, then the pumping can pause for a while.  Maybe.”

U cup.

“Ohh!” she cried, her bra digging painfully into her flesh causing her real pain now.

“I’m going to tell them to stop,” Simon began, but before Tara could say anything to the contrary there was another series of pops.

Tara’s dress visibly shook as the entire bra attempted to leap off her overburdened bosoms as elastic snapped and seems ruptured.

“Oh!” she cried out, as her enormous kegs reverberated from the sudden release.

“Uhhh…” Simon groaned, and Tara knew that the popping bra was the linchpin to his orgasm.  He watched her undulating udders as they came to rest under her stunning blue dress.

Tara watched the stain grow where his pants tented.  “Oh baby,” she cooed.  “Pump it for me!”  She reached into the dress and removed the tattered remnants of the overtaxed bra and then shook her shoulders for him as he finished his orgasm.  She called a waiter over, and, with the help of a large food trolley—to block everyone’s view of Simon’s crotch—he escorted him to changing room.

Tara considered her hefty kegs in the meantime as she reached down to close the clip on the chrome needle embedded in her side.  She had total control to stop the elixir at any time, of course.  But she didn’t want to tell Simon that.  She’d been touched that he had been about to tell them to stop the pumping despite how much he wanted to see her pumped astronomically.  She looked up to see quite a number of people still checking her out and talking about what they’d seen.  How could that woman’s breasts expand like that before their very eyes?

Tara smiled and ignored them.  Pulling out a small mirror from her bag she checked her makeup and checked out how her newly blown boobs were looking in the dress.  The dress was tight now, but it was designed to expand with her for a while.  At about eight inches across, each, her breasts were now a good size to fill out the dress, but she knew it could take a lot more expansion without ripping.  Her breasts rode high and proud and were fairly round, though they coned a tad at the upper front where her puffy areola and stiff nipples pointed at the ceiling at something like a sixty degree angle.

It’s weird how my breasts are different each time.  The doctor must build them from scratch somehow and change their appearance as she does so.  How do you rebuild breasts from scratch?  Under the cobalt blue satiny fabric, Tara could easily see that her areolas were about two inches in diameter now and rose in a cone-like shape to a height of about an inch.  She could make out large individual bumps and tubercles protruding through the sheer fabric of the dress.  A fat nipple tented the fabric at the centers and rose, perhaps, another inch.  She could even make out the gnarled surface of the half-inch wide nipple where it pushed up against the fabric.  The result was a very erotic look: her big nips seeming to scream that they were aroused and ready for sex.  If they look this way now, how will they look when I get aroused? she wondered.

Now that her breasts were no longer striving to escape from the confines of the overly small bra, her look was more relaxed.  She no longer ballooned out the front of the deep neck opening, but a generous amount of cleavage was obviously evident as the dress wrapped itself around her swollen attributes.  Taking one more look at her bust in the compact, she smiled.  Still so small, she thought to herself.

She reached down and opened the flow from the tubes.  I gotta do something to entertain myself while I’m waiting for Simon’s return, she mused, and, placing her arms out on the table, she considered her audience as she began to expand again.  It felt so good to feel the elixir flow into her tits, pumping her bigger and bigger.  Slowly, her bust rose beneath her gaze and the neck opening spread wider as her twin behemoths ballooned larger.

V cup.

Yeah,  she thought, I’m swelling again folks!  Just keep watchin’!  How big will I get?

W cup.

She didn’t want to get carried away, but she wanted to be noticeably bigger to Simon when he returned.  She grew bigger and heavier with each passing second.

X cup.

A young woman, of about 20, finally approached her.  She was a very pretty blonde with a big bust that she prominently displayed in a low cut sequined dress.  “Can I ask you how you’re managing to do that?” she asked.  “I mean, it’s plan that you’re actually getting bigger as we talk.  Are they real?”

Tara smiled and pulled down the neckline to show the girl her very real nipples lying beneath.

“Holy shit!” the girl squealed.  “But how?”

“If I told you how, I’d have to kill you,” joked Tara.

Y cup.

The waiter came by and took her order for a drink.  A few guys tried to come by and talk with her, but were intercepted by Morgan and Savannah before they could walk halfway across the room.  They were politely strong-armed out the door.

Z cup.

I think that’s enough, Tara thought and reached down to it shut off and remove the needle.  Her movements were blocked from view from her audience and she smiled knowing they couldn’t see what she was doing.  Would they understand it even if they could see?  Probably not.  She capped the needle and placed it back behind the hidden little door beneath the seatback cushion for the booth..

She was now about a half inch wider in each breast, which was plenty for Simon to see the difference, though she was already having second thoughts that perhaps she should have pumped them much larger.  She was about to reach for the little door which hid the needle and tubing when she saw him approaching.

He had a big smile on his face; his clothes looked immaculate.

“Last time they got me changed in a broom closet,” he laughed.  “This time, we’re apparently a bit closer to something nicer.  They had a bedroom set-up with a closet full of my clothes!  There’re multiple pairs of my pants, alone, hanging in a closet!  Whaoo…” he trailed off upon seeing Tara closer and her even greater girth.

“You like?” she asked, coyly, swiveling her torso so that he could better appreciate her vast poundage.  “I was just thinking that I should’ve had ‘em pumped even more.  But I want to expand them mostly in front of you.”

He shook his head in disbelief as he sat down beside her.  “You’re a teenage fantasy come true,” he said to her, looking into her eyes.  “Why do you do this?”

“Thanks to Kal, it’s what I can do,” she replied.  “As to why I’m here with you—Kal asked me to be with you as a favor.”

“I don’t want to sound gauche or anything, but, you’re with me tonight as a favor?” he asked, dubiously.

She laughed.  “I’m not paid to be here, if that’s what you’re getting at.”


“So, you’re pleased with me so far?” she asked.

He reached out and held her hands as they sat facing each other on the bench.  “Extremely,” he replied.

“Have you always like big breasts?” she asked.

He nodded.  “As far as I can remember.”

“How big is too big, then?” she asked.  “A lot of guys would look at my chest now and just think it’s silly.”

“Not me,” he replied, taking in her luscious spheres as he spoke.  Her nipples looked like they were reaching up for him through the material of her dress.  “You look wonderful like this.”

“Thanks,” she smiled.

“What about you?” he asked.  “What’s it like having breasts so big?  Does it bother you?”

She laughed.  “To me, these don’t seem all that big to tell you the truth!”

Simon squinted at her.  What?

“I’m like a human blow-up doll, Simon,” she told him.  “Kal’s pumped me very big before.”

“How big?” he wanted to know, intrigued.

“I’ll leave that a mystery for now,” she said.  “What I want to know is: how big would you like them to get?  It won’t matter.  I’ll love it.”

He laughed.  “Really?  My fantasy would be pretty extreme.  I don’t think I could ever ask someone to do that.”

“How big?” she wanted to know.

“You ever see the dancer Ann More before she retired?”

“Ummm…” she thought about it.  The name seemed familiar, but she never followed big-tit strippers, so she wasn’t sure.  “The name seems familiar, but that’s about it.”

“I’ve seen pictures of her when she had breasts about this big,” he said, holding out his hands about two feet wide.

Tara smiled.  “I can do that,” she replied, confidentially.

Simon looked up.  “Really?”

“I’m not sure how big I can actually get at present, but I’m sure I can get as least as big as that!

“That would be awesome!” he said.

She opened the little door, took out the needle and pulled down the sash.  “This is my port,” she said, as she slid the needle into the new nipple until it clicked.  “I’m thinking I should pump up a bit more for you and then maybe you could take me out on the dance floor.”  She opened the shuttlecock on the needle and looked up at him.  “What do you think?”

“Holy shit,” he said, as her boobs began to swell.

She giggled.  “Let’s let ‘em balloon a few inches wider, shall we?”  She saw that his pants were tented high.

“What’s it feel like?” he wanted to know.

“Mmmmm…” she considered.  “It’s warm and tingles.  I can feel the pressure throughout my tits.  It’s very erotic and it makes my nipples itch like they need to be sucked deeply.”

His tented crotch swelled further.

“I can feel the tug on my skin as they get heavier and heavier and the pressure against my ribcage as they fill and gain more real estate.  I love it.”

“Oh shit,” he said, very aroused.  “How much is getting pumped in?”

She took out a little liquid crystal display that she had in her purse.  “This was reset when I turned it off before,” she said.  The display read 600 for a moment as the numbers continued to climb.

“That’s 600 ccs since you just put in that needle?”

She nodded.

“It must be very heavy.”

“Well,” she said, “it’s not saline.  It’s a type of foam, so it weighs much less than water.  There’s still some heft to them, it’s not like air, but they’re a lot lighter than real breast tissue or saline.”

“I still can’t believe this,” he said.  “I’m sitting in a club with a woman who’s breasts are actually swelling right before my eyes.”


“How big should we make them?” she asked, looking at him with her big blue eyes and swiveling her torso again so that he could better appreciate her swelling amplitude.

He shook his head.  He didn’t know.  “Big.”

She laughed.  “I want you to feel them,” she said.


“Don’t you think it would be a bit too much if I were to feel your breasts in public?”

She nodded.  “You might need another change of pants before we dance,” she giggled.

He looked down.  Sure enough, he was leaking so much that he’d stained his crotch again.

“Skootch closer to me,” she said.

He did, so that his chest was bare inches from hers.  Her legs were under the table, her torso turned to him.  His pelvis and torso faced her, his left leg folded beneath him.  She reached down and unzipped his fly.


“Oh…” he moaned as she reached in for his thrumming cock.

“No one can see beneath the table,” she pointed out, pulling his leaking member into the air.

He was trembling.

“You’re so….”


“What?” she teased, cocking her head to one side.

“So… so big!

She broke out into a broad grin.  “Why yes, I am!” she said happily.  “What will it take to make you pop?”

She lightly ran her index finger under his straining member.

“UH!” he groaned as his cock spewed a gush of white several inches into the air.

She laughed.  “Oh my!  Didn’t take much, did it?”

Simon spurted a few more times as she stroked his wet pole.  He shuddered visibly.

“I guess you coulda held my tits after all!” she laughed.


Once again a strategic waiter came to help Simon leave the room semi-cloaked.

Tara left the machine running.





Simon’s eyes were bulging from his sockets upon his return as she switched the pump off and he sat down.

“Now I’m at twice the volume, baby,” she announced, the dress barely able to hold her enormous girth.  “I’m at a total of ten thousand ccs of elixir.”

She sat proudly before him, each breast at ten and half inches across.

Simon’s mouth was open.  She was so big!

She grinned at him broadly.  “What’s the matter?” she teased.

“Holy shit,” he said, quietly, “you’re awesome.”

That made her smile even more broadly.  “I’m so glad you like me like this,” she said.

“What’s it like?” he asked.  “To be so big?”

She looked down at her monstrous bosoms, projecting far from her ribcage and stretching the cobalt blue dress widely.  The neck opening was now stretched super wide, baring a good top third of her round breasts.  “It’s strange,” she admitted.  “I mean, it’s like: Is that really me?  It’s hard to believe my own breasts are so big.  Kal has had me a lot bigger, mind you.  And I mean a LOT bigger, but I’m still not used to it.  I haven’t lived with them really big on a day to day basis.  This is the first time I’ve actually been out of the bedroom with tits bigger than my original size!”

“Really?” he asked, intrigued.  “How big were you originally?”

“A D-cup,” she said, simply.

“Would you like to return to that size?” he wondered.

“No,” she replied.  “I like being bigger.  If it makes Kal and you horny, then I love it.”

“But you said it yourself: you don’t even know how it would be like to live with breasts that size,” he said.  “How can you really know if you’ll like living with them really big like this?”

She smiled.  “I will put up with anything to make Kal and you cum and cum and cum.”

This time, Simon smiled.  “How can you live for someone else like that?  What about what you want?”

She grinned broadly.  “That is what I want.  It gets me off to get you guys off.”

He sat back a moment, considering her with a hand supporting his chin.  “You’ve never been out of the bedroom with breasts bigger than a D cup?”

“That’s right,” she replied, then added:  “Well, one place was a warehouse, but it had a bed in it.”  She smiled.

He dismissed this with a wave of his hand.  “The point is, you haven’t gone out into the real world with a bust this size.  You want to?”

“Go into the real world?” she asked tentatively, with an unsure smile.  Then, “I want to do whatever you want to do.”

“Excellent!” he said, and stood up, despite the huge tent at his crotch.  “Let’s go.”

Sliding out from behind the table, she laughed, making her huge chest quake.  “Where?”

“First, we’ll go out.  You can come with me to a favorite club of mine.”  He put out an arm for her to link hers with his.  They walked to the door.  “Then we’ll go home.  You pick: your place or mine.”

“But Kal has a room for us here.”

He waved over the maĆ®tre d’.  “Please inform our host that we’re leaving.  We’re heading for the Bust Club and then I’ll show the young lady some hospitality at my place.  Kal is free to set up whatever he’d like at either location.”

The voluptuous J-cup beauty, to whom he spoke, was dressed in a snug black velvet long sleeved top and black pants.  She nodded and wrote a few notes in a PDA.

As they headed to the coat check, Tara asked Simon, “What did you mean by ‘set up whatever he’d like’?”

Simon smiled.  “Kal will want to video our evening together.  And I’m sure he’ll want to install a pump for your boobs at my place.”

She laughed.  “You know him well.”

Walking up to the coat check, they waited while Simon gave the busty young woman his number.  Tara suddenly realized that she had no outerwear.  She was about to point this out to Simon when the girl returned with a black overcoat for Simon and a black leather jacket for herself.

She laughed when he handed it to her.  “I don’t own a jacket like this,” she said, as she put the short cropped jacket on.  It had some flash in the way of extra zippers and clasps.  And while the bust was wide, there was no hope to fit her now massive chest into it.  “And I don’t see how I can fit my…”  Tara stopped as the coat check girl came out.

“Mr. Kal asked me to assist you,” she said, smiling.

“But it’s made for a much smaller bust,” Tara protested.

“Mr. Kal had it sent up only moments ago with a message that you should try to squeeze yourself into the jacket.” She looked purposely at Simon.  “The message indicated that your companion would love the results.”

“Really?” Tara asked, and shrugged.  “Okay.”

It took quite a lot of manhandling, but they managed to close all five buckles.  Two were at her waist, the jacket only coming down a little past that, leaving the hips, in the short blue skirt of her dress, to flair out beneath it.  The rest of the jacket closed tightly on her enormous rack with the help of drawstrings beneath each buckle, much like a corset.  Once pulled tight, the clasps could be shut, buckling Tara into the jacket and hiding each drawstring from view. Those three buckles were fairly close together running up under her boobage, the top most one nearly directly in front of her massive breasts.  The jacket squoze her gigantic melons fiercely, forcing them to bulge skyward, insanely, through the opening above the northern-most buckle.  Apparently, the jacket was meant to have a deep opening from which her mighty cleavage could bulge forth from.  The jacket accommodated much of her Herculean bloaters, and one could see how vast her pontoons were beneath the leather, but her twin hemispheres of lust ballooned out of the opening, each rising over half a foot out of the jacket. 

“Are you okay?” asked the coat check nymph.

“It’s snug!” Tara laughed, the thick leather creaking with every little move she made as it attempted to hold in her prodigious girth.

“You look like you’re exploding out of that thing,” the girl noted.

Tara nodded.  “I think that’s the idea.”

“I hope you’re warm enough outside,” the girl said.

“It’s cold out?” Tara asked.

“It usually is in January,” the girl winked.  “Oh, there was one more thing I wanted to tell you.  The jacket’s buckles on the side of your waist: one of them isn’t ornamental.  If you open it, you’ll have access to your port.”  Then with a brief wave to say good-bye, she returned to her booth.

Kal always thought of everything, Tara thought.  She had had no idea what time of year it was, she realized.  It had been early September when she’d first met Kal.  To her, that was just a couple of days ago.

“Kal has arranged for your limo to pull up in front of the lobby,” the girl said from her booth before taking her next customer.

Tara looked at Simon.  “You like?” she asked and swiveled her shoulders for him, making her bulbous twin peaks bobble as the strained leather creaked ominously.

“Damn, you know how to turn up the heat, don’t you?” Simon asked, taking her arm and heading for the elevator.

“It’s not my jacket,” she told him.  “I arrived here in September.  Didn’t need a jacket.”

“Then, I’ll have to thank Kal for picking an exquisite jacket for you to wear while you accompany me,” he said as they descended to the lobby.

They looked at each other as the floors went by.  She noted how tall he was: her eyes came up to about his mouth.

Simon felt his heart pound looking down at her standing next to him in the elevator.  She was so beautiful and so insanely built, her boobs magnified all the more by exploding out of the biker jacket.  She was SO FUCKING HUGE!  She looked back up at him with those gorgeous big blue eyes and he suddenly leaned over to kiss those scrumptiously blown lips.  They were so soft as her tongue filled his mouth.  He reached up and placed his outspread fingers across her super bulging balloons.  His cock strained at feeling that soft twin mass beneath his palm and fingers as they French-kissed, his other arm behind her so that he could sink his left hand into her blown softness as deeply as he could.  Her enormous breasts were so soft and yet, didn’t yield as much as he thought they would.  He figured that the reason was because of how she was stuffed into the tight leather jacket. 

Feeling her tongue pump his mouth as his left hand underwent nirvana as it caressed and sank into her delicious balloons, made him very excited.  He knew he wouldn’t be able to take much more.  She was so gorgeous and so BUILT!

“I think—“ he tried to say, but she just went at his mouth even more ravenously with her tongue.  He could easily have pulled his head back, of course, but it was so erotic for feel her forcibly tongue-fuck him and not let him speak.

“Unnghhh…” he groaned as his pistol popped and he unloaded in yet another pair of pants.

Tara tried to keep from smiling as she continued to kiss-fuck his mouth with her oral organ.  She could feel him shake with each spurt.


The two immediately disengaged from each other as the elevator hit the bottom floor.  Simon was still cumming, though, as the doors slid open to a wide-eyed crowd waiting to get on.  They parted for Simon and his hyper-pumped arm-candy and looked behind themselves once the pair had left them behind.

A few seconds later, the two were in fits of giggles.

“That was so close!” Tara said in a low voice between fits of laughter.

“I seem to have ruined another pair of pants,” Simon reported with a smile.  “Good thing I have this overcoat to hide the stain.”

“Look,” Tara said, pointing to the stretched Mercedes-Benz Sprinter limo waiting for them at the curb.  Tara had never seen a Mercedes-Benz version of the Sprinter van, much less a stretched and blacked-out-window limo version before.  “I’m sure Kal will have other pairs of pants waiting for you in the limo,” she said.

The side door to the limo was a wide, sliding version, just like the van it was based on.  They stepped inside to a rich wood and leather interior replete with a queen-sized bed in the back with black satin sheets.  The driver, a stunning L-cup-sized beauty in a formal limo-driver’s uniform with huge brown eyes smiled as the couple stepped up into the limo.  “Good evening,” she said to them in a deep and velvety voice.  “I’m Kira and you can communicate with me by hitting the CALL button on any of the phones.  You’ll find a small wardrobe by the bed, and Miss Tara will find her special cabinet on the opposite side.”

Tara turned to look at the beautiful young woman.  “My special cabinet?” she asked stupidly.

Kira smiled warmly and blew up her cheeks with air before smiling broadly.

“Oh!” Tara exclaimed, louder than she would’ve liked.  “Of course!  Kal thinks of everything.”

“He does, Miss, yes,” Kira said.  “And may I say you look amazing!”

“Thanks,” Tara replied with a smile.  Then, before she was about to turn and join Simon, she asked: “Tell me, are all of Kal’s employees stunningly gorgeous and built women?”

Kira laughed.  “Almost all, yes.  Though there are a few exceptions.”

Tara smiled.  “Nice to meet you, Kira.”  As the door closed behind her, she saw that Simon had removed his overcoat.  “Holy shit,” she said upon seeing the huge stain at his crotch.  “You still have spunk left to pump after all those times you came?”

He shrugged with a smile and began to open his pants.  As he removed them, Tara was awestruck by how much semen dripped from that pair of pants.  As he removed them and his briefs, she got a good look at his big cock.  Kneeling down before him she took it in her hands.  He was hard as a rock already and a good nine inches long.  His bloated cockhead looked like it desperately needed to be sucked.  He was already leaking pre-cum.  But as nice as his rod was, it was his balls that made her gasp.  His testicles were huge, perhaps tennis-ball-sized.

“Damn!” she whispered, as she brought the tip of his member to her over-pumped pursed lips while her left hand coddled and teased his immense nuts.  She pressed his dome into her plushness and teased its tip with little flicks of her tongue.  Little by very little she began to work her pillowy lips over the engorged dome.  He moaned deeply and his pre-cum flowed copiously before she was even halfway down his head.

“You may want to hold onto something back there,” Kira warned over the intercom as the Mercedes pulled out into Midtown traffic.  The ride was very smooth, but the laws of motion made Simon hold onto a pair of leather straps hanging from the ceiling. 

Tara steadied herself with one hand on an overstuffed seat while she concentrated on ever-so-slowly engulfing his hyperactive missile. 

Simon looked down at the drop-dead gorgeous brunette as she slowly took in his super-excited prong.  His view was incredible: not only could he watch as she slowly sucked him in, but he could see her super-pumped balloons below as they pressed against his legs.

Just as Tara took the entire head into her mouth and her lips came down on the sensitive collar of skin surrounding the throbbing bloated head, Simon grunted and his cannon erupted, spewing hot cum into the back of her throat.  She hadn’t expected him to pop yet and was a bit startled.  She tried to swallow it so that she wouldn’t choke, but her work was cut out for her as Simon blasted lobby after lobby into her creamy mouth.  His hands were clasping her head as he shoved his big kielbasa deeply into her mouth until he was gushing right down her esophagus.  She deep throated him and guzzled down his hot spunk, but wondered how long she’d be able to do that without breathing.  Load after load of sizzling semen blasted down her oral pipe.

When will it stop? she wondered.  Just as she was beginning to think that she’d have to pull off of him in order to breathe, his blasts subsided and he slowly withdrew as he quickly ceased pumping.

“Holy shit!” Tara gasped and coughed.  “You really are a fucking semen machine!”

“You make it easy to cum,” he mused.  “You’re the most incredible woman I’ve ever met.”

She looked up at him, smiling.  “You wanna hump my tits before we get to your club?”

He smiled.  “If we do that, we’ll have to bother with changing your outfit, and I’d like to keep you in what you’re wearing now for a while, if you don’t mind.”

Tara shook her head.  “Don’t mind at all.  But I thought you could cum between my boobs while I pumped up a bit bigger.”  She noted how his cock ceased its softening and immediately began to swell once more at her words.

“Maybe you could just play with me with your hands,” he suggested.

Simon got naked and lay down on the bed, propped up by several pillows.  Tara opened the buckle on her jacket and pushed aside the blue sash beneath to expose her nipple port.  She found the chrome nozzle attached to a slightly wider tube in exactly the place that Kira had described to her.  She let Simon flick the switch on the machine which was pre-set to mid-level flow.  Tara could immediately feel the influx of elixir and her clit tingled with anticipation.  She snuggled up alongside Simon, her enormous poppers bulging out of her jacket above and against his chest, her twin hemispheres slowly expanding mere inches from his chin.

“Oh shit,” he said, his eyes on her swelling wonders.  He gasped as Tara lightly teased the underside of his boner. Pre-cum was already bubbling at his cockslit.  “This is incredible,” he told her.  “You’re a fantasy come to life.”

She smiled seductively.  “Yes, I am,” she replied and shifted to reach his lips with hers.

He moaned softly as her bloaters pressed against his chest and her hand began to spread his precum over his teeming dome.

She pulled back after a minute so that he could continue to admire her swelling milkbags.  “You’re so hard!´she cooed.

“You’re so BIG!” he replied.

“And getting bigger, baby!” she teased as the leather creaked with her growth.  Her soft mounds continued to slowly balloon before Simon’s eyes, as they struggled to bust open their leather prison.  But the leather was strong and the jacket held fast by all the buckles so that her amazing bosoms had nowhere to expand but up and out.  “The numbers on the display show how many ccs of elixir have been pumped into my tits while we’ve been lying here,” she told him.

He was breathing fast and deep now, one hand around her waist and the other clutching one of her big boobs through the leather.  He looked over at the display to find it reading “1150”.  “Damn,” he managed to say as she slowly stroked his burgeoning missile.

“You feel ready to pop,” she told him.  “How much more can you take before you lose it?”

“Sss…soon,” he uttered.  She was so gorgeous and sexy, those eyes and lips of hers truly scrumptious and her breasts just kept flowing bigger and bigger beneath his gaze while she stroked him and stroked him.


“Oooh…” he moaned. 

“Sink your hand into my breast,” she suggested.

“As soon as Simon’s fingers enveloped her super softness and he felt her monster mammary expand beneath his hand, he groaned and his cock exploded in a blast of cum that rocketed straight up to hit the ceiling of the limo.

Tara laughed and directed his cock away from them so that she wouldn’t get covered as she stroked him and stroked him with each successive gush.


Laughing, she frigged him till he finished cumming and then she floundered a bit to get up.  Her newfound size was proving to be a bit ungainly and she smiled inwardly at the difficulty she was experiencing with ordinary tasks.  “Can you hit the off switch, baby?” she asked, finding that maneuvering herself was a bit more cumbersome that she had expected. 

Quickly, Simon rolled off the bed and switched the pump off.  The display read 3560.

“Holy shit, girl,” Simon said, looking back at Tara who was now sitting up with her legs curled up beneath her.  Her awesome breasts were now so pumped up that they stuck out of her leather jacket like a girl from DingDong land.  Her breasts ballooned upward by about 7 inches in a round dual-domed shape that overflowed the edges of the jacket’s neck opening.  They were full and fairly firm in appearance, though Simon showed that there was still some give by poking a finger into Tara’s left breast for half an inch.  Tara looked up at him with an evil grin.

“Yeah,” she cooed.  “It’s all me, baby.”

“I thought most of it was elixir,” he pointed out.

She laughed and rose up to a kneeling position so that she could plant her lips on his, her mammoth bust to one side.  She pulled back for a second to tell him to “squeeze my big tits, baby,” and then plunged her tongue deep within his mouth.

Simon brought his left hand up to place it square across her cleavage and feel her silky soft bosoms as he grabbed a great handful of bosom and pressed inward.  If he hadn’t just cum he knew he’d be spurting again.  Her breasts were so soft on HUGE and erotic and her lips and tongue were just pure sin in and against his mouth.  She must have read his thoughts for her right hand came down to caress his newly swollen cock until she got his precum flowing and then she frigged him and stroked him as he moaned and groaned.

“You’re gonna…” he tried to say, but she filled his mouth with her insatiable tongue again and pumped his cock until he exploded, shooting rope after rope across the satin sheets.

He only shot a few rounds this time and they shot out less than a foot.  I may actually be draining him for a while! she thought.  If I can dry him up a bit, we might not have to worry about him cumming in his pants in the club.

When he’d finished cumming, Tara did her best to get him hard as soon as possible by rubbing her enormous poundage against his bare skin.  When she had him good and hard again in about five minutes, she sat on the edge of the bed and blew him again.  She repeated the sequence of exciting him and either jerking him off or blowing him several more times until he was stone dry the last time he came in her mouth.

He lay on the leather bench seat panting—the bed was far too semen soaked to lie on it—and shook her head as she came up for air.  “You’re awesome,” he gasped.

She smiled.  “I needed to dry you out so that you don’t mess yourself up in the club.”

He looked at her laughed.  “That’s so fucking smart, I can’t believe it.  I was worried about embarrassing myself once we stepped inside this whole time.”

“Simon,” she said.  “I think we’re there.  We’ve been parked for awhile on some kind of side street.”

Simon hit the intercom switch on the closest handset and asked Kira if she had been waiting for them.  She laughed and told him that that they could take as long as they wished..  It was their night together.  However long they wished to take, she’d have the limo waiting for them in the alley.

They got Simon dressed and left the limo.  A cold wind blew up the street as they made their way to the avenue where the club’s main entrance lay.

“You must be freezing,” Simon said, noting how much of Tara’s chest was exposed to the chill winter air. 

“The bigger I get, the more I get exposed!” she laughed behind clenched teeth

“Not to mention that you’re wearing a very short and sheer dress,” he added.

She shrugged.  “Kall probably figured it was worth it to titillate you,” she said, looking up at him and smiling.  “I have to agree.”

He smiled as they passed a line of people waiting to get into the club.  As they approached the front of the line, the bouncer opened the door to let them in..  “Good evening, Mr. Kurtis,” he said, as Simon nodded and took Tara inside.

“They know you here?” Tara asked as they entered the dark and comparatively warm environs of the club.

Simon gave his overcoat to a coat check girl that was a stacked F cup.  “You bet,” he replied.  “I own the place.”