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Friday, September 8, 2017


Hi All,

Well, "E" and I are back from vacation in Atlantic City, and we've been back to work for a week, now.  Once again, summer blew by fast.

I did, howver, get a chance to finish writing Chapter 13 of "ENCOUNTER", which I now have to reread and edit, so hopefully, I can be ready to post it by next weekend.  That will be the last chapter of that story.  After that, look for me to continue posting old material on this blog while I gear up "Revenge" on my other blog.  I will post one or two more parts of that novel there before taking that other blog private, by paid invite only.  I've spent so much time on "ENCOUNTER" this year that I think I will probably skip the Christmas story this year in order to focus on "Revenge", which seriously needs to get moving again.

Take care, and all of our prayers go out to those in the Carribean who have been hit by Irma, and, of course, to those who are hunkering down waiting for the storm to hit Florida.

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