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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

"Possessions" Chapter 1; First Half

Wow, this has been a busy summer.  "E" and I have been busy getting the house ready for one visitor or another, and now we're getting ready to go on vacation.  Because of this, and because things are crazy at work, too, I won't be able to post the last chapter of "ENCOUNTER" until September.  I'm still in the process of writing it, although days go by and only a sentence or two get written, at times.

So, in the meantime, I've decided to begin posting stories from my old blog.  I'm going to begin with "Possessions", which is one of my darker stories, but one which I find erotically fascinating.  I can't believe that it's been six years since I first wrote this!  Wow.  

"Possessions" is the story of Kal, a billionaire sadist, who has the bankroll to fulfill his deepest, darkest, breast expansion fantasies.  The original idea of "Possessions" was  to have it comprise of several "books", each one centered around one girl and her trials and tribulations under Kal's mental and physical control, and how she slowly realizes that all is not what it seems to be. 

"Possessions" is unfinished, but I think that Tara's story, at least, reaches a point where we, as a reader, can stop, even if, perhaps, we'd like to learn more.

Oh, remember that this story hasn't been fully proofed, so please forgive the grammatical mistakes...
"Shadowmuse Blown"

Book 1

Chapter 1

While Tara made small talk to the gorgeous guy she’d picked up in the bar, part of her was aware of some minor discomfort at her chest.  Maybe discomfort was too strong a word, but her chest felt tight.  She wanted to look down at her boobs, but wondered if that would make her look too obvious.  Finally, she decided, Why not?  I want this guy, anyway, and I want to see why my boobs feel so smooshed!

“Do you like big boobs?” she asked him, teasingly, at what she thought was an appropriate point in the non-conversation.  She drew her eyes down to look at her own pair of D-cups and felt a chill run down her spine when she found that she no longer sported D-cups at all!  She wore a skintight black dress with no sleeves and a deep plunging V neckline.  Her pushup bra usually did its job of shoving those babies out there to entice and tease, only now, she really was way out there!  Holy shit, her breasts looked enormous, threatening to spill out of her dress!  She was so big that she was sure that there was more breastmeat bulging out in the air than behind her cups.

“What the fuck!” she cried, upon seeing that her bosoms had ballooned to something like K cup proportions.  No wonder her bra seemed tight!  How the fuck can your tits suddenly inflate like this? she wondered.  It was like a dream, but it definitely wasn’t a dream.  Everything was as real as real could be except that she was sporting supersized balloons where her tits should be.  She hadn’t even had anything to drink yet, she realized, glancing at her untouched martini at the bar.

“What’s the matter?” the stunning stud asked.  “What’s wrong… uh… I don’t even know your name,” he realized.

Tara,” she said.  And speaking it made her calm down ever-so-slightly.  She had to think.  How did this happen?  What could she do?

“Okay, Tara,” he said in very calming voice that made her feel warm and safe.  “Do you want some privacy?”

She had expected him to say: “Now tell me what’s wrong.”  But now that he spoke, she realized that she had made quite a scene and that the entire bar was staring at her.  Grateful, she looked at him with her huge deep blue eyes and simply nodded.  Take me away from here!  Anywhere!

“Okay,” he said, calmly, and swiftly put some cash down for the drinks and took her by the arm and into the street.

Holy shit! she thought as her newly expanded bust bobbled viciously with each step.  They jutted out in front of her obscenely and each footfall made them undulate deliciously as if she were purposely telling all passersby: “Check this out!”  Indeed, nearly everyone they passed ogled her inflamed bust.  They were heavy, too.  Her new center of gravity was making it difficult for her to balance in her four inch spikes.  As she took a step, they would shift to one side, threatening to pull her torso over with their weight.  Her flesh cut deep into the cups of the bra that wasn’t intended to hold so much breast.  Her shoulders hurt where the bra straps dug spitefully into her shoulders, as if to chide her for making them hold so much weight.  She didn’t know where this guy was taking her, but somehow his manner and voice evoked trust and she needed help from someone right now.  Anyone.  Her mind still reeled with the impossibility of her circumstance and her mind was too busy between fighting a rising panic and trying to come up with some kind of plausible explanation for what had happened. 

Suddenly, she realized that she didn’t even know where they were.  It had been in a bar in the city.  But what bar?  What street were they on?  Her circumstances felt like a dream, but she felt the hard uneven concrete of a Manhattan sidewalk under her shoes, the guy’s warm, comforting body beside her with his arm wrapped protectively around her.  She felt the night’s cool breeze on her cheek, saw everything around her to the last detail, sharp and real.  It was no dream.

She was being steered toward a car.  A Maybach of all things!  She felt no panic about this.  Surely, some guy who had that much money was unlikely to do her harm.  He was obviously no dirtbag.  His expensive watch and shoes were what had drawn her to him in the first place.  She had an eye for such things.  Always measure a guy’s worth by his shoes.  Tara measured her men by their wealth.

Soon she was inside the sumptuous interior.  He had led her to the back door: the rear seating area being huge.  She sat in one of two buttery-leather seats, separated by a rich wooden console.  He closed her door.  There was no chauffer.  The car was empty.  She was alone while he made his way over to the other side.  She looked down at the twin balloons of flesh that looked ready to explode as they bulged out from between her bra’s little plunging D cups.  She reached up and lightly stroked the swollen apex of her right fleshbag.  So big! she thought as her long-nailed fingers felt the soft bulging arc.  I’ve always wanted to be this big, or, nearly this big, anyway.  This is probably a bit bigger than I’d want to go, but I could live with this.  It’s so fucking hot!  It’s so intense!  Look at me!  I’m so FUCKING BIG!  But it doesn’t make any sense!  A girl’s tits don’t just inflate on their own, especially without my having noticing the change until after it happened!

The opposite door opened and her gorgeous “rescuer” entered the car and sat down beside her.

“Can I offer you a drink?” he asked, opening the small wood-veneer refrigerator in the center behind the front seats.  Inside was a bottle of white zinfandel, her favorite. 

“Yes, please,” she said, in a small mouse’s voice. 

Once he had poured her some wine into a beautifully fluted glass and she’d had a sip, he put down the wine and took her free hand in his.

“Tell me, please,” he asked in his soothing way, “what has upset you so?”

She put down the wine glass on a small table that extended from the front seat and swiveled her torso towards him and stuck out her chest.  “These are not supposed to be this big.”  She was almost calm in her delivery, but her voice quivered at the end and a tear formed from the right of her right eye.  “I’m a D cup for goodness sake!  I suddenly look down and I’m… huge!

He didn’t respond as if she was crazy to which she was grateful.

“How long have you been this bigger size?” he merely asked.

“That’s just it!” she replied with wide eyes.  “The first time I saw that they were this big was just a few moments ago in that bar!”

His eyebrows did rise a little at that.  Surely, he thought she was stupid or crazy or high.

“I’m not nuts…” she said in a small voice.

“Okay,” he nodded.  “Then we have a real enigma here.”  He put a hand to his chin, thinking, lightly stroking it between forefinger and thumb as if he was used to fingering a beard there.  He stared at her emerging dirigibles while he considered.  After a moment he raised his head.  “As it happens, I’m good friends with many people in the medical community.  If you’d like, we could bring you to a doctor friend of mine, whose research I also happen to fund.  I think she’ll be alright with doing an emergency examination, even at this late hour.  She owes me a favor.”  He waited a moment before adding: “What do you think?”

“Of you taking me to see a doctor friend of yours?” she asked.  Her look had been far off, and she “came to” suddenly, as if she’d been in a daze and only now came out of it.

He nodded, slowly.  “Obviously, something occurred to make this happen.  My friend could do a full exam to see what’s happened that might’ve made this occur.”

“But it’s…” she went to look at her wristwatch, which she always wore, but it was missing. 

One o’clock in the morning,” he said, pointing to an analog clock in the dash.  “I know, it’s late.  Let me call her and see.  It’ll be fine.”

Tara hesitated, but then could think of nothing else.  “…I guess,” she agreed, finally.

He pressed a button on the console and spoke to his car operating system: “Call Teanli Chin.”

While Tara heard the phone ringing via the car’s audio system, the front door opened and a big man entered the driver’s seat.  He was in his early twenties, wearing a black business suit and built like Fort Knox with a big barrel chest.

“Tianli Chin’s, please, Max,” Tara’s savior instructed in his usual calm manner.  “I’ll introduce you after the call.”

“Very good, sir,” Max replied and fired up the Maybach’s twelve cylinder engine with a push of a button.  The car effortlessly pulled out into the Manhattan traffic.

Tara felt her hippo-boobs jostle with the acceleration.

Someone answered on the other end of the phone.

“Kal, shouldn’t you be having some fun on a Saturday night?” came a mellow woman’s voice with a British accent.

“Tee, I need a favor,” Kal replied.  “I’ve got a potentially very very strange occurrence that I need you to look into.  Should be right up your ally.”

“Illumination, please.”

“That’s Tee’s way of wanting more details,” he whispered to Tara before continuing on in a normal tone to Tianli Chin.  “I’ve a young lady with me who has apparently undergone a massive biological change and I’d like you to exam her to hopefully put her mind at ease.”

“Uh-huh,” came Tianli Chin’s voice, with an air of something like skepticism.  “Now?”

Kal smiled.  Tara thought it made him look even more gorgeous.  “If you’d please, yes.”

“Meet me at my lab as soon as you can,” they heard Tianli Chin’s voice reply, reluctantly.

“Already on our way,” Kal said, with a vague smile, and hit another button on the console ending the call.  “Forgive me.  My name is Kal Thorton.”

“Oh!” Tara suddenly realized that they’d yet to be fully introduced.  “Tara,” she smiled, and then realized that he already knew her first name. “Tara Jezebine.”

“Good to meet you, Tara,” he said in a manner which made her feel as if she could fall in love with him, however one does that.  Then, he turned to the driver: “Max.”

“Yes sir?” replied his chauffer without taking his eyes off of the erratic Manhattan traffic.

“This is Miss Tara.  Please see to her every wish.”

“Certainly, sir.”  And then Max did take his eyes off the road to look at Tara in the rear view mirror for a moment.  “Good to meet you, Tara.  Anything you need: ask me.”

“Thank you,” Tara replied, feeling stupid.  She glanced out the window and noticed the digital display from a bank: time, date and temperature.  It took a few moments for it to register to her.

1:13am - Sunday, August 17th, 2014 - 74º

She turned slowly to Kal.  “But it’s 2011…” she said, vaguely.

He looked at her, puzzled.  “No,” he began cautiously, “it’s 2014.  Really.”

“How… can… that… be…?”  She looked at him with rising panic.

“Calm down,” he said, reassuringly.  “We’ll get to the bottom of this.  One thing at a time.  Let’s get you examined first.”

Max took them to a parking garage under a sleek office building on the upper East Side and Kal took her hand, leading her to a well-appointed elevator.  On their way up, Kal explained that Dr. Chin was both an Ob-Gyn as well as doing bio-research for his company.

Tianli Chin turned out to be a beautiful Asian of slight build and height.  She had no chest to speak of, and her over-all build reminded Tara of the type of girl who seemed like you could snap her like a toothpick.  She was friendly, but very businesslike, making no small talk.  She took Tara into a cold examination room (why are they always cold? Tara wondered) while Kal waited.  Soon, she had Tara’s very shapely body undressed and asked her to lie down in a reclined examination chair.  Each of Tara’s new massive breasts fell slightly off of her ribcage.  She looked down at them.  They were enormously full and round.  Her once small and pale areola and tiny pale nipples had transformed into massive puffy brown disks, perhaps two inches in diameter, with tall three-quarter-inch deep-pink gnarly spigots sprouting from them.  After a moment, Tara was surprised to find Tianli Chin lowering a mask over her mouth and nose.

“What’s this for?” Tara asked through the hard plastic.  She smelled an odd smell.

“To put you to sleep, my dear,” Tianli Chin replied, caressing the full bulge of Tara’s closest breast.

Tara awoke in a luxuriously sumptuous bedroom under satin sheets in king-sized canopy bed.  Across the room, huge windows looked out on the Manhattan skyline in full daylight.  Her first thought was: Where am I?  Quickly followed by: What did that bitch do to me?

She pulled up the sheets to look down at her still enormous K-cup-sized bosoms.  She was dressed in royal blue button-down cotton nightshirt which was large enough to cover her down to her legs.  The top few buttons were undone and she quickly unbuttoned a few more to inspect her huge bust, which she soon realized was unchanged from when she lay down in the examination room.  One sat heavily on her torso, it’s fat nipple piercing the fabric of the nightshirt as it pointed vaguely toward the ceiling.  The other threatened to fall off her ribcage, but was prevented by her arm.  They sat there like big bloated whales marooned ashore. Why did she put me to sleep?  And where the hell was she now?

She sat up, feeling the heavy weight of her newly blown udders as they dragged downwards once her torso was erect.  She put her hands under them, feeling their new size and heft under her nightshirt.  Son of a bitch, I’m stacked now!  They’re really heavy!  She grinned for a moment as her fingers closed in on her own heavy softness.  Oh baby!

Her momentary elation quickly waned as she realized that she had no idea of where she was, though she was beginning to get a good idea.  Swinging her feet off the bed, her toes came in contact with a plush carpet.  She walked around to the open door and peered beyond into a wide well appointed hallway where Kal was sitting in an overstuffed chair reading the paper.

“Is this your apartment?” she asked, her voice cracking.

Instantly, he was on his feet, his face full of concern.  “How are you feeling?  Are you alright?”

She was in his arms before she realized what had happened and she found that she was enjoying it immensely.  “I’m fine,” she said, smiling up at his concerned face. “Why am I here?”

“Come back to the bedroom,” he said, and they were soon standing before an upright mirror in the gorgeous bedroom.  “Tee said you checked out fine,” he said, admiring her stunning form. 

Tara was absolutely gorgeous, with a head of thick, full deep red hair that fell to her waist.  Her deep blue eyes lay under high-arching narrow eyebrows and above very full, well-rounded cheeks.  Her petite nose turned up at the end in a most enchanting way and her full, curvaceous lips begged to be kissed.  Her upper lip had no real peaks, but was full and round and mirrored her lower lip which was one gigantic swath of bulging wonder: both lips, though huge, were well-defined.

When she turned to look at him, she could feel her own nipples harden in excitement at his close proximity and his gorgeous features.  Close to him, like this, she wanted to be with him forever, to feel his warm comfort and enjoy his muscular form and stunning good looks.  She found that she was super-excited just to be near him and didn’t want that feeling to ever go away.  She had wanted to ask what the doctor had found out about her enlarged breasts, but now just wanted him to kiss her and fondle her.

“You’re gorgeous,” he said, cupping her face with one hand and a breast with the other even as he moved in to press his lips against hers.

Tara was completely swept off her feet and let him unbutton her nightie as she unbuttoned his shirt.  When he’d dropped his pants, she was even more excited to see the immense bulge in his briefs.  She pulled them down and caressed his iron-hard cock with her hands while he gasped.  She figured him to be, at least, eight inches long with a cockhead bloated wider than his shaft, a deep crimson red.  She was too excited for much foreplay and threw herself down on the bed, her massive funbags thudding and undulating on her ribcage as she did so, her thick nipples dancing about wildly for a brief moment.  She spread her legs.

“Come fuck me!” she begged and he was soon deep inside her, pounding her hard until she screamed.  Her bloated kegs danced on her chest with each of his heavy, almost punishing thrusts.  She came in a fit of screaming obscenities that made him grin with delight and when she was finished, he kissed her gently, his big pole still within her, gently pumping.

After a few moments of enjoying his caresses, she looked to his face.  “You haven’t cum, yet, have you?” she asked.

He shook his head with a smile.

“What’s wrong?” she asked with concern.  “What can I do to make you pop?”

He smiled again and gently stroked her cheek with his hand, his cock still deep within her.  “You’re so sexy and beautiful,” he said.

“But…” she said, knowing that somehow she couldn’t satisfy him.  The thought plunged her heart into despair.  Here it comes…

“I’m afraid it’s a problem of mine,” he added.  He looked down at her newly fat funbags and cupped one in his hand.  Her enormous mammary was far too big for him to get a complete hold on.

“I’m too big,” she said suddenly.  “My tits are too fucking big, aren’t they?”

He laughed a short quip of a laugh and looked into her stunning eyes.  “No my dear, they’re gorgeous and full and more than big enough for most men.  You excite me terribly, yet… in truth, you’re really not big enough to excite me to come to orgasm.”

She looked stunned.  Did she hear that right?

“Not big enough?” she asked slowly.  How can that be true?

“I think you look splendid with your breasts this size, but my ‘condition’ requires a bust size of much more extreme proportion.”

“Bigger?” she wondered, amazed, looking at her swollen glands of lust.  She had to have him cum inside her!  But…

“Would you like to go bigger?” he asked her, suddenly.

She didn’t know this guy.  She had no idea how he came into her life, but she felt deeply within her being that she loved him and wanted to make him happy.  Her breasts were so big already, but it wasn’t enough for him.

“Absolutely,” she said, surprising herself with her conviction.  “I want to make you cum!  If you can get me implants, I’ll make them as big as you need.”

He smiled again at her, pleased.  “Would you do anything to make me cum?” he asked.

“Yes!” she cried, frightening some part of herself.  Her clitoris seemed to pound in excitement with her need to see him cum.  “I don’t care how big you make me!”

“Would it bother you if I’d already taken liberties with you?  So that you could become very big, right now?

“What?” she asked, puzzled.  “You did something to me?”

He pulled out of her, eliciting a feeling of extreme loss, and sat up on the bed beside her. 

She followed suit, feeling her massive jumbos as their weight shifted again.  It was difficult to think now that his cock was no longer safely inside her.  She wanted to feel him back in there again.

“I’m afraid so,” he said.

“To make me bigger?” she asked, excitedly.

He nodded.

“Oh, that’s wonderful!” she squealed.  “What did you do?  Is that what your doctor did to me?”

He grinned.  “That’s right.  Tee finished some arrangements and made sure you were fine.”

Tara was puzzled and groped at her soft bloated breasts.  “If she put implants in me, I’d be all scarred from the surgery…”  There was no sign of scarring.

“It’s something far more sophisticated than that,” he said.  “It’s actually something that’s been done over a long period of time, unbeknownst to you.  I hope that’s okay.”

“I don’t understand,” she said, shaking her head. 

“I’ll tell you about it later,” he said.  “For now, feel your nipples.”

Curious, Tara reached up and grabbed her half-inch-thick nipples between her forefingers and thumbs.

“Squeeze them,” he said.

She did and felt something hard within their rubbery goodness.  “What is it?”

Kal got off the bed and opened a bedside table exposing machinery which looked like a receiver or an amplifier.  He withdrew two clear tubes that looked like fishtank tubing except that they were far thicker, perhaps a half-inch in width.  Fat, stubby needle-like devices sat at their ends.  Each ended in a point but widened to half and inch thick near the tubing end.  There was some sort of metal collar where the chrome needle-like thing met the clear plastic tubing.  “They’re receptacles for these tubes.”  He sat on the bed beside her.  “I’ll explain the details later, but we can click the ends of these lines into your nipples and pump fluid into your breasts.”

“You mean, like saline, to make them bigger?” she asked, awed.

“Not saline, no,” he replied.  “Your breasts have been adapted to take on this fluid, or elixir, and it will allow them to expand to an awesome size.  If you want.”

She looked at his face, delighted.  Where most women would’ve been shocked at what someone had done to them without their permission, she seemed most elated.  “How fast?  How big?”

He laughed and cupped one of her big K cuppers.  “Very fast.  Very BIG!

She lifted her head up and kissed him deeply, shoving her tongue into his mouth as far as it could go.  When she came up for air, she felt so excited that her clitoris throbbed.  “Can you do it right now?  Make me as big as you need!”

He grinned.  “Oh yes, we can do it now, and you will get very big indeed…”

“Show me,” she said, cupping her big breasts with her hands and raising them up for his perusal, stiff nipples jutting skyward.

Smiling, he took one of her perky nips and squeezed the bottom of it, forcing the little cylinder within up, as one might squeeze toothpaste from the bottom of a tube.  The tip of her nip parted to allow the little specialized plastic port to emerge.  He took one of the odd needles and pushed it into the port, which expanded it, immediately.

“Oh!” Tara exclaimed as her nipple was forced wide to accept the severely tapered needle.

“A bit uncomfortable?” he asked with a wry smile.

“It’s okay,” she said, willing to put up with the minor pain to please him.

When he was finished, she had taken the entire needle within her breast.  All that remained outside her nipple was the plastic collar.  He quickly repeated his actions with her second breast.  He then retrieved a small chrome remote control and pressed a button.  White liquid filled the tubes while she heard a hissing sound.

“I’m filling the tubes with the elixir and voiding any air that had been within them,” he explained.  Once finished, he lay down on the bed, his shaft fully rigid.

Was it Tara’s imagination, or was he slightly bigger now?  Shaking with desire and anxiety, Tara straddled him, while the tubes bounced about with her movement.  She felt like some kind of weird electronic puppet or perhaps some sort of cow ready for milking.  She smiled when she realized that she would be treated to the opposite of milking.  Now above him, her juices dripped slightly onto his turgid cock.  She looked down at him, past the white twin tubing emerging from the front of her bosoms.

“This is so bizarre,” she whispered.

He smiled.  “You haven’t seen anything yet,” he said and pushed a button on the remote.

“Oh my…” Tara said, sticking out her chest as if she could see what was happening inside any better.  “I definitely feel something.”

“Fuck me,” he said, to which she grinned broadly and descended onto his awaiting shaft.

“Oooohhh…” she moaned softly as she slowly impaled herself on his steel-hard missile.  She placed a palm on either side of her huge mammary glands.  “Oh, shit, this is so weird: they are getting bigger!”

“Oh course they are,” he cooed, as she began to slowly stroke him.  He hit another button on the remote.  “Let’s see how big you need to get to make me explode.”

Tara could feel the surge as the elixir flowed into her breasts even faster.  She was swelling so big, so fast!  She hadn’t expected to expand so quickly!  Her boobs were already up to the size of cantaloupes and still growing ever larger!  She ran her hands over the swelling expanse of bosom, hardly able to believe her eyes.  How could this be possible?  She was growing so big!  So fast!  What would the girls in the office think?  Her friends?  Her family?  It was so surreal to watch her own breasts inflate like this, getting heavier and fuller with each passing moment!

As her balloons inflated to the size of soccer balls, she could hear Kal moaning: she could barely see his face anymore except in the valley of her cleavage as her monster breasts surged greater and greater.  What’s more, she could feel his cock swell larger, too.  She was driving him crazy, making his phallus grow even bigger within her!  She had been so worried just moments before about how she’d look to her family and friends with cantaloupe-sized boobs and she was already much larger and still growing bigger.  But as she heard Kal’s arousal, she cared less and less about what others might think of her stupendous jugs.  If they needed to be so much bigger in order to arouse him, it was worth it and she wanted it.  She had a feeling that she’d grow much bigger before he came and she was ready for it.  Determined even.  It was a little scary, not knowing how big she would wind up, but it was also exciting.  She would be his own personal fantasy and she could have anything she wanted.  The thought of her boobies swelling as big as basketballs thrilled her: she would look so awesome!  Part of her watched herself consider how awesome it would be to have breasts the size of basketballs and was stunned.  Breasts the size of basketballs?  That was insane!  That was beyond big tits: it was ridiculous, and here she was actually enjoying the prospect!  She’d seen women on the internet with such grotesquely-sized boobs and had laughed at the time.  Who would possibly want to be that big?

She would.

She rose up and down on his larger member, feeling the weight of her swelling bloaters increase, tugging her downward with ever greater ferocity.  She wanted to lean forward to watch his face, but was worried about the needles.  But surely she was too big now to worry about those relatively little needles!  Realizing this, she bent forward and let her heavy pounders rest on his chest so that she could see his head just above her hulking monstrosities.  His mouth was open, gasping with ecstasy as she rode him.

“Come on baby…” she cooed.  “Make me bigger!  Make me so big that you cum!

She heard him click another button and felt the surge increase manifold within her, forcing her dirigibles ever larger.  She could feel her balloons’ girth increase, pushing her back and away from his face as more and more elixir pumped into her glands, filling her faster and faster.

How far will this go?  How big do I need to get to make him cum?  How big should I let him make me?  She grinned.  As big as he wanted, she knew.

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